DECA Wakeboard Park

Jose P. Laurel Ave., Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles, Pampanga

DECA Wakeboard Park
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Joel C.
4.0 Stars

Me and my officemates decided to try wake boarding activity in Pampanga. We went to Deca Wake Park in Angeles which is just an hour away from Manila via NLEX. It's my first time to try this water sport and I would say I super enjoyed it very much. Sulit ang bayad. Even though I was not able to reach the end on the beginner's section, reaching the middle part is a big achievement for me since I am very nervous during my first few tries. I think I was able to ride for more than 10 times during the 2 hour duration of my ticket.

The instructors are very accommodating, they are always giving comments, tips and strategies on how to properly stand and hold the bar to successfully reach the end.

The cable park is open everyday from 930am to 530pm. On holidays and weekends, the park is extended up to 830pm on the Little Bro (beginner's section).

Riding ticket is higher on weekends and holidays. It includes the helmet, vest, board and instructor. The ticket is valid for beginner's and advanced section.

On Weekdays:
Php 400 (2 hours)
Php 700 (4 hours)
Php 1,000 (All Day Pass - 8 hours)

On Weekends and Holidays:
Php 500 (2 hours)
Php 800 (4 hours)
Php 1,200 (All Day Pass - 8 hours)

There are also unlimited riding pass (1 week, 1 month and 1 year) and prepaid ride pass (number of rides valid for a week, 3 months or in a year). The park is also available for private rental during weeknights.

The best time to visit Deca is on weekdays to avoid the volume of people visiting the park during weekends. Don't forget to bring sunblock to protect you from the heat of the sun, and wear comfortable and light clothes.

They offer free parking area and there is Goofy Foot if you have to eat or drink. They got a spacious toilet, changing and shower room.

The picture above was bought from the photo booth for 300 pesos - with 5R hard copy and a soft copy of all your pictures taken by their official photographer.

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Allen Y.
4.0 Stars

Tucked outside Clark Economic Zone, this unassuming wakepark may seem quiet from a far but once you're begins.

They have 2 areas - one for beginners and another one for the advanced riders. We had coupons and took advantage of the halfday which is good for four hours at buy1 take1 rate. So we only paid 400php for 2pax.

We got to ride for a number of times. Lines weren't long since we went there in the morning. Queue began forming after lunch.

CR was clean with ample room to shower and change. There's parking space. However, no snack bar so we had to eat somewhere else.

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Peach L.
4.0 Stars

It's been ages since I last wakeboarded so I took advantage of my stay in Clark and purchased a year-long voucher booklet (sad to say I only used it once.. but I still have time.

The wakepark is bigger than Nuvali's Republ1c, the beginner's area is bigger as well. Their cables pull slower so I decided to join the pros (naks) unaware of my impending doom.

Well, I was actually supposed to try the beginner's just so I could warm up but there was a huge group of yuppies and they were mad hecklers so I decided to just stay in the pro section.

I asked for some tips from the guys manning the cables and they're helpful but not everyone was accomodating. Maybe because they're in the pro section and are expecting everyone to know what they're doing. I'm pabibo so that's what I got. 128550

I started with the kneeboard first and followed Kuya's advice. On my first try, I took off and was wiped out after about a quarter of the park. The second time, I got better and finished half of the circle. However, wakeboarding can be really tough especially if you didnt have any kind of warm-up prior and the only activity you have daily is worning your brains out in the office. 128529

So by the time that I decided to use the wakeboard, my flesh was all wiggly and weak. I belly flopped for more than I could count.

After drinking half of the park's man-made lake, I decided to stop and just ordered myself food and drinks. They have a number of choices for burgers and their fries are good. I like their food better than Republ1c's and I think they're a bit cheaper in comparison. 128077

They also have cabanas/villas if you want to stay overnight.

After my tumbling stint, I almost had fever but thank God for Alaxan, it didnt push through #thundermoments 128513

Will I go back? Yes. Coz the pro section is a challenge that I'd like to conquer one way or the other... I just hope Deca's beginner section is as good as Republ1c's so I can warm up. 128540

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Brandon B.
5.0 Stars

Super late review haha since I'm having trouble sleeping I figured id review some places.

Anyway DECA is pretty legit! I was able to stand up on the board on my 3rd go and was able to complete the beginners course on my 5th try. I really wanted to go to the advanced course but my friends were still having trouble so we decided to stay on the beginners course.

