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Abbey A.
5.0 Stars

Just as much as I love eating, I have learned to super love working out as well! 128522 Just the endorphins alone are a good reason to keep coming back for more! Even if it's tiring. Even if it hurts most of the time. Hahaha it's very fulfilling, for the mind, body, and soul. It's an outlet, but also at the same time a form of expression. 128170

So I've tried working out with a personal trainer and doing bootcamp again in crossfit, but just recently I decided to try something new. I kind of delayed trying it cause I wanted someone to go with and it is expensive, but good thing my best friend wanted to go and they actually have a first timer package.

First timer package is P1,500 for 5 classes good for a month. And then after that all I know is it gets so much more expensive. Anyway, I took advantage of the sweet sweet first timer package. 128525

I was excited and nervous at the same time because I was really expecting the worse. But that all changed when we got inside the electric studio and spun the class away! We had Kara as our instructor and she is guaranteed to really get you pumped up! She's very hyper and seems to not get tired, which is a super good thing to get the people to keep going.

I was a bit intimidated about the idea of being a first timer, but the trick is just to really focus on yourself. Focus on your form, your pace, and jiving with the music. You can really get your mind off things. Perfect de-stressor for after work or on the weekends!

The process of signing up and booking a class is simple. And they just have a few reminders, which are all in their website.

I am so excited to go to my next class and I hope this review at least encourages you to try! 128692

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Darlene M.
4.0 Stars

My friend recommended me to try this out because I told her I'm really interested to see what the fuss is all about indoor cycling. I'm not a couch potato but I'm not the most active person either. I tend to workout only when I'm in the mood ha-ha. My first ride started out good because my friend had already taken a few classes before this. I was also properly oriented even if I got into class a bit late because I had to sign the waiver and such.
What stuck to my mind was that I should listen to my body and not push myself too much because it's my first ride. True enough after 15minutes, I was ready to give up. Running and doing the stationary bike at the gym was nowhere near this. Hahaha. I slow down when I need to and hydrate of course. The music also helped a lot as well as those who sit in front. They were already experts and it was quite motivating watching them ride continuously.

What I liked about this is that they had a warm-up, interval training, weights and cool down. The workout involved the whole body and not just the legs and glutes.

Would definitely like to come back for more classes sometime soon. Good for endurance and stamina building!

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Kathleen G.
1.0 Stars

I had a really bad experience with Electric Studio. It was my first time to try out an indoor cycling class in their studio but have tried it in Fitness First before. The staff at the reception knew we were first timers but we were just given waivers to sign and our cleats. We entered the studio right before the class started. The teacher was already on her bike. We didn't know how to adjust the bikes so I had to leave the room and ask someone from the reception to help me out. She adjusted my bike and asked me if I wanted to use 2 lb dumbbells or 3 lbs. I opted for 2 and she volunteered to get it for me. The class started a few minutes after so I didn't notice that she only placed 1 dumbbell on my bike rack until the time we had to use the dumbbells. I had to reach out to the vacant bike beside me so I can have a set of dumbbells to use. But this wasn't the worst thing that happened. Towards the end of the class, I somehow lost my balance and my left foot got unlocked from the pedal. My right foot was still hooked in because of the cleats so I was struggling to stop the bike. I was pedalling fast so it was hard to gain control and stop the pedal from turning. My right knee got jammed to the front of the bike and my right foot sustained all the pressure from the moving pedal. I was in so much pain! I let out a scream but the music was so loud, I was barely heard by anyone. I was only able to get out of the bike when the pedal finally slowed down and I took out my foot from the cleats. By this time, I can no longer move my foot. I knew for sure I already have a sprain. My friend beside me saw me struggling and stepped down and helped me. This was the only time that the teacher noticed and went over to us. I hobbled out of the room and was brought to their backroom. The director asked me what happened and bandaged my foot. At the time, I was in pain and really felt silly for incurring this injury. I kept saying this is probably a sprain but they kept playing it down saying hopefully it's not. I was never offered to be brought to the hospital to have it checked by a doctor. Since I drove, I actually stayed there for a long time, waiting for family to pick me up and drive my car home too. I went to my regular chiropractor after and he said that my foot was seriously injured and it's not just a regular sprain. I got scared so I went to the hospital to have it x-rayed. That was the only time that I found out that I actually incurred a fracture. I have a fracture on the medial malleolus of my right ankle. My foot was placed in a cast and the doctor initially advised that my ankle be placed in a cast for 6-8 weeks depending on my healing and recovery. This was the time that I really felt anger. I felt like Electric could've done a lot of things to prevent this injury from happening. If only we were properly oriented what to do if such an incident happened. They were checking up on me though. They emailed me asking how I was but I never felt like there was any genuine concern. I told them that my foot was in a cast and their reply was, "We're glad that you got to see the doctor and now you're on the road to recovery." And only offered to freeze my account. Not even refund my payment then and there. I even wrote a long email giving them suggestions how they can ensure the safety of their customers especially their 1st time customers. In that email, I asked if there was an emergency brake button because I remember that the bikes in Fitness First had it and the instructor would always tell the students at the start of the class about it. This particular question was never answered. It was only when I detailed how much I spent on the cast, doctor's fees, medication etc. and expressed that this should be covered by their studio when I felt that they began to take me seriously. I received a call from the owner. She explained that it was just a timing issue that's why we weren't included in the orientation because apparently the teacher oriented when we were not yet in the room. And I told her, then why weren't we oriented again when she saw us enter the room? No response to this question. I brought up all the things that I wrote in my email about safety precautions etc. and she said like in her email that they were already doing all these. And then I brought up the emergency brake button, and she said that there is an emergency brake button! I blew up! Because if I knew that there was an emergency brake button and knew where it was, I would have been able to avoid this whole incident from happening! I told her that it was because of her staff's negligence and inefficiency that's why this happened. And the only thing that they can offer me is to refund my payment because it is against their policy to answer the medical bill of their customers because she said we signed a waiver and it is clearly written that we take full responsibility for our actions. So if you still want to try out Electric, do so at your own risk because even if they say that your safety is our top priority, it is PURE B.S.

