Dojo Japanese Ice Cream

2277 Chino Roces Ave., Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Dojo Japanese Ice Cream
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Unisse C.
3.0 Stars

On the photo: (L-R) seaweed, black sesame, miso sake

Have you ever tried salty ice cream? 128514 That's what the seaweed and miso sake taste like. They're both quite salty and creamy. The actual flavors of seaweed and miso are there but it was a bit too salty for my liking.

The black sesame is quite different from other sesame flavored ice cream I've tried. This one had more texture to it. But I'm not a huge fan of black sesame so I didn't like it that much.

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

The quality of this ice cream is superb. My friends and I ordered green tea and buttermilk which is their best seller. The smallest size is priced around P150. It's too pricy for a 4 oz. ice cream but it's so freakin gooood. Sobrang pure and tasty. Malalaman mong hnd lang puro gatas at ice. So flavourful! Will definitely try another flavor if I'll have a chance.
This is just inside Little Tokyo. Booth lang sila. Don't expect a big signage mahihirapan ka lalong hanapin :)

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

This is sooo good! A fine cup of artisan ice cream in the middle of Little Tokyo. The flavors are quite creative and very Japanese inspired... seaweed, wasabi, miso, red bean, green tea... all so creamy and flavorful.

It's really hard to single out a favorite, but i would suggest green tea and buttercream if you want to play it safe. For the more adventurous, go for the Japanese flavors. You wouldn't regret it. Not. One. Bit. 1280779757128077

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Tina B.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

They say love is lovelier the second time around. Well, it is. Dojo Dairy has enthralled my senses from the first day i tasted Buttercream.

I am having an illicit affair with Hokkaido Milk. It is sensual and carnal. Every bite keeps you at the edge...not the seat...but the friggin cliff. This is milk flavoured ice cream. Subtle, creamy and the flavor lingers in your mouth. I am still having fantasies about it up to this day. Hell, i think, i can still taste it.

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

Reich T recommended me to try their buttercream.

Almost 150 pesos for a cup and I find it a tad expensive. More almonds could have elevated my experience. The trouble lies in the flavor too. I long for the strong and deep flavor of salted caramel from Merry Moo.

I will not deny the creaminess and how it effortlessy melt in one's mouth. I'd say this is a case of a personal preference. I'm still rating four stars since I find this better than the Ben and Jerry ice cream I tried at the airport.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

All Hail For Dojo Dairy!

Every stroke of the hand is precise,  every combination is refined,  every element is authentic.  It is the tradition of discipline that inspires us to bring outokojou ice cream,  the best of its kind.

~Ripped from the Dojo Dairy label. 

I am an ice cream aficionado.  Ice cream is my guilty pleasure.  Whenever i feel homicidal,  ice cream calms me down, Lithium,  Reich style. 

I fell without love with artisan ice cream when I tried Fog City Creamery's Salted Caramel.  Whoever came up with the idea of mixing sea salt and caramel deserves the Pulitzer. 

I've been hearing great stuff about this quaint Japanese Ice Cream stall at Little Tokyo.  I dont have doubts about the goodness of the ice cream,  it is from Japan.  Everything they touch is art.  They do stuff meticulously and the result is perfection to the purest sense of the word.

Dojo Dairy.  Buttercream flavor.  It is like liquid velvet,  glides like a dream,  tastes like paradise.  This is not an exaggeration,  I am running out of adjectives and methapors to describe how good this ice cream is.  Creamy,  not too sweet,  subtle and it hits you in the right places. 

You gotta hand it to the Japanese,  they make ice cream dreamy and magical.

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Jennifer N.
4.0 Stars

After dinner at Kikufuji, we wanted to eat something sweet and saw this Dojo ice cream stall in the open square in the middle of Little Tokyo. We decided on 3 flavours to share: buttercream, miso sake, and blue cheese.

Overall, Dojo's ice cream is pretty good: the texture is pretty smooth and creamy. You know it's not like cheap local ice cream where it's all air. They offer a decent variety of flavours ranging from the traditional stuff like buttercream to more unique (and Japanese-y) flavours like miso sake, so there's something for everyone regardless of how adventurous they are about flavours.

In terms of the flavours we tried, I'd say they were all pretty good but buttercream would have to be my favourite. It was rich and sinful, but not cloyingly sweet that you'd get sick of it before finishing the cup. The miso sake was an interesting flavour which I think would appeal to most people as the flavours are subtle. The blue cheese flavour was a bit strong, so I'd say not everyone would be a fan. I love blue cheese though. :)

Overall, this is a great ice cream alternative to our usual other gourmet labels like Merry Moo, Carmen's Best, or Adam's Seriously Good Ice Cream.

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