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Most Recent Reviews

Gwen I.
5.0 Stars

*super late review*

Ramen in summer because.. why not? 128514

Me and a friend were craving for ramen one night, so we decided to have it here instead.

We had:
Chashu Ramen (360) - This was my order. I really liked it. 128522 The generous amount of meat was perfect, and the broth was very fulfilling. 128149

Ajitama Ramen (330) - This was my friend's order, and she loved it as well. It's a little salty than mine, but tolerable. The broth was very rich. 128522

I've only been to 2 branches (here & SM North) of Dohtonbori, and both services were exceptional. Everyone's smiling and very accommodating, so that's awesome. 128522

Overall, it was a great visit. 128077

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Pam L.
5.0 Stars

One of my favorite restos in UPTC! I always order the Hiroshima Yaki Okonomiyaki, which is your normal okonomiyaki with yakisoba and scrambled egg. The best of both worlds, TBH!

Service is always consistent at this branch. The servers are friendly and will answer all your questions hehe.

I would go to Dohtonbori more often if I don't end up smelling like ulam afterwards. I make sure to go here whenever I don't have any plans except for going home (to shower). 128514

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Jai S.
5.0 Stars

Finally got to try this place!

We ordered two types of okonomiyaki - four cheese and the one that had squid, octopus and pork I think?

Also had grilled chicken for our protein 128516

Food was amazing! Was not able to take pictures of the cooked food since once it was served we ate it all up.(we were that hungry 128517)

Will definitely go back! 10084

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Star V.
5.0 Stars

Everything we ordered os freshly cooked right infront of us! It's our 4th time in this Resto and never failed to amaze us.. truly our fave Japanese resto @ Uptown center

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Jef B.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Dohtonbori is taking over Asia with over 300 stores in Japan🇯🇵 4 in Bamgkok, 1 in Taipei and now I'm the Philippines!

But first of all let me give you a background of what is Okonomiyaki? From the word itself Okono means what you want?and Yaki means cooking. It' is basically cooking what you want. It has been a popular staple food in Japan.

It opens last November 2015. And glad they have branch in UP Town Center which opened few months aga.

Each table on Dohtonbori stores has griddle that has a built in sensor to maintain the perfect temperature for you to cook your Okonomiyaki. Their other offerings are yakisoba, yakiniku etc .

Went there last April 30 for Saturday lunch. Hubby's advanced Mother's Day treat for me. After few minutes waiting outside finally we got good seats.

Finally tried this #1 best seller Mixed Okonomiyaki for our Saturday lunch. #1 best seller in Dohtonburi with pork,octopus, shrimp and squid plus this four cheese Okonomiyaki is damn so good!

For dessert I had my OkonomiCake Cafe Aulait. You need to cook it also and tasted so good too.

Staffs is the one who cook for us since we don't know how to cook since we're first timers here.

All in all it was a nice Okonomiyaki experience , Japan feels.

Ponpokopon! 127886

Tip: food is heavy and good for sharing

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

Dohtonbori officially opened in UPTown Center just a few days ago, but its already a crowd favourite. We ate here around 4:30lm but there were still a lot of tables occupied.

We ordered only a couple of items from the menu since we knew the okonomiyaki was pretty heavy; we had the sliced grilled beef rice set with it.

The okonomiyaki was fantastic! It was light yet filling, and the ingredients mixed together created a well balanced mix of sweet, salty, and umami flavours. The beef reminded me the most of teriyaki, and was a little too sweet for my taste.

What i also liked was the ambiance. It may seem a little cramped, but the space reminded and made me feel like i was really in japan. Most of their seating areas are tatami mats and good for small groups.

Nice ambiance and good enough food at dohtonbori!


Just a tip tho: when you eat here, make sure its your last stop before going home. you will definitely walk out smelling strongly of food.

Ps: they need to improve ventilation. It gets pretty smokey and the place isnt full yet.
Also, i hope management assigns specific duties for their staff. Service wasnt all that great because the same people needed to do so many things like take orders, serve, cook, and even clean-up. Maybe just maybe they could assign specific roles or at least more people to an area.

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

Dohtonbori has been one of my favorite restaurants since it opened in the Philippines. Without looking at past reviews, I'm pretty sure I've given it a 5-star review at least once. So when I got a #looloorendezvoos invite, of course I said yes.

