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Angel U.
1.0 Stars

Closed down

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Rajiv C.
4.0 Stars

Went back today for the 2nd time for dinner.

Had the Angus beef shawarma, it was really delicious. Very flavorful and fresh. It's a little messy but totally worth it.

I would go back over and over! 128077🏼

Value for money 5/5

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

Ordered their Mezze and angus beef shawarma.

1. Mezze - comes with around 3 or 4 pcs of pita, olives in oil, hummus, and roasted eggplant baba ghanoush that looks similar to a hummus. The hummus was okay but i find the one sold at rustans better in terms of flavor, the olives are actually big, its not your typical pasta olives, while baba ghanoush has a lilttle spicy herb kick and it was a perfect fit with the olives and pita.

2. Angus beef shawarma - what i like here is the sauce, i suggest having a normal spicy level, while the beef is a bit shredded than usual, the shawarma wrap is sticking to the foil wrapper so its a bit hard to peel it out.

3. The dining area near the counter could be further improved, trash bin or supplies is very near our table, i could literally smell something unusual 128528 while their personnel were prepping themselves to go home at the other table, hmmm.. i believe i smell an axe cologne after a 'sssshooo' spray sound 9786 but i think this can be easily fix.

I like their quick service here and the place is not that crowded. With the neon light feel and less crowd, its a perfect place to chill out over a bottle of alcohol. 128522

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Checking looloo has been part of my daily routine for months now. I get to discover new restaurants through the app. It is making me fat and poor but happy. And just a few hours ago, I went to this new restaurant by the brilliant minds behind Lulu (now Catch) and Hooch.

Hello, Ebeneezers!

I have read a few reviews about this place and all are positive. Food's not that expensive so it definitely caught my attention. And when R and I walked home from Melo's one night, I made a mental note to visit this place soon. And I did. 128518

I never noticed this place to be beside Shangri-La at Fort. It must be because of the chaotic view of construction. But if you're walking towards Burgos Circle, it's hard to miss this place with its neon signage.

Since I was still stuffed from lunch, I just opted to get Ebeneezer's Mezze (PHP188) and a glass of Rose Cooler (PHP150).

Service was quick and my meal was served in less than 5 minutes.

The Mezze was served on a take out box with foil lining. One order comes with grilled pita (which I asked to be soft), marinated olives, roasted eggplant baba ghanoush and hummus.

The pita pieces were still a bit crunchy on the sides which was okay as it helped me pick the rather oily olives. The hummus had a very light taste with a slight rough texture. I wish it has a bit more flavor. The marinated olives were salty but it was balanced by the bland pita. My favorite was the baba ghanoush which had the same texture as hummus but more flavorful.

I was hesitant to order Rose Cooler as it was a bit pricey at PHP150. But I didn't want my walk to go to waste. Since I was running out of tummy space, I opted to get this drink which was recommended by one of the servers.

It had a refreshing fizz with a light taste of mint and lemon. I couldn't really taste anything floral so I'm guessing the word "rose" is to just define or describe the drink's color.

Overall, it was a decent meal. It was good enough for me to go back and try the shawarma next.

Note: I just hope that they do something with their washroom. It was so stinky and eating a few steps away from it could kill a big appetite. And there were flies. 128533

I give this place a 3.5 star rating. 110881108811088️.5 (whuuuut???)


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Dolly M.
4.0 Stars

I tried the chicken and angus beef shawarma and both were incredibly delicious.

The store needs to learn how to wrap the shawarma tighter cause two bites in everything was about to pop out.

But in terms of flavor, sauce and veggies; all
Are very well balanced and complement each other.

I would definitely go back.

P.S. They are open until 2 am!! :)

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I agree Ruth D   the looloo inflooence is for real.  I read Peanut D 's review of Ebeneezers last Sunday.  I visited the joint a day after. 

For some who has read my Cafe Med review,  trying out Ebeneezers is an understatement for yours truly.  I love Middle Eastern Cuisine. 

Got myself an order of hummus x pita x baba ghanoush x marinated olives.   I coughed 180 for this,  reasonably priced.  The hummus was perfect, seasoned well and  goes well with pita.  Uhmm,  the pita they serve is crispy!  I was surprised,  it felt like i am eating a huge potato chip.  I aint complaining,  i prefer my pita not crunchy.   I finished dem crispy pita chips nonetheless. 

I am definitely coming back to try other items on their menu.

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Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

Tried the Ebeneezer's Mezze (Hummus, Roasted Eggplant Baba Ghanoush, Marinated Olives and Pita). It was around 130/140 I think then you'll have to pay 30 for extra pita.

I liked it! Healthy but then I paired it with an ice cold can of Coke Zero wahaha.

I didn't care much for the other dips except the hummus. That was really good.

Also cool that on weekdays they're open late. Up until 2 I think. Parking would be the only issue. Plus for smokers, you can't go here. The entire area has AC/closed.

It's a pretty hidden spot - it's right in front of Shangrila The Fort. Hopefully when that hotel opens, they'll get more attention. 128522

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Ian P.
5.0 Stars

Picture taken from their FB page.
One of the best local shawarmas I've had in a long time! Absolutely delicious!
Great job chef Jason Stacy!

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