Denlim's Kitchen

Regina Bldg., Maharlika St., Sindalan, San Fernando City, Pampanga

Denlim's Kitchen
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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Took me days before reviewing this place because I can't convince myself to rate this place higher. It was really hard to give this place 3 stars and 2 would be too low. 🙁128528128549

VALUE FOR MONEY: NOPE. We were 13 and paid 1790 each. With the type and amount of dishes served and with the kind of service, I could have already went somewhere nicer and better (ate a really good steak or went for a buffet or somewhere else). For almost 1800, it's not as worth it imho. Or maybe because the dishes were not selected properly. We have a 2nd timer and he said the dishes they had before were all really good.

SERVICE: since it's a "private dinner", I was expecting some intereaction. Yes, Denlim was there but he never really explained the dishes (Explain = so guys this is the blah blah it's made with blah blah you're supposed to eat it like this blah blah blah..). Nothing. Well, he explained how we should eat the pugon liempo. But the other dishes, wala na. He was too casual and chill.

CLEANLINESS: Place is nice. It's like a very artsy rustic kitchen with all the ingredients and kitchen tools and utensils displayed. An organized chaos. But the way they prepare the dishes, just using all the tools/utensils displayed (which we touched while waiting for them) without even wiping it is kind of disturbing. They're just not that super clean and sanitary. 🙁128555128563

FOOD: Good but not "OMG!! Ahhh, super worth every peso! I cannot!! I shall comeback here again" type. Good but not memorable/outstanding. Imo, kami ay nalugi. 128557

1. BREAD + BANGUS SPREAD (2.5/5) - the bread was weird but good and BITIN! The spread was good and also bitin. How can a group of 13 who paid 1800 each share a very small spread?? They should have given more bread.
2. MUSHROOM WITH CHEESE (2/5) - MEH. Okay lang. Maybe because I'm not a fan of mushrooms which is why I wasn't as happy with this dish.
3. ORIENTAL CASHEW SALAD (5/5) - the only dish I loved! It was good! Never new salad with cornflakes will tastes this good! Loved the light and refreshing oriental dressing, the crunch from the bell peppers, beansprouts, cashew, and cornflakes. REALLY REALLY GOOD!! 128155💯 Probably the only reason why I'm giving this 3 stars. But I have an issue with the name. It's misleading!! Since it's called Oriental Cashew Salad, I was expecting to see A LOT of cashews, but sadly, super konti lang. Mas marami pa yung cornflakes and togue!! 128555
4. GAMBAS (3/5) 🦐 - Huge juicy shrimps but way too sinful. Too much that you have to eat it with something else, like the very limited bread. I think you must only eat 3 pcs max of this sinful dish. 128563
5. BROILED SALMON AND ASPARAGUS (2.5/5) - Hmmmmm, salmon was cooked perfectly but was kind of bland. This was served with cream cheese on the side and parang the flavors are off? The combination did not work for me.
6. PASTA CORRITO or Seafood Pasta (2.5/5) - Made with mussels, shrimps, and squid. Pasta was cooked al dente! 💯 The taste was lacking. I was expecting to taste the lemon since he added a lot of lemon zest and juice but sadly.... 128528 Also, the squid was chewy, I think it was overcooked.
7. ROASTED CHICKEN (2.5/5) - Usual roasted chicken. We shouldn't have asked to add this dish. From 1550 to 1790 per head. So not worth it.
8. CAVEMAN'S SHANK (2.5/5) - I was excited to try this but just like the other dishes, there was nothing special. Some parts were flavorful but some were bland. Maybe because it was not marinated overnight? But the beef was super tender! No need to use knife. And also the "torched corn" was good. Sarap!
9. PUGON LIEMPO WRAP (3/5) - The supposedly "star" and "highlight" of the night. Crispy liempo with tomato, raw ampalaya, burong baboy, and lettuce. This was good but just like the gambas, was way too sinful. The pork was super oily. 128563 The skin was crunchy but was too hard to bite and eat. Finishing one piece was hard, we were not able to finish everything. Not good. Though the buro, I surprisingly liked with the raw ampalaya! 128513

