Doner G Turkish Grill

2 Sheridan St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Doner G Turkish Grill
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Zarah L.
5.0 Stars

Super love this place, we keep on coming back!
Cool and funny owner too, lots of interesting stories! 128077🏼

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Got myself a beef pita for 150 and a kiwi Aryan cooler yogurt drink for 75. Beef rice for 180 and chicken rice for 150 to go.

I found the beef on my pita not as generous as my previous chicken pita order. Their garlic sauce was waaay better this time. It wasn't garlicky the last time and last night I could still taste the garlic in my mouth before I went to bed. I really like their yogurt drinks. A bit sweet and sour, very cheap at 75 pesos.

I think I'm here too much as the owner, Ylmas, told me he remembers me already. He's very hands on, very polite to his crew. On the photo you can see him at the roaster shaving off the meat for my take out. He mentioned he just sold his condo in Rockwell because he's looking into opening branches in Makati and BGC, yay! He also turned on some Turkish music for me and I heard him singing to it while I was there.

If you like grilled food, no frills, this is a good place to try.

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5.0 Stars the beef doner with rice. So for 180 bucks you get a generous amount of tasty well marinated meat with little fat. Not bad at all.

...their ayran cooler (yoghurt drink) is better than uncle moe's.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Doner again! This time got the beef with rice for 180 pesos for my son and a blueberry Aryan cooler for 75 for me. Still to-go.

I took a spoonful of the beef and rice and I liked it! Rice has that subtle flavor. I like that it's grilled food, doesn't give you that loaded oily feeling. Came with a fresh tomato, which is what I was looking for last time I was here. Next time I'll ask if they can grill it. Sana pumayag.

The Aryan cooler is a yogurt drink. I asked if they make it themselves and the girl at the counter said they do. Tastes like flavored yakult. I really liked this.

The food is not revolutionary, so don't blame me if you think I'm over-rating this place. I just think for the price it's super sulit talaga. The moment they increase the price or reduce their serving is the day I'll stop coming here. Hehe. This place is really small, like 20 sqm only. It has about 5 tables. At the short time I stayed there I already smelled like roasted beef when I left.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Super value for money!!!

I have been driving by this restaurant for a couple of weeks already, curious as to what type of middle eastern restaurant this is. Being a lover of grilled food I was finally able to try this last weekend.

"Is this Doner IG?" I asked the girl on the counter. It's just Doner G. I thought the shawarma figure on the name was a capital i! I thought doner was the name of the owner. Wow, buti na lang may explanation sa side. Doner is to Turkey as shawarma is to the Arabs and the gyro is to the Greeks. Doner is actually the origin of the shawarma and the gyro. It was the Turks too that invented the vertical grill you see today, as originally the meats were grilled horizontally, parang lechon style. A little history lesson I learned right here, thanks to this new restaurant.

Serving sizes are huge! This is a haven for meat lovers as they absolutely do not scrimp on the filling. I don't think any doner/shawarma/gyro place gives that much filling to the customer. The meat is also sliced larger which is a good thing. I was expecting a shawarma sized serving of meat but wow, look at the photo, ang daming nilagay. I dont even bother ordering shawarma in nondescript places as I know the meat in them is really bitin and minced.

I got grilled chicken in a pita pocket for only 120 pesos. A pita pocket is a sliced pita bread filled with your choice of meat and pickled cucumbers. For take out I got a beef wrap at 180 pesos for the H and get this, it's 10 inches long. 10 inches, halos 1 ruler. Can definitely be shared by 2.

Again super sulit. I think my chicken needed a little more salt, which I added and was ok after that. And sana like rosemary roasted with it. Greek na ba yun? Hehe. Sorry I'm still not familiar with the differences. Their sauce is made of yogurt and not as rich and creamy as my favorite gyro place. They keep the bottles refrigerated when customers aren't using them. Looked like they made their own hot sauce too but I found it too mild and plain. Not sure if it's a Turkish thing about their sauces.

You can choose your meats to eat it with rice, in a 10-inch wrap or in a pita pocket.

Service was great. They gave me a glass of water with my order without asking. Place is very clean too. I also chatted with the foreign owner who made my beef Doner - sliced the meat himself. He was very polite to me and to his employees. Of course I told him I liked the food. He said he has another branch in the SM grocery by Tiendesitas.

I hope that have grilled veggies too, like grilled tomatoes.

Kapitolyo food crawl anyone?128523

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