DongJi Chinese BBQ

Makati Golf Club Driving Range, Malugay St., Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila

DongJi Chinese BBQ
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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

Guys, hidden gem here! I've been to Makati Golf several times now but dismissed this place as a driver's lounge in the open parking lot! 128517 It's literally a bodega that you wouldn't give a second look. It wasn't until Aaron Lee A informed me about it that i took notice.

Now admittedly I'm not normally excited by Chinese food, but this... this is one of the very few times i had a "WTF is this ang sarap!!!" moment when eating Chinese cuisine. Seriously. Just. So. Good.

This isn't your normal Chinese fare of dimsum, pancit, yang chow, and the like. This is Chinese BBQ! I've never had this before so it was really new to me. They've got different meats, satay sticks, seafood, and veggies to choose from that they'll barbecue(?) and season with various spices that have this Szechuan/curry powder taste. You can choose between 3 levels of spicyness. I found the middle one (it was moderate i think) to be just right! I do recommend the chicken, prawn, corn, and tofu bbq. 128077128077128077 And the bread bbq too! Think seasoned and grilled siopao buns! Really good and unique.

Do try their grilled oyster and scallops as well. Those were flavored with lots of garlic, butter, and spices, and cooked dampa-style. And the spicy noodles! Move over Charlie Chan... this is the real deal! Flat noodles stir fried in chili oil, peppers, garlic, peanuts, and cilantro. I'm drooling as i'm typing this. So simple yet so good.

And there's more! The squid bbq was chewy dried squid, chopped, grilled, and served with soy sauce and wasabi (like what you'd eat with sushi). The eggplant bbq was a serving of whole grilled, butterflied eggplant with sotanghon noodles and garlic on top. Another winner! Seriously, there wasn't anything here that didnt amaze me.

As for the authenticity of the place, my friend and I were the only Pinoys eating. Haha i had her come over last minute and made an instant convert! There weren't even any Chinoys around. As in real GI Chinese peeps as customers. The regular menu isnt even in English so i needed assistance from the waitress, who can't read Chinese as well and just gave recommendations haha. The bbq menu has english text though that can help you a bit. But its vague and very simple like "corn", "beef", "lamb", "scallop", "bread"... so you wouldn't know exactly until you see it. 128514

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