El Nido Resorts Pangulasian Island

Bacuit Bay, Pangulasian Island, El Nido, Palawan

El Nido Resorts Pangulasian Island
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5.0 Stars

Thank God for his amazing creations and for blessing Philippines with such beautiful islands like Palawan. This place is breath taking, mesmerizing, pristine and touch down one of the best beach I've ever been to. The privacy and security was superb! I think it's my most priced luxury in life so I was really impressed. Only concern was the food, it was.. so unimpressive sad to say and really... boring. They have to do better soon, I mean it's an exclusive Island so hungry monitor lizards like us tend to be very unhappy during meal time🤣. We even had to return "barbecued skewer" bec meat was super tough already... The selection was bad enough but the quality was as bad too... Anyway, this did not weigh the good and the picturesque scene. As for the room, jf was of course also awesome, the turns were prompt and great freebies. I'm already dreaming of going back!!!128591🏼128149

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

This was actually part of the earlier trip, decided to make a separate review as I was getting questions from other travelers about Pangulasian vs Lagen vs Miniloc.

Already wrote an extensive review about Miniloc and the El Nido tour spots, so this one will be mainly about Pangulasian Island Resort only. 9786

Like in all El Nido Island Resorts, the regular way from Manila is you take the Air Swift flight now via Terminal 4. Since they've opened the flights to other travelers going to El Nido town as well, everybody benefits with the newer and bigger planes from the old Island Transvoyager flights. Landing in Lio, and after a 1 minute jeepney ride - you don your life vest depending on which resort you're going to.

After about 45 mins, since we were on the bigger boat - they shuttle you to the smaller catamarans as you head to the actual docks of the resorts. You can see everyone bring up their cellphones / cameras as you approach the resort as it is a sight to behold! (The last picture in my set is what you see as you set foot on the island.)

The first thing you do after the welcome drink is the introduction spiel by the resort tour coordinators as they tell you what the island has to offer in terms of sights, facilities and activities. The main clubhouse has the reception, the main restaurant which also serves as the breakfast place. On lunch and dinner they now serve Thai food. By the middle of the island, the pool and snack bar serves drinks and a variety of pizza, sandwiches and finger food.

We got ourselves the beach front villa, each with your own veranda area. You now see the spacious room with a lounge area, perhaps one of the best beds you'll sleep on. (2nd picture from the end) Behind the back is a work area (and outlets for those chargers) and the mini-bar stacked with complete refreshments.

Behind the room is the comfort area which spans the width of the room, double sinks and it also comes with a lounge bed by the side. (3rd from the end) And no, the partially colored water as you flush the loo isn't dirty water, the island recycles water and it's used in the flush or as water for the plants.

By the middle portion of the island, you get a beautiful pool and a snack bar. This is one of the spots where we stayed more of as the vibe is relaxing where you just chill as you sip your drink or have that very juicy friend chicken.

Activities of course include the usual Big and Small Lagoon tour, Virgin Island, Miniloc Island Jackfish feeding, Entalula snorkeling, etc.. We actually rented a boat for the day and took a customized tour of the islands instead of taking what's usually segregated into several tours across several trips. We got to go to the Hidden Beach, (hidden behind a limestone wall) the Secret Beach, (where you need to swim under the limestone wall to get in) the Secret Lagoon, (where you hop atop a small opening in the limestone wall after a short walk from the beach) etc. Contrary to how they're named, these folks are quite bad in keeping secret locations hidden. 128533

For the island activities, we actually woke up early for the sunrise trek at the island peak platform. We snorkeled in front of the island in what may be one of the best spots I've swam in for the variety and color of the coral formations. We also kayaked around the beach. What I regret not being able to do is kayak across the island to the other island - the wife got scared of the deep portion of the trip.

Evident from the last set of pictures I'm sharing is that the island is facing the sunset. These are taken across the 3 days and as you can see - each one is a beauty on its own right.

The staff all greet you every time you cross paths, you're assigned your own private tour guide, given your own set of snorkels and fins too for your stay. We felt pampered the entire stay! We will definitely go back!

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

Having gone to 3 bucket list beaches, can safely say that I enjoyed going to Pangulasian the most as far as the over all experience is concerned.

Perfect views, great accommodations, excellent service - all in a single resort. Eco friendly too with their ways and methods.

Stayed on their beach villa, ate on a picnic style lay out, ate in the restaurant, island hopped, went snorkeling, lounged in the pool, chilled on the beach. Perfect holiday!

If finances won't be an issue, stay longer and finish all the activities. We went to the hidden beach, the secret beach, the cathedral cave, the sand bar and of course the 2 lagoons.

One of the best experiences of my life, looking forward to going back in the future.

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Joseph C.
5.0 Stars

i never imagined they can exceed the service level of Lagen resort, 6 star to this resort.Definitely a direct competitor of shangrila boracay situated in a very nice location in Elnido. Excellent amenities and service. 4 star for food- pricey and does not match value proposition. i just hate it when you order medium then they serve well done! darn!

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Kim E.
4.0 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at this resort and would definitely go back as soon as I can! A perfect vacation spot for those who simply want to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Palawan.

This is also a great stay-in place for adventurers due to it's strategic location near snorkeling and scuba diving areas (got to swim with sharks!) as well as tourist islands. There's even a place to rock climb a few minutes away. You may also try out the water sports available, mainly windsurfing, kayaking and other quiet ones that don't disturb the biodiversity (so no jet skiing)

However, if adventure really is your main purpose, I suggest staying in Minoloc among the other El Nido Resorts due to its easy access to marine biodiversity (especially them big jacks).

Pangulasian definitely has better facilities than Lagen and Minoloc (haven't visited the 4th El Nido resort) pretty much because it's the only one that offers the Pool Villa which I stayed in. I loved having our own private 22sqm pool to wade and relax in while enjoying the view of the beach.

This Villa comes with a really soft bed which is so easy to fall asleep on, a Samsung wide screen TV, an iPod you can play music and watch movies with, a large bathroom (no bath tub, but great shower) and even a CBTL machine with complementary CBTL packets! A lot of complementary items actually. I also stayed in the Beach Villa for an hour or 2; they have pretty much the same facilities except the pool.

They offer Eco tours and teach you how to make coconut leaf art. I haven't tried their spa. My brothers spent a great deal of time in their small gym. They also have a pool and beach bar, which I haven't tried. El Nido resorts also have exclusive access to beach clubs on other islands. My sister told me they make great drinks.

Service is really great, even with the no-tipping policy. I felt so at home with the staff's welcoming and farewell song :) They're very accommodating, patient and never fail to smile. My only complaint is that one time the boat left us in an island without telling us, we wasted more than an hour just waiting for them to come back. Our guide was still with us of course and he apologized for this.

What I also love about El Nido is their push for environmentalism. They support ditching disposables (even giving you complementary jugs!) and picking up trash whenever you find them on other islands (which is rare).
You'll learn from the tour guides how considerate they are to the environment and biodiversity here.

I'd give this resort 5 stars if it weren't for the food. Very expensive but very ordinary. There's not much variety in their buffet or even their menu. It's pretty disappointing.

They also failed to tell us that there are monkeys on the island. Of course, they don't show up when humans are around. We left a closed box of chips on our deck only to have found hours later the chips completely ripped apart and scattered everywhere. They finished our 2 boxes of Mrs. Fields so be wary with your cookies haha. The staff of course apologized for this and cleaned up the mess.

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