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Eighteen Bistro
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Mark L.
4.0 Stars

catch up with college friends..
tomato cream soup 128077128077 the garlic bread was good though
salad 128077128077128077128077
chicken parmigiana 128077128077128077128077128077
spicy portobello and cream cheese pasta 128077128077128077128077128077
mushroom risotto 128077128077128077128077128077
decaffeinated coffee 128077128077128077128077

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Bea B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Ruth D.
3.0 Stars

The Bolognese was good but their Beef Bourguignon is different from how I remember it. It's now malitid at mataba. And the potato terrine tasted odd. 128555

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Another stop during our #TomasMoratoFoodCrawl that I’m glad we made was Eighteen Bistro. We went there for their 18Php Cocktails from 6PM to 9PM. We were ready to get drunk when they told us that each person who will avail the promo would need to avail of at least one main dish. This caught us off guard coz we were already VERY FULL. But nevertheless, we still ordered food for sharing and asked for our first round of cocktails.

We got the following –

> Mushroom Risotto for 355Php

This was one of my favorites from the mains that we ordered. Imagine a thick and creamy sauce that was slow-cooked with Arborio Rice and fresh Portobello Mushrooms. It had the right amount of cream which was made extra interesting by the earthy flavor from the fresh mushrooms. Each spoonful was packed with flavors and this dish can get you stuffed at no time.

> Spicy Portobello and Cream Cheese Pasta for 310Php

If there is a single pasta dish that I would urge you to order here, this would be it! This was my ULTIMATE favorite that night. It may look so simple, just your plain white sauce pasta but I tell you, this dish packs an extra punch! The pasta was perfectly cooked and each strand was generously coated with the rich white sauce that had hints of earthy goodness from the mushrooms and extra creaminess from the cream cheese. The kick of the cayenne pepper will hit you after appreciating the sauce. Don’t worry, it’s not stubbornly spicy, it was mildly spiced actually which was just right to bring out that omp factor. Seriously good!

> Chicken Parmigiana for 320Php

This was just an okay dish for me. Served on a bed of Mushroom Rice Pilaf, the tender chicken breast was breaded and baked with tomato stew and mozzarella on top. I think this must be eaten right away coz the chicken has the tendency to get dry though it was flavorful.

> Roasted Pork Belly for 350Php

Slow-roasted for 3 hours, this pork belly was tender and was plated nicely. It was served with Moscato Jus and Potato Terrine that we all thought to be pineapple slices! This was good and the meat had the right amount of fat trimming but I didn’t get to appreciate it that much because I was too full. I’m still willing to give this another try next time.

For the cocktails, we got one of each –

Amaretto Sour was the first one served. It was refreshing with a strong kick of alcohol, or at least that’s how I would describe it. Loved the citrus kick but it was my least favorite among the three cocktails that we’ve had.

Then we had the Planter’s Punch which had a beautiful red color. It had rum in it, Grenadine syrup and pineapple juice. It was on the sweet side and I liked it! It didn’t come as strong for me and it was as if I was just drinking some juice.

Gin Fizz was the last cocktail to be served. It had gin in it and lemon choice and I think this was shaken with ice and topped with carbonated water to give it a “fizz.” I liked this as well. It was light and a perfect summer cocktail.

Every 18th of the month they run this promo with 5 featured cocktails available from 12noon until closing. During regular days, happy hour starts at 6PM until 9PM, still with 18Php cocktails but the selection differs on a daily basis and they offer 3 cocktails for you to avail. Not bad at all.

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. I loved the industrial design of the place with some modern touches such as wood installments and chalk board wall that served as canvass for their social media details and promotions. The place though was a little small and can get cramped when packed.

Customer service was top notch because of Martin! I have to give Martin two thumbs up because he was all alone that night! When we came in, there were about two other servers but they buzzed out and Martin was left all alone. He was the order taker, barista and the server all at the same time. There were delays here and there but that was totally forgivable! The best thing about Martin was his attitude. He never gave us a frown and served with a smile the entire time.

Eighteen Bistro is a place that is worth coming back to despite our distance from Tomas Morato. Hubby and I agreed that we shall visit again!