I've seen photos of this branch in cyberspace so I already knew it was their prettiest branch. And when I got there, I was just in awe. The layout and design was really like a little Japanese community.

We were served the following and my favorites are marked with |:

|🔹Butatama Okonomiyaki.
|🔹Hamburg Cheese Steak
|🔹Yakiniku Set
🔹Salmon Fried Rice with Lettuce
🔹Ajitama Ramen and Chashu Ramen

Food was great as expected, as well as the service.

As always, thank you looloo! And thank you, Kim and Dohtonbori!128153128149

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Good thing |ooloo reminds me when I've been under a rock and haven't written anything in a while. I have so mucn to write about but haven't had the time to do so because of work. But I will definitely try my best to catch up during this Holy Week break, especially that most of my reviews were from Christmas offers of 2016. Hahahaha 128569

For this set of reviews though, I'm writing my most recent foodie experience with J as we celebrated our 2nd year anniversary. We went for a Japanese food crawl in UP Town Center since both of us are Japanese fanatics, and food was definitely the best way to celebrate our new milestone in the relationship. 128571

So off we went and had lunch in Dohtonbori, UPTC. I saw Peanut D's IG stories during their rendezvoos and I couldn't stop thinking about it anymore. Indeed, this branch is one of the prettiest branches of the well-loved Okonomiyaki joint. 128568

For this visit, I let the BF choose for the two of us. I didn't really want to think or plan a lot, especially as that's all I do in my job, so I asked him to decide for both of us. I trust his judgement, and his choices were definitely the best! 128573

To be honest, I didn't quite catch the two items we had, but I can guarantee both of them were absolutely delicious! Apparently, they were both new so he went for them. The first one we had had all the works of an Okonomiyaki, a layer of pork loin and fried egg on the other side. It tasted awesome, and the textures were spot on! We let the waiter cook the whole thing for us because I really didn't want to mess up the savory pancake. The second one was again an Okonomiyaki that had pieces of pork bacon, a burger patty and cheese sauce all over. Again, it was amazing! It was the cheese sauce that brought the whole dish together and was excellent!

Overall, food and service is top-notch and is surely a force to be reckoned with. I will be glad to come back hungry for more. 128571

  • No. of Comments: 5
Eboy F.
5.0 Stars

Pon Poko Pon! My first-ever #looloorendezvoos review!

Let me start by saying that I’ve never been to Japan (sad), but experiencing Dohtonbori made me feel like I was transported to a town there that smells like heaven. I’ve never been to heaven either but my version of heaven smells like great food okay, lol.

To be honest, I find it lacking to just say I was “eating at Dohtonbori.” The place itself is more than just a restaurant or a dining space for people — it’s an overall experience. Upon entering their newest branch in Katipunan, you’ll surely realize that you’re entering a new world. You are now in a town in Japan that is also a huge food park for all okonomiyaki lovers in the world. You’ll be greeted by this tall cherry blossom tree and genuinely smiling people that quickly sets the mood of your stay there.

I’m a fan of places that give attention to details so I really love that the place looked like an actual town. There were authentic Japanese posters, detailed building facades, and even sleeping cats (wink wink) inside! It felt like I was entering a Japanese set in Universal Studios than entering a restaurant in a mall. It’s amazing!

I was also impressed with their staff. They are all nice, warm, and very knowledgeable about what they are doing. They’re not just serving us food there… they were delivering us the Dohtonbori signature okonamiyaki experience. I remember telling Kim Cruz (owner of the Dohtonbori chain here in the Philippines) that it’s nice that their staff is well taken care of because it seriously radiates through their service. They’re happy and that makes us customers happy too!

Now, about the food.

127884 BUTATAMA (P199) — The classic pork okonomiyaki. I really love that it’s tasty and there's a lot of sauce stuff going on in it. Despite being the simplest one among the okonomiyakis they serve, this one is still packed with flavor and awesomeness. It's rich but not overwhelming. It’s delicious!

127884 HAMBURG CHEESE STEAK (P360) — A new addition to their menu. This one is insane. It’s a Hamburg steak okonomiyaki with sizzling cheese on top. It’s like every meat and cheese lovers’ dream come true! Try this new okonomiyaki and you’ll never regret it.

