Eight Coffee Bar by UCC

2/F, 8 Rockwell Drive cor. Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, Metro Manila

Eight Coffee Bar by UCC
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Most Recent Reviews

Abbey A.
4.0 Stars

There was a wide variety of coffee selections in this UCC Coffee Bar. As much as I wanted to get something I've had in the past, I could not let the chance of trying something new and exciting pass. I ordered the Coffee Con Miel without hesitation, the price of this cup also helped, which was P150. This coffee concoction composed of simply coffee, milk, and honey. I never thought of using honey as a substitute to sugar and I don't know why because it was soooo amazing for the coffee!

I also got waffles and bacon on the side. It was pricey, but good thing there was a lot of bacon! I paid P290 total for the food.

I would definitely come back for the ambiance and for a simple cocol! Food here is pricey, I wouldn't buy food here again without planning my budget for it ahead. Hehe

  • No. of Comments: 2
Yina M.
3.0 Stars

We heard that there was a promo for unlimited sangrias for P350. Sangria falls in a gray line. It's in the overlap of a venn diagram where heavy drinkers get their alcohol fix because of the wine and lightweight sippers are fooled by the fruity taste. My friendship with these girls will always include a splash of alcohol along with food.

This UCC joint is quite the quiet area. I guess, we were the only noisy ones but still a bit hushed. I liked that it was situated in a loft of a lobby. Does that make any sense?

Apart from four unlimited sangrias, they had a buy one, get one on frozen margaritas. Two of us started with that one and these were surprisingly good! A bit tarty, refreshing and the alcohol was masked. We all felt that the sangrias were watered down. Only one of us enjoyed that it was but still it felt quite light even for her.

To go with those drinks, we ordered the chicken cracks and the dirty truffle fries. The crispy chicken skin was delicious and did not feel sinful at all. Hmmm, or should it have been? At least i didn't feel like i was going to die the next day (well, hehe, sing it Eddie Vedder). Dirty black and white truffle fries, could have used more oil or something to have the pepper stick to the fries - sayang kasi, those are really good pa naman!!!

We also ordered the usual UCC fare:

A mentaiko pasta for me - found it so-so.
The salmon and cheese pasta for Cris - delicious but nothing astounding
My friend Erika's favorite, Tocino with sunny side up eggs. All wiped out because this is her favorite and thank God for All-day breakfast menus, too!
The Adobo flakes pasta #OMG lived up to its name. Because it was indeed delicious! Bursting with flavor without the umay factor.

Average spend on us was P950. ;)

  • No. of Comments: 7
Reign r.
1.0 Stars

This outlet has the worst staff service out of all the UCC branches I've been to. We were first seated on normal tables that had individual seats but we asked to be transferred to couch seats. We asked until what time will they be open, the server responded that they will be open til 12 mn. The angus burger had fruit flies on the lettuce. We asked it to be replaced and the server told me only the lettuce and buns were replaced when infact the fly roamed around the whole dish. We decided to let it pass since they just opened. Another server told us that the couch seats are for dinner reservations and we will be asked to transfer if groups of four came for dinner. We've expressed our disappointment and that had they told us earlier, we wouldn't have asked to be transferred. At 8pm or after 30 mins, the same lady tells us that they will be closed for a private event at 9pm and that we can opt to transfer at the al fresco area. Clearly, they have no regard for their customers. The servers have expressed no empathy with the convenience they caused us.

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Jackie S.
2.0 Stars

Tried out this Cafe cause a friend mentioned that they served good Adobo Flakes pasta.

However, I was quite disappointed. It lacked flavor, plus serving time was long.

Don't bother ordering their truffle fries too, cause you can barely taste the truffle in it.

I'm willing to give this place a chance.

They still have some interesting items on their menu.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Eight Coffee Bar by UCC is the newest addition to the foodie destinations in the Rockwell neighborhood.  I frequent the area and it would be uncool of me to not drop by. 

I got dibs for writing the first review 128512.

After watching Suicide Squad at Plant,
I asked CMA if he wanted coffee.  Asking this question is totally unnecessary as we always end our day with a good cup of joe.  This is my subtle way of coercing him to try Eight. 

The joint is located at the newest posh edifice behind Power Plant.  I forgot the name of the building but this is where Lanvin is at.

First,  the interior reminds of a speak easy bar.  A mixture of modern and contemporary.  The lighting is exquisite,  perfect for foodie photos.  Eclectic mix of furniture.  I like the communilal table,  it is made of wood with uneven edges - ruggedly handsome.  There were only a few customers when we arrived. 

A couple of seconds after we settled on our seats,  the menu was given by the most pleasant wait staff I've encountered.  I ain't exaggerating,  he looks pleasant,  he sounds pleasant and his smile will make you feel warm and fuzzy.  He is the epitome of Pleasant,  a president of Pleasantville.  His name is Roger,  by the way. 

The menu is extensive,  they offer a wide array of caffeine infused drinks from all over the world.  Vietnamese,  Irish,  Portuguese, Greek,  Italian,  French and German.  Apart from that,  they also offer an Espresso Bar,  locally sourced beans, coffee over ice and different types of concoctions, different coffee techniques such as:

| Pour Over Method
| Nitro Draft
| Syphon Method

They have the kind that will tickle every coffee junkies fancy.  We got the following:

| Flat White (php 160).  The flat white is equally good too - smooth with a prominent coffee flavor.  Sorry Eight,  my heart belongs to Toby's.  

| Green Tea Latte (php 170).   This was served in the cutest cup and saucer - rustic charm.  Bright green and screams "Drink Me".  I loved their GTL as it's smooth and not too sweet.  The proportions of matcha and milk is on point.

| Four Cheese Quesadilla (php 220).  I initially wanted the Japanese Waffle Crepe with some green tea ice cream but odour server said that they don't have ice cream as of the moment.  No deliveries due to the beastly weather.  I did mention that Roger was pleasant,  this is proves my hypothesis.  When he explained the situation,  he was sincere and offered alternatives.  That's customer service,  guys. 

Anyway,  CMA said we should get the Quesadilla instead.  Too much digression, let's go back to the Four Cheese Quesadilla, shall we?   This was served on a wooden chopping board with some fries and fresh greens on the side.  The fries were under seasoned,  it could use a lil salt and it would be better if they add ketchup of garlic aioli as dip.  The Quesadilla is delicious tough.  I taste blue cheese,  but it didn't bother me at all as the other three cheeses neutralises the strong,  pungent flavor of blue.  CMA likes this as he munches of blue cheese every chance he got.

Overall,  we enjoyed our stay at Eight. The modern ambience is very conducive to chilling out and relaxing.  They play good music too, none of those popular songs that gets to my nerves. Majority of their clientele are law students and yuppies whose eyes are glued to their laptops. Bonus point for me as i like quiet.

See you soon, Eight. I'm coming back for the Grilled Cheese Sandwich and i plan to travel the world with your coffee.

  • No. of Comments: 3