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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

As if we weren't yet gorged from our first stop at Pancake House with their good ol' American-style comfort food, we proceeded to Dencio's just right next to it to "come home" to classic Filipino favorites (with a twist) on our double looloo rendezvoos last Thursday (4/19) in Tomas Morato area.

I felt somewhat pathetic towards myself because Dencio's and Pancake House (both of which are owned by Max's Group Inc.) have become institutions somehow. They've been there for decades, yet believe it or not, I hadn't stepped inside any of their branches until this very moment. Well, it's never too late, is it? 128521

So for sure, I had no regrets going to both restaurants even if that meant going to Quezon City, the place that I'm not still very familiar with. The food was worth all the commuting trouble! It was an all-new discovery for me and I was very happy to do such. 128522

Anyway, Dencio's branch in Tomas Morato is one of the brand's newest branches. It is housed in a 2-story building, with the second floor serving as a separate bar where live music is performed by house bands during the evening. Dencio's full name is "Dencio's Bar and Grill."

Since its establishment in 1991, Dencio's has been priding itself for being the perfect place for Filipino families and barkadas who love good company and good food, together. On this rendezvoos, we were once again feted with tons of good food that would further satiate our already-growing potbellies. 128514

What we had:

🔸All-Fried Dencio's Boodle
The centerpiece of our table! Forget the diet for a while and jack up those cholesterol levels (lol) with the All-Fried Dencio's Boodle which costs ₱1,500 and is ideal for 5 persons. So if you're in five-member barkada, for instance, each of you will have to chip in with ₱300 to share this humongous feast. Sulit na rin!

Our boodle consisted of:

➡ Calamares
➡ Krispy Tilapia - (my most favorite) ✔
➡ Lechon Kawali - (my second most favorite) ✔
➡ Lumpiang Shanghai
➡ Mangga at Bagoong
➡ Three kinds of dips
➡ Plain rice

I looooved the Krispy Tilapia the most because it was cooked in a way like fried fish poppers, and the saltiness was just right. The Lechon Kawali, on the other hand, remained crispy throughout even though it had become already cold by then. I also loved the dip for the calamares. But I found the bagoong's flavor more on the saltier side. Perhaps I'm used to the sweet-salty-spicy bagoong that we make at home.

Dencio's offers the All-Fried Dencio's Boodle as well as the All-Grilled Dencio's Boodle for this summer season.

🔸Krispy Sisig ✔
The smell of the Krispy Sisig, while it was being mixed on a hot plate in front of us, instantly flared my nostrils! Hahaha. Kahit kumain na kami sa Pancake House, parang ginutom ulit ako sa sarap ng amoy ng Krispy Sisig nila. From that, I knew what I was going to get first.

It was my first time to try the Krispy Sisig and now I knew why it has often been mentioned by many foodies who have gone to Dencio's -- it is the best sisig ever, so far! It was crunchy, tasty and richly-flavored. Great with a glass of cold, cold beer (ok, I don't really drink lol) or with a hot plain rice. I had no other choice but to agree 100% with Dencio's sisig mantra, "Basta Krispy Sisig, Dapat Dencio's." For me, this sisig was #1 on my list. 128077

🔸Boneless Chicken Inasal
I agree with EJ B. . -- I also found it a bit too bitter. Maybe it was in the marinade and/or basting sauce, or the way it was grilled. The upside of this is that it was boneless, (duhhh) so there was no need to pull the meat from the bone. Just eat it straight as it is. 128522

🔸Inihaw na Liempo
If you love grilled liempo (pork belly), I'm sure you'll love Dencio's take on this because it was tasty and tender.

🔸Chill Treats:
➡ Buco Pandan
➡ Mais con Quezo
➡ Halo-Halo with Ice Cream
➡ Sago't Gulaman

🔸Other desserts:
➡ Fried Buco Pie ✔
➡ Maja Blanca
➡ Mango Float

I only tried the Sago't Gulaman from their Chill Treats line, but I got to taste all three plated desserts. My most favorite was the Fried Buco Pie -- it was best eaten especially when the "buco pie" (actually, it was more like turon with buko filling) was served warm. I liked the contrast between the "hot" (from the friend buco pie) and the "cold" (from the vanilla ice cream). If I were to go back to Dencio's, this is the one I'm going to order as the perfect end to my meal.

