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2/F Madison Galeries, Don Jesus Blvd., Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

DIY Poke
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Jiro A.
4.0 Stars

Finally natry ko n din ang DIY POKE. I tried their sakura poke and masharap sya. The large size is good for two persons. The fresh salmon and tuna really is worth the trip here.

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Troy P.
4.0 Stars

From the name itself, this is a do it yourself poke bowl concept located in Madison Galeries. This has nothing to do with Pokemons. I was deceived. 128540 But nevertheless, the turn out was far from disappointment. I'm not very familar with the poke craze but all I know is that their tasty. I like to consider them as japanese ceviche.

At first glance, it looks like an arts and craft store. But they do offers their own signature bowls that are already created, if your not sure how to create your own poke. The place is clean with friendly staff to answer your questions.

I've already tried Sumo Bowl (rice base poke) P250 large and Cherry Blossom Bowl P235 large (chips base poke).

I forgot what toppings were added in those bowls but mind you that the fresh salmon and tuna are generously served. It doesn't taste "malangsa" at all. The sumo bowl is perfect for those with a big appetite. But I like the cherry blossom bowl more because its light and sweet but at the same time gave me an idea to pair this with a cold beer. 128556

I can't help but compare this to omakase or sushi ninja since they have a similar dish but DIY Poke surely wont be a miss for some because its affordable and its generous servings.

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Miguel L.
2.0 Stars

Got the sumo bowl but they ran out of salmon and avocado. Which was fine so I swapped it for tuna. Was quite excited and have been looking forward to this place as I really love chirashi's and pokes. But it was less than underwhelming. To begin with the rice which was supposedly Japanese rice tasted more like jasmine rice which threw me off as I really like having good sticky Japanese rice. Then the tuna was very malansa, i couldn't even finish it. I had to order something else in another restaurant to get the taste off. Spoke to the owner and gave my feedback as maybe it was just an isolated case but dont think I will be going back.

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Mikka M.
5.0 Stars

This is large na dinivide lang in two. Mas sulit dahil marami serving ng toppings pero dahil matakaw kami, kinulang kami sa rice :) next time baka pwede magpadagdag ng rice. haha! Nasa 400 tong large :) ingredients tasted fresh and it went well with the sauces.

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Donna K.
5.0 Stars

I’ve been off Looloo for quite some time now – thanks to the wonderful world of Clinical Laboratory Science and the numerous books we have to literally know by the end of the semester. Having a full schedule at school and lots of extra-curricular activities definitely ate most of my time. Plus, I haven’t been out to eat that much coz I’ve been making my own bento meals for school. (I will be sharing more of that once I get a hundred dishes in, wow ambisyosa wala namang oras. Joke.) 128514

Nonetheless, I’m here now (since it’s the holidays) to bring Christmas cheer! Yay! 127877🏼🤶🏻127876

I would like to start my “comeback” with a post of my recent favorite place. DIY Poke. If you are a huge fan of sushi – this is the place for you. So what is DIY Poke? To be completely honest, I haven’t heard of the concept up until one of my schoolmates posted about it on her Instagram account. (Thank you very much Sharalyn!) and the very idea of a deconstructed sushi dish served up in a bowl definitely caught my attention. 10084

Maverick Christopher P and I didn’t waste any time, as soon as I saw the post – we went to the place on the very next day. The place was pretty hip. A bit of clash with the décor since I can’t quite understand where the surfing girl fits in all of this, but to each his own I guess. The place had a modern Japanese twist. So, despite the small floor-area they were able to make space for actual dining. They also serve the bowls in to-go cups that make it easier for left overs. 128582🏽

We had no idea what to expect when we got there. There was an order slip for your DIY Poke and you simply had to tick off the choices based on the size of your bowl. On a side note: they also had pre-made bowls and they are way cheaper than the DIY ones. But we were kind-of adventurous that day, so we decided to make our own bowls 🥗

We chose the small sized bowl, since we wanted different things and sharing would be out of the question. For the small bowl, priced at P295 you get to choose the following:

2 Scoops of Poke
3 Sides
3 Toppings
1 Base

So let’s start with the base. Since I was on a no-rice diet, my base was a bed of lettuce. But I did regret that – I wished I’d chosen the brown rice. (Oh well, next time) 128583🏽‍♀️

For the poke, of course I chose Salmon – a personal fave, then my next scoop was tuna (was too chicken to try anything else). But the unagi’s really good. I would recommend that if you came to try it. 128031128031128031

The next step is the sauce, here is where you have to play your cards right, getting the wrong kind of sauce can totally ruin the entire dish. I decided to stick to the basics – Shoyu and Unagi sauce it is but by the time I got to the counter the crew pressured me into getting a third sauce which I think is an overkill. I ended up adding sesame sauce even if I was on the fence with it. Oh dear regrets indeed. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Their sides consisted of a variety of fruits, veggies and egg. I chose cucumber, carrots and corn. I really wanted avocado but since it wasn’t in season, they didn’t have any in stock. 🥒127805🥕🥑

And finally, toppings - I kept it really basic with the nori and tobiko but they also had ginger and garlic.

MC got fairly the same thing but with wasabi sauce and more spices. (I’m not that good with Japanese spices so I preferred to stay clear from them). MC did enjoy his bowl though, so I guess it was pretty good.

The preparation time of our meals didn’t take that long to think everything was served really fresh. By the time we got our bowls, we were busy taking photos with their really colorful background. Then the crew told us that if we posted photos and tagged them we would get a free kani salad.

