Don's Original Spanish Churros

G/F Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote Rd. cor. Madrigal Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Don's Original Spanish Churros
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7 Reviewers

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Chariz R.
4.0 Stars

My first time to try Churros! I wanted to try this many times because I mostly saw positive reviews. So It's time to judge by my own. 128522 I like it! I bought 5pcs plain churros with Choco dip. They also have Cinnamon churros but I'm not a fan of Cinnamon. 128514 It's yummy, the churros are pretty small but creamy and very flavorful. The choco dip is not too sweet. So I like it more!

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Donna K.
4.0 Stars

I have been craving for churros for the longest time. I have especially been craving for those amazing matcha churros from la lola, but had to settle with these instead because I am not so sure where La Lola is. 128557

I kept asking Maverick Christopher P permission if I can have churros because most of the time he’d say “no” to me having deep fried anything. (Yes, he’s my diet watcher but I love him nonetheless) 128536

I ordered plain uncoated churros with a dip. (Sorry guys, I’m really not a fan of that powdery texture which is why I order the bavarian churros at S&R)

I was torn between the strawberry and blueberry dip, but I’m glad I finally decided with blueberry. It was pretty good and they weren’t holding back, the cup was filled to the rim! I had a lot more left over. 128076🏻

The churros itself was okay, I feel that Don’s Churros are a bit undercooked for my taste. But I was able to satisfy my craving anyway.

I kind of regretted the small six-stick set. I wished I opted for the larger serving because by the time I got to the car I was already trying to take teeny tiny bites to extend my experience with these tasty morsels.

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Roy T.
3.0 Stars

bought one because i thought it's the same with Don Churros we had in Legazpi Sunday Market! 128514

Their version was just okay. I found it a bit tough and dry. Pretty cheap for I got this at 80pesos or less?

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Jacqui T.
4.0 Stars

I Churros you! In case you're just craving for some churros.

6 pieces of good short churros sticks and hot chocolate dip for less than 60 pesos. Yummy, but you have to order 2 or better get their long sticks 'cause it was sooooo bitin! Their place is a booth outside the mall (beside CBTL) and they don't have enough seats for the customers. You have no choice, but to take it out.

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Isha S.
3.0 Stars

I've been craving churros for a while now after I had a conversation with one of my friends about what the best churros in town are.

Good thing we stumbled upon this churros stall. I ordered the six pieces for 45 pesos + additional for dip. They have several dips to choose from including chocolate, dulce de leche, strawberry and blueberry. I picked chocolate. You can also opt to have your churros coated with cinnamon and sugar, which I did. They also offer filled churros and drinks.

The churros are pretty small, about a little bit over the length and diameter of my fingers haha. But they're nice and crunchy-soft, fresh out of the deep fryer. The chocolate dip is kinda runny and lacks flavor. There's also only a small amount of it. Overall, pretty okay experience.

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3.0 Stars

I like how crispy the churros are but I just can't bring myself to enjoy any churros with a drippy dip that goes with it. I like my dips thick and dark. Theirs actually taste good but it's more like a mediocre kind. It's also very loaded with sugar btw, they don't skimp on this, so for the sweet tooth's out there, you're all gonna like it. Btw, actually had this from the pergola branch at BF 128513128513128513

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Ginny B.
5.0 Stars

woohoo! didn't expect much from this very unassuming kiosk beside Krazy Garlik, but surprise surprise! freshly cooked, non-greasy, crispy and slightly chewy churros are served in approximately 5mins!

what makes me love it aside from its satisfactory taste is its VERY affordable price points:

PHP35 for 4 sticks (add PHP10 for dip)
PHP45 for 6 sticks (add PHP10 for dip)
PHP120 for 15 sticks (comes w/ 2 dips)

no need to drown it in chocolate coz the churros are 128076128076128076

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