Dumaluan Beach Resort

Bolod, Panglao, Bohol

Dumaluan Beach Resort
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Most Recent Reviews

Camille S.
2.0 Stars

Gosh this resort. I liked how their rooms were very spacious and how the food is just okay but I would never trade these for safety. 128545

Dumaluan Beach Resort is in the same area where South Palms and Bohol Beach Club is okay. I forgot how much a one night stay here costs because it was paid by our company but it was relatively cheaper than its neighbors.

This beach resort has very spacious rooms and bathrooms. Most rooms have a balcony area where you can rest in. Their beds are more than enough for two people but they’ll be placing extra mattresses in excess of two people (at a cost). Unfortunately, our bathroom had the weakest water supply. The faucet was releasing more water than the shower. Since three of us are sharing the same bathroom, imagine how long it’ll take us to finish taking a bath.

Like any other resto, this beach resort has a restaurant inside which offers a good variety of food. Their breakfast buffet (included in your accommodations) has very limited choices. They have around 2 viands, scrambled eggs and rice. They also offer bread and coffee. It was limited but it wasn’t that bad. For their dinner, if you want to have something grilled, be sure to order before 9pm because their grilling station closes by then. At night, the restaurant has singers which will keep you company with their songs until 12 in the morning.

One morning, our team was enjoying the beach despite its rocky shore and strong waves. But one of our bosses accidentally stepped on a sea urchin and had a few pieces in her skin. There was also one group beside us where another guy had the same accident. The resort guard who was with us had no sense of urgency. He was just watching us panic and all. The boys in our team rushed over to the reception, asked for first aid and someone who can attend to the accident. They just prepared a plastic bag with vinegar inside and asked the person to place the affected foot in it but no one can answer us when we asked what happens after or how the vinegar can help. WTH right?

I rushed to the resort next to us and asked for help. Good thing there’s a lifeguard who agreed to help. He brought warm water and a first aid kit. Fast forward - he was able to treat my boss’ foot and was able to give her tips on how to take care of it. Really really grateful to him.

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Marc G.
3.0 Stars

Food: 110881108811088

It's okay, a bit expensive. We tried Mrs. Doc's Seafood pasta (very salty!), Carbonara (over-flowing with sauce), Ceasar salad (nothing extraordinary). The only food/drink I enjoyed is their watermelon shake.

Buffet breakfast is also okay.

Service: 11088110881108811088

Attentive and friendly staffs. They attend immediately our needs.

Amenities: 110881108811088

They have pools, a bar, restaurant with someone singing during dinner time, the beach and that's all.

Rooms: 110881108811088

We got Superior deluxe. It's a decent air-conditioned room with cable and comfy bed.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Sorry no photo. We had dinner at Dumaluan after an exhausting City Tour. I didn't get the chance to check the resort. The food was surprisingly good. My standards are pretty steep after a sumptuous dinner at Bellevue. What stood out is the pancit and pork asado. There are limited options for the viands but they covered the basics - fowl, meat, fish, carbs, veggies, fruits and leche flan.

Dinner was satisfying. Went back to Bellevue with a full stomach.

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Rachel T.
4.0 Stars

Today was city tour day.

We had our buffet breakfast at dumaluan beach at 6am.

Our assigned driver was kuya bong. He was really patient and didn't hurry us on our tour yet we were still able to manage to complete our 9 destinations within the allotted 8 hrs.

Kuya bong would open the door and close it as much as he can. He also wasn't just driving us, he would give us short backgrounds of the destinations we went to.

As part of the package/service, he would pay on our behalf coming from the money we paid for our tour package. We didnt fall in line to pay or get tickets, he would only instruct us to go to the entrance and start our tour.

Im giving dumaluan 4 stars for assigning kuya bong to us.

When we arrived at the resort, we inquired the tour inquiry section on their glass bottom boat as this wasn't part of our package. We saw on the leaflet that they are offering this service for 150 per pax but min of 5 pax joining the tour. It wasn't that expensive if there were 5 of us but sadly there was only 2 of us. so we were hoping someone else would sign up so we can just join them and complete the 5 pax requirement. sadly the one assigned at the desk was not able to help us out. We were asking if we could join a group availing the glass bottom since there was only 2 of us. She mentioned that there was another 2 guests who availed the glass bottom boat ride but it was under a package and we cannot join them. Well it was fine if their tour was private but she could have informed us to wait and inform us if other guests signs up to avail the glass bottom ride to complete the required 5 pax but instead she kept on insisting we pay for the 3 other pax. (=.=)

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Rachel T.
4.0 Stars

My 1st time here at dumaluan beach resort 2. Last time i went here we reserved at dumaluan beach resort 1. The resort 1 is a public area while the 2 is the private.

Not so many restaurant nearby but the 1 and 2 both have restaurants and price is ok. But i noticed 1 is cheaper.

The staffs of the resort are very accommodating and nice. They are also helpful if you have any inquiries.

We reserved a superior deluxe room. It has 2 free towels and some toiletries, a cable tv, hot shower, a cozy bed and a balcony. The balcony have a place to hang your wet clothes. The room's interior was also good although i didnt quite like then toilet. I think they can still improve it. Then room's interior doesn't match the toilet's design.

The resort both have a pool and a beach area. The beach area is just 3 mins away fr the room area. The pool was clean, the water was warm and there is a lifeguard on standby. While the beach was clear although there were a lot of algae on the shore. The sand was white and fine but with tiny rocks. We went for a swim at around 5 pm and it was already low tide but the waves were a bit strong. I like that there are small trees by the shore where you can rest and get some shade while not swimming.

We reserved in advance our package. They have different tour packages with room inclusions. They also have an area for tours, so just approach that area to inquire or book a tour. Our package also includes daily buffet breakfast.

