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Jae-t M.
4.0 Stars

3.5 11088
How can I not love unlimited wine.
You had me at unlimited wine!
They also offer actual food that can fill up a hungry tummy, plus of course selections of cheeses where one can pick and create plateful of Pica pica to enjoy the wine with. I can't recall whether they have cured meat to, but I know that my friend had to walk quite a distance because they don't have olive oil and we cant make aioli so we had to buy our own. Sad.
The wine of naturally (and quite understandably) wast just the normal red and white one usually enjoys by the bottle. I appreciate it. I would've wanted to sit inside but was told it got really cold. Not sure if the one can smoke outside.
Php 500-600.
Good to try.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Gone are the days when wine is reserved for fancy or special occasions. With establishments redefining wine drinking and making it casual and less intimidating, more foodies grow to appreciate this drink that is said to be good for the heart. And last Saturday, I decided to swing by this newly opened wine shop in Mandala Park for a glass of my favorite sangria and sample some of its bestsellers.

Hello, En Tirage.

Tucked inside the drinking hot spots of Mandala Park, En Tirage (pronouced as en-ti-haj) has this undeniably chill vibe with its cold interior color scheme and dim lights.

The first thing that will greet you when you open the door is its spacious dining area with high ceiling, drop lights and a bar displaying its wide selection of wines and hard liquor.

During our visit, we sampled the Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings (PHP285), Mozzarella Balls (PHP195), Grilled Gambas in Garlic Pepper Sauce (PHP385), Lasagna Verde (PHP360), and Paella Negra (PHP670). For drinks, R went with House Iced Tea (PHP60) while I went with my favorite Sangria (PHP180 per glass).

First served to us was the piping hot plate of mozzarella balls with marinara sauce.

I loved the light and crunchy breading and the gooey and tangy mozzarella. It was good as is but it was great too with the marinara sauce. (I had some leftover to go and ate it two days after and it was still great!)

The vegetarian lasagna was pretty good too. I loved the generous serving of pesto cream sauce and slices of zucchini. This dish was also very cheesy and will surely delight cheese lovers who happen to like greens too. Skip the parmesan cheese as the mornay and mozzarella sauce are all you need for that delectable cheesy taste.

I also enjoyed the tangy lemon pepper chicken wings. Each bite was packed with the delightful contrast of sour and salty flavors. This dish is a great bar chow and I'd definitely order this on my next visit.

It was my first time to sample grilled gambas as I usually order sauteed prawns in oil. Though En Tirage's garlic pepper sauce was great and would delight garlic fans, I wasn't very thrilled with the shrimps.

I found it overcooked and the consistency of the shrimps were quite off for me. It didn't have that nice snap or resistance to bite that I look forward to when eating shrimps.

The Paella Negra took a long time before it was served. Though we were told that it takes 45 minutes to prepare this dish, it took them a bit over an hour before it was served to us. It turns out that En Tirage does everything from scratch to make their paella. They also use actual (liquid) squid ink and refuse to use powdered kind for their paella negra. Hearing those words made me think that this dish must be stellar.

And after an hour and a couple more minutes, a big pan of dark paella graced our table. Despite being full from all the other dishes we tried, I still couldn't help drool at the sight of the assorted meats and seafood toppings. I was also very impressed with the generous serving size as one order seemed to be good for 7 to 8 foodies.

But my first bite was underwhelming. I found the short grain rice to be a bit too soft and it didn't have that delectable tangy taste I love. I only get that sour kick whenever I eat a spoonful of rice with grilled pork. I tried to put lemon zest on my portion but it still wasn't tangy enough for my liking. The seafood toppings were fresh though.

The sangria was pretty good. But I think I drank it too fast as I got woozy right after finishing my glass.

The iced tea was your usual brewed drink. But I wish that the glass was a bit bigger.

Diners started to come in at around 7 p.m. but En Tirage is open as early as 4 p.m. so swing by early if you want to get the comfy couch seats!

