Embassy of the United States of America

Chancery Building, 1201 Roxas Blvd., Manila, Metro Manila

Embassy of the United States of America
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Carla M.
5.0 Stars

Reading blogs about US tourist visa application got me a bit scared and discouraged. A lot of them would say that there are more applicants who get denied versus those who are approved. My family and I have been planning to apply but due to our work schedules, it has been put off several times already. Finally, we were able to get a schedule and my mom was in-charge of the preparations. Too OC! She even made review notes for us since she won't be with us during the interview. 128514 (she also had me bring my passport xx years ago coz my old US Visa was printed there 128514)

Our schedule was 7:15am and you have to arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment. Don't bring your mobile phones, powerbanks, flash drive, food, and any liquids as it is not allowed inside. Also make sure you have all the documents needed ready just in case they'd ask you. They are strict with the photo you're submitting. Make sure it follows their guidelines. I had to have mine retaken at the Kodak booth inside the embassy (for P80) because my bangs covered a part of my right eyebrow. 128529

It took us almost 3 hours of lining up and waiting before the consul called us for our interview. I applied with my dad and sister but we agreed that I'll be the one to answer the questions unless it's directed to them. I heard it's harder to please female Visa Officers (VO) so I got quite nervous when I saw that we were assigned to one. 128563 We even watched how she argued with the lady in front of us coz she denied her application, and that lady was so makulit and kept on questioning the VO's decision. 128560 I was really hoping she'll be in a good mood when we reach our turn. Thankfully, she only asked basic questions and the three of us were done in less than 10 minutes. It was such a relief to hear her say "Your visas will be ready in a week!" with a big smile on her face. 128513

The embassy was very efficient. They shipped our passports in three days. Yay!

I just noticed how obedient Filipinos were inside the embassy. They were well-behaved and would follow what the greeters would instruct them to do. Pwede naman palang ganun eh! 128527

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Cheska S.
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They have excellent (and very strict) security. Make sure you leave all gadgets, including flash disks, usb drives, and lighters before you enter.

My appointment was at 630 but was interviewed at 1130 am. This has to be the longest visa process ever. The queue for the pre screening and the finger print scanning takes forever.

I was only asked a few questions. Basically, based on US laws, the presumption is you want to be an immigrant and you have the burden to overturn that presumption. In other words, they assume you want to stay in the US for good and you have to prove you intend to go back by showing social and economic ties in the Philippines.

My interview lasted less than 5 minutes. My visa was approved and it was mailed to me and received it three (3) working days after the interview.

They say that you need to bring alot of documents like bank statements and stuff. I only brought my document showing proof of the convention I had to attend but I guess it's always safer to be over prepared.

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Captain Bruce D.
5.0 Stars

First of all thank you US embassy for granting my visa again 128077128077128077128077128077🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

You must schedule an appointment for that interview, either online using website or through the call center.

The embassy is very systematic, clean and fast and friendly staff. It took me not more than 3hrs 128077

Don't bring any gadgets with you, not allowed inside the embassy.128513

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Suzette C.
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Didn't know that I could review an embassy! Oh well, here's a late review128521

Our interview was scheduled 6:30 in the morning. We decided to stay at Bayview hotel, because our dad insisted that we need to fall in line as early as 4am. So yeah, we did leave Bayview Hotel around 3:45 and when we got there, my gosh, there we're people in line already.

While walking, a group of "helpers" approach you, offering you to rent a chair (for 30pesos each) while waiting, we didn't want to stand for 2 hours, so we did rent chairs(what a rip off128530) While waiting in line, those helpers also insist you buy a ballpen from them for you will need a black non-gel pen inside the embassy. I'm not sure with the others, but we didn't use a pen the whole time were inside, given that you filled up all the forms and stuff.

Btw, You are not allowed to bring your cellphone, cameras or recording devices, flash drives, iPods, and any kind of liquid. They are strict with this. It's not allowed talaga. My brother had to go back to our hotel and leave our cellphones there.

Inside the embassy is I think confidential. (I think that's why youre not allowed to bring digital cameras, and cellphones) All I can say, the place was very clean and formal.

The chance of being approved is really 50/50. It's weird that our family were granted a visa and my aunt and her family, who were in front of us were denied, we almost had the exact same answers on our forms. Even the person to visit.

Oh well, good luck to you guys! If ever you're applying.128521

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