By now I wanted to raise the white flag 🏳 as I was getting really full that my eyes became droopy. Yes, sa sobrang kabusugan, inaantok tuloy ako hehehe. 128564 But I could not afford to feel sleepy yet as I had to go home and report for work (I work at home during the evening). Besides, my family was vacationing at the time and I would be left alone in the household.

As a result, I did not get to join the looloo peeps on the second floor to watch a live band and have a swig. I don't drink, besides (BUT I saw a bottle of Chardonnay and a bottle of Merlot at the bar, so I would have most likely drunk those had I stayed with them). 🍾

Although I regret that part, I am still thankful to have joined looloo again on this another wonderful rendezvoos. Thank you again Peanut D. and Roegan T. for inviting me once again and thank you Dencio's for having us! 128522128591

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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

Dencio’s Tomas Morato is one of their newest branches – perfect for either lunch or dinners with family, and tambays with barkada. They made it even easier for groups (or a really really hungry pair) to enjoy mealtime by introducing their Dencio’s Boodle bundles. There are two versions of the boodle you can get: One is the all fried version, and one with grilled (inihaw) viands.

All Fried Dencios Boodle (1500php)
Big Tilapia, Calamares, Lechon Kawali, Lumpiang Shanghai, with around 5 cups of Plain Rice, Ensaladang Mangga't Bagoong, 3 dipping sauce (Tartar, Soy Sauce, Sweet and sour)

All Inihaw Boodle (1600php)
Inihaw version of everything in the All Fried Boodle

If the boodle isn’t your thing, their Pork Sisig is a must-try and my personal favourite sisig (in Manila!). This crunchy and meaty version of the sisig goes great with rice, and beer.

For dessert – Dencio’s Maja Banca ftw!

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Salie D.
4.0 Stars

First part of our Dinner. Filipino food cuisine. Kanin!!! 128522

As I arrived around 630pm, almost everyone is present already. I am too excited to what's in store for us all. But first Aileen L and I got the quick chance to have a little chikka!128541
During the meet and greet with the other Looloo reviewers, we were introduced to the Marketing Manager of Dencios as well. We even have name tags, log in sheet and prizes....well prepared!128079128079128079128079128079

Peanut divided us into two groups. Dencios and Pancake are under MGI (Max's Group Inc.) thats why both restaurants here are built side by side with a Function Room in between the structures for both client's occasions.

I'm actually impressed with the look of the entire place, Dencios in particular has a garden bar mainly because they serve Beer and hold band shows fortnightly. Covered pa rin ng walls ang paligid so you'd feel safe and homey inside. Para ka lang nasa bakod ng bahay mo dining or umiinom! 128525

Before we began eating, we were given few minutes to take food pictorials (thanks to Julie L's creativity and pagka OC!) and enough time to take a look at their brief History which they gave to us before we started. I glanced at it for sometime to get ready for the Icebreaker while we were all seated later on. and as expected, I managed to answer a Q and got myself Dencio's Free GC! Lol! Kinareer!
Thanks guys I enjoyed it!!!! 128525

Now let's talk about what we had that night on the table....

1. All Fried Dencios Boodle
- Big Tilapia, Calamares, Lechon Kawali, Lumpiang Shanghai, with around 4-5 cups of Plain Rice, Enseladang Mangga't Bagoong, 3 dipping sauce (Tartar, Soy Sauce, Sweet n sour)
good for a Family or Barkada. Kahit puro lalaki pa!128514

Also available in All Inihaw Boodle P1,600.00

Pork Sisig on a Sizzling Plate
- got the highest score as the team's most favorite dish of the night. My personal fave too! It's crunchy and yummy, pang pulutan or pang ulam!!!

Boneless Chicken Inasal
-comes with two dip sauce. Inasal Oil and Sukatoyo. The Chicken meat alone is tender and flavorful. 128077 Sarap!

Mango Float
-Mango rich dessert cake. Not too sweet and very light to the stomach.

Maja Blanca
- white, creamy, rich and milky....delicious, delicious, delicious! It's soo good I wanna cry!128525128514128522
Ahhh, everyone should really try this!!

Sago't Gulaman
-Summer Drink of Manila. Sweetened Sago and Gulaman in a crushed iced filled Glass.

Halo Halo
-their version of Pinoy favorites with special sangkap pinoy.

Buko Pandan
Iced Buko Pandan, light and refreshing.

