Embassy of the Republic of Korea

122 Upper McKinley Rd., McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila

Embassy of the Republic of Korea
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Donna Faye A.
5.0 Stars

Very efficient and organized. 128077🏼

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

Third visa in three consecutive years!128513

Filed my application for our trip this April. Process here was faster and more organized than in Taiwan Embassy. 128077 Just make sure your requirements are complete so you won't encounter any hassle na. 128522

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Carla M.
5.0 Stars

Late review!

Applied for a Korean tourist visa with my cousin, sis and friends last April for our May trip to Seoul. It was my second time since we also went for a vacation last June 2012. Despite a lot of people inside, everything was fast and orderly. Just complete your requirements and you can come back after 5 days to get your visa (if approved). Luckily I was granted one again! Sana next time multiple entry na.

Till next year! Haha we're planning our 2014 trip to Seoul na ulit 9996🇰🇷

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Jennie V.
4.0 Stars

Visa application was a breeze.. Except for the part when I fell and my knee was bleeding while waiting for my turn. I'm thankful that it took around only 20 minutes then I was on my way to our office clinic.

Claiming the passport after 3 days was even faster. I made sure I didn't fall that time.

If you've been to OECD member countries in the past five years, all you need to bring is your passport, photocopy of passport, visa and arrival stamp for that country, the application form and certificate of employment. That's it!

Can't take photos inside but I had to send one to my friends while waiting for my turn, holding back tears. Hahaha!

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