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April H.
4.0 Stars

We seriously love this place and not just for the P18 cocktails! (Though that helps too128513)

We chose this place to celebrate another milestone... Of course, we came during their promo for the cocktails... We tried the roasted pumpkin soup which had bacon bits to keep it from being one-dimensional in flavor... I stuck to my favorite spicy portobello pasta, al dente pasta with a rich, creamy, and flavorful spicy sauce... My bf tried the slow roasted pork belly served with potato terrine... For something slow roasted for hours, it wasn't as tender as expected... Plus it was somewhat bland in flavor and the sauce was too oily...

Service is really good at this place... The lone waiter downstairs was able to serve the packed dining area without any problems... Mind you, he was also mixing the cocktails... Ikaw na kuya!128077

New thing I learned: they have mobile bar packages for parties and celebrations!128522

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

Small space, dim lights and chill kind of music are the things you’ll expect at Eighteen Bistro. This was our final stop to last Saturday’s #TomasMoratoFoodCrawl . Their 18 pesos promo seems to be the perfect place for our night cap.

Too good to be true though!128517

We were about to order our alcoholic concoctions when we found out we each have to order something from the main course. This should be okay if we didn’t eat at H Cuisine before heading to their place. Still, we decided to stay and stuff more food in our tummies. We agreed to order different dishes to get the idea of their menu. The group settled with chicken risotto, chicken parmigiana, roasted pork belly and spicy portobello and cream cheese pasta.

I started with chicken risotto. They used Arborio rice and fresh portablello mushroom. It’s rich and others might find the dish to be delicious but I’m yet to be accustomed to one. It was just alright.

Next was their chicken parmigiana which is a baked chicken fillet in tomato stew and mozzarella with mushroom rice pillaf. The rice was a tad dry and I’m not into sour tomato sauce especially when it’s being partnered with rice. It always makes me feel like I’m eating rice and pizza. So this dish was a no-no for me.

The roasted pork belly was roasted for three hours and served with moscato jus and potato terrine. The dish looked beautiful and very promising but the flavors that came out fell short. The pork belly was better in my mind than the actual taste. I guess I just expected more.

The spicy portobello and cream cheese pasta was the standout dish! The aroma and flavors was above average and I could finish a plate even after all the food binging I did last Saturday. It’s a dish I would order again if I’m able to visit Eighteen Bistro for a second time.

The happy hour starts from 6pm-9pm with three featured cocktails. Options will differ depending on the day. I forgot the name of the second and third cocktail but I remember liking the second one. The amaretto sour tasted like a medicine syrup.

All that fuss and I still enjoyed the night thanks to the company of . Also, I came to the place already full so that might halted my experience. I will make sure to come back and be final if I like the place or not.

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Roy T.
5.0 Stars

I'm a big fan of Eighteen Bistro's interiors, food, and cheap cocktails (during their happy hour) so it was just fair that I bring and recommend this place to more people. Thus, after H Cuisine, we went here last Saturday, still with Jairus d., Clarissa P., Lea A. , and then later joined by Raymond P..

As it is a bistro, space is really a big issue especially that they're now gaining more popularity. Inside I think can only accommodate 20 or less people and that is really cramped already. You may opt to sit outside, but with this summer weather, still hot during nighttime, AC area is preferred. Ambiance, again is really nice and simple. Dimly lit.. romantic and very relaxing vibe especially for hanging out with friends.

We first ordered their main dishes. I just learned now that if you'd want to avail of the 18-peso cocktails, each person has to order at least one main dish or pasta. Fair enough.

Wanted to order the Beef Bourguignon but unfortunately, they ran out of stocks. This is my favorite so far so I really wanted to let them try... next time, next time.

Definitely the star of the night! 128588🏻128588🏻 My first time to try and it was sooooo good. Not too spicy, or not spicy at all. The creaminess of the cheese plus the al dente pasta plus the portobello mushrooms was such a hit. Simple simple pasta but bursted with flavors. Everyone must try this! We got an order for four to share. Just enough since we had other orders. Two hungry people can finish this.

Second star of the night. Actually not that intersting if you look at how it was presented. Parang lugaw lang. But wait... when you start scooping and bringing some into your mouth.... You can't stop saying "mmmmmm, it's good!" it was a consensus, we all liked this dish!!! 128523128523128523

My second time to try this. I think not as good as the first time I went there but still good. Maybe I was super hungry that time. The pork belly was tender and malasa. It came with potato terrine, which I liked.

