Detoxify Bar

Westgate Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Detoxify Bar
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Cayla R.
4.0 Stars

Detoxify Bar's minty berry detox is my go-to drink when going here. It's quite refreshing, indeed. This branch in Alabang is neat and has a bright look about it what with their white walls and organized setting. Simply love going here 128571

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Susette T.
4.0 Stars

Love their pesto!!!

Quite expensive though!

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Mico C.
4.0 Stars

Honestly, I was intimidated by this place the past few times I was in Westgate. It shines brightly since its neighboring shops would already be closed for the night.

I got the Minty Berry detox for 220 pesos. I loved it but it definitely won't fall under my "I'll try this everyday" category. I find it a bit pricey even though I understand that there's a legitimate reason for it to be pricey.

Although looking at their menu, I would definitely visit them again... although maybe not too soon.

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Patricia C.
2.0 Stars

I always thought that it would be hard to go wrong with mushroom soup, focaccia bread, and a salad. Detoxify Bar proved me wrong.

The mushroom soup tasted okay but looked so dull and lifeless. For the price, we totally expected more.

Bread was not toasted well, so some parts were hard. I don't think I have ever had focaccia bread hurt the insides of my mouth like that before.

The Greek salad was pretty good, with a good mix of greens and yummy dressing. However, the beef strips were tough and tasteless. Again, I expected more given the price of our meal.

Worst of all was the service. We asked for ice water and were served water without ice. We inquired about buying a box of their detox tea, and the server kept thinking that we were ordering a cup to consume at the store.

There were times when the servers were all nowhere to be found, and when they were at the dining area they were busy watching the news on tv.

Annoying, but unfortunately this is the only proper salad place in the Alabang area. Or is it? Can someone please enlighten me?

Or better yet, can Salad Stop please just open in the south already???

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Shelly R.
4.0 Stars

Love their green vegan juice! Healthy and refreshing! They also have green smoothie which is equally good!

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