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience. The appetizers and pasta were great. Though I'm not too crazy with the paella, those who prefer their Spanish feast on the not so tangy side might fancy En Tirage's Paella Negra.

En Tirage is located at Unit 6, Ground Floor, Building C, Mandala Park corner Shaw Boulevard, Barangay Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City. It is beside Punta.

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Unlimited promos are the best especially if you like the food or drink being offered. Unlimited chicken, unlimited steak, unlimited rice, unlimited cheese, unlimited crabs, etc. Then there's unlimited for drinks too - unlimited coffee, unlimited wine, cocktails, unlimited beer, etc etc. Filipinos love anything and everything unlimited that's why buffets are big hits in our local food scene!

Then there's En Tirage...

En Tirage is a French word that's pronounced as en-ti-haj. It "describes the first bottling step which turns a new wine into champagne or sparkling wine". In our local food scene, En Tirage is a restaurant that's tucked away from the busy Metro. Located in a quiet spot in Mandala Park, En Tirage has this welcoming atmosphere. The place is not too huge and not extravagant at all. Mostly made up of unfinished walls, channeling a modern-industrial theme, the wooden accents and hanging shelves add to the character of this place.

En Tirage offers Spanish-Filipino food. Expect to see paella, pizza, pasta, ribs, all day Pinoy breakfast and a Create Your Own Deli Platter section. Their bar menu has a lot in it too - beer, hard liquor, wine, cocktails.

But what really stands out from this place is their Unlimited Daily Offering. Each day, they have something different. Wine, beer or whisky? You can also have all three!

Started our En Tirage feast with some appetizers: Mozzarella Balls, Chicken Wings, Tofu Steak

| Mozzarella Balls for 195Php

You might think that there's usually nothing special about mozzarella balls because they're too common. But think again. En Tirage's version has a good and well seasoned breading with a nice crunch and a Marinara sauce that was delish! Everyone enjoyed this appetizer!

| Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings for 285Php

This is another usual appetizer that En Tirage was able to re-invent. They coated their deep-fried chicken wings with lemon pepper powder. The zest was a welcome change and a refreshing one as well.

| Tofu Steak and Pork Belly for 260Php

If you love tofu steak, which I usually order in Japanese restaurants, you'll definitely love this version! Silky tofu that were soft yet firm enough to stay intact, breaded and deep fried, served with mushroom sauce and a good portion of pork belly. The sauce was sweet and salty, bursting with mushroom flavor! It was a crowd fave!

For mains, we had the following:

| Paella Valenciana for 655Php

Tomato based with short grain rice cooked in saffron seafood stock, this looked like there was a lot of seafood in it because it was beautifully garnished but in reality, there wasn't much. You'll be surprised to find yourself searching for chicken chunks or even seafood pieces from the pile of rice! Good but not rave worthy.

| Paella Negra for 670Php

I am a fan of squid ink anything so it was natural for me to like this more than the Valenciana. Rice was cooked in meat broth, mixed with squid ink, topped with pork and seafood. I have suggested to the owners to try to incorporate little chunks of meat into the rice so that customers will not feel that there wasn't enough protein. This was good though.

We also sampled two of their best selling pizzas - Margherita and Pepperoni.

| Margherita and Feta Pizza for 450Php

Such a simple pizza with no meat at all. Tomato based sauce, topped with feta cheese, basil (in the form of pesto dollops) and mozzarella. Clean and well balanced flavors, simple but delicious!

| Pepperoni Pizza for 530Php

Marinara sauce, pepperoni and cheese! Another simple pizza that was good. Sometimes simple is better and that's the case here. I just wish though that their pizza dough is better.

| Truffle Mushroom Pasta for 345Php

We also tried one of their pasta dishes - Truffle Mushroom. If there was one dish that I loved the most during this event, it is this pasta. The fettuccine was al dente, the cream sauce was thick with just the right saltiness, good mushroom flavor and a good kick of truffle. It's one of those white sauce pasta where there's no need for meat - like bacon or ham.

