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Dyce N Dyne
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Most Recent Reviews

Nicole A.
4.0 Stars

This place is so fun to be in.

Product: Some of us got the P350 package, it comes with Main Course, side, and drinks. We had Crunchy Chicken Curry+Seven Ate Fries+White Rino, Adobo+Chicken Skin+Cafe Mocha, Sardines Pesto+Quail Egg+Macadamia Milk Tea. We also ordered Strawberry Jasmine, Kare-kare Burger, Tadyang with Rice, and a Milo Dinosaur.

The curry had a burst of flavor but of course the taste of curry outweighs all of it. I love the fact that they used fried mojos, fried chicken bits, and fried carrots because it's amazing with the curry sauce. They really help bring out the flavor. It was just so good. The fries were seasoned with nacho ingredients, they were a bit soft instead of crunchy but it's pretty good despite that, spicy but just in the right way. The white rino is white chocolate with milo toppings on top, it looks good but it tastes even better. At first I thought, it was just gonna be milk but it wasn't, you can really taste the white chocolate in the drink.

The adobo was very well seasoned, besides the fact that they already mix the sauce with it, they also give you some of it, so you can eat according to your taste. The chicken skin comes along with vinegar that does not smell very pleasant. I would prefer it without that. It was crispy but easy to bite and good enough to eat without the vinegar. The mocha had an intense flavor of coffee within so get ready to be awaken.

The sardines pesto was so darn good, I love pesto and I love that they used sardines with it. Man, if you haven't tried this yet, you better go and order one because I assure you that you will come back for this. Probably not a good idea if you're allergic to seafood but for the others, I highly recommend it. The quail egg has flour instead of the normal orange-y color that we're all probably used to. I have to say, I prefer the normal ones because this lacked the taste I was looking for. The milk tea definitely had a macadamia taste to it. Bring in the milk tea flavor, and it is what it wants to show you it is.

The Stawberry Jasmine is like fruit potion that looks magical but this one tastes good instead of bitter and science-y (Is that even a flavor?) Anyway, I wish I had a better photo of it. All I can say is, strawberry is the bomb. whether it's a milk flavor, or juice, or anywhere, it's just the best.

I really didn't get a taste of the tadyang but I was told that it was sweet and sour.

The Kare-kare burger. Oh man, I have one word for you. Magnificent. This creation is one of a kind and one that we should be thankful for. It is rich with kare-kare sauce, mind you the bagoong is also included here, plus the beef patty and everything else, you will be blown away by how great it is. Just top notch creation right there.

The Milo Dinosaur is just the same as White Rino except it is the original flavor. Instead of white chocolate, they use chocolate and top it off with Milo powder. This is probably one of the popular beverages here. You gotta love the fact that they serve it using Erlenmeyer Flask. Just so Instagram-worthy.

The Lava Cake is best eaten immediately after being served. We dived right away and it wasn't enough for all of us. It is so rich with chocolate, and the best thing is that it is sweet and bitter in the most delicious way. The cake is moist and goes along great with the lava inside. I love the fact that they bring out the best of each ingredient instead of overpowering it.

Venue: the only thing I didn't like about this place is that we called for a reservation yet there was no table for us as soon as we arrived. The place isn't that hard to find but you really have to make it your main destination because there aren't many places to go to near it. However, I would say that the visit is really worth it. There are two floors in the place but the board/card games are contained on the first floor. The second floor is where the games that are for sale are located. They have game masters (I think that's what they're called) which go to your table to explain the game easier to you. It really saved us a lot of time, they do explain clearly. The servers are kinda hard to call but as soon as they get to you, they greet you with a smile and jolly voices. Not only is this place good, their food are also amazing. Definitely worth the visit.

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Denise A.
4.0 Stars

This will be the second time i'm giving Dyce N Dyne a review, particularly because I think I didn't give it a pretty decent review the last time I visited the place.

Dyce N Dyne is the culprit behind my board gaming addiction. Aside from having the most boardgames in store because of their partnership with Gaming Library, which is the main distributor of board games here in the Philippines, they actually have the best ambiance and food to date.