127884 YAKINIKU SET — My favorite. It’s a huge platter of Chicken Shio, Garlic Angus Striploin Steak, Tonteki, Kalbi (beef) Yakiniku and Pork Yakiniku. I’m actually not sure about what I just typed but basta there’s chicken, pork, beef, and steak there, lol. If you’re not into the whole okonomiyaki craze and you want to leave Dohtonbori super satisfied, get this with the Salmon Fried Rice.

Try this with Japanese Mayo which, by the way, is glorious.

127884 SALMON FRIED RICE WITH LETTUCE (P360) — It’s just mind-blowing how they can also make fried rice taste 100x better.

127884 CHASHU RAMEN (P360) and AJITAMA RAMEN (P330) — Yes, Dohtonbori serves Ramen! And they serve pretty good ramen too. I guess all of us at the rendezvoos agree that their ramen is not only “decent ramen”, it’s actually really really good ramen. Their ramens are game-changers, guys. Give them a try!

Final thoughts.

It’s so easy to give 1108811088110881108811088️ to Dohtonbori. Not because I was invited to this sponsored rendezvoos, but because this place actually deserves it. I love that Dohtonbori UP Town Center is doing everything right (ambiance, overall service, food) and they're being exceptionally great at it.

Thank you Looloo, Peanut D (super love our chika), and Dohtonbori Philippines for this incredible okonomiyaki experience. I’m definitely going back to try more okonomiyakis and Yakiniku sets!

All photos were taken using iPhone 7 Plus

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Ann Margaret L.
5.0 Stars

I am so glad that I was invited to be a part of this looloo event. So much for my firsts! My first sponsored looloo rendezvoos, my first time to try Japanese dishes like Okonomiyaki and Ramen (yes, first time. Don’t judge me hahaha!), and my first time to join an event like this and meet my fellow looloo reviewers!

There’s a lot that I learned about this place as our host and also the owner, Ms. Kim Cruz, shared with us some information about Dohtonbori. There’s a lot on my mind that I want to say about my experience, so I’ll just put it this way:

127884 THE LOOK and AURA 127884
The place is very Japanese! It resembles things that you see on a Japanese town. According to our host and also the owner, Ms. Kim Cruz, this branch is the largest in Manila. If I heard it right, this has 29 tables. There’s a tatami area which gives the customers a more Japanese feel while eating. There are also seating areas which are like fish, vegetable and meat shops. We were seated inside the meat shop area and you have to remove your footwear before entering. The seats are comfortable to sit on, the tables are clean and all the condiments and chopsticks are already there so you don’t have to ask for it anymore. Except if you want to use spoon and fork, you can just ask them for it. Surprisingly, the place is not that hot. Well, except for the griddles that produce hot temperature, of course. But overall, the temperature was just okay. Not too hot. For the overall look, it was great! The concept and the choice of colors really provides a Japanese vibe.

127884 THE SERVICE 127884
I have no words for the service. Ms. Kim told us that their employees undergo 3 months of training, so no doubt that all of them are very knowledgeable of what they’re doing and serving. Before entering, they always greet in Japanese, before cooking they will first tell us what the name of the dish is, what are the ingredients, and how to cook it. They are patient with us because we keep on asking them to wait for a while so we can take good photos of all the food hehehe. They are very polite, friendly and approachable. 5/5 for the service!

127884 THE FOOD 127884
127860Butatama Okinomiyaki – simple yet surprisingly good. I can’t exactly explain how the flavors blend well that as a whole, the taste is just simply fantastic. It’s drizzled with mayo and topped with bonito and nori flakes. Best to eat this while it’s still warm. Yum!

127860Hamburg Cheese Steak – this is new on their menu. The ingredients here are almost the same with the pork okonomiyaki, but the difference is it has a patty instead of pork strips. Super cheesy and really yummy!

127860Salmon Fried Rice with Lettuce – fried rice with salmon topped with lettuces, say whaaaat?! So much love for this! Undeniably delicious!

127860Striploin Yakiniku Set – this is my most favorite of all. It consists of chicken, pork and beef (I don’t know the exact names). All these mouthwatering meat really got me. I can’t help myself but to add more on my plate even though I started feeling full already. Everyone agreed that it really is flavorsome. I will surely order this when I come back here (and yes, I will definitely come back!).

