Del Monte Clubhouse

Del Monte Golf Course & Country Club, Sayre Highway, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Del Monte Clubhouse
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Jannah S.
4.0 Stars

This restaurant has been a part of my childhood. Growing up, we were consistent customers of Del Monte Clubhouse until we moved to Davao City. Nevertheless, nobody ever stopped us from visiting this place! Their Roast Beef is to die for! This has been my favorite dish for years already, up until today. They have big servings, you can actually share one order of Roast Beef with a friend or loved one. They also gave us salad with ketchup dressing which for me was a bit weird, at first, but eventually you'll learn to love the taste. It actually matched and never had I though it would! Definitely a place you would go back often. To bad it's located miles away from us now. I would recommend everyone who passes by Bukidnon area to stop by and try their dishes. You wouldn't regret traveling this far, I'm sure of it! 128522

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Welcome to CDO! Our first stop after arriving was the Del Monte Clubhouse for an early lunch. Y'all know that I love steak so I really included the Del Monte Farm as part of the tour.
I ordered the tenderloin which was their bestseller. True enough, the steak was really good! The cattle is fed with pineapple which makes the meat extra tender and sweet. We also tried the wagyu porterhouse (a bit tough) and pork steak (hubby liked it, I didn't 128513). Loved their garlic bread too!
This is a must go when you're in CDO, their farm is just HUGE! Plantations as far as your eye can see! 127821127821127821 they also have corn, tomato, poultry etc

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Trisha S.
5.0 Stars

Hello from CDO! The Clubhouse was recommended by my cousin who grew up here in CDO and just about everyone else who've ever been here! Loved this place!!! Unlimited pineapple juice and juicy medium rare steak was awesome!!! 128539128539128539 my aloha salad was pretty good as well. This is pineapple heaven! (Well, duh, Del Monte) The food was a bit pricey, but definitely worth it! The small steak was 250g for php300++. You wouldn't be able to get that kind of quality for the same price in Manila. Definitely recommending this to everyooooone! 128077128077128077

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Lea Vanessa V.
4.0 Stars

They say They have the best steak because their cattle is fed with pineapple grass. I like their burgers better. It tastes sweet.

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Vero C.
4.0 Stars

Since Bukidnon is just an hour (or less) away from CDO, we decided to try our luck and explore the province.

We heard that cows in the Del monte Farm were pineapple-fed so we decided to drop by and taste their naturally marinated beef. I ordered their roastbeef set meal - it came with soup, salad and dessert. It must've been the best roastbeef I've ever tasted in my life. The beef was tender and it just was soooo good.

I also didn't pass the opportunity to try their pineapple shake since duh, the best pineapples come from Del Monte. At first they were offering their canned juice but I, in my right state of mind, ordered their freshly blended pineapple and I loved it.

I'd definitely go back to Bukidnon to eat here. I loved the whole dining experience!

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Artjae N.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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