It was also a good dish. Typical parmigiana, nothing too special about it though. Good that the meat was thick and not dry, good serving of cheese and tomato sauce. It's like eating pizza as Jai said. Big big serving. I think the rice was a bit overcooked though. Medyo matigas.

Of course, we tried all three cocktails that were part of their 18-peso cocktail promo for the day. I can't remember all the names except for the first drink.

Tasted like Tempra or some other liquid medicine, hahaha. Not bad.

The next two drinks, I forgot what they were called. Basta one had gin while the other had rum. Both were better compared to the first drink.

I have to comment on the server though. Kawawa si Kuya he was all alone serving out orders, making our drinks, cleaning up tables, and etc around after 8pm... made service slow..

Overall still a very pleasant experience in Eighteen! 128077🏻128077🏻

It was such a fun night with this fun group. til the next food crawl! I hope I can join the whole day though! sucks to have Saturday work. 128531

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Cj A.
5.0 Stars

We always pass by this bistro whenever we go to its nearby restos. We thought that it was just a typical inuman place where they serve liquor and bar chows. Thank god for looloo, I stumbled upon some reviews and we discovered one of the must-visit restos here in QC.

The place is small but cozy, with industrial interior. When we went there we were the first customers and to make it more perfect, we went there on the 18th of the month. And every 18th of the month, some selected cocktails are just for Php18 each for the entire day! Just order one entree and you can avail this huge discount! They also have happy hour daily from 6pm to 9pm where you can get this deal.

So here's what we ordered:

128523 Tomato Cream Soup - this was a great way to whet the appetite. It was creamy, and the tang from the tomatoes was just right. It also has a bruschetta with mozzarella cheese on top. We loved this.

128523 Chicken Parmegiana - first thing you'll notice is how huge the serving is. Unlike other Parmegiana I've tried, this one's not dry. It's succulent, cheesy, and the mushroom rice pilaf underneath it was a perfect match for the chicken. Delish!

128523 Spicy Portobello and Cream Cheese Pasta - this is what we came here for and it did not disappoint! It was creamy because of the cream cheese (duh), the portobello mushrooms gave a bite to it, and the pasta was al dente. It was just slightly spicy so people who don't go for spicy foods will enjoy this. This is under their small plates menu but don't be fooled. It's really filling! You. Must. Order. This!

128523 Warm Chocolate Cake - In no way are you gonna visit this bistro without ordering this cake. Even for people who don't have sweet tooth, this is a must-try. It's warm, rich, moist, heavenly, yet sinful at the same time!

We were so full and satisfied that day that we decided to hang around and chill after eating. We enjoyed their discounted cocktails. I had 3 mojitos and the girlfriend had one of their crafted signature ones that's amaretto based, but I forgot what it's called. We thought the cocktails would be watered down since they're extremely affordable, but they were delicious and refreshing! They also got a good playlist on their music player so it's really a nice place to chill.

By the way, we were also supposed to get their Slow Roasted Pork Belly because we read a lot of good reviews, but they ran out of it from the night before and they were still cooking another batch when we got there. I believe they cook it for 9 hours.

Anyway, when you're here up north, do not miss to try eighteen out. You'll keep coming back after!

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Gerald G.
3.0 Stars

Dropped by here for a quick lunch with my wife and kids. The food is still good but half of their menu wasn't available which was highly disappointing.

The tomato soup and truffle pasta were quite decent though.

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Even if we were already pretty full, we still wanted to get some drinks before heading home...

Surprisingly, the place wasn't full tonight even during peak hours. We weren't able to avail of their P18 promo, because that requires purchase of one of their small plates. I ordered their amaretto sour again, while the bf ordered a Super Dry... Weirdly enough, we ordered their okonomiyaki fries again, as an afterthought or a reflex. The fries somehow tasted different and I just realized how rich the dish was. Perfectly poached egg with their okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes and nori. Mix it with the fries that stands up to the sauce and you have a pretty heavy appetizer... The amaretto sour is one "taksil" drink! Because of the very tiring week, one glass was enough to whip me into submission... Whew!128517

The pics include the cocktails and their spicy portobello mushroom pasta from a previous visit...