127860Ramen – they served us two different ramen dishes namely the Ajitama Ramen and Chashu Ramen. I have been longing to try ramen, but for some reason I was not able to try one so this was my first ramen ever. The noodles are perfectly cooked, in my opinion. Their ramens’ really good! I loved it.

🍾Yuzu Chuhai - I asked for this one because I don't know anything about Japanese drinks and the server told me that it was one of their bestselling Chuhai. I don't know what's in it either basta masarap and refreshing yun na yon 128514

It was a great experience overall. I went home with my heart and stomach so full! It was really nice to finally meet some of my fellow reviewers. Thank you so much Peanut D for the invite, and thank you Dohtonbori for an awesome dining experience! 128153128153128153

  • No. of Comments: 7
Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

Because of the recent looloo rendezvoos I attended, I am becoming more and more insightful of Japanese cuisine. Before it was just Ramen, Pork Tonkatsu and Maki. Now, I can include Kushikatsu and Okonomiyaki in my resume.

Okonomiyaki is one of Japan's famous eats and is like a pancake made up of a variety of ingredients like fish, pork and vegetables mixed with flour paste then grilled. The way it's cooked is very similar too the famous Takoyaki we all know here in the Philippines.

I was very happy to be part of another looloo rendezvoos at Dohtonbori, a big food chain in Japan with about 300 stores worldwide. It wasn't just my first time at Dohtonbori but it was also my first time to try Okonomiyaki.

Dohtonbori, UP Town Center is one of the most beautiful restaurants I've seen here and outside the country. The brand built a mini Japanese town. The place was well thought of and was set up beautifully.

NOTE: If you have plans to visit soon, get your phones fully charged or bring with you a power bank because the ambiance may get your phones drained.

Simple is always the best and I agree 100%. It's nice to really get to savor familiar flavors and just appreciate the food in its most authentic form. Mhariz, our server, made it look easy cooking it so it's nice that they have staffs always ready to help people like me (umabot ng 26 hindi man lang natuto mgluto). The okonomiyaki itself was delicious and adding nori powder, bonito flakes, japanese mayo and okonomiyaki sauce turned this simple dish addicting.

Highly mentioned by my fellow reviewers as one of their top picks. If you like sulit food, this is perfect for you. It's a combination of different kinds of Yakiniku they offer. On a plate is a Striploin Steak, Chicken Shio and Pork and a few more that I cannot identify (128514). It's more than just sulit because it's delicious and filling, good for 2-3 persons. My favorite on this plate was the Chicken Shio.

Everytime I attend events at a Japanese restaurant, I always expect that fish will be served. They got us this salmon dish that Mhariz mixed with rice and lettuce on the griddle. Parang RICE IN A BOX lang. Now I'm trying to be objective because I don't eat fish much. Haha! I think it was pretty good - I like sinangag 128517

My favorite. This is an okonomiyaki burger. You have a thick, juicy Hamburg Steak and instead of buns, they used vegetables as an alternative. The mixture of steak and veggies is finished with sizzling cheese sauce on top and I was drooling while Mhariz was grilling it. It's literally heaven in every bite.

Dohtonbori joined the ramen craze and has 4 ramen dishes to offer. We tried their Ajitama Ramen and Chashu Ramen. Their ramen dishes IMO can compete with today's ramen joints. The ingredients they use for the broth are similar to the ones they use in Japan. Love the milky texture and the noodles were cooked perfectly and not to forget, the uber tasty soft boiled egg on top. Only comment for the Chashu Ramen is that the chashu was too thin.

Kim was very generous to give us Sake to pair with our food. I must say its a delicious and light way to flush the bold Japanese flavors but I think the best pair would still be a bottle of Asahi 128517 which I had before we started eating. Haha 9996🏽

I really enjoyed my dining experience at Dohtonbori not only because the food was amazing and that the ambiance transported us to Japan. It's the experience to gather around a table cooking and eating the food together.

Thank you again looloo dahil hindi kayo nagsasawa sa mukha ko haha! And to Kim for having us and preparing a delicious dinner for all of us!

