Donu Pork & Beef Grill

Polaris St., Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila

Donu Pork & Beef Grill
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Yrika A.
3.0 Stars

after days of samgyupsal craving... finally we ate it! my boyfriend treated me here at donu's since it was one of the nearest pork bbq pub from BGC.

the price ranges of their unli samgyupsal are
pork bbq + buffet ~ P399
pork bbq + beef bbq + buffet ~ P499

their buffet choices are limited. we were not satisfied.

pork cuts are kinda thick.

all in all we still enjoyed since we were starving!

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

One Friday night, I didn't have any plans and I had around 2 hours to kill because of coding. Good thing that an officemate of mine who also loves to eat was also waiting out the traffic so we searched for places where we can eat.

I saw here in |ooloo that Donu serves unlimited pork and beef 10084️ So we walked from Paseo de Roxas to Jupiter 128514 (to build up an appetite)

We really enjoyed the unlimited pork and beef! I like having my samgyupsal crispy and the cuts here in Donu was a good cut to get that crispiness without it being all crisp. 128077🏼

They also have side dishes available at their buffet area, complete with make-your-own bibimbap. 128513 I also got some tteokbokki but they were thick and a tad bit undercooked.

I was watching a Korean series a few days before this and they kept featuring a dish called yukgaejang, which is spicy shredded beef soup with noodles. I was quite curious and my friend liked spicy food too so we got one. It was okay, not that spicy and it's not the usual Korean flavor I'm used to.

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5.0 Stars

While I was in Jakarta, a friend of mine told me that DoNu (도누) is now offering an eat-all-you-can experience and i just had to try it! I was sooo excited, I didn't go home and went straight here from the airport to indulge myself in authentic Korean dishes.

Lunch - P399 (Mon-Fri) and P499 (Sat-Sun)
Dinner - P499 (Mon-Sun)

If you want value for money, then this place should be on top of your list! Hehe! They serve all kind of Banchan (반찬) plus a lot of other Korean dishes to choose from! Japchae (잡채), Kimbap (김밥), Soondae (순대), Jok bal (족발), Boodae Jiggae (부대 찌게), Spicy chicken (양념 치킨) and many more! Another thing that you will like is you can even make your own Bibimbap (비빔밥)! They also have Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips as part of the buffet!

Samgyeopsal (삼겹살) isn't served in the buffet area but will be served to you once you're already settled in your table. It's unlimited pork and beef. The slices are not so thin and not so thick, and you can actually cook it as crispy as you wanted just like how you like your bacon is served.

If you're out with your friends and wanted to have some drinks, then you may actually get some beer (맥주) and get a buffet for the unlimited chicken! Haha! Chi-maek (치맥) all the way!

It's a really good deal! They also have a branch in Greenhills and of course here in Makati just along Polaris st. (Going to El Chupacabra).

아 맛있다! 128055128061

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Ian P.
4.0 Stars

2nd time to dine here with the wife. We love the food! Price wise cheaper than other Korean restaurants in town. Korean owners and very authentic.
Problem was some Korean patrons were smoking who clearly violated the anti smoking law and my wife is pregnant. Luckily they killed their cigarettes and smoked outside.
Beyond that I recommend this place

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5.0 Stars

DoNu grill is a 24hrs Korean restaurant and is by far the closest taste from the ones you can eat in Korea!

They have generous servings for Banchan (반찬) and you could also ask the servers to give you a refill. Their Kimchi (김치) is actually being imported from Korea and you could also buy from them!

Their Osam Bulgogi (오삼 불고기) is actually really good! One of my favorites! It is actually quite better than the one I had when i was taking a vacation in Korea!

I love their Kimchi Stew (김치 찌개) as well! I don't usually eat rice with this one! Most of their meals is actually good for two! Unless you haven't eaten all day!

If you happen to have extra Korean won as well, you may use it to pay your bill, just as long as the Korean owner is there! A ₩1,000 can already buy you a Melona Ice cream and you even get a P5 change even if you refuse it! Hehehe such a 귀여워 아저씨!

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Stacy C.
4.0 Stars

I was not fond of korean dishes but this place "opened" my palette to their cuisine. Their Samgyupsal is our usual recovery food after happy hours in Makati. I agree with other reviewers when they said that they have unlimited supply of their limited appetizers. Hehe.

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Ralph C.
4.0 Stars

Food reviews aren't my stuff but for the good love of all things Korean esp the FOOD, I'd recommend to try this somewhat low-keyed kitchen at the heart of Makati Ave/Poblacion area dubbed as the city's entertainment-hub (well, I was alluding to red-lighted bars and stuff like those...) 127982127982128678128678128516

Their Samgyeopsal may really be worth trying for its kind-of-a-bit-cheapskate price tag. Also have tried their pajeon and it was quite a lot better from other korean pizza/pancakes I've ever tried. Our samgyeopsal-bibimbap-pajeon combo was hell a lot better than we've expected and 'good one' at least for korean food-lovers to try. 128077

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Chichi T.
4.0 Stars

Underrated Korean restaurant in Makati. Didn't know this existed. Until I saw it last night while looking for parking. The piggy sign really called me folks.128055 Plus, Salt was fully booked. So we tried this unfamiliar restaurant.

To my friends, they know how much I love Korean food. The likes of Jumong, Makchang, Ye dang, Korean Village, Jang ga Nae and of course Sam won have been my go to place. If someone is craving for Korean food, those are the "not commercialized" authentic Korean restaurants on my list. And I'm so happy I'll add this hidden gem 128077

They serve unlimited appetizers 128077 However it's unlimited yes, but limited in choices 128078

I love their grilled meats. The only missing was the marinated ones, I didn't see it in their menu. Maybe I was too famished to look further.

My Korean food staples:

Bibimbap. Oh guys don't get fooled, it's really good 128077 Even if it has so much veggies than rice? 128517

Pajeon: This was good. But then where's the usual sauce? 128513 Although it's not bad for the price.

Galbichim: We didn't order cause we were really too full to function 128517128523

We've ordered the beef jowl and Samgyupsal. Good grilled meats. Add some lettuce and their kind of coleslaw plus the sauces offered, definitely a hearty meal. Comfort food for Korean Food lovers.

Donu, not bad. Not bad at all 128077

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Paola P.
5.0 Stars

This place, for me, offers the most authentic Korean food in the metro! I recommend this place very, VERY much cause everything was so delicious, and yet, at an affordable price. We were the only Filipinos eating at the place during that time; everyone else was Korean. The place doesn't look fancy, though. Definitely coming back for more! 10084

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