Dolcelatte Croughnut Pop Up

LG/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

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Dolcelatte Croughnut Pop Up
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Most Recent Reviews

Baby B.
5.0 Stars

The yummiest doughnut for me128523 the dough is crispy! and the filings is delicious. There are many flavors to choose128523.

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Lesley Ardelle V.
5.0 Stars

I've been wanting to try Bronuts and Dolcelatte croughnuts for a long time now, but I haven't had the time to pass by Rockwell. HOLIDAY TRAFFIC, hello! 128545 So it was very fortunate that one of my friends brought a box of the Dolcelatte croughnuts to our Christmas party potluck last night (the 3rd dessert box of the night! Haha!).

I was able to try the crunchy chocolate one, the hazelnut with peanuts, and the dulce de leche (?) one. I liked the crunchy one the best, and the dulce de leche second best. 128525

The toppings were generous, they didn't scrimp on the filling, and best of all, the bread itself was so soft!!!! It wasn't rough on gums like the one from Wildflour. I was able to easily bite and chew into these croughnuts, and this allowed for a better eating experience. 128522

It passed the stale test too, as I had left over croughnuts for brunch this morning. Hehe. In hindsight, maybe I shouldn't have eaten the whole thing by myself. 1285639996️Oops.

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Cristina C.
4.0 Stars

Lots of variety and the taste of the dessert (I got the Nutty Nutella) isn't that bad for the price (P120)

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Gen M.
5.0 Stars

My first cronut evah!! And it was a good first!128525. I asked what's the best seller and the staff mentioned valrhona crunch -since I love chocolate flavored stuff- It definitely catches my attention- it is full of flavor , crunchy and addicting!!! Waah128582128582128582128582

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Dianne C.
4.0 Stars

My boyfriend and I went to rockwell to do some shopping and since I wanted to buy something to bring home, we looked around and saw this baker's fair. I honestly didn't expect that both bronuts and dolcelatte would still be available since it's around 7pm already. I bought cronuts from bronuts and dolcelatte 128513 haha.

Verdict: It was okay, it was yummy BUT 130/pc is quite expensive. Box of 6 Php.780 compared to bronuts' 600/box of 6.

But my family enjoyed it so I guess it's worth it 128522

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Joizy M.
5.0 Stars

I am in love with this Croughnut! I think it's way better in flavor and bread quality :) Can't wait to taste all flavors, in small portions probably. I might end up doubling my weight if I am not careful. This is pure joy!

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Jamie G.
4.0 Stars

So I was on my way to Bronuts... YES! BRONUTS!! And I was stopped by a standing tarp with a buttload of cronut (ok, croughnut) flavors!!! So I went and bought Apple Cinnamon and Choco Caramel (or caramel chocolate??) for myself and Karenina L respectively.

It was easy to slice, to bite (compared to Wildflour, Yamato and Bronuts) so I liked it (and not saying I like it BETTER, just that I like it.) But the flavor i got (Apple Cinnamon) was not my typical order. I didn't know what masamang espiritu got into me and made me order APPLE instead of CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!! Eh well, I cant say it was bad because I enjoyed the first few bites. I just couldnt finish it in one sitting. :( Loved Nini's order though. Ok, ok, I admit na! WE SWITCHED! ;))))))

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Anoel U.
5.0 Stars

I never got the cronut craze. I thought that the fried croissants were oily, that the icings were too sweet and the custards generally bleh.

That was, until today.

I don't even have a picture to offer because one bite into this crispy thing and I was in a shock that I did not come out of until it was all gone.

I had the hazelnut chocolate one.

It was light. Crisp and airy. Perfect icing to filling to pastry ratio. The filling was delicious. The icing was delicious. The nuts on top were toasted and perfect. I don't even like nuts.

This cronut has renewed my faith in pastry crazes. All is not lost, except for wanting more.

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Precious Jewel G.
5.0 Stars

Waaay better than bronuts, lots of choices too.Plus no long line.128514 I had the mango yoghurt and their version of dark chocolate (sorry i forgot the name) Ohhh myy, walang umay, I ended up na dinidilaan un fork ko. Anyway you should try it guys kasi you just have to take a photo of their booth, post it on your ig hashtag #dolcelatteph and you'll have free croughnut of your choice!128077

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Davin C.
4.0 Stars

Way waaaay better than bronuts! Better flavor, better pastry, and loads more flavors to choose from!

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Raiza L.
5.0 Stars

I'm no croughnut expert but Dolcelatte's almond caramel IS GOOD!

Thanks Rachel L for bringing this home! 128516 Other flavors naman next time hihi

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Rachel L.
5.0 Stars

Almond Caramel with hints of white chocolate. Lovin this! Hoping to try the rest of the flavors next time.

