Deli Master

Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila

Deli Master
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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

Hidden in Greenhills Annapolis St. is Deli Master, between Missouri and EDSA, a few buildings away from Santis Deli. Apparently existing for over 4 years already, the wife's attention was caught by the name when we passed by on our way home after dropping off her colleague.

Entering the place, it looked like a PX store up front, but looked better as you move inside, with dedicated shelves per highlighted brand, like Trader Joe's, Bertolli, etc. Deli Master has lots of imported stuff, from the States, and Europe mostly. M&M's of much variety, Bertolli Italian goods, Trader Joe's, different types of Roca, Reese's, cheese, spreads, jams, more chocolates, and different drinks from mostly the US like Welch's, Arizona, Crush, Sparkling Ice and such. There's also a frozen section with dimsum, Wagyu steak, lamb, etc. Good place to do your specialty grocery shopping. We didn't know it had a dine in portion until I went to the end of the store and saw all these benches and tables.

I asked for the menu and checked out the food. Not bad. Angus Ribeye, Minute Steak, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken ala Kiev, various other best-enjoyed-with-rice types of ulam, and sandwiches, pastas and pica-pica. Interesting. Simple set up and ambience, so what the hell, the Cordon Bleu is only P230, which I ordered, and the 150g of US Angus Beef Salpicao is about P450. Not bad. The chicken is cheap with the size of it, but the Salpicao is about just right with the quality of the beef.

Chicken Cordon Bleu - breaded of course, sliced in 6 cuts and served with a light cream sauce. I asked for more sauce to which they gladly obliged. Value for money. 4/5

Beef Salpicao - we requested it be cooked medium, and the chef said that's how they cook it, too. Beef cubes with sliced crunchy garlic cooked in olive oil. Very very soft beef, like, melt in your mouth delicious. Quality beef indeed. At P450, I'd say it's worth the price of admission. Not too oily, either. 5/5

No one dining in on a Sat night, so I asked the chef when are they full? Seems they have a captured audience with office workers in nearby office buildings. They hold functions, cook Chinese food, even shabu shabu. So incredibly flexible, though unsure in identity. And its last review was 3 years ago on looloo.

While I enjoyed the food, it's not in my hood, and I'm not a regular deli eater so it's good to try if you're from the area, ambience is just like a nice canteen. It doesn't have a certain character you'd want to come back to, but I appreciated the quality for the price I paid. We paid around P350 a head. Not bad. I'd give it a 4 out of 5. Buy hard to find imported brands here and, if you're looking for decent food, give it a try. Margins are pretty high, 4/5

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Dhem P.
5.0 Stars

Had their American breakfast and crab salad. I chose the option of scrambled eggs with ham for my dish. Eggs were cooked perfectly. The dressing for the crab salad wasn't too heavy and mixed well with the mangoes and cucumber.
For a price of 300, this place is worth the visit for a happy filled tummy.

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Rebecca E.
3.0 Stars

As i entered the joint, i thought it's just a grocery store. At the far end, however, are few tables for those who want to dine in. Prices are fairly high. They serve humba but im not in the mood to eat rice at the moment so i settled for their CHAP CHAE and APPLE JUICE. There's parking outside-- the primary reason im here now because im waiting for my husband who's meeting someone in atlanta centre. It's good that They have a couple of newspapers here. Nice sounds, too. Will try to browse through the store later. 128077

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Lizeine G.
5.0 Stars

Want a peaceful breakfast? Delimaster is the place to go to. Their foods are fresh, the meat is tender, served with efficiency, the taste is also amazing and they even have an unlimited coffee for breakfast! This will surely keep you awake the whole morning! 128522128077

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Kelley M.
5.0 Stars

Lots of nice imported products. The meat is pretty good and cheap.

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Anthony T.
5.0 Stars

Deli with everything you need and want

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