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Chizbun - Cherrie P.
4.0 Stars

I come from a family whose both sides love to cook, so I am no stranger to classic Filipino dishes like sinigang and kare-kare. I know how a good kare-kare should taste, and I know how I like my sinigang. I may be a stranger to a few foreign dishes but my family has provided me a well-rounded background of Tagalog dishes that are proven staples in any family gathering.

I enjoy eating at restaurants focusing on Filipino dishes as they remind me of comfort food my mom and my aunts would cook at family celebrations. I'm happy there are already quite a few in the market that caters to homegrown tastes.

In comes Elias, a surefooted contender in the food phenom that is Hispanic-Filipino. What sets it apart as well is the intelligent use of characters, names and places culled from Jose Rizal's written works and life. I felt Elias was a properly chosen name for the restaurant, as Jose Rizal in his novel, meant to have Elias represent the common Filipino. I like the restaurant's consistency with the theme too. Once you enter, the interiors speak of opulence and simplicity all at the same time. Various works of art dot the walls, classy chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and pictures of Elias and his twin sister welcome you as you dine. The restaurant promises turn of the century dining, and boy, do they deliver this tagline well.

We were served a fantastic spread of their bestsellers, from appetizers, entrees to desserts.

* Crazy Sisa (P245)
- This was a simple green salad with crispy hito flakes on top. Hito flakes in a salad might seem crazy as Sisa but they were tasty and added much needed flavor to the salad.

* Crispin (P250)
- For those who want simpler tastes, they have this fried eggplant with salty tuyo to pair with the mains.

* Lengua Laruja (P495)
- This was lovely braised ox tongue in mushroom gravy served in a hotplate. The mushroom gravy was flavorful but I am not entirely a fan of the ox tongue.

* Sinigang ni Eva (P645)
- Care to have a more exciting version of sinigang? Elias serves pompano sinigang with watermelon and native vegetables. The sweet watermelon gave the sour sinigang soup a rather different dimension to it, making it more appetizing. Get your bowls of rice ready!

* Don Rafael (P695)
- Named after Crisostomo Ibarra's father in Noli Me Tangere, this crispy pata deserves your attention. The deep-fried pork leg is best enjoyed with atchara and soy vinegar, and of course, lots of rice!

* Paella Filipino (P450)
- I loved this dish! I really enjoyed the spicy peppery flavors of this Spanish rice dish. Partake in the prawns, chicken, inihaw na liempo and chorizo on top of the paella for a wholly satisfying meal.

* Emilio (P395)
- I was pleasantly surprised with the beef morcon as it reminded me of the dish that my aunts always make for our parties. Elias' version was cooked in classic homemade tomato sauce with sausage, vegetables and egg. I appreciate the abundant tomato sauce that was very savory and full. Again, need I remind you to eat this with rice? Smother the sauce on the rice and enjoy this piping hot with the egg slivers crumbling on top.

* Pacita (P375)
- For those who enjoy seafood, they have the "pinaputok" or steamed pla-pla stuffed with onions, tomatoes and green peppers.

* Kapitan Tiago (P295)
- I was smiling the whole time while photographing this dish because of its witty name, hailed from Maria Clara's father who has a penchant for cockfights and derbys. This was classic chicken inasal with inihaw na atay or roasted chicken liver skewers. I enjoyed the chicken liver albeit being dry.

* Kare-Kare ng Kura (P550)
- They also have a wonderful version of the beloved Kare-Kare and, boy, do I love the bagoong it comes with. They used oxtail and ox tripe and stewed it in their homemade peanut sauce with native vegetables and shrimp paste. Whole nutty flavors, and perfect portioning of meats. Quite a hit with our group!

* Bistek Pelaez (P850)
- US Angus beef steak Tagalog in soy calamansi sauce with lots of sauteed onion rings on top. True blue bistek just made fancier with the angus beef strips and potatoes.

* Bonifacio (P595)
- Bulanglang (quite similar to Pinakbet) with a deep-fried baby Lapulapu on the side. I happily munched on the crispy lapulapu as I was not as keen on eating the vegetables.

* Lumpiang Hubad(P295)
- Came drizzled with peanut sauce, and can be enjoyed on its own or paired with the salads ot the mains.

* Cervantes (P385)
- Named after the renowned Binondo landmark Plaza Cervantes, this pancit bihon reflects the Filipino-Chinese fusion of flavors in this classic noodle dish. Filled with pork leg bits, chestnuts, and yes, quail eggs, you definitely can't help but get seconds!

* Madrid (P165)
- The Madrid is a choco mani pie that looks as cosmopolitan and decadent as the streets of the city it was named after.
Indulge in this rich mousse punctuated with nutty bricks of Chocnut candy. Heaven in a bite indeed!