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Jackie M.
5.0 Stars

Yey127881 to my first |oo|oo rendezvoos: an unexpectedly amazing experience.128079 Awkward silence turned into laughters and craziness at the end. Thank you Peanut and the |oo|oo crew for the invite!
Another Yey127881 coz it was also my first time in UP Town Center, 'twas nice like a park than a mall and it was a whopping sized mall for that. Mej kaligaw lang when I was findiing where Dohtonbori was.
And more Yey127881 for having to dine in Dohtonbori for the first time in a long time that I was really yearning to try. I really really love okonomiyaki that I even made some myself at home when I crave for it (recipe on my blog: if you also wanna try it yourself) that is why I'm uber excited to try Dohtonbori. And they had this all new branch with superb and very inviting interiors!

So let's get digging on what we consumed..

BUTATAMA OKONOMIYAKI (Pork) was the simplest version of all the okonoyaki choices. And it is where you taste the okonomiyaki-ness of the okonomiyaki #redundaancyalert it has the jap mayo bonito powder and ao nori seaweed and of course the okonomiyaki sauce which made all the flavors balanced flavorful. Super love128076

Another okonomiyaki dish was HAMBURG CHEESE STEAK, included in their new menu. It is the same okonomiyaki base but instead of the pork tthey replace it with a burger pattie inside and then literally saw sizzling CHEESE poured on it. The aroma of the cheese that sizzles turned everbody more than hungry to devour it. Grabe ang bango talaga mga besh!

Another dish that came in was the SALMON FRIED RICE LETTUCE. After all those fatty goodness was something light and healthy and definitely doesn't disappoint. I love how it turned out to have just the right balance not too flavorful but not bland either. I love to recommend this to those whoe love salmon and healthy lifestyle at the same time128521

So the STRIPLOIN YAKINIKU SET has came and caught my attention even before I tasted it. Angus striploin steak made me full on super impressed I'm so inlove with the fatty tendons and meat of it (kinda drooling right now remembering the taste of it). There's also the chicken that was so tender, super flavorful. Along with the pork and kalbi yaliniku that made this set a heaven on earth goodness!128525

To complete this wonderful dinner was the CHASHU RAMEN and AJITAMA RAMEN. Both has milky broth and noodles was perfectky cooked eventhough dami naming photoshoot and daldal time before eating it, it didn't become soggy. The tamago was aslo yum.

Capping off the night with some sake, kampai-ing our way while making more chika with Peanut D, Shayne B , Kiko G, Norman Lester T, Judie Ann Princess M, Ruth D, Gwen I, Ann Margaret L, Eboy F our artista of the night and our very own geisha Brie K 128516. Big thanks to Kim for hosting the rendezvoos, all the good food and your friendly and very efficient staff. 128079128079128079
It was nice meeting everyone! Hopefully ill see you again128513

  • No. of Comments: 6
Shayne B.
4.0 Stars

Yay |oo|oo rendezvooz! 128069

The last time I joined was last quarter of 2015 pa. Hahaha 128514 Super tagal na.

Anyway, we had it at Dohtonbori - UP Town Center! It's the newest branch and prettiest branch I guess! Feels like I'm in Japan when I entered. I love the "breathing cats" around as their decors. 128514 I wonder where can I get those? 128584

We were reserved at the "meat shop" area. Peanut D was the only familiar face when I arrived-- everyone is a new person to me. 128540 Kim, the owner, is very nice and accommodating. 9786️ I loved the part where she shared to us her experiences "few pounds ago" (according to her lol)-- the humble beginnings, her life in Japan when she was there, and when she worked in a Japanese clothing line first. Parang meant to be nga-- puro Japan eh. 128522128513

