Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe

Purok 157 Tagaytay-Calamba Rd., Tagaytay, Cavite

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe
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Nee C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

The World need dreamers 128171 and the World 🗺 needs doers . But above all , the World needs Dreamers who do! 128525

Last Saturday finally we had our Summer Family outing after I had my Hysteroscopy operation 2 weeks ago. Summer is not yet over for me so this is our pahabol getaway before kids go back to school . I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in Tagaytay and finally I was able to check ✅ my food bucketlist. Dreamland Arts Cafe is one of my dream foodie destination .

Last June 2, we left Manila at 6am then we arrived at Dreamland Arts and Cafe Tagaytay around 8:30 am. Glad there was no customer yet when we arrived , lucky we are because the place is usually pack on weekends .

Dreamlands Arts and Cafe is a homey place that caters to all Dreamers like me , the doers and thinkers , artists and crafters, located at Purok 157 Barangay SAN JOSE Tagaytay City. Nearest landmark is McDonald’s Tagaytay and what’s good is they are open 24/7!

So now listen and read my story carefully so we can all Dine and Dream Together 12852512817110024in this Cafe full of positive vibes 128525

Before we went here , I have read some reviews already that they served good food , they have a very nice ambience but the service was too slow . But hey! I’m not the person who believes right away , to see is to believe. I told to myself that I have to see it first before i judge too quickly. It doesn’t mean that if other reviewers had bad experiences, it will happen to me too, it’s not like that . Don’t be quick to judge 128105‍⚖️.

The moment we enter the Cafe, we were greeted all smiles by the Dreamland staffs wearing those cool indie uniforms. Then we saw so many crafts for sale like Dream catcher headgears and a lot more . Then we had picture taking 128247128241. After that, we check out their Dreamers Menu.


Our menu is a collection of comfort food and family recipes with a twist of something healthy all made with love and lots of good vibes!

-Hippiest Potato Nachos - P185
-they used their signature Indiego's crispy mojos for the chips
-cheese and minced beef
-chopped bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber,

-Crafty Quesadilla - P205
-big whole wheat tortilla
*6 slices, 10"

-Indie Green Salad (served inna jar, serve with white deep bowl) - P185
dressing choices:
*Caesar's, strawberry vinaigrette

-Toasted Garlic - P105
-Pizza Mini- P175
-Hippie Cheezy (bell pepper+minced beef+caramelized onion) - P145

NOTE: All our POTATOES are FRESH and NOT frozen. NOT half cooked and NO preservatives.
They only slice and deep fry them when you order! FRESH POTATOES takes longer to cook for about 15-20mins. ️

-Indiego's Crispy Mojos
*SQUAD - P165
-Quisha's Sour Cream Potato Wedges
*SQUAD - P165
-Jammin's Spicy Herby Potato Wedges
*SQUAD - P185
-Yoome's Cheezy Potato Wedges
*SQUAD - P185

<Dreamer's Heavy Hearty Meals>

-Good Vibes inna' Wrap
-served with cheezy potato wedges
*chicken - P185
*beef - P225
*tuna - P185
*veggies - P165

-Indie Wings of Love - P225
chicken flavor: glazed with their signature sweet and spicy nut sauce
*choice of Sour Cream or Spicy Herby potato wedges

-Surfing Pishy Pops - P225
*choice of Sour Cream or Spicy Herby potato wedges

-Indie Green Burger - P205
-beef patty
*served with Crispy Mojos

-Indie Wings and Waffle Greens - P245
3 wings, 2 matcha waffle

*served with Moringa garlic bread
-Indie Yana's Cheezy Baked Mac - P185
-Petita's Tuna Pasta - P165
-Laie's Lasagna - P185
-Blazin' Chicken - P175

<Dreamer's Green-e-Rice inna' Bowl>
*served with Moringa garlic rice
-Hippie Wings of Love - P160
-Dreaming Dory - P145
*cream dory fillet with tartar sauce - change with tuna
-Shanghai Ni Ruth (pork) - P120
-Tap-a-Dream (pork) - P165
-Indie Spicy Chic - (chicken fillet) P145

