DreamPlay by DreamWorks

UG/F City of Dreams Manila, Aseana Ave. cor. Roxas Blvd., Entertainment City, Parañaque, Metro Manila

DreamPlay by DreamWorks
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Haidee C.
5.0 Stars

My daughter had a great time! We will definitely go back

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Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

for kids and kids-at-heart.

staff were courteous, place clean and the activities were for both kids and adults

food quite expensive (calamansi juice for ₱180). nachos’ good, though 128521

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Yshkael C.
5.0 Stars

For kids... and the kids at heart out there!

It is actually my second time here and I would say, the crowds have definitely died down as compared to coming here after it just opened.

You can basically enjoy all the attractions without having to fall in line. Way way way better than before! 128079🏻128079🏻128079🏻

We had 4 hours to enjoy the whole place. For me, that was pretty enough already.

I especially enjoyed the Kung Fu Panda Training grounds cause this is the more "adult-y" attraction. I like heights. I am all for adventure that is why these obstacles are my kind of thing!

I also recommend the gingerbread cookie making class! It was fun and you get to eat your creation afterwards as well. I just wish that they gave us more time to decorate our cookies.

Remember to also bring some extra clothes cause you'll really sweat after doing a lot of the activities here!!!

There is also an ongoing BPI promo. Simply use your credit card and you get a free meal and unlimited drink that comes with your ticket.

My family surely had a blast here at Dreamplay! I definitely recommend you guys to check this place out ! 9786

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Coco R.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Glenzy C.
5.0 Stars

Dreamworks Dreamplay is amazing! It's like your'e in a Dreamland.. My kids enjoyed every activity here. I personally love the Dream Theatre, It's 4-D effect was truly an awesome cinema experience. How I wish I was a kid again.128521

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Muffy T.
3.0 Stars

Dreamplay is a small, interactive "theme park" inside hyatt's city of dreams in pasay. There are no rides, but instead you can find some games, obstacle courses, and building centers. You can explore and even earn badges for completing challenges for each attraction.

This place only allows adults to enter if they have kids between 1 and 17 years old. Although there are many things younger kids can do, the best time to visit is if they are about 5 and up. Not much to do here if you're an adult 128517

Some things to remember if you plan to visit for the first time:
- must have kids with you (17 years old and below)
- wear closed shoes and socks (no open shoes, sandals, etc)
- no outside food and drinks allowed

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Nicole S.
4.0 Stars

Great indoor playground for kids and adults alike.

Went on a Wednesday and there were not many people, it's like you have the whole place to yourself.

Don't forget to bring a jacket, sneakers, and socks if you will participate in the activities.

Food is pretty good as well!

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Clarisse D.
4.0 Stars

We went here last year when I was still considered a "kid" because I'm on the edge of the "kids" bracket who will eventually fall in a trap called "adulthood".

I enjoyed a lot being a sixteen and seventeen year old girl who had no worries that I can get to play freely in this playground. Red strap. Yes, red strap was the best thing I had when I was here a year ago.

But as everyone knows, time flies so fast I became an eighteen year old troubled lady who is so stressed about being successful that I needed some time to feel like a kid again just to feel at ease.

We were escaping the heavy traffic in Manila during Mayor Estrada's proclamation so my niece's dad decided that we play at dreamplay. He was also the one who got us tickets in our first dreamplay experience.

When we arrived there, he bought us tickets considering me and brother as adults. During my first time in dreamplay I saw people, some at my age, others older than me who can go freely in different attractions.

When we got our straps, a green one. I was so excited to try everything again because there were few people and I knew it will be more fun.

But damn, the crew said, "maam for red straps lang po."

Bumaba lahat ng dugo ko. I mean, WAAAAHHHT??? I looked at the guide leaflet and knew there are only four attractions that a green strap could go. I clearly got a "wth is happening with my day" face. I can't move on to the fact that I'll be walking around here for four hours doing nothing. It was exasperating.

Looking at the Thread of Enlightenment, where I perspired a lot before, makes me wish how happiness conquered me whenever I finish obstacles and the whole course.

The Stairway to heaven, the wall climbing thing, I miss it. I keep on insisting my younger brother to do everything, "do it for me." But he's so clingy he don't want to do it without me 🙄 palit tayo wristband.

The Shrek Swamp, yes I'm able to enter shrek swamp but it's not a good idea for people above 5'5. I had a crazy back ache due to going after my almost 2-year old niece who is so "G" in entering small holes. I also had headache, because my head keeps on banging the low ceiling. I wonder how Shrek manages to keep himself inside.

The cooking class!
Before: I was there. Wash hands. Kneading the dough. Listening to the crazy gingy. Designing my ginger bread man.
Now: taga picture sa kapatid ko.
Update: It was still a gingerbread but it looks like egg, not gingerbreadman. Maybe because some gingerbreadmen tried to run before??? No one will know.