For the food, we had the following:
YAKINIKU SET - MY MOST FAVORITE. This is why I can't be a vegetarian. Meat is life to me!!! 128525 On Norman, Kiko, Jackie, and I's table, the Yakiniku set wasn't cooked in front of us but it's fine. 128522 It has chicken, pork, and beef. The set has some vegetables too but I didn't bother.
HARMBURG CHEESE STEAK - THIS IS MY SECOND FAVORITE!!! 127828🧀🇯🇵 It's a steak okonomiyaki with sizzling cheese! 128523 (By the way okonomiyaki is savory "pancake" in Japan) While it was being cooked in front of us, its smell lowers down my patience. Lol nagugutom na ko lalo. 1285171285149996🏼️
SALMON FRIED RICE WITH LETTUCE - I believe this is the first time that I tried a fried rice with fish in it. I'm so used to having pork, beef, hotdogs, eggs on fried rice. But hey, salmon did not disappoint! 9786️. 128513127834128031
AJITAMA RAMEN - The only ramen that I've tried on the rendezvooz, because I'm not a ramen person to be honest. 128513 But I liked it! The broth is creamy, and I like the soft-boiled tasty egg!
BUTATAMA OKONOMIYAKI - This one is pork by the way. 9786️ It slightly reminds me of takoyaki. Anyway, for the taste, it's like the plain (by plain, I mean cheese-less) version of the Hamburg Cheese Steak Okonomiyaki)
CHASHU RAMEN - I haven't tried this one. 128584
SAKE - I love sake but what I love more about it that night, is that sake in Dohtonbori is cheaper than those being sold in Little Tokyo Makati, I think. 128540

Kim is such a great host and very generous! 9786️ Her staff are happy people and very welcoming-- just like her. 10084

Thanks again for inviting, Pea! And nice to meet you Jackie M Kiko G Eboy F Norman Lester T Judie Ann Princess M Ann Margaret L Brie K Ruth D Gwen I 128522

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

Going out, meeting new people, exploring places and dinning into different restaurants are my agenda last night. It is because, its my first time to take part and join a looloo rendezvoos event. And to my luck, it has been held on one of the restaurants that I'd been eyeing for. 128516128521

So I was saying, it is at the newest branch of Dohtonburi in UP Town Center 128556 (thank you ms Peanut D for the invite128537) dahil sa invite nyo, i got to experience different kinds of their dishes. And oh! It was my first time to try Ramen as well 1285169996

Now. Enough of that, hehe! Let's go to what we had about last night. This is in no particular order.

127859Butatama (Pork) Okonomiyaki 11088110881108811088
✔this one is a classic. It is like a Takoyaki, a big version of it tho. But with Pork strips. I like the taste of the Okonomiyaki sauce it's sooooooo tasty and it gives the salty flavor of the dish. Then, drizzled with Japanese Mayo (which I want to take home.1285409996) and topped with Bonito Powder and Ao Nori. Yummmers!!!!

127859Hamburg Cheese Steak 1108811088110881108811088
This one is a new and I must say, a MUST try in their menu. Oh you should! It's one of my top picks! *wink* so it has similar ingredients with the pork Okonomiyaki, the highlight of this one is the burger pattie, and the sizzling cheese. Oooooh, talk about sizzling cheese? A cheese lover guilty here! 128587128516🧀

127859Striploin Yakiniku Set 1108811088110881108811088
Rated 5 11088s again because you know what that was meant for. Hehe yeah it is one of my top picks also. Because hello? Who wouldn't love angus? Right? It has Angus beef, pork, and chicken too! 128055128004128020 in one plate. Wow! Oh little did I forgot it also comes with veggies and Brie K asks for another piece of Shitake mushroom! Hehe 128514

127834Salmon Fried Rice Lettuce 11088110881108811088
When one of the crew served the plate for this dish, I was so amazed by the color of the salmon. May eyes goes like this 128525 real quick! And it is my first time to try that a fried rice has a mixture of spring onions, green bell pepper, salmon and lettuce! It is so yummy! 128523 a new dish to try out for foodies out there 128516

127836 Chashu Ramen 11088110881108811088
Ok so I am a first timer of Ramen here 128584 and I can say that the reason why, is I am not a big fan of it. So thanks to this looloo rendezvoos I got the chance to try it! I like the noodles and the broth. And ohhhh the pork it was so tenderly smooth. Ok OA here but i did liked it! 128077128077

127836Ajitama Ramen 110881108811088
It has the same broth with the latter but what I noticed is that it is a little bit more salty and creamy. I love the way how the egg was boiled. Perf! 128521

🍾 Karatanba & Ozeki Nama Sake 11088110881108811088
When you say Japanese, Sake won't be out. It is always a talk about to nowadays. I am not really into alcohol but I got the guts to take a sip! Hehe The gray one has a strong taste while the one with the clear bottle has a lighter taste. But I think I couldn't empty a bottle. Hahahaha!