Dyce N Dyne is a Steam Punk Themed Boardgame Restaurant. The feel is quite different from the usual others with a bright ambiance and welcoming feel. Theirs is more of a gothic, black, dark and mechanical serious type which attracts more serious players so you'll definitely meet newbie and pro gamers here!

Every year, they hold an event called "Gen Con" which brings new hot boardgame releases for avid gamers to try and rate. Most gamers get excited during cons cause they're the first ones to try the games and they can play all of it at least once if it doesn't get purchased by the restaurant.

Some of my favorite games that I played during the con would be: Sushi Go, SONAR & POTION EXPLOSION, CODENAME PICTURES, RED FLAGS THE GAME OF TERRIBLE DATES 128525 friends will purchase this soon! Yey!

Honestly at first I got really intimidated on the word "CON", made me remember those Cosplay Cons I attend way back. Since i'm not that familiar with boardgames, I was so worried to be out of place haha! But the other gamers were so friendly which made gaming more enjoyable and less intimidating.

Their food is also cheap ranging from P150-300 per order in big serving which will surely keep you full for hours. This is important since you'll be staying for at least 2 hours here. My friends and I stay here for more then 6 hours per visit.
Most of their food are deep fried finger food which make it easier for players to eat while playing. They also have rice bowls if you're not into eating with your hands. I love their CHICKEN CURRY and any meal with KARAAGE.

Their drinks are served in fancy geeky containers usually in an Ermeyer flask produced by Chemistea. My favorite would be their Matcha Espresso and Matcha Latte. Their Milo Dinousaur is also good and the cafe lattes! Didn't know coffee and milk tea would go so well! They also have various sweet teas and non dairy drinks to choose from.

Their staff are accommodating! I know most of their game masters already since I've been going here often (just last week) and been coming back almost every weekend. You won't feel intimidated at all cause the game masters are so friendly and explains the game precisely! They are also very patient especially to SLP's (Slow Pick Up) like me haha! Plus na rin that most of my friends are frequent gamers already so I get to ask them questions paulit ulit haha!

Going here releases all my anxiety. Imagine having to deal with all the stress at work for 5 straight days, going here during the weekends really make me forget all the worries I have to think of. It stimulates my creativity and strategical thinking, LOL. Wala kang choice kung hindi mag-isip. Kailangan maging COMPETITIVE!
They don't have wi-fi and that factor improves my connection with the people around me. I usually focus on my mobile device but when I'm here I know I just have to keep it and start enjoying the day playing with my best friends!

Thanks to Dyce N Dyne and Gaming Library for setting the trend of boardgame restaurants in the country. We can now enjoy the company of our friends, good food and good ambiance all in one place!!!

128540 if you have other game suggestions please let me know!

  • No. of Comments: 5
Nikki T.
5.0 Stars

Been here several time already and I always have fun playing so many board games, card games and every other games these people come up with. Hahaha If you don't know any games, their "game master" are there to help you run through their games or give recommendations on what toplay next. If you're an avid player, well you can just choose any games available or bring your own128540 You can have unlimited time staying there as long as you buy some food and drink per head. Last time, it was ok to buy just a drink but i guess they policies change. So yeah enjoy playing! 128522

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Anne K.
2.0 Stars

We had an unpleadant experience at this cafe this afternoon. Since there were only two occupied tables when we entered the cafe, I expected better service. The staff weren't smiling and they seemed like they didn't like their job. I already wanted to leave the moment I stepped in the cafe but since we went all the way to this cafe, I just tried to be patient. There were only three waitresses serving the first floor of the cafe but I think it was enough since there weren't that much people. They seemed annoyed to answer our inquiries on the food and games of Dyce N Dyne.

Dyce N Dyne offers unlimited hours of playing but each person is required to get one order of food AND one drink. We'd just eaten lunch so we asked if we can order after a few hours but the waitress told us we had to order right away. I asked if they could serve it after a few hours so that we had time for our food to go down but they said that they can only serve the food the latest, after one hour. So i agreed to let some orders arrive after one hour.

We ordered the following dishes:
Nachos Against Humanity (250 pesos)
The server told us that this was their bestseller. The serving size was good for sharing for 4 people. The bowl of nachos was topped with cheese sauce, beef, grated cheddar cheese and slices of jalapenos. This was quite good but for the price of 250 pesos, we wish they'd put more toppings.