Fried Buko Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream
- served hot and crispy. Bagay sila in fairness. Take a bite and this pure white Buko Pie inside will delight you!

Mais con Hielo
- yummy and one of ok to order desserts for me. 128515
We are actullay flooded with Cold desserts and sweets...suoer generous ang serving nila!!!!

After we were done eating, we were asked to transfer to the other side..exhanging places with the first group. 128525
Green Dencios cap was given to us as a souvenir...128525 I'm a happy kiddo! My pasalubong kay hubby!

Thank you for your generosity MGI and Dencios and Looloo!!!!!! Peanut D Roegan T

This experience definitely make my heart filled with joy and my stomach full! 128525
Till next time peeps. 128536

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5.0 Stars

I was invited for another Looloo Rendezvoos for Dencio’s Tomas Morato Branch. It’s a 2-storey restobar with a very casual set-up. The restobar is situated in one compound together with Pancake House. One thing I noticed is that the compound provided a good parking space for the customers who wants to dine.

The second floor is also part of the restaurant. Band/s were also performing there where you can also sing or listen while having your favorite drinks.

This summer, Dencio’s introduced the All Grilled and All Fried Dencio’s Boodle. And we were lucky to try the All Fried Dencios Boodle. The Boodle is good for 5 and it’s only Php1,500.00. They can share the following in the boodle (served with plain rice):

128031Calamares - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
128031Lumpiang Shanghai - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
128031Lechon Kawali - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128031Krispy Tilapia - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128031Mangga at Bagoong - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

“I like the Lechon Kawali, even it is cold already, it was crispy, tender and tasty. I also like the mangga at bagoong, it balances the flavor of the boodle.”

Aside from the boodle, we also had the following:

128031Boneless Chicken Inasal - 110881108811088️ 3/5
“The chicken was grilled tender. It’s good but there’s an after taste, I find it bitter.”

128031Krispy Sisig - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“I agree with the tagline “Basta Krispy Sisig Dapat Dencio’s””

128031Inihaw na Liempo - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“The winning inihaw na liempo in Looloo’s BTT. It was flavorful and really good with rice. And it was super tender too.”

Dencio’s Chill Treats and Desserts:
128031Buco Pandan - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128031Mais Con Quezo - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128031Halo-Halo with Ice Cream - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128031Sago’t Gulaman - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128031Maja Blanca - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128031Mango Float - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
128031Fried Buco Pie - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

All the desserts were so good. If I will to choose one, I will go for Fried Buco Pie. Sweet but not that sweet, which I am in favor of it. It’s like I am eating a normal buco fie in a turon way.”

The management of Dencio’s entertained us well. The staff and crew also provided excellent service. Thank you Dencio’s for having and providing us good dinner.

Thank you Peanut D and Roegan T 128588🏼

Nice to meet you again guys! Aileen L Herl C Nievs G Jaja R Jairus d Julie L Muffy T Sally 128522

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Dencio's has been a part of the Filipino dining culture for 26 years. They've made Filipino cuisine more accessible and affordable to its customers. They currently have 26 branches nationwide.

They've introduced the perfect salo-salo feast you can enjoy with your family and friends. Called Dencio's Boodle, you can choose between All Fried or All Grilled which is good for 5 people, these sets are Php 1,500 each. All Fried Dencio's Boodle: lechon kawaii, calamares, lumpiang shanghai, boneless bangus, mangga't bagoong and plain rice.Or opt for grilled food instead then you can order All Grilled Dencio's Boodle: Grill Pusit, Isaw, Atay, Pinaputok na Bangus, Ensaladang Mangga and Plain rice.

We got to try their all fried, I really liked their calamares and boneless bangus. It comes with their respective sauces so don't forget to dip it.

They also have a new dish you might like too, Dencio's Boneless Chicken Inasal (Php 439) which served 3-4 people. Although their nasal sauce isn't what I'm used to to they've added a different flavor for it that supposedly set them a part. If you've tried this let me know what you think :) Of course, our visit wouldn't be complete without having their famous Pork Sisig. Crispy pork sisig on sizzling plate with egg on top! yum! Bagay sa garlic rice.

For desserts I got to try the following:
Buko Panda (Php 105) loveee how creamy the sauce was but I just didn't like the sugar granules. It is sweet already they could just get rid of it.
Fried Buko Pie (Php 95) a must try! i enjoyed the warm texture of fried buko pie and cold creamy consistency of vanilla ice cream.
Maja Blanca (Php 70) first time to try this out, it was just perfect!