-6pcs. - P320
-8pcs. - P420
-15pcs. - P620

*SOLO - P30
*SQUAD - P120
-White Rice
*SOLO - P25
*SQUAD - P100

<Dreamer's Combo Meals>

-Indiego - P285
*rice+indie wings+crispy mojos
+honeymansi juice+matcha mambo

-Indieyana -P285
*baked mac+garlic bread+indie wings +honeymansi juice+matcha mambo

-Blaze - P285
*rice+pishypops+crispy mojos
+pinomansi+matcha mambo

-Hailey - P360
*lasagna+garlic bread+indie wings
+moringamansi+matcha mambo

<Dreamer's Squad Meals>

-Squad ni Tsang
wrap+wings+mojos+matcha mambo+honeymansi pitcher
*4 dreamers - P1699
*10 dreamers - P2699

-Squad ni Tsong
Pasta+wings+garlic bread+matcha mambo+honeymansi pitcher
*4 dreamers - P1799
*10 dreamers - P2899

-Squad ni Mamung
wings+green-e-rice+salad+matcha mambo+honeymansi pitcher
*4 dreamers - P1699
*10 dreamers - P2899

-Squad ni Papung
Pishypops+wings+rice+salad+matcha mambo+honeymansi pitcher
*4 dreamers - P1799
*10 dreamers - P3199

[just add P80 to upgrade for indie healthy cooler]

Dreamer's Delights
-Mamung's Matcha Mambo - P95 (with yinyang pattern, nutella syrup/panucha
-Indie Greentea Affogato - P125
-Sylvanillas Crunch - P125
*sylvannas with vanilla frozen yoghurt
-SansDREAMval - P160
-Artsy Matcha Waffle - P285
-DIY Nutella Smore's Delight
*sharing - P185
*squad - P260
-Ali's Cheesecake Tower - P300
-Solid Breakfast Bowl (cereals+vanilla icecream+fruits) - P200
*choose two fruits:

HOT n' COLD - Your call fellow dreamer!
(You can order this hot or cold)
-Barakong Batangueño - P100
-Tsokolateng Batangueña - P120
-Choco Lendy - P120
-Mocha Belle - P150
-MatchaRap - P150
*Solo - P80
*Sharing - P120
*Squad - P180

Indie Healthy Coolers
*Orig'Mix by Tsong n' Tsang
-Indie Green's Kalamychee
-Indie Green’s Moringa Mansi
-Indie Minty Strawberry
-Indie Minty Pinomansi
-Indie Pinky Lemonade
*Solo - P120
*Sharing - P160
*Squad - P200

-Matcha ni Tsang - P240
(matcha+banana+roasted almonds)
-Matcho ni Tsong - P220
(chocolate+fresh mint)
-Java Lava - P210
-Mocha Loca - P220
-Choco Loco - P230
-Cookies n' Dream - P230
-Strawberries n' Stellars - P220
-Uberly Gerry - P220
(Ubeng halaya+banana)
-Indie Berderako Jelly - P220
-Avocado George - P220 (seasonal)
-Dream de Leche - P220
-Coko Chocnut - P210

*Mix your Own smoothie!
1 flavor - P125
2 flavor - P145
3 flavor - P185
4 flavor -P200


Add ons: - P25
mint, honey, yakult, almonds, matcha




Orig' Mix by Tsong & Tsang

{fruit wine + fruits + mint)

{Honeymansi + Jagermeister + mint}

*SOLO - P180
*SQUAD - P600/750



Limited and exclusively brewed for Dreamland!

