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Ice Cream
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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

Delicious and refreshing ice cream rolls! It was fun watching the staff prepare them.9786

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Sandy V.
4.0 Stars


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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

Another dessert craze could be under way here. This Rolled Ice Cream concept has been around in other parts of South East Asia and in the Philippines it made rounds in Mercato initially. Now it’s in a permanent stall, in a mall and its likely going to stay ‘hot’ for a awhile.

Another term used for this novel dessert is ‘Fried’ Ice Cream. Ingredients are mixed with milk, chopped multiple times, cooled in a metal surface, layered and then rolled to your cup. It’s a process that takes around 7-10 minutes but worth the wait once you try it.

I had the chance to make one on this sponsored invite. It wasn’t easy, I didn’t get it right. But I was too happy for having the chance anyway.

Elait simply means Happiness in a Cup. It combines the word elate, to be ecstatically happy and lait which pertains to milk. This brand uses Hacienda Macaluan, a premium brand known for daily products.

I loved all three varieties I got to try- The Mango Kiwi Pavlova (Mango, Kiwi, Meringue with Strawberry Drizzle), Strawberry Trifle (Strawberry, Cream Cheese, Almonds, Lazy Fingers, Condensed Milk with Strawberry Drizzle) and a Create Your Own composing of two of my favorite fruits, Mango and Banana.

There are other unconventional flavors like Bacon Brickle which has Bacon, Pretzels with lots of Caramel Sauce and Peach Melba which has Peaches, Almonds and Raspberry.

Each Rolled Ice Cream is only Php 180, whatever it is. For its quality ingredients and portion, it’s worth every penny. I say one cup can be shared by 2-3 people.

Another reason to support Elait is their love for our impaired brothers and sisters who are employed by the store. They have a board up so you can also get to learn some basic sign languages.

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Jomarie A.
5.0 Stars

Josh and I have been wanting to try Elait for quite a while now, but haven't had the chance since Century City Mall is not that accessible through commuting. But since he brought his car to work last Sunday, we went there to try their rolled cold treats! 128525127846

When we got there, we checked their menu, and I later decided that I'm okay with trying out their rolled yogurt (as compared to custard -- since custard seems to be more fattening 128584). Let me note that I'm not a big yogurt eater, and I just started to have it around a week ago. So here's what Josh and I got for sharing:

✔ MANGO KIWI PAVLOVA (Php 180) - 1108811088110881108811088
The flavor we chose had mango × kiwi × meringue × strawberry drizzle, on top of rolled yogurt with bits of mangoes. 128525 If all yogurts are like this, I'll trade all my ice cream and have this instead! The yogurt was creamy, not too sweet, and slightly tart. It was not as sour as I feared it would be. The mangoes and dessert were a delicious, juicy, and fresh addition to it. The meringue helped in minimizing the tartness of the yogurt -- though I wish there could have been more pieces (there were only two 128546). I loved how crisp and freshly made they are! I loved this dessert, and it's a super affordable way to beat the heat but not ruining your diet (each serving may be good for 2 people, one 1 person with a sweet tooth). 128521 If you're not a yogurt fan, you may opt to have rolled custard instead.

While having a not-so-new concept, Elait stepped up its game by incorporating either custard or yogurt in its menu, vs. its competitors who only have ice cream. You'll also notice some cards hung around their stall -- sign language guides. Elait employs people with special needs, and gives them a chance to have regular jobs! How great is that, right?

I also appreciate their staff who tirelessly recommended flavors to us, and which flavors go well with either yogurt or custard. Two thumbs up for them! 128077128077

Thank you for an awesome dessert experience, Elait! 128055128156 I just wish you'll have a couple of tables and chairs for your customers, though. 128586


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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

ELAIT is a newly opened rolled ice cream stall in Century City Mall which had their grand launch last April 1, 2017.
Together with other foodies and influencers we were given a chance to create our own ice cream rolls!