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Tala G.
5.0 Stars

This is my non-food happy place. I am a couch potato who loves to eat. The only reason I work out is so that I can keep eating! 128513 I've tried a lot of work out options but nothing stuck - until Electric Studio. I've been riding 3x/week for about 4 months now and I can't see myself stopping.

The price - yes, it's steep compared to other gyms or work out options, but you pay for the premium service. And like I said, it's the work out I am willing to get out of bed on a lazy weekend for, so I save up for it.

The studio is kept meticulously clean and facilities are top notch. The instructors and staff are the friendliest people you'll meet. I tried out each of the instructors' classes to figure out their musical tastes - pop, rock, R&B, EDM etc. The music is a huge factor for me - it has helped me push through and finish intense rides all through the final sprint.

My husband has also started joining me and he has lost a lot of weight from our thrice a week classes. It's one of our bonding activities now. 128522 Love, love, Electric Studio!

Love. Sweat. Gratitude! 9889128692🏽128074🏼128522

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April G.
4.0 Stars

Talk about great vibes.

I did not know what the fuss was about indoor cycling. I normally see raves from my friends living in Cali and NY that if they miss a class, they end up feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

So when I saw that Electric Studio was offering 5 classes for 1K for First Timers, I grabbed it. It was a GREAT deal. Normal class is 1K per session.

At first, I felt that I could do an above average job since I do 5k and 10k runs. Boy was I wrong. My endurance was crap! 5minutes into the electrifying routine, I was huffing and puffing and back at the "rest" zone. I vowed not to sit in front and in full view of Lululemon-clad Ladies and CEO-types wearing triathlon gear.

The next 4 classes were way better and I was still cycling up front purely by chance and availability of the bike.

I have to say, since I did indoor cycling, I shaved 20mins off my 10k and 8mins on my last 10k while doing the 5 sessions. Gave me two succeeding personal records.

Facilities -11088110881108811088️- they lend you shoes, towels, bath products, lockers, and everything is still new and well-maintained. It can get cramped during early morning class and everyone needs a shower though to go to work.

Teachers- 11088110881108811088️- I've only tried 3 but all have their own style that's a mix of fun and funky.

Actual Class- 1108811088110881108811088️- yeah I drank the Kool-Aid. Happy hormones over flowing and it helped improve my runs? What's not to like?

Crowd-vibe- 11088110881108811088

Rates- 110881108811088️- this is what makes me hesitate to go for more classes. 1k a session? Uh... I'll think about it first.

Over-all: 4.75 stars!

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