El Corazon

2/F Uptown Place Mall, 36th St. cor. 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

El Corazon
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Wiljohn M.
3.0 Stars

I have read a loy of reviews raving about El Corazon but in my opinion it is overrated, not bad but neither is it excellent.

For starters we had anchovies, baby squid nd mango pomelo salad. The anchovies was good. It tasted like kilawin albeit a litle acidic in flavor. The squid was rubbery. I was expecting something like the squid from Mesa but it failed to make the grade. The mango and pomelo salad was ok except for the lettuce which was dry wilted.

For our main course we had paella, callos, laing with lechon kawali and lengua in mushroom sauce. The paella was bland. A total disappointment. The paella was ok. The oxtripe tender and the sauce rich. The laing was also good. It had crispy pata on top making it the complete ulam. But I am a laing purist owing to my Bicolano heritage. My high standards make it a pale comparison to the laings in my province. Not to be harsh, I give it above average marks. The saving grace that day was the lengua. Melts in your mouth with the perfect mushroom sauce. Yummy!

Overall I give El Corazon a passing grade.

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Salie D.
4.0 Stars

Recently had a dinner with the husband last weekend. Tried Filipino Hispano El Corazon Restaurant. We ordered the Lechon de Leche which is good for 5pax and a plate of Lumpiang Sariwa.

I thought the Lechon is crispy and very fulfilling. 128525 I just dont get why the Mangoes with rum is paired with it. 128513 I asked for Toyo, Suka, sili sauce and it's perfectly good. 128525

Lumpia on the other hand is just simply bland. 128077

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

El Corazon, its my first time here and it was a pleasant one. I was in search for a good ole paella and never thought of finding such on uptown.. we were orginally schedule to dine at a different restaurant but since we seldom roam outside of 2nd floor mall, we were surprise ti find a blend of filipino/paella place so we decided to switch place to eat.

The servers were really nice and attentive, which is good. We order their paella negra as our first paella to have here. The paella itself came out with aluminum foil on top so it was really warm when i had it. To be honest it was really good, and smells great. But it was lacking in terms of actual squid which they made up with lots of cream dory. Hnnmm...
We also order their beef morcon with special sauce, it was good and it was way better to pair it with plain rice instead paella.

Definitely will come back for their other paella which looks promising. :) :) :)

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Steve Bryan V.
4.0 Stars

It was Monday afternoon when Joyce and I decided to have lunch at Uptown Mall and this time we tried El Corazon since they have a lot of seafood choices on their menu.

El corazon is one of the restaurants of Chef's Florabel and it offers a fusion of Filipino and Spanish Cuisine.

The restaurant is bright and nice during the day. There are also cool paintings on the wall and some drop lights that give accent to the place.

Since this is a Seafood Feast, all our orders are seafoods! Yassss!

For appetizers, we had the following:
Seville - Shrimp Gambas sauteed in Olive Oil and Garlic that comes with Pandesal.
Salamanca - Baby Squids sauteed in Olive Oil and Garlic.
These appetizers can go well with white jasmine rice. Trust me!

For the Main Entree we ordered their Best Seller Paella,
The Paella Mariscos. It's a seafood paella consist of Shrimps, Mussels, Squids, Fish and Boiled Eggs. This is a must!
The paella is already good for 2 - 3 persons. Sulit indeed!

We also ordered Pilar, a squid grilled to perfection. It's a bit sweet to my liking though because of the caramelized onions. Good thing is it comes with Atchara, A pickle made with grated unripe papaya.

We're able to finish all our foods. Joyce is proud and I'm so full.
We are happy that Seafood Lunch is finally granted. Yeeeyy!

Dining Experience? It's pretty good actually.
The food is delicious and we're satisfied with the servings.
Will I come back? Definitely Yes! They offer a wide range of foods to choose from and I'm looking forward to try it in the future.

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Alex A.
4.0 Stars

I remember my mom telling me stories from her college days about her taking up Spanish classes and she would still recite some words up to this day. She would say "Mi Corazon" to dad and to me and my brother when it means "My Love." It also directly translates to "Heart" or "Center" which leads me to believe that Corazon somewhat is an expression of a Spanish Traditional cuisine that touches the heart. Spanish tradition and culture is very rich and most of the recipes we have were handed down from generations to generations from the beginning of Spanish Colonization  - I could imagine the kind of feasts we are celebrating back in the day. What a lovely sight!


Fortunate enough, we were able to visit El Corazon situated at Uptown Mall in BGC, thanks to the warm invitations of the group seemslegEAT headed by @eatsearlybiiirdmnl. El Corazon's exuberant and elegant ambiance is noticeable  -very bright lightings and there some paintings hanging by the white brick walls  - very Instagrammable indeed. They served us a lot of dishes during our visit and one word comes to mind - Fiesta!