Whatever floats your boat reminds me how bad an engineer I would be. My boat keeps sinking on its first meter.

Chez Gingy! We ordered a Margherita pizza which I found alright but a little too dry. The smoothies were also yummy for kids.

The dream theater! Yes! The thing I enjoyed before and still enjoyed now. The 4-D theatre, although they kept the same screening and just added the recent Kung Fu Panda, is still a fun way to remind me how I enjoyed being a kid I wanted to go back to my childhood. The water sprinkling and air pressure became more intense. Ha, that's what I signed up for.

The slides are for kids. I repeat, are for kids. It's okay to accompany children but sliding on your own when you are a six footer man who has large feet, please don't try. You might hurt other kids. Nakakaloka si kuya.

Well, the root of all my disappointments is the cashier. I don't blame everything to her. But if she really wanted every costumer to enjoy, should would have opened up all the matter regarding participation of kids and adult. She didn't even made clear of what are the scopes of red vs. green wristbands. Ugh, some places are too good to have low-quality service. But nahh, I still enjoyed my time going after my niece and taking pictures.

The next time would be better. Itataga ko yan sa puso kong bato. Hihi.

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Jennifer Lea U.
4.0 Stars

Wow. Kids has a big playground now.

We choose a 4-hr ticket for d kids and non participating ticket for us adults.

Always wear or bring socks if participating.
Make sure to eat b4 going in.
Go and register at d baking station first.
Watch the theater.
Do some animation at d dream studio.
Train in Kung fu with panda
Train your dragon to fly
Race your boats
Enjoy unlimited slides, walk on bridges and other obstacles.
Check your strength and fear of heights with wall climbing,

I hope they can lower the prices of their souvenir items. So expensive!

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Maria Clara Ysabel G.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Ana S.
5.0 Stars

Awesome to be a kid nowadays...! This place is a multi-sensory experience. Nice. Probably needs more seats at the dining area for parents/adults waiting for their tweens and kids, and better queuing for the cooking class thingy at Gingy's kitchen but, still totally awesome!

My three-year-old loved playing with the hammerphonic thingie (dunno what it's called but it looks like a cart with pipes you hit with plastic thingamajiggies that make sounds and you make music!)... He also enjoyed the dinotrax, the library (but no puppet show yet when we visited this place... It had just soft-opened), and the mirror outside the dream theater that spoke to people that came up to it. Very cool. His older cousins enjoyed the dream theater. The queue at the dream studio was quite long so we didn't experience that. Nice to know they have a party area on the second floor in case you'd like to have a kiddie party there. Thinking about it ... :)

We reserved our tickets ahead (online) so it was easy entry and we didn't really need to queue for a long time.

Just our luck, Shrek and Fiona were out having pictures taken with everyone. Very cool..! I had a lot of fun here as an adult especially because the ice cream choices reminded me of good old Coney Island...! Awwww...

Would probably explore the dragon section, the kung fu panda area the next time we come back to this place. The kung fu panda dojo looked interesting (for adults and kids alike). Gotta go on off-days unless you wanna struggle through the mob. :)

Happy place. :)

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Sandy V.
5.0 Stars

liked the gingerbread man decorating class for the kids

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Kids at heart! Mothers Day 2015 celebration part 2!128120127881

After we check out at Hyatt Hotel, We went straight to Dreamplay. Finally, we were able to check out this newly opened mini Unuversal Studios of Manila.

Went there around 2pm with my whole fam. Glad the line was still short for the selling of tickets, good thing someone is roaming around to check how many are you purchasing and explain to us the process and until we reach the counter everything was fast too.! Weekend ticket price for the kids is 480 for two hours and for adults its 270 pesos. If you want to extend you have to pay additional fee.

Take note: You must be aware of the time limit to avoid extension. You must strategize where to go
first and not to waste more time in one activity para malibot nyo lahat.

After payment, gotcha! our names were called and they put the cute dreamworks wristband on our hands, now ready to volt in!128074

We had picture taking at the entrance. Then the first stop is at the wall of destiny, im proud my kids Latrell Joshua L and Adelheid L overcome their fear of heights. Adelheid L finish the entire process good job anak128077 she's so brave!

Then they tried other activities like Thread of enlightenment,How to train your Dragon, We were able to try the dream theatre.Adults are allowed to join this activity. It was a short 10minutes but was fun.

We were able to have picture taking with Alex of Madagascar and Princess Fiona of Shrek. It was Priceless.

They have cafe called Chef Gingy, reminds me of Universal Studios, they offer pizza, fries etc. Got to try gelato 1 scoop for 110 pesos. Too bad i lost my change i dont know where128557

When the time is over we were happy that kids was almost tried all the attractions. We exit at the Dreamshop. This is my favorite part, bought my Dreamwork souvenir mug around 700 pesos and Master Po of Kung Fu Panda stuff toy for around 1,300 pesos.

