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Don Andres
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Mary Love S.
5.0 Stars

I usually visit Pioneer Center to do my grocery shopping. The place is a gold mine for cheap finds and hard to find imported goods. But recently, I discovered another reason for me to frequent the place. You could say that it was love at first bite.

Hello, Don Andres.

This Peruvian restaurant may not sound very new to some who hangs out in Quezon City. It has been in Sergeant Esguerra for quite some time before it decided to move to a new location. So for those who were heartbroken with its disappearance, it's back!

I was greeted by a well lit dining area with a black board menu and wall that would remind you of Temple Run.

While waiting for our food, we were each given a glass of House Iced Tea (PHP65, single | PHP95, bottomless). And I loved that it's not your usual powdered drink!

For starters, we sampled Pulpo Al Olivo (PHP340), Choros A La Chalaca (PHP340) and Ceviche Mixto (PHP380).

The octopus topped with Botija olive sauce was amazing! The octopus tentacles were undeniably fresh and the tangy purple olive sauce made it so addicting that I think I ate four or five servings of it.

The Choros A La Chalaca or Peruvian mussels with citrus corn salsa was good too.

It had an interesting mix of textures and flavors. But it was a bit too spicy for my liking.

For those who could not decide what appetizer to get, the Ceviche Mixto is a great option. The marinated seafood in citrus juice comes in a hefty serving size. However, this is not for those who do not eat raw seafood. But since I do, I feasted on some of the fish chunks swimming in that delightful tangy citrus juice.

Next served were the beautiful Arroz Con Mariscos (PHP395), BBQ Baby Back Ribs (PHP395), Lomo Saltado (PHP420) and Pollo A La Brasa (PHP540, whole without sides | PHP690, whole with sides).

The Arroz Con Mariscos reminded me of the classic Spanish paella, Valenciana. The only difference with Don Andres' version is that it has a distinct taste of cumin that you get every spoonful. I fell in love with the generous serving of seafood. There was not a single mouthful without at least some squid in it.

The BBQ Baby Back Ribs was pretty awesome too. The meat was so tender that you don't even need a knife to slice it. And the sweet barbecue sauce was heavenly.

The Lomo Saltado was my least favorite among the dishes served. Don't get me wrong, the dish was great too but the other dishes were just a lot tastier and more tender than this one.

But the spotlight was on the Pollo A La Brasa or Peruvian Roasted Chicken. One order comes with three sauces but the chicken was so well seasoned that it didn't even need any of those. I went crazy with its peppered skin. And for the sides, I fell for the Batata Chips or sweet potato chips.

We were also given this stellar seafood pasta dish which I forgot to take note of. I liked that it had a light taste which went well with the other dishes we had.

To cap our meal, we sample Tres Leches (PHP165) and Chocolate Lava Cake (PHP185).

For those who visited The Breakfast Club, the Chocolate Lava Cake would be a familiar sight. This delectable fudge cake topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup still charmed me. It may look overly sweet but it is definitely not cloying.

The Tres Leches was great too. The sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk would be something milk lovers would love to indulge in. It's also not that sweet making it a perfect dessert for those without sweet tooth.

Overall, it was a very filling lunch. I can't wait to go back for more of that roasted chicken and octopus!

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Mary Jean C.
5.0 Stars

Thumbs up for tasty and sumptuous food, good service and friendly waiters, and nice ambience 128077 Would definitely recommend to my family and friends. I love the Cerviche de Pescado, Cholos ala Chalaca, and Pie de Limon 128077128077128077 100841008410084 Thank You!!

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Dyan L.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Diego S.
4.0 Stars


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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

The ambiance of the place was welcoming and colorful. Parking space is limited so make sure to go there during off peak hours or just park elsewhere.

The food are a bit pricey. It ranges from 165-680PHp. So if you don't mind splurging and want to try authentic Peruvian cuisine check this resto out.

