Dip N Dough

The Yard, 83 Xavierville Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Dip N Dough
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Most Recent Reviews

Leslie Ann B.
3.0 Stars

I enjoyed eating just the dough, would've have been perfect with coffee.

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Ria B.
2.0 Stars

My sister may seem happy about it but, I didn't like this dessert. Yes, it's ice cream on a donut! Wow! Something new and looks really good but tastes, meh. Maybe there's still something they need to improve on. The ice cream was good and the presentation really awesome but the bread was really meh. Maybe they were trying to strike a balance on the sweetness of the donut and the ice cream but the donut was too bland even though there's already cinnamon and chocolate inside. Well that's just my opinion but definitely, this is a really great concept.

  • No. of Comments: 10
Lyneth D.
5.0 Stars

I was inspired to try this bad boy when Hannah V featured it awhile back. My friend celebrated her birthday at 'The Yard' so I seized the opportunity.128523

I already expected that it might took awhile to have our 'Chimney Original' ready so we ordered ahead of time, right after we received the orders from other stalls. Since we had a lot of catching up to do, we did not notice that 30 minutes is up and our chimneys were ready.

It was love the first bite. I know that most reviews are not up for it, but I did. I love how the doughnut compliments the icecream. The chocnut and cinnamon added flavors to it, teasing my tastebuds. After a few bites, i tried tearing the bread and dipping it with the icecream, and silly me, that's the secret of really eating it. Hahaha! It was a lot of fun!

This will now be one of my favorite treats in 'The Yard'. Next time, i'll try their mini doughnuts and twisted doughnuts, which is best for sharing. I must say that my P150 is worth it! 128522

  • No. of Comments: 3
Hannah V.
3.0 Stars

Ice cream + donut looks tempting right?
Curious. curious.
I tried their chimney original. It's filled with belgian chocolate & marshmallow inside the doughnut cone, topped with vanilla ice cream. Overall it was good. I loved their vanilla ice cream.

I waited 30-40minutes

  • No. of Comments: 7
Shayne B.
2.0 Stars

It looks pretty and yummy, but I don't think I'll have this again when I visit The Yard because of their very poor customer service.

I ordered 5 donut ice cream for my siblings, cousins and I, and a mini donuts (?)-- I forgot the name. It's small donuts with chocolate dip. I told their staff to add one more vanilla ice cream for it.

We waited for about 45 minutes for our donut ice creams and the mini donuts arrived without the vanilla ice cream at all. Their staff called me and told me that they had a mistake of charging me. Kulang daw nang isang donut ice cream nasingil nila. What. Is. Wrong. With. You.

After we finished everything, they asked where to put the extra vanilla ice cream. What. Is. Wrong. With. You. Again. I said it was supposed to be with the mini donuts and choco dip. They returned my extra money and that's it.

Fun way to eat an ice cream and donut but their customer service is really poor this time. Hope they could improve it.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Ilela k.
3.0 Stars

Okay. here we go. since i am new in looloo app i am always eager to share a new experience and as much as possible i wanted a fair review everytime. but not tonight i guess. we went to THE YARD xavierville to experience what the hype is all about and the one in my list is the "dip and dough" ice cream in a doughnut cone. before i got there i browsed the facebook page of "the yard" and surprisingly the most rated 1 star is "DIP AND DOUGH" but i still gave them a chance because i didn't experience it myself. so we went there and i ordered the regular one with chocnut on top (i already forgot the name because i was disappointed) and 6pcs. donut with OG CHOCOLATE dip. that's the one i remembered because i asked them what is "OG"? and before i ordered they said that they have waiting time and it's 30mins. And because i saw how hard it was to make one i became okay with it and i even complimented them for their hardwork. so after that i checked the other store but we were seated at the front of dip and dough. 30mins. had passed and i follow up my order but they offer me the donuts that i've ordered because they said it was the one that's ready at the moment so i said "okay, kukunin ko na kasi kapag sinabay nyo sa isang order ko baka lumamig pa". SEE? if i didn't follow up in the first place they will serve it cold! colder than somebody's boyfriend (lol. my husband is hot!) so after another 30mins. the order is already there but we're preparing to go home so i asked the order taker if i can have our donuts for take-out but to my surprise she told me that "maam pasensya na po wala kaming pang take out eh" so i asked her for a "supot" and she didn't able to find one so she said sorry again and that was the time that i gave up. :'( pinaasa lang ako. okay na sana eh. fair naman yung lasa ng ice cream and yung doghnut. but please gawan nyo ng paraan yung service nyo. it was really disappointing that we came all the way from laguna for this.

Yung red velvet waffle ice cream na inorder namin nauna pa sa donut ice cream. :( 15 minutes before we got the donut namin sya inorder.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Christine Anne d.
5.0 Stars

Perfect for the sweet tooth in me. baked fresh so please be patient, it is worth the wait!!! Also love the vibe @ the Yard, good music and great crowd!

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1.0 Stars

Went to The Yard tonight with the kids. And one of the store which is Dip and Dough caught my attention because of the long lines of peeps who wants to try their ice cream in a pretzel cone. We fell in line too and paid for 3 ice cream cone for almost Php500.00. We waited for more than 30 minutes until we heard the announcement from the sound system of The Yard "customer of Dip and Dough you can pick up your order now" and we were excited by that time to get our ice cream, finally! Until we found out that they will give us our money back because there's no more stock!!! Gosh! Hinde nila na anticipate, tanggap lang sila ng tanggap ng order. I asked the cashier, "ganun na lang ba yun? Pinaghintay mo kmi ng more than 30 minutes?" Tapos umiwas lang sya.

Then I returned to Dip and Dough to here me out, I asked kung sino yung manager, sabi ng cashier, eto po yung owner.

Then humarap sa akin yung owner, "nakikita mo yung mga kids na yun?! Yun yung pinaghintay at pinaasa mo?"

Then he said "sorry, ano gusto mo, coffee?" "Nyek! Hinde..." I just want you to here me out, para hinde na sana maulit yung nangyari"... He said Thank you naman. Pero naramdaman ko na parang hinde sincere yung pagkasabi and offer, siguro he offer lang para tumahimik ako. Tsk tsk!!!

The rating is for the customer service and based on my experienced - Poor

  • No. of Comments: 2
Isha S.
4.0 Stars

I saved room for dessert specifically for this donut/doughnut on steroids from Dip N' Dough. I saw a couple of pics on instagram and I knew I wanted to taste them. 128540

On the menu, they have adorable mini donuts that go for 90 php for 6 pieces and 175 php for 12. You have several dip and topping options as well. Aside from that, they have these twisted donuts that are cone-shaped donuts filled with ice cream and then topped with stuff. I got the one with caramel and caramel popcorn. Sweetness level over 9000!!! I liked it; the donut cone held its shape and did not droop all over the place but it was also a bit dry. It can also still get messy however, as the ice cream starts melting and the caramel gets all over your fingers haha.

Overall, pretty cool and filling dessert.

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