Dialyn’s Bakeshop

Buton St., Baler, Aurora

Dialyn’s Bakeshop
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Josh M.
5.0 Stars

Last February 2016, we went to Baler to celebrate Valentine’s day! We stayed at Sabang Beach (I can’t remember the name of lodging inn)

But the highlight of my trip there was this pastry shop!

Baler’s best pastries at the most affordable rates can only come from Dialyn’s Bakeshop. My most fave pastries from Dialyn’s is the YEMA BREAD! It only cost 10 pesos per bread. Very simple but rich pastry! It has yema in the middle. It’s oozing with goodness! Definitely a must try in Baler!

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Muffy T.
5.0 Stars

Their brazo slice for 25php is the BEST! Super light and airy with a perfectly sweet yema-ish filling 128076🏻

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Can't leave Baler without trying the "famous" bakeshop. Dialyn's cakes are also being sold at Costa Pacifica (at the Beach House) but slices costs around 200pesos. Kind of pricey. So instead of tasting it there, we went directly to their shop. Even the staffs at Costa suggested we just walk since it's just 3-5 minutes away. From Costa, we walked for around 5 minutes and found this "hidden" bakeshop.

The place is very very very simple. Just a bit sosyal than your usual local bakery along the street. Like Breaktalk without the aircon, bright lights, tables and chairs.

It was our friends birthday so for her birthday salubong, we bought a mini cake for her. There were so many cakes and pastries available that we also got for ourselves. 128518128513128517

Cheese Roll - 20/each
Blueberry Cheesecake - 60/slice
Chocolate Cake (mini) - 150

We weren't able to taste the chocolate cake anymore but our friend loved it. I should try that next time!

The cheese rolls were big and super soft. Would be so much better if it was re heated and with melted cheese and butter. But still, it was one yummy cheese roll. 128513

We left the blueberry cheesecake first in the freezer and tried it the next day. The texture/consistency was almost like the cheesecake from Bag of Beans (which I didn't liked) but surprisinlgly, this I liked! Actually, I think this is better. A bit thicker and has that cheesecake cream cheese taste and not just frozen cream. And super okay and muta na for 60 pesos/slice! 128077🏼

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Jam V.
5.0 Stars

Homemade version of Al Capone 128523128077🏼10084

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Abby C.
5.0 Stars

Dialyn's Bakeshop > breadtalk + frenchbaker + jco


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Jackie S.
4.0 Stars

Dialyn's is one of the most well know bakeshop in Baler. It is walking distance from Sabang beach.

It is owned by Dialyn Tolentino and her husband. I got to talk to her a bit and she said she took a crash course in baking years back, and a certain government office loaned her money to start her own business. She started small.

Her best sellers are the Dulce de Leche roll and the Triple Chocolate roll; it's not too sweet and very very moist. Her cakes are reasonably priced as well.

She caters to the dessert buffet of Costa Pacifica and a lot of the locals in Baler.

You'll see that her cake designs is also above average. Something you won't expect from a small bakeshop in the province.

She event gives out some of her other pastries for free for you to taste if you have coffee there and chill.

Stop by if you're around the area and try her other pastries. 128512

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