Dona Choleng Camping Resort - Cagbalete Island

Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon

Dona Choleng Camping Resort - Cagbalete Island
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Jam M.
1.0 Stars

The island itself is breathtaking and will leave you in awe but Doña Choleng's management will leave you pissed and annoyed. They do not know how to console complaining guests.

Our accommodation schedule was supposed to be good for one whole day. When we arrived, they made us wait for about 2 hours on their open-nipa because our cottage will still undergo cleaning. How irresponsible of them? We booked this one week before and they know the exact time we'll arrive and they'll be cleaning it just then? We also keep on following up our reservation just so to let them know what time, what day and our count is.

The beds were made of furnished bamboo and is double-decked. It can house four people per bed. The room itself is a bit narrow (masikip). It is really just for sleeping. There are sufficient windows and two fans for the proper ventilation. Sockets and extension wires are also provided.

Side story: while some of our cousins were sleeping, I charged my powerbank and plugged it on their extension wire that were sticked to the wall next to the bed, some of us went to the shore to bond and just laugh our hearts out. When I came back to check it, I was so shocked to see my powerbank destroyed. It was damaged and was emitting smoke. (Shet! Pumutok siya!)

Adjacent to the cottage is a balcony. It was also our favorite part of the cottage. It was cozy and windy, perfect for tambay and just relaxing.

At the back part of the cottage is where the bathroom is situated. There is a sink outside the bathroom (right side) and a faucet for washing feet and a shower.

Side story: When I went inside the bathroom to bathe, I was really crept out and felt like someone's watching me over the small window of the bathroom. When I asked my other cousins, they also felt the same way. Also, the sink outside the bathroom which we mainly use for brushing our teeth is spooky because of the light of the next cottage. It was yellow light and is blinking nonstop. Just imagine those halloween movies.

The cottage doesn't have proper cooking area and it sucks. There is a grilling area provided just outside the cottage. But for the rice and other cooking essentials, they'll let you cook at the back of their restaurant which has cemetery vibe. I kid you not. We were instructed to use the gasul/cooking area which was very dirty and creepy. (Guys, may hukay sa harap! Parang may ililibing feels!!)

This is the part where it really scared the hell out of me. While we were cooking rice at the back part of their restaurant, out of boredom, I decided to snap pictures and lo and behold, I saw him. There. Standing. Wearing white barong. Looking at me. I immediately ran for my life!!!!

Doña Choleng has a creepy vibe. Yes, it is cozy. Yes, the view from there was nice. But really, I hated the spooky feel we all get when we went there. On our last night, we decided to sleep near the shore to catch the sunrise. I slept on the chair near the tents and a few meters away from my cousins. Swear to God, I felt a hand that poked me while I was sleeping. I didn't sleep all through the night.

Where were the guards? Why is there no one roaming around the resort? The lights were also turned off. And we were not allowed to do bonfire. Whyyyyy??? They told us, if we would like to light up a bonfire, we should go on the far side of the resort. No way!!! Mukha siyang sementeryo!!!

During our last day of stay, they woke us up very early to tell us that we should get moving because a typhoon will hit the island and no boats will be allowed to sail. So we immediately packed our bags even though we were still supposed to stay until afternoon because that was what our accommodation schedule was. We asked for their shuttle so that we will not be late going to the port for we were going to ride the public ferry. Unfortunately, their shuttle is not in good condition. Upon complaining, the management told us to just walk from the resort going to the port because they take no responsibilities for that. The lady who faced us was raising her tone on us. How rude?!!! We were asking for alternative solutions aside from walking because it would take us roughly 15minutes and we were carrying heavy bags plus we were running late for the public ferry. They haven't given us any solutions instead they were making it look like it was our mistake for not walking immediately to the port. So unprofessional of you, Doña Choleng!

We missed the public ferry because of their shuttle and got to ride a private boat which made us pay double the normal rate. Upon arriving to the port, we learned that there were no announcements of typhoon signals yet and there were no coast guards. We went back to the tourism and there were still tourists going to the island. Hindi namin maintindihan bakit kami pinalayas agad ng Doña Choleng e wala namang talagang typhoon.

We were more than disappointed on our stay at Doña Choleng. They were not that accommodating! They should have prepared alternative solutions for emergency purposes or they should have at least spoken to us in a calming way instead of raising their voice on us. Someone should tell them the number one rule of business. Which is, CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

You did a great job of ruining our Cagbalete stay, Doña Choleng.

Doña Choleng good points: We love their videoke, vast area and good view of the island, leisure area was good too. There were swings. Ventilation of the area was good. Many shades because of the trees.

Doña Choleng bad points: Their rude staffs, wirings, generators were for a very, very limited time only. bad staffs and bad staffs and again, bad and cruel and rude staffs! #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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