1. Order the pesto and the chicken with guac. My friend said they're both good. 128077🏼
2. Parking is limited. Go early or carpool.
3. Reservation is a must. Months in advance. Unless you have connections. We were able to reserve 2 weeks before our visit.
4. If possible, make sure to communicate well with Denlim (or whoever is in charge) so you can choose and customize the dishes. Inform them if you want more seafood, less seafood, more meat, more veggies, etc. Be clear and don't be shy or afraid to ask and demand. You're paying and it's just right that you get your money's worth. Oki? 128521

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Aileen O.
5.0 Stars

Den Lim's Kitchen is indeed a gasrtronomic feast in itself.The delicious food that he serves per group or family is always a reason why people go back regardless if you have to wait for a year just to get a reservation.Ambiance is awesome! You get that "Tuscany feel" and the "organized clutter" of all his collections from cookbooks,cookwares,kitchen utensils,plates and what not makes it more appealing.I tell you,his collections are endless!

Cashew salad,Shrimp Scampi ,Cave Man's Shank,Smoked Fish and Chili Pasta,Mexican Chicken Wings and of course the bomb ...which was the Pugon Wrap was a delight ! We all ate with "gusto" with good old 80's music as our background.Isn't that cool!

I wouldn't mind waiting for another year just to take a glimpse of Den Lim's Kitchen and eat my heart out with his delectable dishes! Truly a highly recommended place and one best reason to go to Pampanga!

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Marie H.
5.0 Stars

This is the restaurant with a 1-year waiting list. Seriously. And I hadn't even heard of this place until two weeks ago. It was merely by chance that I got to go. The owner (Dennis Lim, hence the name of the kitchen) hosts only private dinners for a minimum of 12 persons and maximum of 34. Last Saturday, I came with my officemates, Kenny M Richie R and Mars, but the rest I didn't know from Adam. They were friends of friends gathered to reach the minimum number of diners required. But as I've learned from Looloo, eating with total strangers who happen to love good food as much as I do can be a lot of fun. People generally tend to be in a good mood all throughout.

We had a pre-ordered 10-course meal consisting of the following:

1. Focaccia bread and banana blossom spread. Maybe we were too eager, but the bread quickly ran out.

2. Mussels 420. Mussels in spicy sauce topped with a thick layer of melted cheese. I don't normally eat mussels because I have a weak tummy, but this I could not resist. When you're done stuffing yourself with cheese (and more cheese) on mussels, you can mop the leftover sauce with the bread. Must be why bread became scarce. Oh, it's called 420 because Den had served it on April 20 this year and, not having thought of a proper name for it then, simply adopted the date.

3. Summer salad. Greens, candied walnuts, shredded turnips, sliced apples, black sesame, raisins, cheese, and toasted pinipig with yoghurt and sour cream dressing. This was a welcome break from the vinaigrette dressing that seems to coat most salads nowadays. The milky flavor from the cheese and yoghurt was a good counterpoint to the spiciness of the previous dish. With the toasted pinipig, this almost seemed like a dish fit for breakfast. I loved this salad (and I wish I'd eaten the little that was left on the dish before the server swiped it from right under my nose)!

4. Shrimp corrito. Loads of perfectly cooked shrimps with chopped bacon and sun-dried tomatoes. If you love shrimps (like I do), this dish is heaven on a plate! I had to hold back a little though because it seemed that, unlike some multiple course meals I've tried where there are hills and valleys, this is just one continuous build-up to something I may not have the fortitude to endure.

5. Pasta Socorro. We read this from Rajo Laurel's review and requested Den if he can include it in our line-up. Perfectly cooked pasta with blue cheese and crumbles of longganisang calumpit. I thought this was a great way to incorporate local flavors in an otherwise foreign dish. The garlicky flavor from the longganisa and the richness of the blue cheese made for a very bold dish.