Chicken Skin of Avalon (150 pesos)
According to reviews we read online, this dish was good, and no doubt, it was the best dish among all the dishes we ordered. The chicken skin was served with a side of potato chips and two sauces, ketchup and vinegar. The chicken skin was flavorful and just had the right crunch

Chicken Tokaido Sliders (150 pesos)
Three pandesals were topped with mayo and a few pieces of fried chicken fillet. It was served with a side of potato chips and mayo. The fried chicken was glazed in a sweet sauce, like teriyaki sauce. The chicken had the right amount of flavor and texture but they were too few for the number of pandesals.

Get Bit Fish Taco (150 pesos)
Two pieces of fried fish fillet were served on a soft taco shell and topped with shredded cabbage. This dish was seerved with a side of sour cream. My sister was struggling to finish this dish so I tried to help her finish it. Then, i learned why she was struggling to finish it. The fish tasted like paper. It was like eating paper which was dipped in batter and fried.

Cheesecake Milk Tea (105 pesos)
This was recommended to us by our server as their best seller. My sister liked this drink. The tea they used tasted like freshly brewed tea, it was just a bit sweet, but the foamy layer of salty cheese on top balanced the sweetness.

Salted Caramel Milk Tea (100 pesos)
Because my sister like the cheesecake milk tea, my other sister wanted to order another milk tea. She chose salted caramel milk tea since she is a fan of salted caramel. The tea was blended well with roasted caramel. i actually like this tea better than the cheesecake milk tea.

Here are reasons why I won't be returning to this place:

The staff was quite unfriendly. Since normally boardgame cafes should have a game master and my sister had a wonderful experience at Ludo, she was expecting this cafe to also have a game master. She asked one waitress if there was a game master, the waitress said yes but the game master wasn't there yet. My sister asked what time the game master would arrive. The waitress answered "bukas pa ata darating baka natraffic" Her reply wasn't what i expected from servers at a restaurant.

Then, here comes another annoying thing that the waitresses did. One of the waitresses mistakenly put an order of beef or pork sliders on our table. Upon thinking that it was my order of sliders, i got ONE french fry. The girl returned to our table saying that she put the wrong order and she asked us "nagalaw niyo na po ba ung pagkain?" I told her, "kumuha lang ako ng one french fry" to my annoyance, she wanted us to charge us with the order, but we refused because it was their mistake. She just took the order and muttered something. She was definitely pissed, you could see it in her face. A few minutes later, another server was brought a bowl of fries to our table. We told her that we didn't order fries. She exolained that since I got one french fry earlier from the wrong dish they put on our table, we had to pay for a whole order of fries. I was so pissed on their explanation. Logic please 128530 i only got one freakin' french fry and you want to charge us with one order of fries?! 128562 we refused to take the fries and again the girl just brought back the order of fries and looked annoyed once again.

The only time we enjoyed our experience at this cafe was during the latter part of the afternoon when their game masters arrived. I'm not sure if some of the game masters were their bosses because when the game masters arrived, the staff seemed friendlier and kinder. Lol. The game master was kind enough to explain to us the mechanics of some games 128522

Will I return to this cafe? Nope, there are better boardgame cafes in the metro
Food: 2/5 everything was oily. We got umay from everything
Service: 1/5

Suggestions: please train your staff to handle different situations such as mistakenly putting orders on the customers' tables. You may need a better system for tracing the orders of the customers since the waitresses kept putting wrong orders on our table for 2 or 3 times.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Marjorie S.
4.0 Stars

Fun place and wide variety of games and food. But I don't think I'll go back to this place because after our games and catch up we immediately felt the need to go to the restroom. Maybe because of the drinks with condensed milk as sweetener. Such a real kill joy. But the food were delicious and cheap.:)

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Reynel D.
5.0 Stars

If you’re tired of going to the mall and thinking about what else you can do, try a new place. A place where you can eat and play, maybe? Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, or just trying to find a new place to try, you’ll love (or at least like) DyceNDyne.