The resort is 30mins from the airport and is located at panglao island and the resort have free round trip airport transfer.

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Cai D.
4.0 Stars

Have you heard about this area in Panglao called Dumaluan Beach? To be honest, I’m not aware about this place until my friend recommends it to me. I told her that I need a place where I could be laze, calm and has a nicer beach. Her recommendation did satisfy me.

What I love more about Dumaluan Beach Resort was their service. As we arrived at the airport, the van is already available. Take note: we did not expect that we will have an exclusive service, so we have the van all by ourselves. The van looks new, clean and odorless. We already have an arranged itinerary, but we are the one who managed our time. For me, it is important that they let us stay regardless how long per tourist spots.

We arrived late afternoon in the resort and the check-in was smooth. As expected, there are few people staying here. The ambiance is definitely relaxing. Dumaluan beach resort is a wide garden resort in front of the beach. There is also a pool area for both kids and adults.

Admittedly, I don’t love our room for a reason. I’m not a fan of high ceiling room. I find it odd to see a high ceiling room with the usual things inside: bed, TV and few other stuff. Also, another minus point for the shower which doesn’t have a heater. Aside from their complimentary wi-fi that doesn’t gave us strong connection inside the room. This is tolerable since I didn’t go on a vacation to connect myself on social media. For me as long as the bed is okay and the AC is working fine. I have nothing to complain.

Since our package comes with breakfast buffet, I lowered my standard to avoid disappointments. Only few hotels I’ve been with serves good breakfast buffet. I could say that their food here are acceptable but limited to FEW choices. Well the best part of our breakfast was actually not the food but eating at their Al Fresco. The view of the white sand, the calm sea and the blue sky was breath taking. Absolutely, an awesome way to start our day.

The food that we ordered for lunch was a different story. With all fairness it was good but expect that it comes with a price. Well, most things in Bohol are expensive so I was not surprised. There is another resort beside Dumaluan where we buy food for snacks. I believe they are also selling cheaper food for lunch and dinner too.

The most recommended thing about this area is the tranquility it offers to everyone. I wake up every morning, walking around the beach on bare foot to feel the powdery white sand touches my skin. The view of the striking clear, clean, turquoise green water was stunning. Further, I’m in love with its beautiful skyline.

During afternoon, before the sunset I just go beach bum. I do nothing but lay down in the beach chair while watching few people swimming. This made me wish that I have my favorite book with me. This is also the best time to see the changing skyline of Panglao; the moment when the sun is about to set.

There was a band playing that night (I’m not sure if every night or just at weekends) although, this is not a place to party. It is still ideal for people who are looking for relaxing way to drink. I believe drinking at their Al fresco while listening to music and feeling the fresh air is a good way to end the night. I noticed that the band don’t usually stay late. Maybe to give a peaceful atmosphere to all the guest. That is something people who wants relaxation are looking for, a good night sleep.


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Allen Y.
5.0 Stars

White powdery sand beach. Manageable and tolerable crowd. Amazing sunset.

These are the things that you can expect when you're booked at Dumaluan Resort.

Tariff rates are reasonable. The rooms are quite big...enough to fit an entire family or two. They renovated their pools so that's a plus.

Food at the restaurant is a bit pricey though but you can walk a little further and eat at the barbecue place, also owned by the Dumaluans.

The resort offers tour packages - land and sea. They also have banana boat, jet ski and a carting place!

Staff are nice and welcoming. They don't accept international credit cards though but they do have EPS. 128521

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Benjie G.
4.0 Stars

They have good powdery beach front, quite place, good room, great customer service, water activity and island hopping. Holy week vacation 2014 very good experience with my family.

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Kate S.
5.0 Stars


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Wyanet Y.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Nesty A.
4.0 Stars

❓Did you know that sea breezes have the ability to produce negative ions that can make you feel better when you are stressed, depressed, suffering from asthma or just not feeling well? So do yourself a favor... spend some time at the beach!

If you wanna go swimming, I recommend this place over Alona Beach because they have wide white sand shore and no boats parking. There's only one restaurant inside though (at least in the picnic area). Well, when people picnic, they do bring their own food. And they have an area where you can grill!

Entrance fee is P25/person during day time and P50/person during night time. Parking fee for motorcycle and tricycle is P25 and P50 for cars. There are so many cottages for rent ranging from P150 to P200.

This place is also good for recreation as they have sand volleyball court. There are also videoki rooms. Their cottages and parking area are surrounded by coconut trees. So for those who don't want to get tan, you can hide and chill under the coconut trees. No worries that a coconut fruit might fall down and bump your head because they are being knitted.

It was a wrong timing when we went here yesterday though. The waves were really strong that you would be pushed back to the shore. It was kinda hard to swim. Plus it was a windy day. There were some leaves floating on the shore line too. So I did not enjoy that much. Stayed in the water for like 10 minutes only. Not enough! Memorable experience with our baby though.

For the record, my baby had cold, and it was gone! She didn't sneeze anymore since last night. So she indeed got some negative ions which made her feel well again 128077128526

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Bechay R.
5.0 Stars

The Dumaluan Beach is where we stayed and that is the upper part of the picture. The beach has fine white sand. I cant say if it is finer than Bora. But I love the Balicasag (middle) and Virgin Island (bottom) where we went island hopping. You will see the fish and you may feed them. The Virgin Island is really a must see. Its a small island which is best for survivor. It's just that the day of our island hopping we didn't had a chance to watch the dolphins. That's the part we miss. But if you love beach, I know you will love Bohol.

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Amey Q.
5.0 Stars

Early check-in with no ADDITIONAL COST. Very affordable resort. Just beside Bohol Beach Club.

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Virgo C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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