-Just add P80 for beer match!
(Spicy Herby or Crispy Mojos)

So many choices right but we had the following dish for breakfast . We started with appetisers , Yoomes Cheesy Potato 🥔 Wedgez. Served so hot and cheesy 🧀. I was surprised that the service was too fast, very opposite from the reviews that I read . Good job Dreamland 128077 then I had their best seller Dreaming Dory, green rice with very soft and creamy dory fish , another best seller then hubby had Dreamers Heavy Hearty Meals , good vibes Inna Wrap 🌯 two wraps served with potato wedges too.and lasagna was good too! Serving here at Dreamland was very generous 128591128077

We really enjoyed our food, no WIFI here so you can enjoy the place , food and your fellow dreamers company 128525

Dreamland also had a branch in Batangas and has BED and Breakfast there . You can even have your dreamiest events here like debut, or even marriage proposal here .

This is one of my best breakfast 🍽127774 so magical 12775210024128171 Every corner of this cafe will definitely uplift your spirit 128171

dreamlandartsandcafetagaytay #dreamlandph #indiegreenculture #dreamers #dreamlandtagaytay #whenintagaytay

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Clari R.
4.0 Stars

Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café, a homey place targeted to all dreamers as well as doers, thinkers, artists and crafters.

Just look at that lovely interior and colorful decorations. Everywhere you look you’ll find something that would brighten your day – dreamcatchers of every color and size, inspirational quotes as well as arts & crafts (that you can buy). Even the tables, seats and stairs don’t break theme.

Indeed, Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café will inspire you to dream and conquer. What’s great about this is they won’t let you conquer the world on an empty stomach! 128521

Take note that the main attraction is their arts & crafts and their food is their secondary offering. Moreover, Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café is not a a fast food chain which means that they cook your food upon ordering. Though it might take a while (depending on your order), you’ll get to eat good food cooked with love and NO preservatives.

The café serves Dreamer’s Starters, Dreamer’s Combo Meals, Dreamer’s Squad Meals, Dreamer’s Heavy Hearty Meals, Pasta-inna-Taza, some Indie Healthy Coolers and of course, some Dreamer’s Delights.

For this trip, we tried their Nachos, Lasagna and Tapa as well as Mango and Mango Banana Shake (no picture).

Despite the warning that they “cook slow”, the service was fast and people were accommodating as reflected in their café’s ambiance. Actually, even if they don’t serve your food fast there are multiple things to do there. You can explore the place, check out the items and take pictures.

What about the food, you ask? Though simple, the food was good and serving ample. But what made the food taste even better was the company that day and the perfect environment Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café provided.

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Queen B Y.
2.0 Stars

I liked that the place had the dreamcatcher vibe but the food is not really good. I've been to this place when it just opened and not yet known in Tagaytay and the crew were still attentive and fast. However when we returned recently, service sucked. We waited more than an hour for the food and the taste is so so. Their kitchen I think is small and maybe they are understaffed or they dont have a good process on their preparation of food to make it really delicious and still make the the service faster. Lots of mosquitoes in the rooftop. I think they should improve or rethink their resto concept. I think this is only a place with lots of dreamcatchers and artsy stuff but also found the things they sell pricey. If they improve on their resto food and service maybe I'll consider returning.

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Iya D.
4.0 Stars

I wrote a review for Dreamland through my blog. Hope you like it guys! http://bypkmh.blogspot.com/2017/10/dreamland-arts-and-crafts-cafe.html

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Leeya G.
4.0 Stars

A place of dream catchers 128139

✔️Venue: small and few tables
✔️Ambience: relaxing
✔️Cleanliness: not that okay, because of lack of manpower servers can't accommodate the cleaning part immediately.
✔️Staff: lack of manpower, means we didn't get the full service that we are suppose to have.
✔️Price: affordable, they also have sharing meals. I only paid 150php for my share 128077🏻
✔️Food: it was delicious! Especially the mojos! 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻 but sad part was we have to cancel our shakes because we have waited for 30-35minutes for our shakes. The reason of the long list of pending orders was "lack of manpower"

All in all place is good, food is 128077🏻 although service sucks a bit. Hehehe! A must try 🙂

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Rachelle A.
4.0 Stars

I love the ambiance! No wifi meaning you have more time to talk to your friends and that's what they highly encourage. You can play games like sungka, game of the generals, snakes and ladders or in our case, Jenga! The loser will pay for the pizza mini (160php) which is also good but since we are all competitive, we ended up dividing the payment equally.