Unfortunately what I ordered probably wasn't a good choice in my opinion. I got 1/4 Pollo Con Arroz or Papas Fritas (195PHp). We were hoping it included rice/fries with 1 side but it didn't. It was just 1/4 chicken and then a choice of side. Sides to choose from: fries, rice, mashed potato, sweet potato chips, ensalada and corn salsa. It comes with 3 kinds of sauces.

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4.0 Stars

Since Señor Pollo is a blockbuster on dinner, my friends and I opted to try something alternative and new with the Peruvian chicken offered by Don Andres.

These are our orders:

POLLO ENTERO 11088110881108811088️ - 1 whole chicken wherein you can choose 4 side dishes. Their chicken is tasty, but Señor Pollo's version is way better. Theirs reminds me a bit of Max's. But the plus points is that they offer three dips for the chicken - my favorite chimichurri, spicy mayo and the herb dip. Spicy mayo was a bit sweet, herb dip however is also good too.

ROASTED PUMPKIN SOUP 11088110881108811088️ - the taste was strong and delicious. Though not the best pumpkin soup I've tasted. It comes with a super delicious garlic toast.

ENSALADA 1108811088110881108811088️ - I loved this so much. It was a big plate of green lettuce smothered with lime extract. I thought that it was boring but I was surprised because the lime extract created that delicious taste! The sour and sweet flavor blended very well that added freshness to the salad!

PURE DE PAPAS 1108811088110881108811088️ - their mashed potatoes is good. Well mashed, tasty and I really love how they offer big servings.

PAPAS FRITAS 110881108811088️ - a bit oily. You can hardly taste the potatoes, it's like everything is flour. However, it is still enjoyable. Just dip it simply on ketchup and it's all good!

CHICHA SALSA 1108811088110881108811088️ - I remember this as a corn salad. It was delicious and there's a lot of flavors in it. You can taste the corn, the strong onions, the sour mayo. And they all go well together!

I also love the interiors and the lighting of the place. You guys should pay a visit if you're somewhere in South Triangle.

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Zobee A.
4.0 Stars

It is one of those times when a friend summons you for a simple bonding. We've been wanting to try Peruvian food but since we can't really fly to Peru in a snap of finger (although I wish we could), we found this simple and decent kitchen in Quezon City.

The place gets 110881108811088️. The space is good enough, can accommodate about 30-40 guests. You have to go through the back door to get to the restroom, it is being shared by other restaurants. The AC is dripping. It was extremely hot that day, good thing they have electric fans too. The interior is "inca" inspired.

We ordered the following:

128073🏼 Calamares A La Romana (Php360) - tastes good but nothing really special about it

128077🏼 1/2 Pollos Con Arroz O Papas Fritas with sides, Chicha Salsa (corn salsa) and Batata Chips (sweet potato chips) (Php380) - this is their signature dish, the Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken which comes with 3 kinds of sauces. I like the chicken, it is tender and juicy, even the white meat. It is flavorful and to be honest the 3 sauces is just for added kick.

128077🏼 Lomo Soltado (Php420) - popular Peruvian dish with beef tenderloin strips, onions, tomatoes and fried potatoes. I personally like this one. I find the flavor interesting, it is not too salty. The beef strips are really tender. Perfect with white rice.

128077🏼 Picarones (Php176) - 5 pieces Peruvian doughnut with dulce de leche dip. It doesn't look like the typical doughnut that we know of, the one with a hole in the middle. It's like swirled churros with confectionery sugar.

128077🏼 Inca Kola - I forgot how much this is but I know we got it for a BOGO (buy one get one) promo. It tastes like mountain dew of pepsi products.

I can't say how authentic or how close the taste to the actual food in Peru since I haven't been there. The only Peruvian food I have tried was back in Los Angeles 5 years ago and I can't barely remember the taste. Haha! But, I definitely recommend this place. In fact, we are planning to go back to try their other foodsssssss.

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Reginald B.
4.0 Stars

Went here earlier to have a short catch-up with my college friends. We wanted something new and unique and Peruvian cuisine is not something very popular here (until lately). We also wanted a budget-friendly lunch without sacrificing satisfaction - and we came here to find out if we will achieve that.