I highly recommend this attraction. At least you dont need to buy plane tickets here128077

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5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Bea M.
4.0 Stars

DreamPlay is truly for the kids and kids-at-heart! Although the activities and the interactive games are good, It's okay to visit only once because their 4-hour package is more than enough to try all the attractions. What I liked about the most is the activity called "Baking lessons with GingerbreadMan". All in all, it was a fun and memorable experience 128077

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Denise L.
5.0 Stars

I am definitely a kid at heart so without knowing what activities were there, I was totally ready to kick some ass with their attractions.

We had our unit team building here with my bosses and co-interns. It might be weird to see a bunch of adults enter Dreamplay with unlimited passes but competition, was competition. Although our team didn't win, it was really fun trying all the attractions.

The entrance fee was P600+ for unlimited 4-hour 'rides'. I would recommend this if you're the type who's ready for some thrill.

I didn't expect Dreamplay to have such thrilling attractions. I absolutely love thrilling rides so I enjoyed in The Thread of Enlightenment, Leap of Faith, and Stairway to Heaven. I took my time in all of these attractions. Lol time to reevaluate my life choices once it's time to let go and jump. Lol.

The rides mentioned had a height limit of around 140cm, if I remember correctly. I suggest you bring your children who are 9y.o. and above and buy them the unli-ride bracelet. Otherwise, just buy your kids an entrance pass.

One more thing that I liked about this place was that their system was automated. Their bracelets had chips and for each attraction, the attendant would swipe your bracelet in an iPad. It would then show your name and it would register you as a 'rider'.

Overall, it was a fun day!! Didn't expect my bosses to be so game for these activities. (I ojt in a bank btw so I still had that serious-people-go-to-banks stereotype. It was disproven tho)

I highly recommend this place if you want to have fun and feel the thrill just within Metro Manila. 128076🏼 There are not much attractions, but in my case the entrance fee was worth it. There are 2 and 4-hour passes then there's this whole day pass.

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Trina H.
4.0 Stars

It was a great experience to be in DreamPlay. Altho it's a bit pricey, you'll be able to enjoy various activities inside this mini amusement park. Thank you City of Dreams for bringing this to Manila!

Entrance fee depends on how long you plan to be inside DreamPlay. Choices are from 2 hours, 4 hours and an entire day pass. Also, it depends if it's a weekday or a weekend.

4 hours
Kids PHP680
Adults PHP380

2 hours
Kids PHP380
Adults PHP210

Day Pass
Kids PHP1,500
Adults PHP830

4 hours
Kids PHP880
Adults PHP490

2 hours
Kids PHP480
Adults PHP270

Day Pass
Kids PHP2,000
Adults PHP1,100

Adults can only enter when they are going to 'assist' the kids. They also have a dresscode.

Dresscode: wear socks and shoes. No slippers and sandals. No sleeveless tops and skirts.

They usually ask you to take off your jewelry. So it's much better if you bring a bag.

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Aimee P.
5.0 Stars

I love being a parent! I get to visit places like this! So happy there's a theme park like this here in Manila.

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Alex P.
5.0 Stars

It was so FUN!! I enjoyed it with my cousins but you'll experience a very long line before you can enter but its really worth it

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Paul G.
5.0 Stars

Late post. Finally got to bring the kids here.
This 5,000 sqm Dreamworks-themed place is like a huge playgym. Entrance fee during weekends is P480 for two hours for kids and P270 for adults. Be mindful of the time as they charge for an hourly extension. This is more value for money than spending the same amount at Kevin's or Active Fun IMO!128526128077128077
The kids had fun assembling their dragons and they climbed all the way up to the top and let their dragons race on their way down.
We got to watch a short animated movie, Almost Hone in 4D at the Dream Theatre.
Lota of giant slides and hanging bridges.
We got to create our own animated movie too at the Dream Studio.
2 hours was kinda short and we weren't able to try out the rest of the attractions like Whatever Floats your boat, Kung fu panda dojo, cooking class on how to make gingerbread and their famous attraction, the thread of enlightenment. If you plan to try this, you need to wear socks and shoes.
Po of Kung Fu Panda was there to greet visitors and we were able to get our photo taken with him.
While it has a cafe inside named Che Gingy, recommend you skip eating so you have more time.
Adult visitors without kids are not allowed to enter. Hmmmm....good business opportunity for kids, accompany adults for a fee ha ha.
The line can be long so try to come early.
People got confused with the elevators at the parking building so paging City Of Dreams, please put directional signs. Meantime try to look for guards and ask for directions.
Had late dinner at APU after. Will post separate review.

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