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Aaaaaaannnndddd, I'm back again tonight!128517 Because 1) the bf wanted to eat somewhere near, 2) I wanted him to check this place out, AND 3) the waiter said that one of the featured drinks on Fridays is the Amaretto Sour!128525128525128525 Best reason guys!!! I'm a sucker for a good Amaretto Sour, always!128077

We got there pretty early and we had to wait for their Happy Hour...128514 Sorry, but P18 for cocktails is just a great steal!128525 We ordered the okonomiyaki fries while waiting... The bf loved their interpretation of the okonomiyaki, it is really spot on! Mix everything prior to consuming! I wonder how the fries kept from becoming soggy despite being soaked in sauce... Love this dish for real!128150

I forced him to try (yes, forced) the beef bourguignon because I knew he would love it! And he did! He liked the beef, though he wanted rice to go with it... #kargadoralert I opted to try the mushroom risotto for tonight's meal... It takes a while to prepare, as it should... But the result is worth the waiting time! It's rich, creamy, earthy, and just beautifully executed!10084️ Umay will set in after a while, but I soldiered on, in order to finish the dish... This shares the top spot (with the spicy portobello and cream cheese pasta) for the must try dishes in this restaurant, IMO...

The Amaretto Sour was just GREAT! Case closed. Period. No erase. And at P18, no guilt whatsoever to drink one glass after another... Looooooovvvvvveeeeee!!!!128525

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Oooooh! I really enjoyed this place!10084

I suggested this restaurant for a long overdue get-together with friends last night! Can I just say it was a great choice? So glad to come across this place because of looloo reviews (c/o Yina M Ruth D Lark C Migs C and Roy Lambert T), or else I wouldn't have given this small space a second thought... That would have been my loss for sure!128515

Good thing my friends got there early because I was late!128517 They were already enjoying the spicy portobello and cream cheese dip with bread when I arrived. The place was very small with only four tables, but it had a nice ambience.

Four of us decided to go ahead and order while waiting for our fifth companion... I insisted on the okonomiyaki fries because I was famished and apparently not afraid of carbs!128517 I ordered the spicy portobello and cream cheese pasta, following in the footsteps of Yina M... My friends got the margherita pasta, the beef bourguignon, and another dish that I kept trying to remember but I think I got a bit tipsy that I just couldn't!128514

Plus everyone took advantage of the P18 cocktails for Happy Hour(s)!!!128525 Yey!!! Let out your inner alcoholic!!!128513 So, just to be clear, they don't have the promo just on the 18th of each month. They have it daily but with different featured drinks-- 3 per nigth and this rotates depending on the day! I went for the Heartbreaker, channeling Mariah as I ordered... It has a rhum base, grenadine and it was delish!!! And as expected, taksil sya! Loved it!10084️ My friends tried the Electric Lemonade, but I think everyone liked the Heartbreaker much more... As evidenced by the second (and third) round...

While enjoying our cheap and super delicious cocktails, the okonomiyaki fries was served... Really good pairing and a generous serving... L-O-V-E!128077

Our entrées came and everything was excellent! I loved the pasta form of the spicy portobello and cream cheese sauce... Pasta was perfectly cooked and the serving was very generous... The hint of cayenne pepper kept it from being too one dimensional... This was good, for real... I did not really enjoy the margherita because I found it a little too sour for my taste. But the pasta was again al dente, they keep hitting the correct note with that one... I don't know why they call it small plates, because the servings were more than enough for one person! Appreciated that!128522

The bourguignon was TDF, super soft and no need for a knife... Served with a beautiful potato terrine, slightly bland by itself but the perfect accompaniment to the rich sauce of the beef... The dish that shall not be named (because I forgot) was gorgeous! Mushroom rice pilaf and perfectly arranged chicken on the side, this was scrumptious... We were not able to finish most of the dishes, probably because we ordered so much... Take note-- two orders of the pasta margherita with the rest of the orders... It was a carbohydrate feast... And what a feast it was!128156

While we were there, we experienced a power outage... So we had fun dining in semi-darkness... The staff brought out their emergency lights and fan (pre-charged) so it wasn't too stuffy inside... The servers were pretty nice and helpful too!128515