I ordered tsokolateng batangueno (hot drink) and I was surprised with the big mug but it's too sweet! My friend highly recommended their lychee yakult (cold drink).

Overall, it's a bit pricey and good for pica pica (not recommended for heavy meals). But the place is really like dreamland! I can say it's "instagram-worthy!" I will definitely go back! 128522

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

Whenever I am in Tagaytay, rain is always there also 128549
I never enjoyed Tagaytay with rain while roaming around.

I really wanted to try this artsy cafe and has a rasta vibe when you get in. But to my surprise, the place was too small that it can accommodate approximately 10 to 15 guests max. And my timing was bad. I have to wait for my turn in which I was 5th on the list, and have to wait again for 60 to 75 mins for your foods to be served. Of course you can do advance order but dude! The people who were earlier than I on the waiting list was a group of 5 to 10 pax!

So instead of pushing through, since it is going late at night and I have to travel back to MNL, I convinced myself that I should comeback some other time. 128532128148

Sneaking out through their menu, I saw that the price range of the beverages are 200 to 300 per order.

I swear I will be back here! I love reggae! 127926🇬🇳

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Ishi C.
4.0 Stars

Food: 110881108811088
Beverage: 110881108811088
Service: 1108811088
Kitchen Service: 1108811088
Ambience: 1108811088110881108811088
Value for Money:11088110881108811088


Long-a-Dream - P200
🍽 I am always a fan of breakfast food. There is nothing really special about it, just rice, egg, and longganisa. I love their longganisa though, it's not all the time the i get to eat the kind of longganisa that could really satisfy my tastebuds.

Lorie's Lasagna - P180
🍽 Now this one didn't turn out really good at all. There was something in it that tasted really odd and inappropriate.

Tsokolateng Batangueña - P120
🍽 Nothing special about it.


Only if you are a hispter and you are into arts and crafts and everything in between.

TIPS: Don't come here while you have a hungry stomach because as written on their table numbers, they cook slow and right. It took almost an hour for our food to be served. No wifi because as they said, you should disconnect to connect. Social media detox it is! Should you want to give them a try, try visiting on a weekday because as per experience on a Sunday, the space wasn't enough for the number of people they were accomodating.

VERDICT: You have no idea how much i love lights, dream catchers, and boho music which explains why i gave 4 stars for value for money despite the long wait, claustrophobia, and imperfection on food. You wouldn't mind the waiting time for the food because you will be too busy enjoying the place anyway. The place is magical which made every second of the visit worth it. Service staff were accomodating, polite, and friendly. I left the place with a smile on my my face and a few longganisa-smelling-burps! 128523

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Aditha B.
2.0 Stars

I disliked it.

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

We had a staycation in Crosswinds and we decided to also try Dreamland while we're in Tagaytay. The place is full of dream catchers and is full at the time. I like the concept of having a 2nd floor (standing on the 2nd floor is not possible) and have guests indian seat on their tables.

We ordered the following:

Tapa P180
Spam a Dream P180
Choco loco fondue P180
Smores P180
And their coolers which is a mix of calamansi and cucumber P200

The upstairs space was able to accommodate 13 guests since a friend's family showed up. We enjoyed the food and the place. Just don't stay too long upstairs. Oh and you can also borrow games and cards from the counter.

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3.0 Stars

Tagaytay Food Crawl

10th Stop - Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe

While waiting for our order, Midz and I went to Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe to check the 24/7 and trending cafe. They also have branch in Batangas. Outside it was filled by hanging dream catchers also they're signage with dream catchers too. Inside there were lots of dream catchers again (why not they named the cafe Dream Catchers! LOL 128514) and Christmas lights. Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe was in full house mode when we visited the place and there's a queue in the counter and waiting list to be seated outside. So we managed to get a drink and took some photos and go back to Red Bus Diner with our Green Tea Frappe.