We ordered an entire roast chicken (Pollo) together with 4 side dishes: batata chips (sweet potato chips), chicha salsa (corn salsa), pure de papas (mashed potatoes) and ensalada (green salad with lime dressing). The chicken comes with 3 sauces - Chimichurri, spicy mayo and aji-green sauce.

Let's start with the chicken. There are four of us and we each had a quarter portion. All I can say is that the seasoning is on point. You'll get the right saltiness and just the right spice. The seasoning also seeps through the meat; and to think I had the breast! Speaking of the breast, I love that it's still tender and juicy. Props to the chef!

The sauces - hmm, nothing fancy in my opinion. The chicken can be eaten on its own but the idea of having the sauce is to further enhance the flavor of the chicken and their sauces pretty much did a mediocre job of doing that. It's not bad but it's not that special.

I love the batata chips but there's just too little of it, oh well, costs. The chicha salsa is to die for! I think there are cottage cheese crumbles mixed with it. It's so good that I would've loved another order of it. The mashed potato us also tasty. It's not the creamy kind but it's definitely delicious! The ensalada used ice berg lettuce which looks cheap to me. They could've used romaine or lollo rosso lettuce. However, the lime dressing makes up for it - zesty and refreshing!

It wasn't a busy time when we went there so I was able to take a photo of the restaurant's interior. I love the cozy atmosphere and the hipster-y aztec vibe. The latin music adds to the overall dining experience.


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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Had to look up Peruvian Cuisine. It's interesting. Wala lang. 128541

It's a cuisine that uses various spices so, be prepared to be welcomed by the smell of mixed spices. Ordered a quarter of a chicken. Flavorful but the meat was a bit dry.

Question, have you ever experienced being given kulang na change? How do you deal with that? Do you tell management or just let them get away with it since "ilang cents lang naman"?

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

This is the day!
Peruvian dinner just right before Christmas. Parking at surgeant esguerra could be really difficult but thankfully, there was a spot along the sidewalk for us to occupy. Don andres' exterior does not make a glamorous outlook, it even looks like a small place; however entering the place would change your first impression.

With a capacity to accomodate more or less 50 pax, the place looks a bit classy. It took a while for the servers to entertain us. Upon sitting i immediately ordered their pulpo al olivo! Their menu was consistent with peruvian (cause of their former chef)
Let's learn a bit spanish
128204Pulpo al olivo
“octopus” “in/to the” “olive”
Hmm.. Octopus ceviche. Lemon, vinegar, wansoy, garlic drenched the octopus. Skyflakes by the side and pureed olives. Note on this: this was supposed to be pink/purple olives however they ran out of stock na daw. (we're guessing that they were already cost cutting or that they no longer get access with peruvian olives since the peruvian chef left). Was disappointed seeing the green olives but i guess it wont make any difference on the taste? Ceviches really work on appetizers as well i'll give it a thumbs up.
128204128525Pollo a la brasa (1/2)
“grilled” “chicken”
The chicken reminded me of new jersey chicken, it's a bit dry on the edges (what do you expect) but was jiucy on the main. I like the taste of the chicken. It was not boring. There are three dips to go with that: chimichurri, aji and spicy mayo sauce.
I really like the chimichurri with the chicken. Makes it more flavorful. I didnt appreciate the aji and spicy mayo much. The aji seems bland.
We get to choose 2 sides as well with the order
128262Batata chips
“sweet potato”
Some were soggy. Did not enjoy much
128262128525Chicha salsa
“corn” (this is incan)
I liked how the tomatoes go with the corn.
128204128525Arroz con mariscos
“rice” “with” “seafood”
This is basically a seafood paella. Shrimps, octopus, clams, fish (we're missing the crab here) bell peppers, lime with lots of oil and turmeric.. Egg! I liked how it tasted. The server said this one really goes well with the chicken. And i could not disagree.
128204Torta de chocolate
“cake” “of” “chocolate”
It states in the menu.. Prruvian chocolate, but was disappointed that it just taste normal chocolate cake. Well, it's moist. I like the middle part.. But nothing really special
128204Pie de Limon
“pie” “of” “lemon”
I had this one for to go.. Just to mention that they use microwavable containers on their to gos. Soshal. I like the taste but the texture and the consistency not so much. The pie consisted of marshmallows (this wowed me at first) on to--followed by the not-so-much formed lemon filling. Sweet to sour taste. I love the crust! Hard and a bit brittle.