I am quite happy with how Elias fared in terms of service and food quality. Each dish was lovingly prepared and served by their staff, who were equally attentive to our requests.

For the food, it was a relief that they did not necessarily attempted to change how Filipinos enjoy their well-loved classics but just endeavoured to improve on these dishes for a more modern approach. Highly recommended for those out-of-office lunches or when you want to impress a foreign client or business manager.

Adding to its novelty is the whole Jose Rizal/Noli/El Fili theme that allowed a little cerebral throwback to when you were in highschool. I'd say it provides a unique conversation starter and makes the dining experience truly and enjoyably Filipino.

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Pigoutsundays O.
4.0 Stars

Elias is the second and last stop to our lunch meet up last Monday courtesy of Florabel Group and thanks to the invite of @eatsearliiiibirdmnl and @seemslegeat.

Together with 9 other foodies, we enjoyed the following :

EMILIO P395 - Beef Morcon cooked in classic homemade tomato sauce with sausage, vegetables and eggs.. The meat needs a little more time simmering to make it fork tender.

BISTEK PELAEZ P850 - US Angus beef steak tagalog with soy calamansi sauce and sauteed onion rings. The beef were tender. The sauce was a perfect blend of salty and tangy. I loved the onions. This dish can feed 2-3 people.

KAPITAN TIAGO P295 - Chicken inasal with inihaw na atay. The chicken was a bit dry. Im not a fan of chicken liver

MADRID P165 - Choco Mani Pie. I loved this chocnut dessert. The mouse was creamy and sinful. Ill order this again

CRAZY SISA P245- Crispy Hito Flakes with green salad. One of my favorites! The hito flakes were reminded me of okoy but thinner and more delicate.

KARE KARE NG KURA P550 - Stewed oxtail and ox tripe made with native vegetables and shrimp paste. The oxtail and tripe were melt in your mouth. The kare kare sauce tasted home made and delicious just like how my mom and late mother in law used to make theirs. I highly recommend this dish. It is worth every peso in its price tag

CERVANTES P385 - Another winner in my book. I just loved this pansit. I think I can finish one order in one sitting when I want to binge. But this can feed 2-3 people

PACITA P375 - Pinaputok na pla pla stuffed with onions, tomatoes and green peppers. The pla pla was fresh and meaty. An all in one dish, it was like eating salad with your fish.

SINIGANG NI EVA P 645 - Sinigang ni pompano with watermelon and native vegetables. The pakwan cubes were a surprise. It lent a sweet fruity taste to the traditional sour broth. Its red hue against the verdant green of the vegetables brightened up the dish

LENGUA LARUJA P495 - The lengua were all so tender. The gravy-like sauce was scrumptious

PAELLA FILIPINO P450 - hurray for the soccarat (aka tutong).. Those inihan na liempo lent a local flair to an otherwise traiditional Spanish paella

DON RAFAEL P695 - deep fried pork leg with atchara and soy vinegar. The best crispy pata yet ! The skin was thin and crispy. The meat was tasty and fork tender. Delicious!

LUMPIANG HUBAD P295 - It was an ok dish. Your regular lumpiang hubad, There were no suprises here.

All in all , there were more hits than misses. The food was generallyl good and can be shared. My favorites were the kare kare, krispy pata, sinigang sa pakwan and choco mani pie aka chocnut mousse.

Will I be returning anytime soon ? Most definitely! ..... with the piggery and the balikbayan mother in tow :)

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Yna N.
4.0 Stars

Elias is located at Bonifacio High Street 2L, 7th. Ave corner 30th street, BGC, Taguig City.

Filipino Moderne Cuisine with a wide selection to choose from.

Place is cozy and nice ambiance for family and friends

Reasonable prices for a great food.

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Pinoy food for dinner w my officemates! 🇵🇭

It was my first time trying most of the dishes we ordered and was pretty surprised with the Seafood Kare-Kare and Adobo (I can't remember the exact names anymore).

The Kare-Kare was rich creamy and nutty. It was good but I still love my mom's and aunt's Kare-Kare. 128523 The serving size of the adobo was super generous, the pork and chicken were so huge that we had to request them to cut it into smaller sizes. Again, just like the Kare-Kare, this was good but I still like the ones we make at home. 128540

The crispy bagnet and tofu sisig were both just okay. Nothing extraordinary. 128517

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

There was a Globe event last Friday with this great singer named Chris ______, while listening to his performance we got a quick appetizer sojourn at Elias ( by Crisostomo ) seemingly familiar menu selections and choices....