From the appetizers, we had the following: Pulpo (Octopus in olive oil with potatoes), Malaga (Fresh anchovies in lemon olive oil), Magellan (Scallops with garlic and cheese), Catalonia (Platter of chorizo, jamon serrano and manchego cheese) and another starter from salads: Pomelo Mango Salad (Pomelo and mango with calamansi dressing). Everything has their own distinctive tastes so you cannot compare one appetizer from the other. If you look at the menu, you'll be surprised that they have a very long list just for the appetizers. However, I grew fond of the anchovies as I didn't expect that to be that good. The Pomelo Mango Salad is the perfect blend of sweet tangy flavor that really boosts you palate.


So going to the Main Entree, we had the following dishes: Escriva (Pork Embutido), Madrid (Ox tripe stew with chorizo and pine nuts), Ciudad Real (Lechon kawali with laing), Barcelona (Lengua Estofado), Gaudi (Chicken galantina with gravy) and you should not miss out the rice dish Paella Valenciana (Prawns squid, mussels, fish fillet, chicken, pork, chorizo, vegetables and egg) to go with your Main Entrees. You can't go wrong on a classic spanish rice dish Paella Valenciana  - an all in one dish for you to enjoy. It is always present during celebrations at our home so I am quite enlivened upon seeing the colorful dish. Gaudi looks very mouthwatering to me and the stuffings inside it is delicious. A unique combination of the tasty laing and crunchy lechon kawali is plated nicely. The Lechon Kawali slices were sitting on the bed of Laing. And the rest were history...


The overall dining experience at El Corazon is great and I must say that the traditional Filipino-Spanish dishes were indeed heartfelt as we are all satisfied. Looking forward for another visit. Kudos!

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4.0 Stars

In celebration of my friend’s birthday. We went to El Corazon in Uptown Mall for dinner.

El Corazon is a spin-off restaurant of Florabel, the management team behind the success of Crisostomo, Sisa, Elias, etc.

We had the following Spanish inspired dishes with a touch a Pinoy flavor:

🥘Salamanca for Php325.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Sauteed squid in olive oil with chilis and garlic”

🥘Paella Mariscos for Php625.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“Seafood paella of squid, prawns, mussels, fish fillet, vegetables and egg”

🥘Campeador for Php350.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“Crispy pork binagoongan”

🥘Torres for Php350.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“Crispy tilapia with mango sauce”

🥘Mejillones for Php375.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“New Zealand baked mussels with garlic and cheese”

All the dishes we had were appetizing. Surprisingly, Salamanca standout among dishes. The flavor of the baby squid in olive oil was light and tasty. Another one was the paella, it blends well with mains we order, Campeador and Torres. Though Mejillones was a little bit pricey for the serving.

As for the service, the management should re-orient their staff about giving some correct information for birthday freebies. But the service staff were courteous and attentive when we’re in need of assistance.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

El Corazon is a Filipino-Spanish restaurant by chef Florabel. I assumed it was a Filipino restaurant and the name should’ve been a dead giveaway. The interiors are bright, with white brick walls, a smaller greenhouse nook on the side.

We came in on a weekday and it was nice to see a steady stream of patrons come in mostly in groups of 4-8. The menu is a bit overwhelming. There are so many choices and all the items have names. It seems they have everything you could possibly crave for.

We had a big spread in front of us and here’s what I tried:

❣️Pulpo. 325.
Octopus in olive oil with potatoes.
Chopped baby octopus. These were tender, liked the simple preparation with olive oil.

❣️Malaga. 375.
Fresh anchovies in lemon olive oil.
Absolutely enjoyed this one. I was eyeing this one from the whole spread and I’m glad I tried this. They added the right amount of lemon to the olive oil.  

❣️Magellan. 395.
Scallops with garlic and cheese.
Scallops I assume were local due to the smaller sizes. But they were soft and delicious.

❣️Pomelo Mango Salad. 250.
Pomelo and mango with calamansi dressing.
I liked the tangy dressing. I don’t eat pomelo but I enjoyed the salad with just the mango and greens.

❣️Paella Valenciana. 695.
Prawns squid, mussels, fish fillet, chicken, pork, chorizo, vegetables and egg.
This was pretty good, the serving is also big enough to share. As you can see on the description, this one is loaded with protein.

❣️Escriva. 320.
Pork Embutido.
Havent eaten embutido in more than a decade I think. I remember going to parties and seeing this a lot. They have the classic embutido here.

❣️Madrid. 420.
Ox tripe stew with chorizo and pine nuts.
Drool over the pine nuts which I love. Pretty good callos, but they pale in comparison with my lolas.

❣️Ciudad Real. 395.
Lechon kawali with laing.
Ulam and gulay in one dish. There are fresh, chopped red sili here so take them out if you don’t like it spicy. The liempo was crispy.

❣️Barcelona. 425.
Lengua Estofado.
These had small slices of tender dila.

❣️Gaudi. 1600 whole, 850 half, 450 quarter.
Chicken galantina with gravy.
Pretty good, though my Lola makes it better. This is a traditional Christmas dish in our family. If you haven’t tried one this is a good version to do so.

