Domino's Pizza

G/F Molito Complex, Madrigal Ave. cor. Alabang-Zapote Rd., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Domino's Pizza
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₱199 - ₱750

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Chariz R.
4.0 Stars

It's always a good idea to spend less than spending more!
As I celebrate my Special day, Domino's Pizza had the best gift for me, a 40% off on all of their Pizzas. I'm actually not a pizza-lover but sometimes I crave and why not. Sad thing Hawaiian isn't available because they don't have available Ham in the store. But because of that I got to try something different today. I ordered Meatzza (their version of All meat I think!) a combination of Pepperoni, Ham, Beef, Italian Sausage and Bacon plus the mozzarella cheese. (429Php Regular Price) but I only pay for Php250 for the Family size (14inches). Andddd.. Domino's Deluxe, a well-balanced pizza with Pepperoni, Onion, Bell pepper, mushrooms, italian sausage and black olives. (429Php Regular Price) and availed this for 250Php. Delivery charge is Php40 only. You can also choose of the crust you want, from thin & crispy, Classic Hand-tossed and the double decker.
Their pizza was delivered hot and fresh! They have different taste of Pizza sauce that can make their pizza delicious. I think this is their secret!
It can also a good treat for the Family and barkadas this coming Holidays 10084
P.S. Delivery is fast!

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Eboy D.
3.0 Stars

It was Two for Tuesdays and we wanted to try Domino's for the first time in the office, being accustomed to Shakey's. The deliver was really fast. We were given an estimate of 30 to 45 minutes and the lobby called us 20 minutes after placing our order. I commended the rider to his delight. The pizza was rather small though but since it was BOGO i'd let it pass. Our total bill was 498pesos for 4 regular sized pizzas inclusive of deliver charge. Not bad. The pizza was generously topped with meat and veggies. The crust was freshly made. It had a light crisp and it was chewy. Everything was good. I would not order though if i was paying at regular price. I'd rather wait for the BOGO (buy one get one) promo.

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Paolo S.
3.0 Stars

I noticed the Potato Pizza flavor since they opened but only got around to trying it recently. Well i guess its their version of the Korean sweet potato pizza - with a Western twist to it.

Its alright and i'd recommend it if you'd want something different - you've got bacon, corn, onions, and potato wedges & mayo. Would still go for the real Korean deal that inspired this flavor.

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3.0 Stars

Had thin crust Extravaganzza and pan Veggie pizza, alfredo and bolognese pasta for dinner. Twas more than a year since I had my last Domino's and as far as I remember, I really loved their crust but for some reasons I find it just average today or is it just Papa john's crust is sooooooo good that this pales to comparison haha but the pizza itself is OK. The pizza sauce is yummm. The alfredo was good, pretty straightforward nothing spectacular. The Bolognese is just a failure haha it tastes like an instant spaghetti like the one you can buy at groceries.

Will try the Double decker crust pizza and their desserts :)

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Donna K.
3.0 Stars

After the really long wait at BDO, Rica and I stopped over at Dominos for lunch - and guess what???

Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza Tuesdays!!!128079

We didn't know what to do with the other pizza so we gave it to Sarah N who had to spend all day in school. 128546

The pizzas were good as per usual, I for one, love the crusts of Dominos' Pizzas - it's superb. Which is precisely why I ended up eating all the crusts of Rica's Pizzas.128539

We also ordered their wings and I was slightly disappointed. They used to be moist and drenched in sauce. It was kind of dry today. But still good. 128539

The Lava Cake - OMG. I can't express how sad I was when Rica pulled it out of the box. Compared to the photo on the menu, the sad excuse of a lava cake we have eaten didn't look anything like it. And it didn't taste good either. Well that's P49 we're never getting back.128542

Nonetheless, we had a good after school lunch. 9786

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Donna K.
4.0 Stars

It makes me wonder why pizza chains like this and Pizza Hut go way below par when they're opened in the Philippines. Where I grew up, Domino's and Pizza Hut were awesome!

Anyway, I had a hankering for wings and pizza so what's the best thing to do on a late hot afternoon? Order in!

In fairness to them the food was okay (not as bad as Pizza Hut) but definitely not what I was expecting. Then again, anything is good for someone who's hungry! So I'll have to check back on that.

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Mia Q.
1.0 Stars

Talk about low-cost pepperoni. Just a waste of money.

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Kate R.
4.0 Stars

Buy 1 take 1 pizza!
We decided to eat pizza today! And we got ourselves buy1get1 dominos pizza! We've ordered extravaganza and meatzza pizza hihi! And they had this additional promo where you can add potato wedges or stuffed cheese bread and softdrinks in can, plus Php99.00 hihi 128525

The potato wedges are a bit spicy! 128539128539128539
What do you think?

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Oh how I've missed Dominos! My favorite pizza delivery store back in college. For me, they do pizza better than Pizza Hut and Shakey's. They've closed most of their stores now so when I saw one here, I just had to dine in.

Same old comfort of that soft crust and generous toppings - nostalgic in every bite! They've updated their menu, I guess, since the last time I've ordered back in 2007. No more baked spaghetti and potato tots... Anyway, same pizza goodness though!

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