I would love to go back and try the other dishes, and they do have big serving! The paella we got was good for 4 light eaters already! Good for two but good for 1 for a heavy eater who has an empty stomach 128514
In search for more peruvian resto...
Get their flyers when you visit. You can have 10% off on lunch mon-fri

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

Don Andres one Saturday after work with Kath A because we both cancelled our gym and exercise sessions for food. Yeap, we cool and matakaw like that. 128514

Wow we were not able to anticipate it's distance from Tomas Morato. Never thought it's that far, and took us maybe 15-20 minutes or more, going there. At least we burned some calories, eh? 128514

Don Andres is fairly new in the area. The interiors are really nice and it's good for dinner with friends or family dinners, Peanut D you went here diba? The colorful yet not exaggerated designs on the walls and hung lights were relaxing with some good music playing.

Service was great and there were not much people there in a Saturday dinner. I wonder why... Maybe because of the area? More people dine in the main Morato area eh. They should visit Don Andres, near ABS. Sayang wala kami nakita artista. Loljk!

I got the 1/4 Pollo con Arroz O Tapas Fritas or in English, 1/4 peruvian chicken with rice and fries. It cost 165 pesos and I added more to replace the rice with another side dish. Their chicken was good because it was tasty and the meat was tender but I still prefer Senor Pollo's or Mantaro's better. This is not bad.

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Ramon P.
4.0 Stars

would definitely recomment the place for peruvian cuisine. nice ambiance even though AC was not that good. recommending, advicing you to go eat the keylime pie for dessert to complement the great food. shout out to looloo app.

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Chrissie C.
5.0 Stars

The best peruvian food in Manila. Servings are huge so don't over order. We did!

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Des F.
5.0 Stars

Paella done right 128076128149

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

Woot!! 127881127880 500th review... 128055128055128055

My first time trying Peruvian food 128522 Read a lot of good reviews about this place so when I saw they had a promo on Deal Grocer, I immediately got some vouchers!

The place was packed when we arrived, good thing I made reservations 128517 we sampled a few of their best sellers and I must say, the food did not disappoint 128525

- Pulpo Al Olivo @290 -- 128070🏼hands down my favorite dish here! It's sliced Octopus in citrus juice, served with crackers and Botija Olive sauce... I swear I can eat this everyday!! So yummy 128523 5/5

- Arroz con Mariscos @380 - flavorful Rice dish with seafood 4/5

- Lomo Saltado @420 - Tenderloin beef sautéed in onions and frites.. Too much black pepper taste on this one which I didn't like but my family seemed to enjoy it 128513 3/5

- Pollo Ala Brasa @360 1/2 chicken.w/ 2 sides - This is their famous Rotisserie Chicken served with Chimichurri, Aji green sauce & spicy orange Mayo, 4/5

- Pescado Al Ajillo @420 - fish & shrimp in olive oil with lemon and garlic.. This is another winner 128077🏼 really flavorful! 5/5

- Brochetas de Lomo @420 - Beef tenderloin skewers with bell pepper and onion, served with fries. The beef was so tender and tasty 128077🏼 5/5

- Tres Leches @165 - Sponge cake with cream topping soaked in 3 kinds of milk .. Not too sweet, perfect for dessert, pair it with coffee! 128076🏼 4/5

I really enjoyed the food here, definitely coming back! Service was very good, wait staff attentive and helpful, Free wifi too. Make sure to call for reservations and come early for parking spaces!