We have learned about this place a few months ago on Instagram via a promotional comment. Only during this recent weekend did we get the chance to visit.
Anyway, as everyone else does, we love the “No WiFi” concept, which allows you to explore and enjoy the games that they offer. The experience will be a whole lot better, fun and exciting if you’ll go there as a group. We still have enjoyed the experience of playing board and card games.

This place also serves a tasty selection of grub and drinks. The food names are based on the popular board games you may (or may not) have encountered. We had Nachos Against Humanity, and Milo Dinosaur and White Rhino for drinks, served in beakers. Some of the drinks are served in an Erlenmeyer flask. Nice! The service, I think, is more on self-service, but you have to ask where to find the stuff you need (i.e. tissue, water).

Basically, this place is a good place to go to have fun with friends and family. We’re glad that the concept of boardgame bar and cafe/restaurant is becoming more popular.

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Dycn n Dyne, One of the first boardgame restaurants in Manila with a Steam Punk Theme is one of my favorite hangout place!

Ever since the boardgame craze started i've been curious about it. My circle of friends have been playing them before it became popular. Wasn't really interested cause my first impression on boardgames was it can only be played by smart people. I'm honestly a bit SLOW when it comes to these things cause I learn by experience and not by instructions.

At first I was intimidated because i'm a lady and most games I though would be for men only but I was surprised that having been played many times already, I had the wrong concept of what boardgame is actually all about. Marami palang kinds, there are PARTY GAMES, ADVENTURE, ESPIONAGE, WORD GAMES, etc. there's too many too mention but it's actually categorized here.

Even it's really far from my place dumadayo pa talaga ako dito just to play. I love it here and I get the chance to meet new people and play with them. May mga nakilala na ako dito na madalas naming nakakalaro :)

It's actually required to order 1 drink or meal to be able to play and stay here. There's no minimum amount to order. We usually stay here for more than 6 hrs. So it's really recommended to order!

There are around 2-3 game masters here whom you can ask for help if you are new to the game you're playing. They know most of the games by heart so they clearly explain the mechanics of the game. As I have said I learn by experience so medyo di ko nagegets yung explanation part 128540

Ordered the following:
127830Karaage P170
-Love it! It's a little too salty lang paired with mayo and spicy ketchup. I usually order it with rice. Not bad for a karaage! Crispy siya!

127835Kare kare Burger P200 (NEW!)
-WOW. This is new from their menu. Instead of the usual kare kare sauce it's a PEANUT BUTTER SAUCE. Nasurprise ako sa lasa and possible pala yun. You can ask for extra peanut sauce without additional charge! Must try!
Medyo naumay ako sa huli but you still have to try it!

127863Cheescake MilkTea P90 Small
Their milk tea is prepared by CHEMISTEA. It's actually their partner for the drinks, so masarap talaga. The drinks are also placed in a clear flask so it looks so cool!!! The price is usually P90 up, not bad for the quality.

SUPER LOVE THIS PLACE. I KEEP COMING BACK CAUSE OF THE FOOD AND THE AMBIANCE. Aside from that, the games are always updated cause they are partners with GAMING LIBRARY which is also the supplier of boardgames here in the Philippines. You can get discounts if you buy the boardgames my monthly and weekly promotionals din sila where you can get discounts.

The owners are usually here and they play as well so talagang you can even ask them about the games. One of the owners is Vince Golangco which is also the founder of When in Manila. They are very active here playing so you'll be able to encounter them here personally. Mababait din yung waiter, good customer service.

Btw this place has NO WIFI to encourage gamers to play instead of using their phones. You are here for the EXPERIENCE AND INTERACTION so make the most out of it 128521 Don't be KJ! Hehe!

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Kathryna d.
4.0 Stars

I have to say that this place is WAY better than Ludo.

I got the heavenly Milo Dinosaur with extra milo on top. I initially ordered it with tapioca they forgot to include it? But it was fine with me since I enjoyed my drink anyways.

This was a team building activity with my Booky family and we were warmly welcomed by one of Dyce's partners who personally taught us the games and accommodated our orders.

Overall I can say that their place felt a bit more welcoming and less crowded compared to Ludo. Their staff were trained and nice to us.