Thank you Looloo Team Peanut D and Roegan T for the invite. Thank you Dencio's for serving us with delicious food and for having us last Thursday. Nice to see fellow Looloo-ers! 🧡

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

And for our 2nd stop last night, Looloo Rendezvoos at Dencios.

Dencios is one of Filipinos favorite Filipino Restaurant among families and friends gathering for special occasions. They are known for their crispy Sisig!

This two storey Dencios Bar And Grill in Tomas Morato is the newest hangout for fellas who loves to booze , eat some tasty grilled food. The ground floor was air-conditioned who wants a cozy , quiet and relaxing place to dine while the second floor is where live bands perform in the evening .

The good thing about the food at Dencios is that it can be a “Pulutam”. Meaning pulutan and ulam too at the same time .

They served the Boodke which cost 1,500 pesos . It consist of calamares , Lechon kawali , crispy tilapia, shanghai rolls , rice , mangga with bagoong. Perfect for sharing ! 128077 If you want an all grilled , it’s just 1,600 pesos only . Dencios boodle is good for 5-6 persons .

Then of course , their best seller Sisig is present that night . So crispy ! They served also their newest Chicken Inasal, 127831 if you loved inasal chicken you’ll loved it here . Then glad EJ B requested for a liempo, malasa At masarap if you loved grilled liempo sure you’ll loved this one .

For desserts , we had the mango float , oh I loved it! It’s a mango Graham actually , then the Maja blanca, it’s thick and not like a jelly , then we have the halo-halo127848 buko pandan which I finished talaga. But the one you need to try is this unique dessert , fried buko pie! It’s a buko pie that looks like turon that’s so crispy and warm and the moment you bite it’s so good especially if you combine the vanilla ice cream . Price is very affordable 128077

Dencios closed at 2am - 3am, so if you need to chill after a long day at work , Dencios is there to served you 128077

Thank you Dencios for our very nice Dencios Cap! We had a great time 128522

Tara na #DitoSaDencios

Thanks Peanut D Roegan T for the invite , and EJ B for the Flat Layout again 128247

Many thanks also to Paula and Nadiine of Dencios Marketing/PR. 128139

Nice meeting you all my Co-Looloo reviewers 128522

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Jaja R.
4.0 Stars

Last night's #looloorendezvoos' 2nd stop was here. Yes, we save up on some tummy space for this! 128521

For 26 years, Dencio's continues to evolve as the perfect venue for Filipinos fond of bonding over food and drinks with their families and barkadas! They believe that eating great good is more enjoyable and tasteful when done together, thus, it offers satisfying and affordable group packages that promise a delightful bonding experience.

If you are a group and looking for value of money with guaranteed great food, you can feast on the All Fried Dencio's Boodle. It consists of Calamares, Lumpiang Shanghai, Lechon Kawali, Boneless Bangus, Mangga at Bagoong, also with plain rice, all for P1,500 ONLY. They also have the All Grilled Dencio's Boodle which the name suggests that it's everyhing inihaw - pusit, Liempo, Isaw, Atay, Pinaputukang Bangus +enseladang mangga + plane rice all for P1,600 ONLY!

Have you heard of "Pulutam"? Yes, it simply means "pulutan na pwedeng ulam"! Of course, topping the list of this "pulutam" is its signature dish, Krispy Sisig! Thus the mantra, "Basta Krispy Sisig, Dapat Dencio's" + coupled with buckets of beer and you are in for a great time! 128523

One of the latest addition to their timeless Pinoy recipes includes Dencio's Boneless Chicken Inasal. It comes with a choice of either atchara labanos or atchara papaya, adding an extra kick to the classic inasal goodness. For only P439, a group of 3-4 persons can get their cravings satisfied!

My personal choices of Top 3 (All 5/5)
1. Krispy Sisig
2. Lechon Kawali
3. Fried Buko Pie

This branch in Tomas Morato also offers Al Fresco dining and has a 2nd floor for some music and entertainment! Today, Dencio's has 16 branches located nationwide. So drink and dine anytime at the branch nearest to you!

