Domingo's Grill & Restaurant

Crystal Beach Resort, San Narciso, Zambales

Domingo's Grill & Restaurant
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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Food is one of the reasons why I love to visit places. So, when we travel to Zambales, we opted to eat at Doming's Grill and Restaurant instead of bringing our own food.

I have read before that their prices are bit expensive but I can proved that everything is worth it. We had our lunch, dinner, and breakfast here during our stay and I never regret any food that we had. In their menu, we ordered these:

🦐 Sinigang na Hipon (P295)
This consists of 6pcs shrimp, sour and tasty sinigang soup, and lotsa veggies. For its price, the serving is almost good for 3pax. We coudn't consumed all of them that's why we had to take out the remaining soup and veggies because our son loved it. I thought the size of the shrimp was like the usual but they were pretty huge so I guess the price was totally worth it.

128022 Inihaw na Liempo (P245)
I always love grilled pork! The taste of this one was very flavorful. Good thing that it was not cook overdone. Great with soy sauce and kalamansi with a little bit of spicyness!

128031 Tuna Belly (P245)
This one was also yummy! No one could go wrong with grilled tuna! I love the bbq sauce coating plus the veggies side dish. This one is best for pulutan with a cold beer on the side! 🤩

127860Tofu Sisig (P185)
Among all the three food that we ordered, we weren't satisfied with this. I guess the mayonaise overpowered the taste of the tofu. Everything was really sour! We didn't finish almost half of our order.

🍽 Breakfast (Free)
The free breakfast was included on our accommodation. It was buffet so we had plenty of choices. I didn't take any photos because we were so hungry that time. On their menu that I can still remember they served: plain rice, shanghai rice, pansit, fish fillet, scrambled eggs, longganisa, champorado, lugar, pancake, bread, cereals, fresh veggie salad, fruits, calamansi juice, ice tea, coffee and tea. These are just what I can recall but this is really sulit considering they serves from 6am to 9am to accommodate all guests. There's also green stub to show in order to get the plates. Hopefully, on my next visit, I could try all of them. 128513

The ambiance in Domingo's is very relaxing. The large hall can accommodate large number of people so everyone will surely get a seat. During our visit, the weather was humid but they provided fans to make everything cool.

The staff were also accommodating. They were able to attend everything that we needed. Their service was also good despite the people that they need to serve food.

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Booking a room at Crystal Beach Resort is inclusive of a buffet breakfast at King Solomon's Hall. Simply present the breakfast pass to the counter and they'll give you plates corresponding to the people who will eat.

During our stay, we got garlic rice, pineapple chicken adobo, tocino, bangus and scrambled eggs. They also had a pot of champorado and a table with cereals, bread, butter, jam, mini pancakes, salad and fruits. It was a simple breakfast buffet but it was quite filling. Since it's a buffet, you can just keep getting more after you're done with the first plate. 128513

They also had juice – orange and pineapple, coffee and tea. Water is also provided in a huge jug. 128077🏼

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Unisse C.
3.0 Stars

Dinner time! I wanted some nice hot soup so I ordered their Nilagang Baka (Php 250) and for me, it was a winner! The famous tofu sisig on the other hand sort of fell short. It was sour and there was so much mayonnaise. 128533

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Unisse C.
3.0 Stars

An impromptu trip to Zambales brought us to Crystal Beach at San Narciso. The resort's restaurant is located near the entrance and they offer different Filipino favorites like inihaw, sisig and more.

We got here a little past 12 noon so it was just in time for lunch. The food was alright but the serving of the food... took so long. 128549 When we ordered I wasn't hungry yet, but when the food arrived, I was starving! 128534

Two slabs of liempo that weren't very warm anymore. Makes me wonder why it took them so long to serve the dish and why it wasn't hot anymore. But it was marinated well. 128077🏼

When the sizzling sisig came, we got excited because the egg was just cracked open and it was still raw. One problem, the sizzling plate wasn't sizzling anymore. 128528 So we asked them to take it back and heat the plate again so the egg would cook properly. Good thing it came back piping hot.

Each dish came with 1 cup of rice already so the price isn't so bad. They also have service water available.

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