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Rhea R.
4.0 Stars

Here's how it happened yesterday in the midst of Yolanda:

Me: I need to go to Rockwell.
Dave: Why?
Me: For a Croughnut.
Dave: Are you telling me that you're willing to risk go through traffic or flood for this Croughnut?
Me: (biting my lip and panicking how to win this argument. Thinking about what Edwin I said about Dolcellate's possible last day at the Baker's Fair)
Dave: You know that we're leaving tom to go on a food trip right?
Me: But today's my cheat day!
Dave: (Exasperated at this point) The next ten days are going to be your cheat days!
Me: But I'm REALLY craving it. Can you check your MMDA app? I can leave now. Don't need to shower
Dave: shakes his head

Got the Turkish delight, Blueberries and cream cheese, Valhrona, Nutella, Oreos and Cream and Mango Yogurt. All six flavors were good but the standout for me was the Mango Yogurt 128525 will definitely look for them for this flavor alone.

I did shower BTW. Just said that for some AWA effect 128519

Thanks for the heads up Edwin I!!

  • No. of Comments: 10
Christine S.
4.0 Stars

We braved the weather to try this cronut :))
It's similar to Bronuts.. But with a lot of flavors to choose from.. So I think u can't really go wrong when u choose your favorite flavor...?
Went for caramel macchiato and it was good 128525
But still. Yamato's #1 for me :))

-.5127775 too many flavors to choose from haha! (Double edged sword)
-.5127775 not that crunchy.. It's on the chewy/makunat side

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Em D.
4.0 Stars

Guess who put up another cronuts stall across Bronuts? That's right Dolce Latte aka the establishment who didn't want me to have their cronuts because "the kid of the owner got the cancelled order of cronuts first". 128530 Despite their pagdadamot a few months ago (check out my hormonal 1-star review for that lol), I decided to be the bigger person and bought a box of their cronuts for PHP 660. #WalaNaPridePridePagUsapangPagkain

I was in front of Mercury Drug when I saw the cronuts from behind their stall. I initially thought they were Bronuts but as I walked to the front of "Bronuts", I saw on my left side (across True Value) the empty Bronuts stall with the "SOLD OUT" sign and a looloo sticker. The guy told me it was their first day selling in Power Plant Mall (last Friday). Hmmm battle of the cronuts, ehh??? 128540

I really want to still hate Dolce Latte for what they did to me but unfortunately, I liked their cronuts. 128544 I shared the mango yogurt and the chocolate caramel (I think) flavor with my parents and they liked it also. 128077128530

** Had another cronut for breakfast the day after I got a box. Didn't refrigerate it. My mom just put it on top of a glass of water in a tray also filled with water to avoid being attacked by ants. It worked and it still tasted good. 128540

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

Look who I spotted at the Powerplant Mall's Weekend Baker's Dozen last weekend. Thanks to Jairus d (he made a review of the main branch and gave a heads up of this kiosk) --I waited for this and finally was able to try this other popular Cronut player.

Ended up buying their: Triple Berry, Blue Berry Cream Cheese, Apple Cinnamon, and the Raspberry Cream,

I must say that the Cronut dough of Dolcelatte was nicely flakey, chewy, with that nice crusty texture. Definitely freshly made! Closest to Wild Flour( and yes---I can safely say their texture is close to Dominique Ansel's in NYC).

My ultimate favorite from Dolcelatte was their Triple Berry( a yoghurt based flavor). I simply loves the nice but light mix of tarty-sweet Berry syrup and the lightly tangy yoghurt based cream. Went perfectly with their fresh Cronut Dough.

The Blueberry Cream Cheese, Apple Cinnamon, and Raspberry Cream were ok for me.

Will try their other flavors next time. I purposely skipped on the chocolate variants since I wanted some sweet-tarty flavors.

So how does this fair versus Bronuts? Here's my take. Bronuts is practically a Man's Cronut---mean, huge, robust with their savory flavors. On the freshness issue, Dolcelatte tasted fresher. I remember a week ago when I first tried Bronuts . Their dough had a certain "old-oil-taste". But then I still stand that their Blueberry Cream and Iho de leche are my favorites.

Odd, I thought that there was a policy within Bakers Dozen concessionaires that no kiosk may sell the same product. But good for Cronut foodies, last weekend they had both Dolcelatte and Bronuts selling!

So what's my take? Let's just say, Dolcelatte can compete with Wild Flour in terms of freshness.

And more good news. Dolcelatte is opening a kiosk at the Sm Megamall B new extension this November ! More accessible venues for Cronut locos and foodies. They'll be at the Powerplant Fri-Sun-- whole of November.

Cronut foodies, another convenient venue for your Cronut fix!

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