Draft Restaurant & Brewery

2/F Power Plant Mall, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

Draft Restaurant & Brewery
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Most Recent Reviews

Pat D.
4.0 Stars

This is my first time to dine at Draft. I really thought this was just a place for drinking but I was shocked that they also offer good food and non alcoholic drinks.

Food 11088110881108811088
➡️ Draft Angus Tapa- not bad for P250. The angus tapa was really soft and it was marinated well (garlic, calamansi, sugar and soy sauce). One small comment would be the garlic fried rice. I didn't like it that much. They also have other breakfast items like their steak and eggs and corned beef hash
➡️ Chicken Fingers P240- it was served with honey mustard and gochujang aloli. Generous serving
➡️ Bleu Cheeseburger 2.0 P450- You can never go wrong with bacon onion jam and bleu cheese. The meat was cooked well and is definitely a must try! More frites please haha
➡️ We tried their cranberry P90 and mango juice P85

Price 1108811088110881108811088
➡️ Good food that is Affordable. Price just right

Service & Ambience 11088110881108811088
➡️ Ang bilis ng service! Our food was served right on time. No long wait
➡️ Friendly staff. They just need to smile a lot more.
➡️ I love the ambience, the interiors and the lights

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

BOGO Stella’s in Draft.

Our after dinner drinks because we were left bored going around the mall. We were waiting for a show in Pineapple Lab nearby. I guess our wine and Shawa Wama was not enough.

Forgot to ask why the drinks were BOGO. This was about 630 PM on a Saturday so maybe it was happy hour. Paid 300.

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Jacexperience V.
5.0 Stars

Wood design interior. I love the al-fresco area, feels like you are in the poolside without the pool. Haha! :D

🍽 FOOD & 127865DRINKS (What caught the attention of my tongue):

What was introduced to us were their Food Selection with their beer pairings

I would highlight the food since if you are going to ask me, I'd pair anything with HOEGAARDEN ROSEE. Haha!!! :D

1.  Gangnam Beef Stew (P550)
- Best paired with Leffe Brune
- Korean Beef stew braised for 3 hours with gochujang. Light spiciness yet sweet and the korean beef meat is like marshmallows, soft and tender. 128076

2. Peri-Peri Chicken (P380)
- Best paired with Paulaner Hefe Dunkel
-This may look like your regular chicken rice meal but this South African spicy flame grilled chicken h will surprise you with it's superb taste. Tangy with a little kick of spiciness. Mauubos mo agad.

3. Truffled Bacon Mac & Cheese (P395)
- Best paired with Paulaner Muncher Heil
- the truffle with the Mac & Cheese gives it an earthy taste.

4. Laksa Mussel Pot (P780)
- Best paired with Paulaner Naturtrub
- Laksarap!!! :D 

5. Dark Chocolate Mudcake (P290)

128134‍♂️ SERVICE:

Superb service!!! :D


Parking is located in the Powerplant area.


FACEBOOK: @jacexperience
INSTAGRAM: @jacexperience
YOUTUBE: Jacexperience

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Anj C.
5.0 Stars

It’s newly renovated ambiance in Rockwell has a modern and homey vibe but still follow an industrial look as its own heritage. They’re one of the premier Gastropub in the country with a strong following for a convivial European style of casual dining and beer drinking. Currently, there’s 4 branches located in Greenbelt, Alabang, Ortigas and here, Rockwell.

Right now, they still serve premium European draft beers and bottled beers with known brands such as Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Paulaner and many other artisan brews. What I like about them is that they have great pairings for their food. Here’s what they recommend:

Laksa Mussel Pot – Malaysian spicy red coconut curry, half kilo Chilean Mussels served with Fries, Sourdough and Aioli. I like the blending of curry and coconut. The mussels were fresh too and cooked to . I appreciate the sourdough on the side too as it balances all the strong flavor.

Beer Pair: Paulaner Naturtrub

Sisig Pizza – Homemade Sisig pizza with green chili relish, Aioli and topped with soft boiled egg. What more can you ask for? You have Sisis and Pizza in one dish. Totally worth all the calories.

Beer Pair: Stella Artois

Chicken Cracklings – Crispy Chicken Skin served with homemade Pinakurat seasoned with Coffee-Togarashi spice. I love Pinakurat and I was glad as this is the perfect dip to any crispy there is! The spiciness level of this chow was not so high. You can still enjoy the Coffee-Togarashi spice in here.

Beer Pair: Little Creatures: Bright Ale

Gangnam Beef Stew – 3 hour Braised Korean Beef Stew in Gochujang served with steamed Rice. Now this is the real deal. The sauce has a tangy yet sweet taste. This could probably be compared with our Menudo with all that carrots and potatoes in there. This was topped with Sesame seeds which added a more distinct flavor to it.

Beer Pair: Leffe Brune

Peri Peri Chicken – South African spicy flame Grilled Chicken, with tangy spicy peri peri relish and buttered fine beans over steamed rice. The chicken was grilled perfectly and all the flavors were all through it not just the skin.

Beer Pair: Paulaner Hefe Dunkel

Paella Fiesta – This pot of Paella has Saffron, Tomato, Chicken, Crispy Pork Belly, Chorizo, Shrimp, Mussels, white Clams and Calamari. Everything was flavorful. My only suggestion would be to add meat on the rice too, not just on top of it.

Beer Pair: Hoegaarden Weissbier

There’s dessert available as well also with their best beer pairing.

TIramisu – Mascapone, coffee, savoardi, cocoa, Davao 70% dark chocolate. So decadent.

Beer Pair: Leffe Brune

Dark Chocolate Mud Cake – Davao 70% dark chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. I would order this once again if I’m in the area. It’s just so heavenly with the ice cream on top.