What a filling lunch it was! The owners were so generous to also let us have a couple of glasses of wine. I do not fancy red wine so I opted for a sweet white wine and fortunately, they have my favorite Moscato! Definitely coming back to avail their unli wine and try their "Create Your Own Deli Platter."

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Was initially invited for a |ooloo rendezvoos here in En Tirage (pronounced as En Tihaj) but got to past due to prior commitment that day. Luckily I got a second chance this the people of TheFoodieStation invited me to join them. This might be really meant for me to be visited. Maybe the gods of alcohol is calling me. Haha.

En Tirage is located in Madala Park in mandaluyong. With other resto in the are more of an inuman place. En Tirage made theirs more of a wine place with dishes perfect paired with wine. I love the interior of their resto/bar. Rustic with some awesome graffiti on the wall. The thing I noticed that needs improvement was it was kind of hot because of the kitchen heat. Not sure if it was also due to the hot saturday afternoon visit. Everything else was good about the ambience of the place. I can imagine a night chill in here would be perfect!

Now for the dishes that we tried:
127863Sweet Potato Fries - this is a nice take to french fries using Kamote to give it a more sweet flavor. The Parmesan cheese on the sweet potato was good but a bit overpowered by the sweet flavor of the sweet potato.

127863Nachos and Sizzling Cheese Meat Overload - wow this was good! A sizzling plate full of cheesy goodness! I love the cheese with all the meat and veggies on it. This is highly recommended.

127863Paella Valencia- Another topping overloaded dish. I love the generosity of the seafood/meat toppings and the quality of it. What was missing was tutong feel in the Paella. Chef told us that when people order this they gave the customer an option with or without the tutong since some don't like it. That's a great idea!

127863Paella Negra - this one is their squid ink rice version. Chef was proud to say that she uses actual squid ink for this unlike others that just uses powder. I love it but as I mentioned they should give more of the seafood flavor.

127863Margherita and Feta Pizza - this one is your good old simple pizza best eaten while its still hot. I love the simple cheesey flavor of it and the crust was good.

127863Lasgna Verde - a fave of mine. reminds me of corner tree cafe spinach lasagna. Veggie goodie with zucchini and lots of cheesy mornay and mozzarella.

127863Grilled Gambas in Garlic Pepper Sauce - this was my fave. The strong grilled seafood flavor of the gambas was perfectly mixed with garlicky sauce. Love it and highly recommended!

*For the alcohol lovers*
Unli Beer/Wine Promo:
127863Sun/Mon Unli Wine-Beer-Whiskey
127863Tue/Fri Unli Wine
127863Wed/Sat Unli Beer
127863Thurs Unli Whiskey
Everyday there's a reason to have unli alcohol haha.

Overall love the place. Food were good with some minor improvement will make it perfect. Place is a great after office hangout alcohol session place. 🥂

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
3.0 Stars

Impromptu meet up with hubby's best men plus their wives to check out their classmate's wine bar. The only available seats were at the bar and some of us would be left standing. We went out and discussed where we wanted to move. The guy behind the bar who was probably a supervisor approached us and asked if our friend was the one who reserved for 2pax. We explained that it was a biglaan thing and the rest of us came along. After a while, a woman talked to us and said that they would transfer so we could be accommodated. It looks like she was one of the owners.

They seated us near the bar. It was uncomfortably hot so we didn't stay long. There was no cold air in that area but they were kind enough to point an electric fan our way. The air conditioners were way too high.

I got a Mojito, the alcohol wasn't that strong. It was sweet and slightly sour. The wives went for the unlimited wine which were priced at P490-P590. They were quick to refill the glasses. They also granted our request to taste the wine before ordering. The husbands shared a bucket of Pale and San Mig Light which came with Nachos. The dipping sauce was good.