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Diego S.
4.0 Stars

PULPO AL OLIVO .slice octopus cooked in citrus be eaten by topping on salted cracker spread with botija olive souce ( seasonal purple olive ) the taste is exotically abit sour,salty and botija olive souce blend with the taste very well .the house blend iced tee bottom less at 85 pesos is fair enough

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Diego S.
4.0 Stars

PESCADO AL AJILLO . stirfried fish and shimp with olive oil and golden brown garlic to be squeezed with lemon . the harmonious blend of this dish resulted to an exclusive exquisite taste .

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Kristine O.
5.0 Stars

Must must must go!
Not a super fan of chicken, but this one? Super sarap (to the bones) roast pollo, the meat is sooo soft, its like having wagyu beef!

Lomo Saltado is a mixed of beef strips, fries, onion and parsley, super good also!

Last we tried is the arroz mariscos, their version of seafood paella. A must try also!!!

The ambiance is also comfortable and cozy except that their toilet is located outside, sharing with other tenants..

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4.0 Stars

Unlike the newly-opened restaurants in the south, this particular restaurant begs to differ. Running for almost a year now, Don Andres is situated in the most populous city here in the metro. I’m glad that the owners decided to open in Quezon City as this also helps me explore the other cities of Metro Manila and find out what new eateries are in the area.

Aside from its unusual location, it also serves an out-of-the-ordinary cuisine, Peruvian. Generally, when people hear unfamiliar cuisines, such as this, tendencies are they won’t try it unless their family and friends have already tried it. I know this is the case for most of us because sometimes, I am too. But I told myself that it’s about time that I finally try it for the very first time even though I didn’t know what I was really in for.
The restaurant has limited space for guests and based from my observation, it seems like they can only accommodate 30-40 persons at a time. No one would’ve guessed that this place serves Peruvian dishes! The place is well lit and definitely good for casual dining. What really caught my attention was its bar, looking bright and fresh, it gives off a positive aura to its customers.

Ceviche de Pescado (P280)
As our server placed the dish on our table, I found it a bit... weird. I didn’t get why they had to put marinated raw fish with some corn. :|
But as the saying goes, don’t judge the book by its cover. Behind its unappealing presentation is a burst of zesty and citrus flavors. The fish was cured perfectly in citrus juice with yellow chili sauce. Even so, it didn’t taste spicy at all.

Arroz con Mariscos (P340)
A Peruvian’s version of a Spanish paella and I must say, it is really good and flavorful. Aside from that fact, I really loved that there were some generous serving of the seafood. Yum!

Forgive me for not remembering the name of this dish but I gotta say this is truly a must-try! It would’ve been perfect if it were served with rice than fries; nonetheless, it is worth ordering. Seems to me it’s their version of a kebab. The beef was meaty, juicy and tender and grilled excellently. It has that inviting aroma that entices one to eat more. Fair warning, if you order this, I highly suggest that this must not be shared!
Pollo A La Brasa (Pollo Entero: P590)

It may seem like any other rotisserie chicken but Don Andres has one of the juiciest roasted chickens in town. Way better than Señor Pollo, to be honest!

Choros A La Chalaca (P290)
The most photogenic dish award goes to this one! This zesty dish was never soothing nor dull to one’s palate. Furthermore, it was refreshing!

Lomo Saltado (P320)
One of Peru’s most loved dishes, served with beef sirloin strips, onions, tomatoes and fried potatoes (aka French fries). I was feeling iffy ordering this abundant and dependent dish thinking that we couldn’t finish it. However, I’m glad that I did. It truly was a winner! The sirloin strips were tender and the entire dish was indeed flavorful which makes it enjoyable to eat.

My first time to try a Peruvian restaurant and I’m glad to report that it didn’t disappoint! Seems to me that this type of cuisine is a little bit of everything from European to Asian cuisines. I love everything I ordered but you may skip the Choros A La Chalaca, not that it isn’t good but some may not like its zestfulness. When in QC, ditch Tomas Morato and make sure to check out those small streets as more and more restaurants are opening in those areas! Explore more! Who knows, you might be in for a treat! :)

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Kitch G.
5.0 Stars

Good food and great place! 128076🏽128523

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