Just be warned that the space is tiny... We were smushed in one corner and I was already seated underneath the staircase... There was weird unidentified stuff coming from upstairs that was falling on us, which apparently was from the A/C. Don't ask. Just don't sit at the spot if possible... Plus they only have two parking spaces in front. I was just lucky to nab one right away. So come early! For the Happy Hour and the parking! But do visit, it's worth it!128077

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Roy T.
5.0 Stars

There are days when, despite promising to be on a diet, you crave for food because of stress and end up eating at a restaurant. I get that a lot, and when I do, I always pick my favorites to save me from more disappointment and negative vibes. Eighteen Bistro is one of them and again, they exceeded expectations.

Discovered another must-try dish in this bistro... Roasted Pork Belly. Good to be shared by two people but enjoyed this all to myself. #stress #whatdiet This dish composes of two big chunks of pork belly, slow-cooked for around three hours, with their moscato jus, and served with potato terrine. then served with a hefty serving of diced onions on top... Wow. Two thumbs up for this awesome meal. The meat was so tender and well cooked and marinated. The taste was heavenly, had that melt in your mouth goodness. It had a good meat-fat proportion. As usual, I loved their potato terrine- thin cut potatoes piled up. 128523128523 i highly recommend this together with the beef bourguinon 128077🏻128077🏻

I know, matakaw, but I also had their Lemon Parmesan Salad which consists of their fresh and crunchy romaine lettuce, extra virgin olive oil emulsion, and lemon, topped with their fried parmesan. First time to encounter such (fried parmesan) and I liked the concept! They cook it on a Teflon with no oil and the end product was the semi crunchy and chewy parmesan cheese goodness 128077🏻 overall, salad was light and enjoyable.

Again, I availed their Happy Hour promo. Who says no to 18-peso cocktails?? Got their Hugo again and it was still a winner!

Servers were very friendly. Amazing that one of the owners, JP, is very hands on. 128077🏻

Eighteen Bistro is a must-try if you're in the Morato area. Wrote this review because they really deserve more attention. Be sure to book a table in advance because the place is small and many people are starting to dine there. Also, they have more promotions and i think bands every 18th of the month! 128077🏻

Can't wait to be back!

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Chinkee R.
5.0 Stars

I loved the Spicy Portobello & Cream Cheese Pasta and Chicken Parmigiana. The place is a bit small, it usually can sit 4 groups only. We arrived around 8pm on a Friday night but we were seated immediately. The place is beside F7 and Mrs Graham's so it's very hard to find a parking space. But the food is great :)

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Xyberdoc M.
3.0 Stars

Ordered tomato soup, portobello mushroom pasta, pork belly

Soup was good, pasta was al dente, taste was abit off. Pork belly was way too fatty, i mean at least there was 200 grams of it. The chef should have chosen a learner belly

Wine Mertus P200/ glass was fair.

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Jan Marie d.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Mara R.
5.0 Stars

Another one of those neighborhood restos! What makes them unique though is that every 18th of the month, they offer 18-Peso cocktails. 127863127864127865 (YES! 18 PESOS ) Also, even with the limited menu selection, its good food without even trying. Comfort food.

Friends? 128077🏼
Date? 128077🏼
Family? 🤔

Place is a tad bit small and parking is hard. Best to reserve.

What to Order:

1. Spicy Portobello & Cream Cheese Pasta
2. Chicken Parmigiana
3. Warm Chocolate Cake

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Chrissie C.
4.0 Stars

Hidden gem in Sct. Rallos. Though parking is a bit of a hassle. You either have to arrive early or arrive late. But the travel is worth it. Friendly owners and are hands on in their restaurant. Happy hour drinks start at P18. No one's going to complain with that! Haha

Quaint little place where you can dine with good friends and family. Definitely recommending this one!

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Andrew K.
5.0 Stars

I couldn't count the number of times we've been here. Their beef and pork main entrees are great, moreover when paired with a cocktail. Must-try!

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Migs C.
4.0 Stars

Didn't get to try the food and we went here only for drinks, so I'm giving four stars for the nice friendly service and small, classy, intimate ambience.

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