Diniview Villa Resort

Diniwid Beach Rd., Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Diniview Villa Resort
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Kai O.
5.0 Stars

The undeniable charm of Boracay's postcard setting and the timeless appeal of its bustling party scene keeps it on every traveler's bucket list. The continuous development across the island is slowly turning the island into an urban nightmare but a quiet escape to Diniview Villas would mean a raw and natural experience of its unspoiled beauty.

Along the narrow road going to the tranquil Diniwid beach, is a refreshing tiny blue sign with the words “Diniview Villas, Your house in Boracay” that’s difficult to miss. From that point, a thrilling 2-minute ride to one of the highest points in the island slowly unravels the lush green hilltop sanctuary nesting eight exclusive and exquisitely designed villas that you can call your own little piece of paradise in the heart of Boracay.

As one of the early foreign settlers in the island, owner of Diniview Villas, Julia Lervik always had the idea of preserving Boracay and its natural topography. Originally acquiring the plot of land in 2004 to build her home on the island, the charming owner of Diniview Villas, who hails from a family of artists in Sweden, expanded the property to provide a tropical escape, a temperate environment where her friends can retreat in the harsh cold months of their home. Soon, these individual and uniquely designed villas began to decorate the lush hillside, each with their own stunning views of Diniwid beach and front row seats to the famed Boracay sunset.

With all the different accommodations across the beach, catering to the diverse crowd who come to enjoy the island, Diniview Villas proves to be a refreshing escape. It's strategically positioned to provide solitude away from the clamorous environment, but is still perfectly accessible from the main road via trike and is a quick 5-minute walk to the beach. Its location is ideal as it gives you the relaxing ambience without sacrificing accessibility and proximity to the sought-after lively Boracay scene.

Each villa has been oriented to give guests the feeling of isolation in a lush tropical setting. All villas are artistically crafted and incorporated with native elements in an open layout for a light and breathable space that gives you best experience of the island. Although rooms are fully air conditioned, common areas are left open so you can enjoy the fresh air and raw island vibe. Each of the villas have their own personality and captivating charm, all uniquely named after the key element that inspired their design. I had the privilege of staying at the Sand Villa, the only one with a romantic outdoor shower installation, and is conveniently located beside the pool area -- one of the key attractions and most picturesque spots in this quaint resort. The Sun Villa would pertain to the modern minimalist space situated at highest point that catches the most sunlight. The big Talisay tree cascading over it would characterize the Tree villa. The Salt Villa, being the largest is also the most luxurious and stunningly designed. My personal favorite -- The Boat villa, has an actual boat embedded onto one of its walls. How resourceful and creative!

On the downside, accommodations like Diniview Villas don’t usually have in-house chefs that can prepare meals for guests but all villas have fully-equipped kitchens with a one-time serving of complimentary breakfast items along with a scrumptious fruit basket upon arrival. They also conveniently offer shopping services for a minimal fee when there’s something you need outside of the premises. Service is definitely one thing that makes it stand out, as I did not meet a single employee without a charming smile and a genuine concern for my comfort and needs.

Having experienced quite a number of hotels and resorts across the island, I could definitely say that Diniview Villas is one that will give you a unique and raw experience of Boracay. You may have to shell out a bit more than the usual but it’s definitely worth it! And despite the various modern and luxurious options available on the island, I'd opt for an establishment like Diniview Villas that applies sustainable design practices and has a heart for the environment!


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