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

Next stop was at Dencios! Like Pancake House, Dencios has become one of the household names in the metro. It’s also one of the go to places for hungry Juans who are not in the mood to be adventurous with their food. And why not, Dencios prides itself with highlighting our traditional local dishes with the principle of bringing the barrio in the city. Last night’s event proves to be the case.

We got to taste their delectable desserts. Mango float, maja blanca and their fried buko pie. I loved the maja blanca the most because of the perfect consistency and creaminess.

The unique take on the classic buko pie was also a winner. The wrapper was crispy and caramelized to my likeness. There’s a decent amount of coconut meat in the filling too. The fried buko pie comes with a scoop of ice cream so one should eat the dessert upon serving to enjoy the hot and cold play of the dessert.

Their mango float was also good I just wish it didn’t stay long outside the fridge to maintain the dessert’s chilled form. Halo halo, mais con yelo, buko pandan and sago’t gulaman were also present on the table.

For the main dishes, we had their famous sizzling sisig, grilled liempo, inasal na manok and all fried Dencio’s boodle. The latter was every Filipino fry lover’s dream. An awesome amount of fried lumpia, fried tilapia, calamares and lechon kawali! Our favorite fried ulams were accompanied by sliced green mangoes with bagoong. I have to say all the dishes that I mentioned delivered with lechon kawali, grilled liempo and sisig on my top three list.

The Tomas Morato branch have a second floor where the acoustic bands play. You can order alcoholic beverages as well. The sound can be heard from the al fresco tables on the first floor so I suggest staying here if you want to have a decent conversation.

All in all, good service and atmosphere paired with affordable classic Filipino dishes are the things that Dencios are all about.

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

The main concept of Dencio’s is all about celebrating Filipino family gatherings and hanging out with barkada. That is why they created food which is very close to our heart. For 26 years, they developed different menu that caters the taste of our home which greatly reminds of our memories with our loved ones.. Now, Dencio’s Bar and Restaurant have 16 branches that serves homey cuisine.

This summer, they introduced their boodle which is perfect for get-together of family and friends. Our looloo rendezvoos got the chance to try their All Fried Dencio’s Boodle last night and some of their summer treats. Thanks Peanut D and Roegan T for the invitation. Yey!

All Fried Dencio’s Boodle includes calamares, lechon kawali, pinaputok na crispy tilapia, lumpiang shanghai, and mangga and bagoong. All of these will be complimented well with toyomansi, sweet and spicy ketchup, and mayo dressing, your choice. Be ready to get full because this boodle comes with big serving of rice.

My personal choice slash favorite for this set was the Pinaputok na Crispy Tilapia which was really really good to munch. I loved the crispness and flavorful of the fish, not to mention that it was not oily. I also liked the lechon kawali because it was tender and perfect partner with toyomansi. Also, their calamares was easy to chew! I had a great time munching all of them because they are my comfort food even in normal days.

Aside from the boodle, they also served us their famous Krispy Sisig that has it’s own tagline “Basta Krispy Sisig, Dapat Dencio’s”! This one is really true to its taste. Aside from the fact that it is best paired with rice, this is also perfect for pulutan (with beer, yes!). Apparently, when it comes to inasal, Dencio’s have their own version. This one has tangy taste which is distinctive to the usual taste of inasal that we used to have. The serving size is also good for sharing up to 3 people.

For the desserts, I’ve got to try some of their Dencio’s Chill treats. Their Mais Con Quezo was milky and refreshing while the Sago’t Gulaman really reminded me of my childhood memories. We also tried Maja Blanca which was the bombed! I’m always a fan of kakanin because of their unique Filipino taste. I also enjoyed the Fried Buko Pie which was perfect with vanilla ice cream. The superb mixed of warm and cold taste of the pie and ice cream was approved by my tongue.

Great food, cool ambiance, and celebrations - these are all about Dencio’s. I super duper enjoyed my rendezvoos here, of course with my fellow loolooers. This branch in Tomas Morato is very cozy especially the al fresco area where you can relax while having dinner or chilling with colleagues. Thank you Dencio’s for having us! I will definitely be back for another round of celebration.

PS: Thanks Julie L for curating our food for flatlay!!! ♥️

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Arlene Stephanie L.
2.0 Stars

If they have efficient service of staff.

Their food presentation was very poor and too much overpriced for the grilled food. They ran out of stock to some of their foods that was their best seller

Definitely wont be visiting again to any of their branches.

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