So we went for the Bagumbayan Lechon, thinly sliced lechon kawali chips with vinegar and liver sauce... Really crispy and it looked like a crossover of chicharon at its ends with crispy lechon kawali meat 12852210084128077🏻 yum yum yum getting younger with this, hehehe 128525

Then we had the Tempura Style Prawn cooked with a twist of Laing and aligue sauce for its dip, surprisingly delicious as well! That laing was a surprise combo with the plump shrimp, and of course the loveable crabfat sauce 12852210084128077🏻

We also had the all time favorite, mangoes and cream goodness, their Olimpia Cake....1008410084100841008410084

Couldn't resist their Leche Flan as well, hehehe12852212852212852210084

So was that appetizer? Hahaha yes, had to move over to more BGC foodie finds on a traffic stricken weekday 128522128518128522128518

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Avi C.
2.0 Stars

Elias serves Your typical Filipino dishes with a twist.
I found the menu items bringing me back to Noli and El Fili days in HS. Plus points there!

Okay, GF was craving for Kare Kare that time so without batting an eyelash, ordered it straight away.
I wanted something healthy (haha) so i got the lumpiang hubad.

Oh well, sad to say, this reto wont get any recommendations from me. Here's why:

1. Everything was pricey! - i dont mind pricey as long as it makes me forget the price when i taste the food. But this? Just plain pricey. (60php for 1 cup of rice, 520php for kare kare and 200+php for lumpia)

2. Service was just bad. I dont see why they'd have to serve you water in such small glasses. The server had to come back several times! Didnt also see why theyd charge that much for table service.

3. Food is cute because they gave itt cool names but other than that? Hmm Max's Kare kare is waaay waaay better and is more appropriately priced. As for the lumpiang hubad- hmm try another veggie dish. Seriously.

Overall, 2 spoons- all for cute menu names.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Before the christmas break, my family and I had our "pre-christmas lamon" here at Elias. Days before eating here, we've been eating Japanese or Chinese food which made us crave for good comfort food which is Pinoy food. There are a number of Filipino restaurants in Fort but the one nearest my office is this one (plus I haven't tried eating here yet). Though the menu is almost the same with Crisostomo.

Instead of ordering the usual sinigang and kare kare, we decided to try something we won't normally get.

Kinilaw na tuna with grilled liempo. This was surprisingly good. The liempo was tender and tasty. I loved how the vinegar was not too sour that we still enjoyed the flavor of the tuna, liempo, onions, ginger, and green mangoes. And it had the right level of spiciness! 128076🏼 Serving size was generous as well.

This was just okay. Generous serving of veggies with peanut sauce but nothing too special about it. Should have ordered something else. A different vegetable dish.

Shrimps, milkfish, mussels, and squid pinaputok with lots of onions, tomatoes and their special sauce. This was really goood! As in!!! 128525 Reminds me of Pixie's sinugba? but instead of just fish, you have a lot of seafood to enjoy and eat!! A must try for seafood lovers! 128076🏼

Birthday noodles because it's almost my birthday. 128518 Tastes exactly like my aunt's pancit canton but with more toppings like quail eggs and chorizo. My lola, who is a very maarte picky eater, liked this!

Service was just okay. The place was full so the staffs were hard to call but their nice naman. 128513

Elis is a good place to eat at for family lunch/dinner as the serving size is very generous and everything is good!! Pinoy foooood!!!!! Perfect for families with lolas and lolos! 128513

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Gina G.
4.0 Stars

Celebrating Team Christmas Dinner.

We thought our 10k budget is not enough for 26 persons but wooow! may take out pa kami.

Food was indeed pinoy style dishes.

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Zenrick T.
4.0 Stars

Love the filipino cuisine

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Eric P.
3.0 Stars

First the food tastes great, especially the garlic chicken, the only negative remark il give this resto is when me and sister had lunch at this place flies are roaming everywhere. Hopefully next time it will be a positive experience.

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

This was throwback review. I just saw Elias and remember was not able to write a review of this in Looloo. Our Filipino friend who lives in Germany wanted to eat Pinoy food. And Elias did not disappoint us. We were able to satisfy our friend's craving.

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Raquel E.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Aileen L.
4.0 Stars

Hubby's Pre 36th Bday celebration at Elias Bonifacio High Street last Saturday afternoon.

After our trip to FlowHouse in Cavite we went straight to BGC and starve to death. We're so hungry after our Flowboarding session. We arrived at BGC around past 2pm. We were supposed to eat at Wholesome table but kids don't like it so we end up at Elias since I am craving for Filipino food that time.

Elias is one of the high end Filipino restaurants in Bonifacio High Street. It is an upscale version of Crisostomo by Chef Florabel. My daughter celebrated her bday before at Crisostomo in Eastwood so I know that this is the perfect place to celebrate hubby's birthday.