6. Broiled salmon. I love salmon and this dish nearly made me cry. The salmon was moist and had a delicious sweet and spicy torched crust on top (very much like the top of a creme brulee). I wanted to eat more, so much more, but I knew I had very little space left in my tummy and there were still four dishes to go. Two days later I still think of this dish and wish I had an extra stomach or three where I could have stuffed this. Oh, those cows are so lucky.

7. Caveman's shank. I have never before seen a whole shank until that dinner. Actually, I did not even know what part of the cow a shank is from (it's the leg, for the uninitiated like me). That was one HUGE shank. Smoked for two hours, boiled for four. Den placed the marrow on a separate dish seasoned with garlic and some oil I think, and then torched the living daylights off the shank. You could hear the fat crackling. This baby was big and beautiful. The meat was fall-off-the bone tender. Den used a different kind of corn on the cob than I was used to. It was starchier and more substantial. I was so tempted to ask for rice but dared not, lest I be kicked out. I jest, of course, since Den was the perfect host that night.

8. Pugon liempo wrap. They brought in a whole slab of pugon-baked liempo covered in a bed of cogon grass to keep it moist. Den cut it in smaller portions and proceeded to arrange it in a bowl with a bouquet of lettuce, homemade fermented rice (buro made of pork instead of the usual fish or shrimp), and chopped tomatoes. Den then demonstrated how to make the wrap -- first by laying a whole leaf on the palm of your hand, placing astride a teaspoon of the fermented rice in the middle, a cut of liempo beside it, and finally a wedge of tomato, before rolling it into a wrap. At this point, I could barely breathe. I finally got my wish for hard abs, but it sure looked different from what I'd imagined. It was rounder than I expected. Still, I managed to pop one wrap into my mouth. Maybe I was just too stuffed, but I found the pork skin a tad thick and difficult to chew.

9. Pepper crabs. I love crabs, just as much as I love salmon. I knew I didn't have it in me to enjoy this dish as I normally would. Still, I could not disrespect the crabs who gave their lives for our meal so I got a piece and gave thanks before devouring it with the little strength I had left. Yes, there was aligui and it was sinfully delicious!

10. Quezo de bola cheesecake. This was ordered from Teaspoon Cafe located also in Pampanga as I understand desserts are not Den's forte. It was light with a hint of dayap, I would guess. It would have been perfect paired with hot tea or coffee (which would have helped ease the burden we were carrying in our tummies).

My takeaway from it all? Bring a Tupperware so you can still enjoy the food once your tummy has recovered.

Ok a few notes to consider for those who may be interested in trying this gastronomic feast:

a. The place is booked every day (as in Monday to Sunday!) until March 2017. Can you believe that??? If you want to book on a weekend, the next available slot is in September/October 2017. Really! But you can try and check if there are any cancellations within the month.

b. The dining area is below his home. It's rustic and you get to leave your mark anywhere (just not the appliances). It's fun trying to figure out how people got to write on the ceiling and overhead lights. Bring a pentel pen, maybe gold or silver if you really want to stand out. No spray paints though.

c. Damage is P1,700 per pax. We had an extra dish though. The original 9-course meal he suggested cost P1,600 per pax.

d. Den claims he is not a chef and prefers to be called simply by his name. He is self-taught but his passion for cooking is clear from the way he handles the food to the way he talks about it. It's lovely watching him.

Much as I tried to describe it, this is an experience that you can only completely understand and appreciate by going through it. I promise it is worth the wait to see a man create something he loves and offer it to you wholeheartedly.128522

p.s. Thanks to Kenny for the photos and notes. This is properly a joint review, although all the emotional stuff is mine.128517

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Jonathan L.
5.0 Stars

So I didn't know my friend's dad owns this place. I was really glad that he invited me for a birthday dinner cause this was a well known restaurant so pretty excited. I was blown away at how good all the food were but my favorite has got to be the Shrimp Elena! He cooks there where the guests are seated so you can ask what's this and that so it's quite interesting. The place was an organized mess very very refreshing and it was quiet. And the fact that you don't have any service in your phone in the place makes it a good place to catch up. I'm impressed, very impressed

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