Dessert Factory

Parkmall, Ouano Ave., Mandaue, Cebu

Dessert Factory
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Most Recent Reviews

Anthony M.
3.0 Stars

Even thou this cafe is called - Dessert Factory - you can get more than just desserts , as there is plenty of meals to order from ... we ordered the
— Pad Thai with seafood , wasn’t up to expectations ... as the chewy undercooked noodles weren’t the normal Pad Thai noodles usually used in this Thai dish ... the taste wasn’t towards peanuts & Satay , as I usually have ... the seafood was tiny steamed pieces of fish , baby size prawns & chewy calamari
— Chicken Curry was an unknown Indian Style Coconut Milk curry , that was tasty, however very small in quantity , with small dry chewy chicken pieces
The total meal was okay , however the total price with drinks was 475 PHP wasn’t worth it ... nevertheless I would like to go back to try some of the cafes & desserts 127848 on offer

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Gladys M.
5.0 Stars

My first #looloo food crawl event! Dessert Factory is already their fourth stop, and it was my first. 128517

Dessert Factory is always my source if I want some red velvet cake for myself. They served us Kinamatisang Kawali, Mango Napoleon and Mango Crepe Brulee.

Mango Napoleon - I thought I already tasted the best napoleon in Bacolod and I was wrong. Mango Napoleon is tasty pastry with a delicious, custard-like filling topped with sugar glazing, but what makes it different is that it has sliced mangoes inside.

Mango Crepe Brulee - A mango crepe filled with cream topped with crispy torched sugar that is served in a bowl. I like how it taste since it is not too sweet.

Thank you for the invite Peanut D. 128153


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May Ann B.
5.0 Stars

This is a continuation of 1st day food crawl sponsored by Parkmall in partnership with looloo.

The 4/7 on the list was Dessert Factory.

Dessert Factory is my to go place for comfort food. I consider this a happy place because of their wide range of delectable and affordable desserts. Their Parkmall branch is my favorite -- the staff are very attentive.

For the food crawl they served 1 dish and 2 desserts:

1. Kinamatisang Kawali (P185). They described it as the Ilocano version of lechon kawali, sauteed with fresh tomatoes and onions. What I liked about this dish was its right level of sourness; the tomatoes used were noticeably fresh. The meat however is a bit tough.

2. Mango Napoleon (P40). Described as flaky puff pastry filled with pastry cream and mango slices. This reminded me of napoleones from Bacolod. The Mango Napoleon however has set the bar higher with its right sweetness level, the mango slices and cream made this pastry rich and flavourful.

3. Mango Crepe Brulee (P99). A crepe baked with mangoes and a vanilla sauce filled then topped with crispy caramelized sugar. I love everything about this dessert! The crepe came as a surprise. From the look of the bowl, you will expect it to be the usual creme brulee; but, as you dig your spoon through it, you will feel the fullness of crepe inside. The sweetness of the custard base was just right coupled with the crispy torched sugar on top made this dessert delightful.

While I've been frequenting this place, it was my first time to try the dish and desserts served during the food crawl.

Coming back? Of course a big YES!

**PS. Before I went home after the 1st day of food crawl, I seriously went back to Dessert Factory and bought mango napoleon and mang crepe brulee as pasalubong for my mom.

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

The fourth stop of the |ooloo X Parkmall food crawl was Dessert Factory. By this time Gladys M and JP G have finally arrived! Woohoo! So happy! 128569

I’ve visited here before as recommended by my colleague so I was looking forward to this stop as well. They said that they’d serve desserts so I was really hoping that their awesome Pistashew Ice Cream Cake would be included on the tasting menu but it wasn’t. I’m not complaining though. It’s always nice to try something new. 128571

1.) Kinamatisang Kawali
I’ve tried this before as it was recommended by my colleague that this is good. I agree, it is their bestseller after all among their savoury dishes. The dish is plain and simple. Apparently adding sautéed tomatoes to the popular Filipino pork dish gives it a tangy twist. It was salty and sour but well balanced. The hefty serving of rice with the viand was very tempting. But good thing my palette was already looking for something sweet so I just had a few bites to taste. I was so excited for the desserts. 128569

2.) Mango Napoleones
Their take on one of my favorite deserts in Bacolod is actually very good! I loved how the puff pastry was done exactly how it should be done. The mangoes and cream in between were the bomb, with just the right sweetness. It brought out the flavor of the popular Cebuano fruit. The sugar frosting wasn't too thick either, just the way I like it. 128571

3.) Mango Crepe Brûlée
Yes, you read it right. It's a mango crepe in a bowl filled with cream and then topped with caramelized sugar. I just found the cream to be too liquid. I just thought it'd be a little thicker. But the taste of the cream was really good! It was milky and had the flavor of mango, really tasty! The mango crepe at the bottom was actually really delicious - again not too sweet, which is exactly how I like my dessert. I also liked that the caramel on top was perfectly done. The way my spoon cracked the topping was just awesome! The portion was quite big though. It's a nice size for sharing already. 128571

Food here is really affordable and delicious. I'd definitely come back for more. There's so much more good food to try from their menu! 128571

***Note: The event is sponsored by Parkmall in Mandaue, Cebu as partnership with |ooloo. All food items have been chosen by each restaurant based on their own discretion.

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Pol Y.
2.0 Stars

Sincecwe brought our dogs, we opted to stay at outside. Attendants were not attentive. It's slright since the sizzling pork we ordered cane in in less than 5 minutes. However, there was no sizzle on the plate. I ask the attendant how come it is not sizzling, she just gave ne a fake smile.
Also, they tend to forgetvthey have customers dining outside. We need to call the attention of the waiter several times before we get the refill of our bottomless drinks. Lousy service... 128544☹️128547

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

This place is like the Banapple of Cebu. 128517 Their davory items are awesome and their desserts are amazing! Portions are on the bigger side too.

I especially fell in love with the Pistachio Icea Cream Cake! I can't wait to come back! 128525128525128525

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John P.
5.0 Stars

Eating this blueberry cheese cake makes you feel great! It is totally a stress reliever! Pair it with their brewed coffee! #cloud9

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