Dicasalarin Beach

Baler, Aurora

Dicasalarin Beach
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Shiela B.
5.0 Stars

Dicasalarin Beach and Lighthouse in Baler has a Breathtaking view! 128525 Parang Batanes (as told by my friend! )128525 and it has a White sand! 128525
And nakakatakot yung way papunta kasi matarik ang dadaanan, like yung papuntang la presa. Pero, sobrang ganda ng view! Promise! You'll love the place! 128525

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Dianne E.
5.0 Stars

If there's a trip within a trip that you should take while you're in Baler, make it Dicasalarin. You can hire a van or any other vehicle that is able to traverse the steep roads going into and out of the property. It's mainly a cove but offers so much more to the wandering traveler.

Once you've parked, you can follow the path on your right that leads to Artist Village. It takes you across a bridge, through the woods, and to a house in the middle of green and sunlight. I remember the first time I saw the wooden house, I was floored by its mere presence. You can explore it and find artwork from the artists who have stayed there.

After you've taken in the the sights and sounds of Artist Village, it's time to revel in Dicasalarin's other gems. Head toward the beach and look forward to more exploring. The sound of the waves will call out to you but be wary of the current.

If you've got the stamina, walk further down the beach and climb up the steps to the lighthouse. The view from up there is exhilarating. You can also go around the bend of the cove and if the water isn't too high you might be able to find a cave. Again, be careful in the water. The current is unpredictable.

If you'd like to see more and read less of Dicasalarin, watch out for the next webisode of Hear Me Rawr. It comes out tomorrow! In the meantime, subscribe to alwaysdianne on YouTube and never miss a beat. 128521

Photo by Kerin C.

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Wendell L.
5.0 Stars

Planning to visit a beach? Looking for pristine white sand, sparkling blue sea and breath-taking views? Visit Dicasalarin Beach in Baler, Aurora.

This relaxing place will disburden you from all the stress life shot. It is a good place to detach yourself from your gadgets and be one with nature, be interactive with your friends and family.

You can find several hammocks that will swing all your trouble away. Also present are nipa huts you could use as cottages and dining area.

To experience the breath-taking and out-of-this-world views of Dicasalarin, one must pay a Php 300 entrance fee. I think that the price is reasonable to maintain the beauty of the beach by hiring personnel who will preserve it. They were very accommodating.

It is 30-mins away from Sabang beach. The one-lane road you need to pass was a big challenge as it has sharp turns and curves. However, traffic officials make your safety certain.

During our visit, it was not advisable to swim because of strong surges. We were just allowed to sit about three meters away from the shore waiting for the waves to hit us. 128514. Of course, I took several pictures. The Most of which were shots of the sea, rock formations, trees.

Don't worry about swimming. Few steps away was a small cave that you can visit which is surrounded by amazing rock formation. Not but not the least, you can climb about a 200- step staircase up to the lighthouse that was about 50 feet above sea level. There you can view the Pacific ocean as blue as the sky.

I don't recommend a long stay here for water or other activities but if you do, make sure you think of some recreational activities. Nevertheless, visit this place and you'll love it.

PS: My first review. 128514

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

About a 30min drive from Sabang Beach, one can head to Dicasalarin Cove. Also owned by the Angara's, you can only go in with a gate pass from the Angara Resorts. (Yeah, outsiders with no gate passes were being blocked - monitored by walkie talkies.)

The place is maintained pretty well, there are cottages that can be rented and a local snack restaurant you where you can have pizza and drinks. (Only choices)

Going into the cove itself is a one-way drive up or down, yes it's cemented so it's a smooth ride except for the sharp turns so drive slow on low gear.

On the part where the stream meets the sea is brackish water - always feels funny walking on those spots where the water is "mixing."

Photographers will have a grand time taking a trek to the light house or taking shots of the cove itself from the heights. Loved the portion where there are swell spouts where the waves "jump out," nice for some unique shots!

Despite it being a cove, the waves still crash the sand since it's still straight from the Pacific, so the sand is smooth and loose - making for a very cool effect on the feet.

Modern showers and toilets are present also so no worries on taking a dip then washing up afterwards.

Php100 per person and Php50 per car/van. 128556

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Sudhiira L.
5.0 Stars

You cannot do justice with photos alone. You need to go here and see it for yourself. The cove is amazing and I just laid the whole day along the Pacific Ocean rim. We were at Sabang for surfing but for the outstanding view, Dicasalrin is just breathtaking.

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5.0 Stars

I'm such a beach lover. So I got excited when Discasalarin was part of our IT during our Baler escape. This is actually the Angara family's private resort but they allow outsiders to use this as long as you're checked in one of the Angara owned hotels or if you have an Angara with you (luckily, our officemate was one 128077).

I looooove their sand. It's so fine and it doesn't get hot even with the scorching weather. It must be thoroughly moist below. And it's soooo white. Dyahe lang may small rocks but I don't care because it's so heavenly.

The water is so blue and with different hues plus it's soooo cool and refreshing. I could stay submerged for ages 128525

And you can beat the green mountains and trees around the cove. I think I'm in heaven 128525

Other perks:
- there's a creek on the side so there's a breakwater in the nearby horizon. Iba talaga feeling ng water when it's a mix of salt water and fresh water. 128561
- the artist village (in my other review) is there as well.
- there's also Ifugao cottages and a restaurant there.

I want to go back soooo bad 128517

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