There was a rocky parking space located at the backside of the building so I don't recommend parking there at all. There are other parking space in front and on the side of the place. Lastly, they should improve the cleanliness of the building's restrooms. But other than that this was a pleasant experience for us. 128077🏼

Adios! 128111

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

DyceNDyne is one of the first to introduce boardgaming in manila. The place got a cool design and on the 2nd flr they've got a shop were you can buy some boardgame if you want to continue playing at home or in the office.
As with previous boardgaming place I didn't expect too much on their food. So we just ordered 5 drinks and 1 nachos. The drinks were okay okay but love the alchemist flask and beaker were they put the drinks. Nachos was also just okay something you can make at home.
We played DiXit and Exploding Kitten both were a nice game. We had so much fun that we didn't noticed the time. The exploding kitten got a very cute kitty cards which is a great strategic and bluffing kind of game. While DiXit was picture picture kind of game.
Overall enjoyed our stay only remarks was that the gaming coach in the place was not too friendly compared to other gaming place I've been to. Maybe she was not just in the mood because it was valentines day hahaha.1285189996

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Ye D.
5.0 Stars

Our friend based in Baguio met up with us and introduced this place in Pasig.

I once was a fan of board games back in my school days but I didn't realize that it would be more fun playing them at my age. You just need to order any meal or drinks and your gang can stay for hours. We munched on chicken skin of Avalon, Nachos against Humanity and Fish 'n chips, served at affordable prices.

We played 3 games and if not for my shift the following day, I would have stayed longer. Definitely one of the cool places I've been which didn't involve too many selfies and groupies haha!

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Bea A.
4.0 Stars

“Put your phones away, and talk to each other” says the chalkboard doodles on the walls of Dyce N Dyne. This quaint café was full at 10PM on a Saturday night when I visited, and the place was still very much alive– everyone had stacks of boardgames beside them and we're into whatever they were playing.

The café had a pretty good selection of boardgames you can borrow and play with up until 2 in the morning (if I remember correctly). Their menu was creatively named after different games, and was affordably priced. Ordered their chicken curry which was served with potato wedges. It was delicious, but I wish there was more chicken.

Ordered their Pineapple Mint Fruitea, which was served in an Erlenmeyer flask (so cute!). The tea was very refreshing, and I would have wanted another serving while munching on the yummy chicken skin platter.

I highly recommend this café for a different night out with your group of friends! :-)

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Zia M.
4.0 Stars

It was my best friend's birthday and we want to have fun, minus the wifi and all social media.

We decided to celebrate her birthday here.

We ordered Bootleggers Hotdog chicago style (hungarian sausage wrapped in bacon placed in a bun topped with salsa with french fries on the sides), Codenames Pulled Beef BBQ burger (beef bridket, slow cooked in barbeque sauce, topped with coleslaw served in a hamburger bun with french fries on the side), Nachos againsta Humanity, Milo Dinosaur and White Rhino for drinks.

My hungarian sausage was good, I just can't concentrate what to do, eat or play? Haha The nachos we had was good too, it was cheesy and it's really good for sharing. We didn't even finished it.

We played Cards Against Humanity, Tapple Word Game, and the best game we played that night, "The Resistance: Coup". It's a quick playing card game of bluffing, bribery and manipulation. So I suggest you play this to test your friendship. 128517

Thanks to Jaja(?) the guy who is on duty on the second floor, because he helped us in choosing the right game for 3 players and he was the one who suggested the Coup game card! So accommodating! 128077

Our overall experience was good, we really had fun playing cards and all, plus everyone in the cafe were playing too.

Let your inner nerdyness come out in this humble boardgames cafe. 128587🏼

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars


Monday night. Random friends get together for a night of board games and good food.

Dyce N Dyne is my second game cafe/place and it's a great place for big groups to gather and play board games all night long.

The Food
The Karaage was okay. The dip is a bit spicy so if you're not a spicy food eater, you might be shocked (just like my friend who thought it might be ketchup!) 128517

The Chicken Curry is karaage with yellow curry sauce and mojos instead of potato chips. It's okay. Nothing really special.