Sadly, Globe decided not to cooperate that we ended up skipping out on the freebie. 127759

Now the moment everyone has been waiting for – post-photoshoot dining.

Remember when I said to be careful with the sauces? Well you see, if I had chosen the rice base, I guess the 3 sauces would be fine, however with the salad base, my 3 sauces turned into cold soup. And the sesame overpowered the entire thing. It’s good that they had chopsticks that I could shake off the excess sauce that was on the fish. One thing to do before consuming your Poke bowl (pun intended) is to make sure you mix the entire thing to get all the elements of your dish coated with the rich sauce. If you’re not an expert with chopsticks, fear not coz they do have sporks. Yes, sporks.

The fish was really fresh and definitely not some cheap knock-off passing itself as salmon or tuna sashimi. The corn and cucumber enhanced the flavor and texture of the dish. I definitely appreciated the way that the cucumbers were cut in think almost noodle-like strips. The sauces were the binding element of the dish. Without it everything would’ve been bland and dry. If you’re not a fan of wasabi, shoyu sauce is definitely your safest bet but the unagi sauce is the bomb! I personally think they should reduce the number of sauces offered per bowl and just increase the sides

It took us quite a while to finish our bowls, we were invested in catching up with each other and talking about our day while we were eating that we didn’t even notice the time go by. Signs of a good meal, that’s for sure.

The crew was very nice and accommodating especially to a couple of newbies like us. We’re definitely coming back here for our sushi cravings.

Hello Looloo people! I’ve missed you guys, here’s my first entry for the #UnicornGiveaway

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Chili G.
2.0 Stars

Been meaning to try this place but we always get sidetracked by aburi. So the other night we felt like having something light and we headed straight for this place.
The last time I had legit poke was a few years ago in Hawaii so I kinda had a benchmark on what to expect. Studied the menu and they even had clipboards for you to check off the ingredients that you like. Place was a bit small btw.
Waited for about 5 minutes and our orders were ready. However, they made a mistake with mine 128530 checked off 'salad' instead of 'rice' and lo and behold they put it on top of rice. Was feeling nice and generous that night so I said never mind. Aba, no apology ba naman whatsoever!
Now on to the food, umm.. not as I expected? I ticked off every spicy thing and wala man Lang ka anghang anghang 128529 pretty expensive too for php295 for a small bowl. Could've gotten rolls at aburi instead. Staff was also very lackluster.
I feel that for their location and target market (considering the price of the food too), they should be more alert and customer centered.
Needless to say, that'll be our first and last time there.

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Jinky U.
4.0 Stars

Went back to try the Health Bowl this time and eet iz 128077128076128523128523128523
Health Bowl - brown rice + salmon + tuna + black sesame + wakame seaweed + soy based dressing
I really liked their food, and I plan to go back to try their Korean inspired dish - poke bowl w/ kimchi and served with chips instead of rice .
Go try etttt!!!

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Jom L.
1.0 Stars

I woke up craving for poké bowl just this morning. So we decided to have dinner at DIY Poke. We had 3 bowls, 2 DIY, and 1 Signature Sumo Bowl. This is my second visit here, they got fresh Sashimis, and ingredients, tasty sauces. Everything's going well while we're enjoying our very delicious bowls. But we were sooooo disappointed when my uncle got a piece of curly hair in his bowl. We do not even know where it came from, it was prepared right in front of you, so maybe it's mixed with the ingredients. The management should do something on their sanitation.

My uncle was just really nice to ask the staff to replace his order. My mom and I did not finish ours. Food is really good, but what we experienced was a huge disappointment.

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Jinky U.
4.0 Stars

Finally! Post comp, so pwede na lumafang at mag food trip! 128556

First order of business, try out this new place coz I've been hearing quite a buzz 'bout it.

Ordered the Sumo Bowl , P210 for medium bowl. Guys, ok na ung medium bowl, its filling na. Unless PG levels ka, get the large bowl hehe , P250.

Sumo Bowl : white rice topped with generous amount of salmon sashimi, grilled (?) bbq uni, shredded crabstick, black sesame seeds,chopped onions,corn,sweet mango cubes,with sweet mayo-wasabi sauce.


Excited to come back to try the Health Bowl - its got brown rice and tuna sashimi and the Cherry Blossom Bowl - with spicy tuna and kimchi.

Go try it esp my South peeps! 128077128523128523128523

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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Thanks to DIY Poke opening their doors in Alabang, i got to get my first crack at Poke bowls! I've been seeing my friends abroad post mouthwatering photos of Poke on FB and IG, and had hoped that more accessible Poke stops (the healthy kind haha) would open up here.

I think i found a new addiction. A poke bowl is like an amped up chirashi don bowl. Fresh sashimi grade seafood, seaweed, greens, garnish, and Japanese/Korean inspired sauces on rice. DIY's seafood selection is a bit limited, but you can really taste the freshness and quality used. The serving sizes were good too for the price points offered.

I didnt have the patience to come up with my own DIY bowl so i tried the pre-sets and liked every one of them! The only one that didn't really do it for me was the California bowl, which was touted as a deconstructed california maki. To me it was more like Kani salad over rice, nothing too special. 128517

Oh and btw, Dojo dairy ice cream is available here!!! No need to trek to Little Tokyo haha. The strawberry banana flavor is super good! 128077

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Jermaine M.
5.0 Stars

The fish is fresh, while the serving size is unbelievably generous. 5 stars and will definitely go back!

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