El Phante

Gastro Park Kapitolyo, 12 1st St., Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

El Phante
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Most Recent Reviews

Markie D.
4.0 Stars

We had our dinner here in Gastro Park Kapitolyo. So many stall to choose and i decided to try El Phante(thaiMex fusion) . I ordered Chili Beef Basil rice meal(139) . Its worth it the price because it comes with unli rice:))

✔Chili Beef Basil: the ground beef was really good and flavorful. A bit spicy and salty but its ok with me coz its perfect to mix with the rice.128077128076

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Glaiza M.
4.0 Stars

I am always in love with Thai and Mexican dishes separately. It was a joy to know that there is a food stall in the Kapitolyo area offering a fusion of both.

Was excited to try their Sriracha Carnitas but was not available that time. The stall staff recommended Chili Beef Basil in soft tacos instead.

It doesn't disappoint. It has a mild spicy flavor which, I think, will still appeal to non-spicy food lovers. Though the beef is quite salty and should be improved a little.

Nonetheless, I will be back to try other dishes in the menu!

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

2nd stall we dropped by is @ El Phante. We grab ourselves another light meal for lunch and we thought tacos will be a great idea. We ordered, 2 pcs of Chipotle Chicken Basil (P169), has veggies, spicy & sweet sauce. The chicken is good though can't recall tasting basil in it (i ordered this one because of the basil 128549). What I enjoyed are the crunchy veggies, and hint of spiciness.

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Katrina D.
1.0 Stars

Phad thai (P149) smelled fishy and had a weird taste. The chicharon did not go well with it. I love phad thai but not this one.

The food in Gastro Park was not good and very expensive for the quality. It's a waste of money. Never going back to that place again. Magsara na sila.

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4.0 Stars

Hello 800 reviews! 12851310084

After playing Volleyball, we were no where to go and my friend suggested to go to Tiendesitas and I told him, what he's craving for? He said Mexican and my other friend said Shawarma. I suggested the place Gastro Park instead of Tiendesitas because there were lots of varieties of food/cuisines to choose. We went to Gastro Park, Kapitolyo, Pasig and check the place first. Then my friend who is craving for Mexican picked his food from El Phante which serves Thai Mexican Street Food. He got Sriracha Carnitas (Pork in Soft Tacos) and shared it with us. 🌮128061128055

Sriracha Carnitas - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

#ilovetoeat 12851510084️ @elphanteph #ElPhantePh

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Robert B.
3.0 Stars

Sounds better than it tastes... Ordered the Sriracha Tacos with Pigs Ears. Lacked textural contrast, and fresh components typical of Thai food and tacos. They could do better. Will probably try another booth in the next trip...

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

We got invited to eat, drink, and be merry, for free, and have a taste of some of the offerings from the Gastro Park Kapitolyo establishments. 128541

El Phante, which specializes in Thai-Mex street food, served us Sriracha Carnitas with pandan rice. For this dish, you have the option to have it with soft taco instead. Despite my low tolerance for spicy food, I found this really good and flavorful. 128077🏻

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Jasper T.
4.0 Stars

I only ordered 1 dish so I can seat in front of their kiosk, which at that time was the only table available. Surprisingly the beef on their nachos tasted really different in a good way. I might go back and try the other stuff on their menu.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Last Saturday was a crazy food fest. I scheduled to meet my friends for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Kapitolyo as I realized that I have to start visiting the new ones before it starts to become unmanageable. I was so giddy on my way to Kapitolyo but it instantly disappeared when I couldn’t find Kitchen Diaries Café. There were two location pins, one from Waze and another from Instagram. I went to both and circled both areas like Sisa looking for her kids and I just could not find it. Worn out and sweaty, I decided to give the café a call and… apparently, there was a change in management and they have to close down the café indefinitely. It pissed me off! They could have at least announced it or something! Aaargh. Anyway, I made sure that lunch will be awesome as I planned it to be at…

Gastro Park!

This place is the StrEat version of Kapitolyo. Similar to the Maginhawa branch, this small compound houses several small food establishments offering different cuisines. And on top of my list is El Phante which got good rating in looloo.

I was excited to hand the coupons I got from Metro Deal where PHP200 worth of food will be just PHP99. But I failed to take note that the coupons are only valid from Sundays to Thursdays. It was not a big deal since it was my mistake and prices are wallet-friendly.

I then ordered the bestseller Chili Beef Basil Soft Taco (PHP140). Don’t be deceived by the name of the dish. It was just mildly spiced or so what the server claims.

It took roughly 10 minutes for our order to be served and it was… small. What do you expect from PHP140? I was pleased though that despite the small size of the soft taco, there was a generous serving of ground beef.

It was quite oily and that’s why T opted to use her fork to munch on it. But I want to enjoy mine the Mexican way. So I stuffed all the meat inside the soft taco and took a bite.

And it was good! There was a tinge of spiciness but it was far from being called spicy. It was flavorful and I loved the hint of sweetness and slight herbal taste from the basil. I liked it and would have even loved it if it was not overly oily.

I went back to Gastro Park that same day for dinner and headed to El Phante for more and we got Chili Beef Basil Nachos (PHP165) and Pad Thai-Mex (PHP175).

Note to self: Stick with softtacos. I didn’t like the nacho chips used by El Phante. Though the toppings were good, it was not enough to make up for the blah chips.

And they were stingy with the cheese! I want more cheese!

Spicy food lovers would love the Pad Thai-Mex. It was too spicy for my liking and I only had a few forkful. The pasta was al dente though and there was an itsy bitsy hint of the delectable sweet taste which pad thai is known for. But I won’t order this one again too.

Overall, it was a mediocre meal but I’d go back for the soft tacos.

Star Rating: 3.5

#50ksummergiveaway #gluttonshopper

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Arianne S.
4.0 Stars

Boyfie and I was on our way to Silantro when we accidentally passed by the new food haven "Gastro Park Kapitolyo". This was our first time and we we're really excited to try the foods 128525128523

The place was really nice. Having a cozy barn-like concept which is good for hanging out with friends.

I tried El phante's Chipotle Curry Chicken for Php145. Their dishes are ThaiMex which really caught my attention. It is a rice meal good for 1, with chicken sautéd in thai basil and various spices that I cannot fathom haha! Its also a bit spicy due to the curry. It also has atchara as the side for the chicken which definitely balanced off the dish128076🏻 All in all, the dish was great and worth the price!
The serving size was also appropriate with the price. As for the service, the crew knows the menu well and the food was served in 10mins which is really fast. 128512

Great service, great place and mostly, great food!
Will definitely come back! 128523128522

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