Dong Juan

G/F Parkmall, Ouano Ave., Mandaue, Cebu

Dong Juan
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Most Recent Reviews

Anthony M.
3.0 Stars

A quaint tight squeezed Filipino restaurant, with the entrance outside Parkmall s/c
I’ve eaten here twice with girlfriends family, as they recommended this restaurant
Even thou the foods were okay , to receive the order was over timely & the prices were over reasonable , when you are trying to live on a budget

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

The second stop (of day 1) of the sponsored |ooloo X Parkmall food tour was Dong Juan. At this point we were also joined by Parkmall’s head of Marketing, Ms Racquel. (Yey dumadami kaming magshe-share sa pagkain! 128569) I’ve dined here before and I just found it to be ok. I told myself I’d come back but not too soon, and this was the perfect time for second chances because I absolutely loved the food! I probably just didn’t know what to order then, so thankfully we had Ms Aubrey from Dong Jun who walked us through some of their new and most popular menu items. 128568

1.) Kalamansi Blush
We were first served with their bestselling beverage. This very refreshing drink gives the Asian lime juice a Western flair by putting strawberries. The look of the beverage itself was so pretty with the layers of colors. I actually really liked this, perfect for the summer heat. It had just the right sweetness and I really enjoyed this all throughout the meal as it paired well to all the dishes served to us. It was such a big class though, so I barely finished half of it. 128568

2.) Korean Burger
This is a half-pounder all-beef burger with a Korean pancake and house made Kimchi in an all-wheat oat topped bun. (Phew!) It was absolutely delicious! I’m not a fan of the pickled cabbage dish of Korea but I actually enjoyed it on the burger. The Korean pancake was really great too, even in itself. (I tried it alone) The burger patty was crazy awesome! Super juicy and very flavorful, and the bread was also great! Prepare to get all messy though, but it’s so worth it especially when you use your hands to take that bite with all the layers. If we didn’t have anything more to eat, I could’ve finished this myself. w

3.) Gambas Al Ajillo Pasta
I loved this dish! The pasta was wonderfully al dente and very flavorful. The shrimps on top were perfectly cooked, plump, clean and fresh. The Bonito flakes enhanced the flavour of the dish. I told Ms Aubrey that there was a nice sweetness to the dish and asked if it was because of the flakes. She said they really made sure there was a balance of flavor on the dish that’s why they added a tinge of sugar. It worked really well, I must say. And it was just great! The portion size was quite large, good enough to share. Again if I didn’t have to eat more I would have wiped the basket clean. Fun fact on their plating, the basket has been familiar to their patrons so they chose not to change it, but they added the food-grade sheet of paper that they even import from Singapore just to ensure food safety. It’s really nice to know that Dong Juan makes sure of both quality and safety on their food. 128571

4.) Bangus with Olives and Capers
OMEGED, LOVE LOVE LOVE! 10084️ I honestly closed my eyes for a good 3 seconds on my first bite! 128569 This dish was divine! This is new and has yet to be launched on their menu. They wanted to come up with a seafood dish that would feature the Pinoy fish and elevate it using European flavors. It worked perfectly well! The sauce had an amazing balance in flavors - tangy from the marinara sauce, salty from the capers and olives and again with a pinch of sugar to put it all together. And the Bangus belly flavor was still very pronounced, not masked by all the other tastes going on. Paired with their perfectly cooked garlic fried rice, it was a very indulgent dish I highly recommend! The serving size was also really big that can feed two hungry guests, using two generous cuts of milkfish belly. I wanted to just keep eating it but if I did I know it would be very difficult to continue with the tour. It was sooooo goooood that I even said “I could eat this everyday!” 128571

All in all, this was one of my favorite stops from the whole food crawl. I actually felt bad that it was just me and Roegan who got to try this from the |ooloo reviewers. It was a wonderful meal and I would definitely come back for more from their menu!

***Note: The event is sponsored by Parkmall in Mandaue, Cebu as partnership with |ooloo. All food items have been chosen by each restaurant based on their own discretion.

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Angela Marie C.
3.0 Stars

My friends and I wanted to eat in Burrow but they were closed for a private event so we ate here instead. I was actually surprised that they serve American food, I thought it was a legit Cebuano / all Filipino menu. This joint actually has a very similar menu (and prices) with Casa Verde. 128568

We started out our meal with an order of their Onion Rings which they served with a vinegar based dipping sauce. I've never had onion rings like that but I actually enjoyed it. It was just nakakaumay after a while. 128569

Word of advice: just go for water. We ordered Iced Tea and it was just too sweet. Too sweet you could still see the sugar at the bottom of the glass. 128576

We also ordered their Chili Wings and it was ok. The lady said it was gonna be really spicy, and although I had very little tolerance to spicy food, we went with it for my friend. But then it wasn't at all spicy. It was just sweet. 128569

We shared an order of their Baby Back Ribs in Barbecue Sauce and it was just ok too. It still pales in comparison to Casa Verde in terms of taste, but they did get the texture and portion size right. I'd still go for the other beloved Cebuano restaurant that serves American food. 128572

My friend had the Burger Steak which I was not able to take a photo of already because he devoured it all at once before I can do anything. Hahaha 128569 He seemed to have enjoyed it. I just got to taste a teaspoonful of the sauce and I found it to be ok. The mushroom was very pronounced, which I liked! 128568

The star of the night for me was their Filipino Sisig in Olive Oil. I found this really delicious! It was a generous amount of the familiar pork dish and their version was very flavorful! The egg gave it a tinge of creaminess that's just enough for the dish. I really liked this! 128571

I'd probably still come back, but not too soon. 128569

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Majo V.
5.0 Stars

Fish and chips. Huge bacon cheeseburger. Mozarella sticks. Onion rings. Shrimp pasta. Spareribs. Need I say more? Good decor, good service, good price, amazing food. Tried 3 other locations Persimmon & Mango Ave, same comments! :D didn't have time to snap pics coz I dug right in!

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Nova E.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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