127861 Green Tea Kitkat Frapp for Php220.00 (Green Tea Frappuccino topped with Whipped Cream and Kitkat Green Tea) - 1108811088️ 2/5
"It's not a Green Tea! The powderized matcha blended with ice and milk was so bland. Ang tabang promise! Sayang yung Php220.00, medyo mahal ah tapos ganun lang!" 128534

What I like to Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe is their uniqueness and colorful dream catchers. They're very accommodating too in spite of many customers. But they need to have clean Comfort Room, smell "mapanghe"...

Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe is located at Ground Floor, Verazza Hotel, Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Tagaytay City. Open 24-Hours.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

The ambiance of the place is what drew me to this small cafe along Tagaytay. From the dark walkway loaded with lightbulbs, to the corner with lots of paintings and dreamcatchers, up to the second floor, this place sure feels magical.

We were in awe, but that didn't last very long, as the crowded space of the cafe suddenly got to us. The space wasn't enough for the number of people it was accommodating! It kinda turns you into a claustrophobic 128518 so after allowing the place to captivate us, and after taking a few photos, we ordered a drink and got out of the cafe. Yes, we took our drink OUTSIDE.

Green Tea KitKat P220
If you try very hard and savor the drink, you'll be able to taste a small hint of the green tea. But in totality, it was really bland, almost as if it was just milk with whipped cream on top. Perhaps it's because the staff are really pressed for time due to the number of customers (and most of them have already been following up on their orders).

I have to admit, the ambiance of the place was worth the visit. So, for those who also want to be fascinated by the place, good news for you, as this place is open 24 hours! Try not to go here on a peak schedule.

I hope I can give this place another shot next time, perhaps to order more than just drinks, but I'll make sure that when that time comes, the place isn't too crowded.

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Jemmelyn J.
5.0 Stars

Anyone who love arts, dreamcatchers, hamsa and everything nice will definitely love this place. It's a nice place to hang out and catch up with your friends. The food are served hot because they cook it as you order, foods are for sharing. Would recommend tap-a-dream ( it has been always my favorite) Nachos and tuna wraps are ftw as well. It was my first time to eat bacon cheese fries and it's a must try. 128076🏻 enjoyed visiting the place all over again and will definitely comeback!

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

We first went to starbucks tagaytay but it was so full and line at the counter was so loong. We decided to look for other place... bag of bean is closed... so its good that this place is open 24/7.

The interior was really nice. Ig worthy, up to the 2nd floor. Their drinks are not really good to be honest. And its quite pricey at 200 up. Restroom needs to be fixed. Its really warm inside.

But its a good alternative to the crowded coffee place.

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Meanne F.
5.0 Stars

I love this place because aside from their delicious food & desserts and their drinks.... It's open 24 hours for people like me who love to stay out at the wee hours of the day 🤗

I love everything about this place! Let me name a few things. 128522

- You can borrow game boards, paint or read a book.
- I keep coming back for the brazo de mercedes 128525
- Drinks can be shared not only by 2 people.
- Try the Sangria
- Try the Honeymansi
- They serve healthy drinks too.
- They sell art and craft stuff.
- Food is also good but might be a bit pricy for some people P150-300 per meal.

But the best thing about this restaurant is the place itself... As you enter the door you'll feel giddy and all hahaha 128522

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

My friends and I were looking for a place to kill time as we've arrived at Tagaytay at around 3am. We searched and discovered this place.

Dreamland is such an artsy place. You'll see dreamcatchers everywhere! Beautiful!

I actually spent around 45 min just to take pictures in every corner of this cafe. 128584

P.S. You can borrow board games (chess, boggle, and snakes and ladders) while enjoying your drink. Oops, they also have books in the counter! Yup, they are open 24/7.

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