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Dive and Trek
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Ana S.
5.0 Stars

This is Filipino hospitality just as I remember it from family gatherings at my Lola's and my uncles, aunts...as soon as we arrived, I could see that it felt like a family member was welcoming you to their place. :) very warm, very accommodating... We went to our assigned hut. People here do not worry about their things being stolen. Very old school. Loved that..!

There's a lot of people who watch over you and make sure they can get you milo or coffee.. It's part of the day fees. Only soft drinks are added cost or other drinks.

There's a self-serve water station by the huts... The huts face the water and there are day beds you can use.

We did not stay overnight (wish we did!)... My son played on the sand with a family friend (Liam, also a 3-year-old, and his mama and my good friend, Anya). They swam with us in the ocean, later on, after my dive buddy and I completed our dive.

I went to this place to do my first open water dive. It was an AMAZING experience but unfortunately cut short by a problem with my left ear. Anyway, that's another story... There's wonderful underwater life to see... Giant taclobos, lots of parrot fish, angel fish, some swordfish looking things, "nemos," and others... Fish feeding underwater was most interesting. It was fun to be enveloped by fish...!

Buffet is part of the day fees. I paid php1550 for the "diving day trip" (inclusive of buffet lunch which had good tonkatsu, bean sprouts guisado ala Japanese style (refreshing on a hot day), grilled marlin, and a beef dish (ala mechado) plus option for garlic or plain rice. Fresh watermelon was available on the day we were here. My Yaya was a "non-diving day trip" and I was only charged Php1,040 for her whole day stay and meal. They did not charge for my 3-yr-old (I believe the kids are free up to 4 years old).

Bartender is very friendly.. You can charge your gadgets at the bar (which I did). :)

They have a standby generator so if you stay overnight, no worries about loss of electricity or a/c.

Dive equipment rental (full wet suit, mask, booties, fins, BCD gear, and tank) was just Php1,000. :)

The place is a 15-minute boat ride from the San Luis parking lot for the resort. Boat fee is included in day fees for the place... It
Takes about 2.5 hours to get to San Luis, Batangas (just waze it and put "Dive & Trek San Luis Parking"). Parking is Php75 for whole day parking. Overnight parking is Php150.

Bring your aqua shoes to make walking around sandy (rough "corally" sand) easier and, also, on the pier easier. Rubber slippers will wash away with the tide when it is high tide on the pier (it submerges the pier a bit).

It was a great Saturday at Dive & Trek. Will surely come back...

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Judith O.
5.0 Stars

It's our first time to dive! 128513 Imagine my excitement when we got to Dive and Trek. The place was already fully booked so we only had a day trip, but that was already enough for me to appreciate the wonders beneath the sea!

To start our intro diving, we were given a short lecture by Kuya Conrad. He gave us the basics about the equipment, how to use them, and how we'd go through the experience later on.

After this, we were given wetsuits, masks, aqua shoes, and fins which we tried on right away. When we were good to go, Kuya Conrad and Kuya Bobby (intro divers can dive only when accompanied by master divers) immediately lead us to the docking area where we'd have our practice with the scuba gear. I was quite surprised that we were already going to the sea; I thought we'd practice in the pool! Haha. Breathing underwater was pretty easy to learn, as well as the hand signals to communicate down there. And I love how Kuya Conrad was so friendly; he really makes you feel at ease!

After the the practice session, we were lead to the fish feeding area of the sea where lots of fishes "swarm" you as you feed them with bread. I loved being to close to them! Sometimes you can even feel them biting onto your fingers.

The last and most beautiful part of the course was going down until 30 ft. (that's the allowable depth for introductory courses). Words can't describe how beautiful it is down there. It's such a different world, and I was completely in awe all the time. The giant clams had neon colors in them, the corals were so intricate, the fishes were all so unique and colorful... *sigh* My vocabulary is failing me. I'm just so happy that this kind of ecosystem is carefully protected. I'm sure there are lot of marine sanctuaries out there that have more grandeur than this, but it's already such a privilege for me to witness first hand the wonders of Mother Nature here at Dive and Trek.

I'm sure this won't be the last time for me! (But sometimes I get the feeling that I don't want to dive anymore because I don't want to disturb their life and ecosystem 128533 Ang sensitive ko ba? lol)

Other plus points:

-Buffet lunch for daytrippers! (Buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner for overnight guests, if I'm not mistaken)

-Their staff are so nice and friendly! The older ladies there accommodate us as if we were their pamangkin or apo! Such genuine Filipino hospitality

Will definitely come back! 128153128154

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Dianne E.
5.0 Stars

Hey guys! I want you to meet Cookie, the super shy dog of Dive and Trek. She's only eight months old and I'm sure she's going to grow up to be the resort's new favorite canine. The last time I visited this place, there was another dog who they trained to be a lifeguard. What seemed to be a mix between a labrador and a daschund (how is that even possible?!) the "daschador" could dive better than some of the pros.

People come to this marine sanctuary for diving and snorkeling; they leave with the fondest of memories. It was my second time to go diving and this place is great for beginners like me. The water is very calm and there is an abundance of underwater life ranging from lionfish to sea turtles to all the Nemos you can find.

When you re-surface, you'll find that life on land is just as beautiful. The resort is very simple. There's no wifi so people tend to leave the gadgets behind and actually talk to one other. I watched my very first sunset here and it was the most spectacular thing I had ever witnessed. The food is also quite delicious. Good food, great sunsets, even better conversations. That's how a weekend should be spent!

Just as you'll see Cookie when you first arrive, you'll see her before you go. And she'll remind you what truly matters in life. But I'm not gonna tell you about it. You're gonna have to re-discover it for yourself! 128521

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