I love the food and ambiance of Elias because it will brings you back to Philippine Colonial Cuisine concept. The Filipino given names inspired by the books of Jose Rizal ( Noli & Fili)

Here are the dishes that we had :

🔹Salomes secret - binusog na pusit glazed with sweet sauce. The pusit is easy to chew and love the tomatoes inside the squid. (P295)

🔹Don Rafael - aka "crispy pata" Deep fried pork leg with garlic sauce,atchara and soy vinegar. This is what I really enjoyed eating here. The pata is huge and crunchy. Sarap ng balat!128055 especially when dip to soy sauce (P695)

🔹 Escolta - and because it's hubby's bday we ordered this bday noodles for long life, pancit canton with quail eggs and assorted meat and seafood . This noodles is not ordinary, similar to my fave bday noodles at a Chinese cuisine (P395)

🔹Dona Victorina - sautéed prawns in crab fat! The prawns was 6 pcs and huge! I'm drooling! (P495)

🔹La Paz Bulalo - Their Bulalo was so good! With corn cob and puro beef talaga walang masyadong taba. They even gave us additional sabaw128077 ( P595)

🔹 Plain Pandan rice (8pcs) 480 pesos . Mahal talaga ang rice sa mga resto ngayon. Okay lang basta wag fake lang ang rice127834

Sum it all, the food here are all delicious. May tira pa dahil generous ang servings.

Medyo matagal yung service but it's worth the wait. Total bill: 3,218.84128077127860

Busog talaga ! 128077

By the way they have wifi here so it's okay to wait128518

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April H.
2.0 Stars

We had to wait twenty minutes to be served this cake (for takeaway). They sliced it, put the slice in a plastic container and placed a sprig of mint and a cherry beside it, then closed the container. Then walked where we were seated. In a restaurant with only one other table with customers, I don't think you need 20 mins for that...

What bugged me most was the question of the server-- kailangan nyo pa po ba ng bag? Wow, hahawakan ko ng ganyan pauwi. Kainis talaga minsan.

Plus the quezo de bola cheesecake's crust tasted weird. So not worth the P200!128078🏻

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Pau R.
5.0 Stars

The Legazpi made me eat laing for the first time! It's a brilliant twist on the prawn tempura stuffed with laing. And oh, it is served with crabfat dipping sauce. You'll surely come back for this! 128077128077128077

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Kacey T.
4.0 Stars

Surprisingly their sinigang ni eva,l -sinigang with watermelon is delish.. Their manok ng diablo is not spicy so im a little disappointed. Thier pakbet, laing, gatang gulay are nice.. Try their ventura - assorted seafood in coconutmilk yum!

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Kara G.
4.0 Stars

While April H was busy taking pictures of the food, I was snapping pics of the gorgeous decor. A throwback to the Spanish era, Elias achieves the look and feel of Español interiors while capitalizing on their food preparation. I loved the way the food looked. I didn't order any cakes, just the tsokolate eh. It was warm and creamy and satisfying to the belly after a hearty meal. One suggestion though: instead of the Nutella-ish dip they have with the churros, why not use the tsokolate eh? Mas ok pa ung combination when I tried it 128523

My brother got the queso de bola cheesecake while Ayps got the Narcissa cake and Mike, her brother, tried the Tsoknut flavored one. Interesting choices for the flavors, really original 128079

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Walking off our heavy dinner from Forum South Global to BHS with Kara G... I know that's not enough, but the group thought that they were ready for dessert... I suggested Elias!9728️ it's a place I like more for their desserts rather than their entrees... It's the first place where I've tried the Quezo de bola cheesecake, their so-called Narcissa... It was love at first bite for me! (Though I now like the Quezo de bola cheesecake of CBG better!)128513

So, I ordered my beloved cake, while my brother got the Madrid... It's a frozen Choco nut mousse, which was likewise pretty tasty... Finally, there was an order of churros, which was just okay for me... Didn't really like the churros itself, though the chocolate dip was good...

We also had a round of brewed coffee or tsokolate... It was pretty much a successful way to end the evening!128077128077128077

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Paul E.
4.0 Stars

We decided to stroll around bgc and ate in Elias since we were craving for some filipino food. We took Mi Ultimo Felicidad (Chicharon bulaklak) , Manok ng diablo, Pinoy Paella. The bill costs us around 1.3K but everything is worth it. From the taste to the servings, they priced their offerings fair enough to fit the budget of everyone.

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Joy O.
4.0 Stars

Thanks to Groupon, I got the chance to try Elias for the second time 128522 We tried out Isagani (rellenong bangus), Adobo Damaso (chicken pork adobo) and Maria Elena (adobong kangkong with lechon kawali toppings). All of them are delicious. Loved the savory taste of the adobo and the crispy outer coating of the bangus.
BUT imo, altho I loved their food, for some reason, it did not leave that much mark on me.
Taste: 11088110881108811088
Price: 11088110881108811088️ - reasonable price
Ambiance: 11088110881108811088
Service: 11088110881108811088️ the servers are named Juana and Tasio, cool!

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