The ambiance of the place was so good. It has a very japanese tho I never went to Japan, feels like I've been transported there 128556 and the staffs are always wearing a big happy smile and you won't be intimidated when you approach them! 128521

A never ending thanks to this looloo rendezvoos!

Nice meeting you Peanut D , Gwen I , Ruth D ,Brie K , Kiko G , Eboy F , Ann Margaret L , Shayne B , Jackie M , Norman Lester T !!!! So much fun with you. Until next time! 128516

PS: find for the cutie Japanese Cat inside Dohtonburi. It is amazing!128521

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Dohtonbori is not new to me as I've tried their specialties already at their SM North branch. I remember I enjoyed my experience there as their servers were so friendly and helpful in cooking our okonomiyakis. The place has a nice Japanese vibe. I wanted to take a lot of pictures back then but the restaurant was so packed. Next time, I told myself.

Then fast forward to last week, Peanut D messaged me if I'm available for another |ooloo rendezvoos. Aaaaand it's in the newest branch of Dohtonbori at UP Town Center! Oh yeah. I said yes immediately then filed a VL at work - yes, coz I take rendezvoos seriously. *wink*

I was one of the early birds as I arrived at the venue before anyone except for Kiko G. Dohtonbori's UP Town Center is the biggest among its branches in MNL. Kim, the owner and host, told us that this is their most expensive branch when it comes to construction and it actually took so long to complete its interiors. When she said this, it made me realize why the place is so beautiful. It's legit. The structure is very Japanese. It has a replica of Japanese Town area, a Vegetable Market, Fish Market, a typical Japanese home, a car repair shop, real estate office, a Japanese canteen, and a Meat Market where we stayed. It really kind of transported us to a city in Japan!

I can continue this review by telling more about the place and ambiance but let's go to the food, shall we?

** Pork Okonomiyaki
This is a classic. It actually tastes like takoyaki, but there's so much more. Presentation-wise, it's very beautiful. I loved that the Japanese mayo is unlimited, and the toppings, especially the nori, were generous.

** Hamburg Cheese Steak Okonomiyaki
One of the newest items in the menu, this is their version of okonomiyaki with hamburg steak in the center of their egg-vegetable-meat mixture. After ensuring that everything is already cooked, cheese sauce is poured all over the okonomiyaki. Talk about sizzling cheese. Yes?
No doubt that this became the crowd's favorite last night.

** Salmon Fried Rice
The fact that this has salmon, I'm already solved. Haha kidding. But yeah, the salmon is cooked in front of us which I think was nice. This also has lettuce and garlic. Seems easy to replicate at home, but man, this was delicious. Compared to the other dishes, this was the lightest in terms of taste. It served as a good balance of everything. Definitely a must-try too.

** Striploin Yakiniku Set
Okay let me just say that everyone in the group last night agreed that this set was delicious. I particularly liked the chicken one as it's so tender and flavorful. The beef was cooked right for me, but I heard Ruth mentioned that theirs were a bit chewy. One set is actually good for 4 people. I think it can be even shared by 5 or 6 people provided they will have other orders. Such a steal for 999php.

** Ajitama Tonkotsu Ramen
** Chashu Tonkotsu Ramen

DELICIOUS AND SUPER FLAVORFUL for a restaurant that's not specializing in ramen. I liked the Ajitama Ramen better because of the egg. The Chashu Ramen was also good as it's packed with generous pork. Both ramen have the same broth, which is tonkotsu. It was creamy and rich in texture probably because of several hours of boiling pork bones. I think each costs around 330-350php which for me is very sulit based on its taste.

** Strawberry Chuhai
** Yazu Chuhai
** Sake Karatanba
** Sake Ozeki Nama

I ordered the Strawberry Chuhai and it was refreshing. It's not too sweet nor too sour. However the alcohol was so mild that it made me feel like I'm just drinking soda. We also ordered bottles of sake. And man, best decision ever. The gray/black bottled one was more delicious and has more alcohol content. The white one, on the other hand, was like a lighter version. I prefer the former though.

I seriously think that Dohtonbori has one of the nicest and warmest services out there. Their employees are kind and so helpful. One of the girl servers even remembered me. And I actually remembered her too! Nope, not sparks guys. 128069 So she was our server when my friends and I recently dined at their SM North branch. The fact that she still recognized me despite serving hundreds or thousands of people after means she values customers so well. Thanks Janine!

