F. Cabahug St., Cebu City, Cebu

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Bernisse C.
3.0 Stars

Cravings has taken over me again and this time, it’s for unlimited samgyupsal! 128055

FOOD 11088110881108811088
Unlimited samgyupsal, rice, side dishes, and duenjang jigae for only Php330! Sulit! Fry the samgyupsal until crisp to get that bacon like texture or you can cook it until medium well for that soft meaty consistency. Either way, it tastes great. Also, you have the option to have it thick cut or bacon cut. The soup was very flavorful. Loved it 10084️ However, I had to pass on the side dishes. They were not at par with other Korean restaurants I’ve tried.

P. S. They charge Php200 for every plate of uncooked meat. So don't cook it if you think you can't finish it.

AMBIANCE 1108811088
The place was poorly lit. It was quite dim. Also, they need to maintain cleanliness. The tables were oily. When I wiped it with tissue, the tissue turned gray. Plus, I saw baby cockroaches crawling on the wall. Yikes! 128534 Good thing I was already done eating by then.

Tip: Make sure to wipe the tables and your utensils before you start digging in.

This is where they failed BADLY. The staff were super masungit! I don’t think they smiled even once and I’m not only pertaining to one individual. Almost all of them had that behavior. When we requested for more meat or rice, they made a face. Moreover, we had to follow them up several times before our orders arrived 128530

Would have given this place 4 stars if the service was better. But I would still come back because Php330 for unlimited samgyupsal is a steal!

P. P. S. Sorry for the bad quality photos. Place was too dark plus I was too hungry to take another shot 128517

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Pol Y.
4.0 Stars

One ofvthe many korean restaurants in cebu. Worth a try!
At 330php unlimited (pork), pigging out is the only way to go! Hahaha!
Open from 11am to 6am on weekends and 11am to 3am on weekdays!

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Mark A.
3.0 Stars

Taste is Good.
But serving time is so late.
Compare to others Korean restaurant in cebucity, not bad..

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