We came on a weekday so we pretty much had the beginners side to ourselves and Kuya allowed us to go as long as we wanted Basta we didn't fall haha.

As far as the facilities, I didn't see anywhere to get food, their shop carries decent gear, and the restrooms/showers were all brand new BE SURE TO BRING SOAP AND SHAMPOO since the water is murky and kinda icky.

Overall we had a good time and I've been itching to go back but my friends have been lazy 128530

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Claudette A.
4.0 Stars

Last Holy Tuesday, my friends and I went wakeboarding. I think it wasn't really the highlight of our day, but getting to see Daniel Matsunaga was. 128151128151128151

Most of my friends were first-timers and everyone was able to stay up halfway through the "beginner's area". Don't underestimate it though because most first-timers don't even get to stay up for 5 seconds. If you get Kuya Mike as your instructor, you're lucky. Di masasayang oras mo. He teaches very well. Di ka pa pagtatawanan unlike our first instructor. 128532

One of my few concerns is that the water in Deca is really murky. Di naman ako maarte pero parang may crocodile or anaconda. Huhu. According to Sofia J, lasang veggie juice daw. Hahaha. I don't really mind though, kaso wala ata silang proper shower room. Please correct me if I'm wrong! But it's okay because on my 2nd visit, they gave me a voucher that entitles me to a 2-hour ride! 128077128077 I'll probably use it this Saturday! 128522

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Why go all the way to Nuvali and line up and wait 15-20 min just to do some wakeboarding?

I'm glad that we chose to go to Clark to do some PRO wakeboarding in DECA.

It only took us 2 hours to reach the park. Okay, it wasn't really 2 hours since I took the wrong exit and had to endure McArthur Highway's traffic.

I highly suggest that you guys take the Dau exit or Angeles exit to get there. Once you're on McArthur Highway, turn right on Don Juico Ave.

Head straight until you see a sign that says "<---- DECA"

The park itself is really dead simple. Some cottages, a gear shop for wakeboarding (Rip Curl, Stoked, etc comes to mind) and some shower rooms. And of course, cable machines for wakeboarding.


• 2 hours = 400
• 4 hours = 700
• 8 hours = 1,000 (or 1,100)

• 2 hours = 500
• 4 hours = 800
• 8 hours = 1,200 (i think)

The fee includes an instructor (which will sometimes make fun of you, laugh at you, will give you tips on how to ride properly, etc), helmet, vest, and a wakeboard.

The beginner's lake is a small and pathetic lake. Since it was my first time, even it breaks my heart to go with noobs, I had to take the smaller lake as it was my first time trying it.

While you're waiting for your turn, you'll see advance and pro riders doing tricks on the right side of the beginner's lake (big ass lake w/ ramps).

The ride itself was okay. First and third tries were failures as I kept falling down.

But after that, I knew what to do. 128526

I was wakeboarding like a pro. semplang (get it? slang ng "puro") 127946

I was able to reach the other end of the lake. But turning back to the starting point was a huge pain and problem for me. I couldn't do it 128557 I kept falling whenever I turn.

But here are some noob tips para di kayo pro semplang:

1. Keep your arms stretched. Let the cable pull you. Do not pull it close to your chest.

2. For beginners, start by sitting down. Don't even attempt doing a jump start. It would only humiliate you.

3. For the rest of the ride, maintain a squat position and stick your ass out so that you don't fall face first.

It was a fun day overall. I will surely come back. Probably start in the morning so that I can practice all day.

Parking shouldn't be a problem since not a lot of beginners go here (i went here on a weekday btw).

DECA is surely a great place to learn wakeboarding. 127940

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DarkstarM D.
5.0 Stars

Second best place to try and learn your standing skills whilst holding the cable!

It's not that far from the metro but still, Republ1c at Nuvali, Laguna will still be my number one in terms of price and proximity. The price here is cheaper compared to CWC and you don't need to rent a room overnight since you can drive here for a daytrip and whole day cable experience! They have sort of "winch" park here where beginners could start. Here, its just a straight path with no curves and obstacles and the pull of the cable is not that fast compared to the "real" park where Pro's practice their cable skills.

It was a great experience but the food was ordinary!

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Mikko F.
5.0 Stars

It looks like an easy sport at first but when you do it by yourself its difficult and tiring, but super challenging.
Experience was a great one. Trainers were so good in training the first timers like us.
We are planning to do this again. Totally worth the experience.

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