Kim was a very generous host. I actually admire how she managed to do what she's doing now. She was so game answering all our questions and even gave a trivia on why she thinks that Dohtonbori is destined to be part of her life.

P.S. Dinner with |ooloo people will always be great. Thank you so much Peanut D for the invite and to |ooloo and Gwen I! You guys are the best! Good to see you again Ruth D and Kiko G! More travel stories and tips next time.

Finally, nice to meet you Ann Margaret L Brie K Judie Ann Princess M Eboy F Shayne B and Jackie M! See you again soon! 128513

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Brie K.
4.0 Stars

Tempura, sushi and ramen would always be on top of your list if you think about Japanese food. But let me introduce you to another delish option, okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is a flavorful pancake made of flour, eggs, cabbage, and meat then cooked grilled as you like. And for this Looloo rendezvoos, let's have an okonomiyaki experience with Dohtonbori.

The place is really nice and gives you a feel of street in Japan. It is very Instagrammable and it was really huge! There's a big tatami room and some special area if you are dining in a group. Kudos to the sakura tree in front which gives you the feel that it is Hanami season. And, look for the cats! 128570

For this rendezvoos we ordered the following:

128205Butatama (Pork) P 199
128205Pepper Hamburg Cheese Steak
(Stamina Sauce) P 380
128205Striploin Yakiniku Set P 999
128205Salmon Fried Rice with Lettuce P 360
128205Ajitama Ramen P 330
128205Chashu Ramen P 360

The best dish for me would be the Butatama, it was simple yet flavorful. It has tenkasu (tempura bits), shoga (pickled ginger), spring onions, cabbage and egg. You need to mix it well before putting it in the pan. I forgot the exact minutes before turning it, just ask the servers. Then once done, brush some okonomiyaki sauce, put bonito powder (dried bonito fish), aonori (seaweed) and Japanese mayo.

The second one I enjoyed was the striploin yakiniku set. It has a huge striploin steak, chicken, kalbi yakiniku and pork yakiniku. You need to cook it using the butter and a butter mixture (fried garlic, butter and a sauce (kochou?)).

The last one is of course their newest offer, the pepper hamburg cheese steak. Well you need to prepare it just like the normal okonomiyaki, and finish it with a serving of cheese on top! I love the taste and texture of the patty. It was not the usual oily burger, but the flavors are really there.

And of course, the options. The salmon fried rice with lettuce is just a good option. I see nothing magical with the preparation and even the taste. Probably am just excited to eat okonomiyaki. It tasted a bit bland for me. Probably I can use other condiments for taste. The kalbi is not as good as expected, a bit chewy for me. (Di ko ma-describe ng English, basta medyo nanlalaban siya! Siguro kung medyo malambot pa siya, may standing ovation talaga.) The two ramen would probably a great addition to the menu, but would definitely be my last option. The stock is a bit salty for me, yes for me lang! But the noodles are perfect. And the chashu is also love! Ang lambot lambot niya! 9996🏻
This restaurant has clearly set the A-game for an okonomiyaki experience. The service is perfect and they really know what they are serving. I do really love this sponsored rendezvoos. It was really fun!

キムさんとレイさんは 本当ありがとうございました。お好み焼きは とても美味しかった。またね。128583🏼128583🏼128583🏼

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Bella J.
5.0 Stars


Had lunch here today with my cousin and since I'm eating heavy dinner later, I decided to skip out on the okonomiyaki. We went for the lunch sets instead and chose the Pork Yakiniku (Php 230). It's served with rice and miso soup and you can add a bottomless drink for Php50.

You get to cook this on your own so if you don't mind cooking before eating, it's a very sulit lunch set!

We also had the Quattro Formaggi pizza (Php240). It's my favorite Dohtonbori dish and I always, always order it. Eat it while it's hot! It's just sooooooo good especially when the cheese blends with the caramel sauce!

This particular branch is really, really spacious, with ample seating. You prefer a bit more privacy, they have smaller rooms that fit 1-3 tables! The decor gives it an authentic Japanese feel. We were seated in the tatami room so we had to remove our shoes. But since I wanted to roam around and take photos (hehe), they were kind enough to provide me with bedroom slippers!

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