Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

25/F RCBC Plaza Tower 2, 6819 Ayala Ave., Makati, Metro Manila

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
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Coralie L.
1.0 Stars

Not reliable. We wanted to ask for updates for our visa but they don't reply to their emails and don't answer their phones. So every time we wanted to know something, we had to go all the way to the embassy for our concerns. The bad customer service doesn't just stop there because after waiting up for hours til our turn, they won't give us specific answers to our concerns and they would even answer us with an attitude which I hate very much. I know we are not the only ones applying for visa, but I would appreciate it if the embassy could at least give answers to our concerns. It is very hard to keep on going back to the embassy if we wanted updates.

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Nikki C.
4.0 Stars

Last week we went to do our visas for our upcoming trip. Before coming here, I had to check the reviews from previous visitors who had an appointment, like if meron bang bawal dalhin, or ano dapat dalhin.

So at the lobby of RCBC Tower 2, that was the initial checkpoint. We were already advised what we cannot bring upstairs and if we have those items, we need to leave it at the said lobby.

Not allowed upstairs:
- food, drinks
- umbrella
- big bags like backpacks, big lady's bags

Allowed: 1 (personal) bag per person

Wala namang sinabi about lotions, alcohol, etc. or clothes na nasa bag etc.

So at the 25th floor, upon exiting the lift, you would see the embassy on the right, but you should go to your left. The left side is like another initial check, to see whether you have a scheduled appointment and if all the requirements are complete. After that, they will redirect you to the entrance of the embassy where someone will tell you to leave the cell phones, iPad, power bank, and laptop (I'm not sure) in a glass encased shelf. They will provide you the key and the waiting number.

We were scheduled between 1:30pm to 2pm. We were allowed to go upstairs at 1:15pm. And the interviewing started at 2pm. The interview was fast though we had a bit of a problem because we will be going to two different countries. We only found out that we also needed to do an appearance on the other country we were going. Fortunately when they asked the consuls, they kindly allowed us as our time is really short to make another embassy visit.

The staff were strict but friendly. They seldom smile but they are jolly and kind (IMO).

The pick up for our visas took a week, and this Friday, I will be picking them up at the embassy. 128522

🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🇵🇹 -- here we come! 1285229992128591🏻

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Chieo O.
4.0 Stars

So today I went to the German Embassy to accompany our family friend. No doubt security is tight and system is organized...check!

However like Peanut D's review ....maybe they should add in a bit of kindness and consideration especially to first timers...

Usually in the airport when the security tells you to put your things in the basket, the next step would be going through the scanner so that you may not be an obstruction to the people behind you, so I did that and when I crossed the portal the security gives me this stare and tells me to go back to my stuff, and says, " Sir wala pa po akong sinabing pwede na kayo dumaan sa scanner"

And then says, Sir may damit kayo sa bag bawal dito...Go to the Ground Floor to check it in....

Upon going back down to check in my bag and then coming back up I get interviewed by this gentleman on the window saying "Sir bawal po magstay ang mga may kasama" 128561128561128561128561 whaaaat?!?

I mean, come on, make the person go hither and tither and then tell you, that it is not allowable to stay there? Come on, such a waste of energy and time hehehe128540

They should have had a ruling saying that visitors with appointments are not allowed to have guests with no appointments to accompany them inside the embassy, just to make everything clear and so that first timers would not be the butt of stares, militaristic attitude and all.....

Mr. Guard, you have asked me if I was only to accompany my friend and I said a clear YES, hopefully at that moment you'd also inform me that I am not allowed to stay in that floor before making a fuss out of my bag...hahahaa

Bottomline, Rules are rules and I would follow all of it, sometimes it does not fully justify itself because of the one who actually implements it 128540128540128540 I believe being in the realm of Security doesn't need to be all tough and authoritative.... it should also be accomodating, kind, & customer service oriented. Why? Because you're not only protecting diplomats etc...you're also entertaining people who do transactions and not all of them are familiar unless you have some sort of infommercial poster or ads of how to go about 128522128540

Wow even embassies have reviews! Love it! 128522128519

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Cheska S.
5.0 Stars

This has to be one of the most efficient embassies in that the entire process lasts no more than 15 minutes (from the time I entered the building, to the time I left the same). After submitting the documents (which the officer went quickly went over), I was told that I would get my visa by mail. And for that reason (quick and hassle free visa application and grant), I am giving this place 1108811088110881108811088️.

My cousin, who is a travel agent, recommended that I process my Schengen visa application with German Embassy so that it would be faster (and hassle free). She was right.

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Lea C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Peanut D.
4.0 Stars

You know how your entire experience of something is ruined because of just a single person? My German visa interview was like that.

I would have given them 5 stars if not for the lady guard who "welcomed" me by shouting "HINDI DIYAN! DITO!" (Reminded me of #amalayer hehe)

To be fair, you wouldn't know where to go either if it was also your first time there. You hop on the elevator and as soon as you get to their floor you see the German embassy entrance to the right. Common sense tells you then that you should head that way.

But apparently there will be a guard screaming at you for not going the right way.

She continued to act like she was the boss of everyone, "Ilagay mo yung bag dito!"

There was a meek girl behind me who looked really scared of her. "Lotion ba yan? Ilagay mo sa kamay mo." Tsk.

So that was my first impression and it wasn't very nice. When I got to the area where they confirm your appointment and visa documents though, the lady there was really nice and friendly!??

The consular officer who interviewed me was also really nice.

So it was just the lady guard who ruined the experience. :/

My "interview" lasted about 5 minutes. I got my German visa 3 days later. :)

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