Elait got its name from the word Elate (Extreme Happiness) and the french term 'Lait' which means to serve with milk. The store's overall look is bright and joyous which can be really eye-catching for kids and kids at heart like me. 128525

How To Make
128204A Dairy Product (Custard or Yogurt) is poured on to a teppan or steel chilled for about -35degrees
128204Toppings like Fresh Fruits and Sweet Bits are added on to the dairy product
128204All the ingredients are grinded and mixed together
128204Once the Ice Cream hardens, it is ready to be rolled and served

What makes Elait unique would be the unusual flavors they offer.
127846Bacon Brickle, Salted Egg Surprise, Blueberry Cheescake, Tiramisu, Mango Kiwi Pavloca and UBE FLAN!

One thing that really caught my attention when I visited the store would be their basic sign languages poster plastered in front of the cashier. They have servers who are deaf and mute and I like that they are very inclusive of this community. It's not everyday that one gets to express gratittude and communicate using sign languages. I find it humbling and fun as well!

I ordered their STRAWBERRY TRIFLE during my first visit. It's made of strawberries + cream cheese + almonds + lady fingers and yogurt. 127827 looking for something not too sweet during that day and this one's a good pick! Yum'

When I went back instead of ordering from their customized flavours, I decided to make my own! In order to make your own rolled ice cream you have to do the ff:
1. Choose a Base (Custard or Yogurt)
2. Choose 2 Mixers
3. Choose 2 Toppings
4. Choose a Drizzle

I chose Custard as my base when I went back and it tasted so much better! Ang sarap! My boyfriend and I made two diff mixes, his tasted more caramelish peanut butter and mine tasted chocolatey and milky! (Check Photo)

Their ice creams are priced at P180 per cup and P10 additional for every addtl toppings/mixers/drizzle.

Elait is indeed a Happiness in a cup! 127801 just the perfect dessert to beat the extreme City heat!

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Reginald B.
5.0 Stars

New ice cream shop alert!!! Try Elait at 2F Century City Mall, Makati now!!!!

There is no better dessert (for me) than ICE CREAM!!! In fact, these ice cream rolls are so perfect to beat the summer heat! I always enjoy watching how my food is being prepared and here at Elait they prepare your ice cream from scratch - yes, from scratch, as in liquid form pa! If you've been to Bangkok, or if you've seen IG videos of this dessert, then you'll know how they're made. Their gracious staff (more on this later!) will pour the custard on a cold/freezing surface and your choice of topping will then be added onto the custard, which they will cut up into small bits and fold into the creamy custard mixture. Once the custard turns soft and mushy, it will then be spread across the surface and after a few seconds, the rolling starts!

The flavors my friends and I were able to try are the following: Salted Egg Surprise, Blueberry Cheesecake (yoghurt), Strawberry Trifle, Chocolate Overload, Bacon Brickle and All That Junk.

I'll try to write a brief review for the items I truly enjoyed:
1. The Salted Egg Surprise is indeed surprising; the savory taste of the salted egg powder pairs well with the caramel and popcorn and the tanginess of the tomato jam - really good, but I'm thinking not everyone will like it.
2. We tried the yoghurt variety for the Blueberry Cheesecake. I find the yoghurt perfect since it adds a sour tone to the ice cream which you will also get when you're having a slice of cheesecake. The blueberries give it a sweet and fruity taste.
3. Bacon Brickle - I super love the texture of this - smooth and velvety with crunch coming from the pretzels and the bacon bits. I also enjoyed the contrast in flavor.

Each cup is reasonably priced at Php 180.00, not bad given that they offer really premium toppings. Plus the custard is not just milk, unlike the first rolled ice cream place I've tried here in Manila; instead, the custard has just about the right sweetness.

May I add that they have deaf employees and they post sign language boards to help clients communicate with them. We need more PWD-friendly workplaces like Elait! 10084

Great ice cream and great people = Great experience! 127775127775127775127775127775

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