❣️Catalonia. 625.
Platter of chorizo, jamon serrano and manchego.
I guess you can order this if you want to just sit and chill here. You cant go wrong with a ham and cheese platter.

The food they offer is very homey, reminiscent of food we eat at home and served at parties of family friends.  They prepare it the traditional way and I found myself satisfied at the end of our meal.

I really did like their anchovies and pulpo a lot. I can see myself coming back here for wine and these.

Lunch sponsored by El Corazon, IG: @seemslegeat and IG:@eatsearliiibirdmnl.

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Emily T.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Pigoutsundays O.
4.0 Stars

I was fortunate to be invited last Monday to a lunch foodie meet up at 2 of Florabel Group's restaurants , thanks to @seemslegeat and @eatsearliiibirdmnl. Along with 10 other foodies, we enjoyed the following dishes with fascinating names.:

Gaudi whole ( P1600 )Quarter (P450) -- chicken galantina with gravy. It reminded me of my late mother-in-law's delicious galantina which she usually makes during noche buena. The chicken was moist. The filling was rich and delicious. I would make this into a sandwich and can eat this everyday <3

Pradilla P695 Beef Pochero with ensaladang talong. It looked like ossobuco and bulalo combined with red sauce. Unfortunately, we were not able to taste this.

Pomelo Mango Salad P250 - What is this Asian Salad doing in a menu that is mostly Spanish-inspired ? I forgot to ask El Corazon's manager simply because the salad was so refreshing and scrumptious , the question slipped my mind.

Siinigang na Salmon P450 - I loved that bayabas was used for acidity instead of the usual sampaloc or kamias. The smell of the guava permeated the broth. The salmon's eye was my favorite part. Alas another foodie beat me to it.

Malaga P375 Fresh anchovies in lemon olive oil. One of my favorite among the dishes served last Monday. I could eat that all day with bread.

Barcelona P425 Lengua Estofado. The lengua was oh so tender and melts in your mouth. I loved the tomata based red sauce,

Madrid P420 Ox tripe stew with chorizo and pine nuts. Their callos were rich and delicious! The tripe were soft and tender.

Magellan P395 - baked scallops that were succulent under those layers of dreamy cheese

Escriva P320 - pork embotido. Again reminded me of Noche Buena just like the Gaudi or chicken galantina

Ciudad Real P395 Laing with lechon kawali. A two in one dish or vegetable and protein in one. Get ready to order more rice.

Catalonia P625 - a platter of manchego, olives, jamon serrano and chorizo. This is a wonderful starter with a bottle of red wine...yum!

Paella Valenciana P625 - I wa looking for the soccarat. Alas there was none. Nonethless, it was good.

Pulpo P325 - another favorite of mine. It looked so simple just a small serving of octopus parts and potato. It tasted divine though. I can finish one order of this by myself.

Hot Chocolate with Ube-Langka Suman and Mango P210 -- It looked delectable but we failed to taste this. Oh well all the more reason for us to return.

The food was generally good. The service was outstanding. The restaurant is located in UPtown mall in BGC. The price was reasonable considering its quality and the restaurant's location.

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Nicole C.
3.0 Stars

First resto we ate at since coming back from our vacation! Since we were craving for Filipino food, we ended up here.

For starters, we had pandesal - no photos of this, but I was just craving for pandesal so had to order it haha. 128514128514 We also had their calamares but I didn't really like their version of it. We also had their baked scallops - not good, will not order again huhu.

We had two types of salpicao: their beef and mushroom. Both were actually okay, but very salty.

Paella Valenciana was good. Adobo rice was a bit too sweet for our liking. Crispy pata was yummy! We also had one other squid dish, but I didn't try it.

I like the quirky names of their dishes. Ambiance was nice and they have their own bathroom. No wifi. Service was quick. I also enjoyed munching on their free cornick while waiting hehe.

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Randy B.
5.0 Stars

A fusion of Filipino and Spanish hearty. The Valenciana reminds of fiestas I used to attend in Visayas.

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Orrisha O.
5.0 Stars

Theres a good combination of Seafood mixed in this Paella. Serving size was enough and price are good.

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Toy G.
4.0 Stars

with friends we shared
paella negra - enough for 4. tasty and black .-double the volume & just as tasty as the paella negra at Las Flores at 2/3 the price! 5 stars
Sisig - lacked the crunch & was bland 2 stars
Salpicao - 4 stars . tender , tasty , came w 2 pandesals but was just too pricey for the amount they served
P500 per pax minimum
4stars overall
service was good .

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4.0 Stars

Very good service. Food was okay though. Waiters were given with different aliases such as Diego, Facundo, and the like for a more historic feel.

Had clams, ihaw platter, laing, and seafood paella. Everything was good and stuffing. Perfect for a family dining experience especially on a special day.

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Sandro V.
4.0 Stars

Glad to know that they've opened their second branch at Uptown Mall!

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