The Scotch Eggs are fun to eat! Quail eggs wrapped in ground beef deep fried with beer batter. Yummmmeh! 128077🏼

The Drinks
Milo Dinosaur - childhood memories served in a beaker!

White Rhino - if you're a milk person rather than a chocolate person, this might be for you!

The Games
They have a big collection of board games. Take your pick. We played Avalon almost the whole night. Test your friendship. 128527 Haha! They also have games for sale displayed on the second floor. 128077🏼

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Jaevonne P.
4.0 Stars

To be completely honest, I haven't paid attention much with the food because almost all of us were into the games! I totally love the idea of this barkada hangout housing a huge collection of board games enough to defy the anti-social catch-ups due to the diversion caused by social networking sites. At least after some instaworthy shots! Haha.

I think I had pineapple mint. Our drinks arrived in flasks and beakers which I thought was clever for this nerdy type of concept. And mind you, these ScienTEAs taste good! We also had what they call Nachos Against Humanity which was the typical corn chips topped with jalapeno, cheese, tomatoes, chili con carne and olives.

Overall, it was an experience to remember and more often than not, that's what matter for every dining experience:)

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Justin C.
2.0 Stars

Don't get me wrong, they have a beautiful shop and have a vast variety of boardgames, but I just want to express the reasons I disliked my first visit to this establishment.

1. I ordered take out but they still charged me 10% service charge. When I tried to contest, the owner told me it was to pay for the container (huh?)

- Their Cheesecake Milk Tea was too sweet for my taste

- Their Rar Gising Gising, being one of their best sellers, was so so

- They gave me plastic spoon and fork from McDonalds and I just realized it after I've finished my meal (wtf). I guess the spoon & fork wasn't included in the 10%...

Though I had a not so pleasant first experience in Dyce N Dyne, I would still recommend going here for the boardgames and their chill ambience. Just make sure to dine in though so your 10% service charge you paid won't go to waste.

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Belrica M.
5.0 Stars

Great themed place! Love to have bondings with friends and family here. Must try their drinks!

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Gianne C.
4.0 Stars

Am I the last person to discover that there are much, much more board games than the basics that I know, just to name some - Monopoly, Cluedo, Colorado, Scrabble?

This experience just became an eye-opener to me to the very interesting world of board games! I got to play 2 kinds (*New!* to me 128522). When we were still seated outside just because the house was full when we arrived, we started playing the Cards Against Humanity while sipping on our drinks filled in Erlenmeyer flasks (as if we're chemists on a laboratory) alongside eating one of their special dishes called the Bora Bora Bacon Tempura which tasted good except that it was so oily 128534. When one of us was declared as the winner (1st to get 10 points), it was just in time that one group inside packed up and left, so that's the only time we got a table inside. Next, we picked DC Comics Deck-Building Game to try out something that's new to most of us in the group. Glad that 2 of our friends who were a couple already have the idea and so they guided us along. But they had to leave before dinner time to attend another event. When they left, we were still kinda troubled with the rules but we managed to continue and finish the game - it ended after defeating all the super-villains! I would've wanted to play another round but we thought time won't permit us anymore.

Gotta visit early next time so we would get a table inside. 128516

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Eya P.
4.0 Stars

Cool hangout place where you can chow and play boardgames and card games for free. 128077 The owners of the place (all englisero and inglisera) are friendly and kind enough to teach us some of the games since we only know Snake&Ladders, haha. Stayed there for 4 hours 128514 though we only ordered four drinks. 128514128514 Napalaban ang brain cells dahil sa pressure mag-english at sa pagbebrainstorm kung paano laruin ang napiling game. lels

We tried their Pearl Milk Tea, Cheesecake Milk Tea and Milo Dinosaur. Will not recommend it though. Naaliw lang kami coz they are served in Erlenmeyer flasks. 128517

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Aira E.
5.0 Stars

My favorite place as of now. Board games + foods + friends = dyce n dyne 10084

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Jam M.
5.0 Stars

The place is so good for chilling and just having fun with your friends while having finger food. They also have teas from Chemistea which is served on an erlenmeyer flasks. We did have a good time with their board and card games. Good thing is, they have game master who suggests games suited for your barkada and teaches it. We will definitely be back! :)

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