Beer Pair: Murphy’s Irish Stout.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Draft have always been one of the comfort place of my drinking buddies. Just swak not too loud music with good selection of beer. This time Draft want to highlight that they are more than just a drinking they have also good selection of dishes that goes well with beer or just for dinner. Me and some of other foodies got to be invited in this preview of some of their new dishes.

127866Laksa Mussel Pot - this is something that I want to have in this rainy season paired with a mug of beer. A chillax kind of dish.

127866Sisig Pizza - wow this one is really good. They were able to capture the flavor of sisig. Really good sisig in a form of pizza.

127866Chicken Cracklings - their version of fried chicken skin is infused with coffee-togarashi spice. It was hit or miss because of the little bitter flavor. For me it goes well with some beer that have a light flavor.

127866Fish and Chips - also love this one. This one is a perfect light meal. Love the delicious golden brown fish fillet.

127866Gangnam Beef Stew - my fave of the night. Korean beef stew. Soft tender meat. The kind of dish that will have you asking for more rice.

127866Peri-Peri Chicken - this one is okay not the kind of chicken that will get me wow. But overall it was good.

127866Paella Fiesta - this one is also super good. Love the super good seafood flavor of the paella.

127866Dessert - Tiramisu and Dark Choco mud cake. Both were super sinfully good. Glad that I save a space for dessert.

Overall Draft is one of the better choice for hanging out to grab some of the best choices of beer. Now they have completed it with some delicious dishes perfect.

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5.0 Stars

DRAFT Restaurant and Brewery formerly known as Draft Gastropub was the Premier Gastropub in the Philippines that garnered a strong following in Manila, with its convivial European style of casual dining and beer drinking finding a ready acceptance. A new concept for Manila then, the “gastropub” has been a popular concept of dining in a major metropolises worldwide in recent years until it was finally introduced to the country in 2011 with its maiden branch at the Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City. This was followed by other branches:

2012 - Rockwell
2013 - Greenbelt
2014 - Alabang
2017 - Ortigas

Today, Draft has reinvented its concept into becoming a full blown Restaurant and Brewery with one of its original branches Rockwell having been renovated and revitalized in terms of design and ambiance as if shifts to a more modern, comfortable and homier vibe but still having the touches of an industrial pub look that does not veer far away from its heritage.

Its revitalized concept now communicates itself as an all around hang out venue whether you’re up for contemporary comfort meals catering to every palate, drinking a great craft or popular commercial beer brew or you’re just looking for a place to sit back, relax, dine and drink with family and friends in a welcoming and homey environment. And more to that, Draft also cover to catering to several different events.

We were able to try the following new dishes of Draft Restaurant and Brewery with the suggested pairing of crafted/ imported beers

127866Laksa Mussel Pot - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“Malaysian spicy red coconut curry, half-kilo Chilean Mussels served with frites, sourdough and aioli”
Beer Pair: Paulaner Naturtrub

127866Sisig Pizza - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Homemade sisig pizza finished with green chili relish, aioli and topped with soft boiled egg”
Beer Pair: Stella Artois

127866Chicken Cracklings - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“Crispy Chicken Skin served with homemade pinakurat seasoned with coffee-togarashi spice”
Beer Pair: Little Creatures Bright Ale

127866Fish and Chips - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Beck’s Beer battered white fish fillet filled served with tartar sauce side salad and frites.”
Beer Pair: Beck’s Beer

127866Gangnam Beef Stew - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“3 Hour Braised Korean beef stew in gochujang served with steamed rice”
Beer Pair: Lette Brune

127866Peri-peri Chicken - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“South African spicy flame grilled chicken with tangy spice periperi relish and buttered fine beans over steamed rice”
Beer Pair: Paulaner Hefe Dunkel

127866Paella Fiesta - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Saffron, tomato, chicken, crispy pork belly, chorizo, shrimp, mussels, white clams and calamari”
Beer Pair: Hoegaarden Weissbier

127866Truffled Bacon Mac and Cheese - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Baked macaroni with double smoked bacon, truffle cream, mozzarella, cheddar and Grana Padano”
Beer Pair: Pulaner Munchner Hell

For me, you must try the Gangnam Beef Stew, Sisig Pizza and Truffled Mac and Cheese. If want a sweet pairing go for Rosee Hoegaarden, if not go for Stella Artois.

Draft Restaurant and Brewery still serving the premium quality European draft beers and an impressive selection of bottled beers with famous brands matched with a more extensive food menu. It is also continues its traditional to be passionate about serving a world class drinking and dining experience to everyone.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

16 May 2018
Wednesday, 6:00PM

Served With:

Laksa Mussel Pot P780
Sisig Pizza (Must Try!!) P320
Chicken Cracklings P195
Fish & Chips P340
Gangnam Beef Stew P550
Peri-Peri Chicken (Must Try!!) P380
Paella Fiesta P580
Truffled Bacon Mac and Cheese P395
Tiramisu P250
Dark Chocolate Mud Cake P290

Draft’s newly renovated restaurant opened its doors to loyal customers starting February 2018. Totally liking the overall design and interiors. Toilet is definitely neat too! However, only one toilet is allocated for he/she so I can imagine how crowded it gets during busy hours. Despite that, I like the ambience and overall feel which makes me feel confident I can go hours hanging out at this place. Whether it’s just chlling out with friends or perhaps an event/seminar you can come up with, this is ideal for big groups or any get together.

Interestingly, food and drinks have evolved through the years. Management made sure to spice up and play a little with what to offer customers or find more exciting food pairings with your all time favorite craft beers or brew. Peri-peri and sisig pizza need more attention!! The usual chicken fingers or fish and chips we order can now be replaced by these two so don’t forget to try them! From memory, paella fiesta has been generously served with shrimp, mussel and calamari so it’s also a good dish to order.

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