We were still full from dinner so we just shared an order of Sizzling Sausage in Olive Oil. They were spicy and peppery. The platter came with corn and french fries. We liked the dipping sauce which went well with everything. I had to wipe off some of the oil though.

They have different promos throughout the week like unlimited wine, unlimited beer, unlimited whisky and a combination of all.

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

I'm more than happy to be invited to a sponsored looloo rendezvoos despite being inactive for a while. Apparently, this was my first rendezvoos this year, so I'm feeling grateful to meet new faces of the growing looloo community, and of course, try out new places like what we always do here!

En Tirage (pronounced as EN-TIHAJ) is one of the newly opened places in Mandala Park in Mandaluyong. They're serving dishes that are perfect to pair up with a glass of wine, as told by some of the owners as we met them during the rendezvoos.

I just arrived in time when everybody was still taking photo of the food. I wasn't able to capture the beauty of the starters but I got to try some of 'em.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings - Oh my chicken!!! I really like this because of the intertwining flavor of pepper and lemon. It's quite strong on the first bite but it's really enjoyable as soon as you eat it!

Grilled Gambas in Garlic Pepper Sauce - This one's a winner too! The gambas was perfectly cooked and the sauce was a pure gift of heaven! A must-try for sure!!!

Then we had some pizzas and pasta. I only had the chance to try Feta Pizza and thought it was okay. I feel like it lacks some catch but I don't know if it's just me with higher expectations especially with cheese pizza.

Baked Ziti - This is the first thing I've tried when I arrived (an hour late). I like it even though it was already cold (it was served a little earlier before I arrived). Perfect balance of sauce and cheese!

Grilled Baby Back Ribs - Another favorite from the table! I like it that the meat itself was flavorful even without the sauce!!! Meat was quite tender and the sauce was perfectly made for the savory taste of the ribs! Overall, a good one!

Pork Knuckles - I've tried my best to avoid eating pork in the last few months, but my resistance to temptation wasn't that solid! I got a big chunk of the knuckles and I was guilty happy because it's good! Something that I missed in the past few months! A little tough but it's good anyway!!!

Then we had the chance to try their Paellas!

Paella Valencia - I tried this one first and I love how the rice was flavorful alone even without the toppings! And having generous toppings such as clam, eggs, calamari, shrimp, and a few more to match the glorious taste of the rice! This one's great to pair with a glass of wine!

Paella Negra - I'm not a big fan of squid ink, but if it's done in a good way, I could be pleased with the food and might love it. Paella Negra is something that I might reconsider, I kinda like the seafood, but the rice has something more to offer. Most of us noticed that it was a bit dry, but I guess we should squeeze more lemon on it and eat it right away when it was served. Still a grower for me!

Would like to give this place a try soon 'cause it's quite near from home. I really like the chill ambiance of the place which is quite perfect for my preference of place to hangout. Well, that's the tito in me! 128116🏻128116🏻128116🏻

Great night guys!!! Roegan T Julie L Jayson J Kristin A Sandy P Isha S EJ B Jorwin Y

Credits to Roegan for the group photo!!! Special thanks to looloo for the invite, and En Tirage for the great food and company!!!

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

After so many invites from Peanut D, finally! I was able to come. Sadly, she wasnt there. 128529

Right after work, I went to En Tirage (En Ti Haj) already. Took me 30mins from Ayala. When I arrived, since Im not really familiar with the place, I had to ask the Security guard from Puregold, and surprisingly he didnt know as well. He said "Mam? Ano? Entrance?" 128529128529128584 And then I saw another sec guard, good thing he lead the way! Kuya saved the day! Lol

The early birds were there already Ejay, Julie and Roegan. We waited for the others before we start.


•Grilled Gambas in Garlic Pepper Sauce- this is actually my favorite bec of the savory and tasty sauce! Yummers! And i dont get why I dont have a photo! Sa sobrang sarap hindi ko na napicturan! 128553 (P385)

•Lemon Pepper Chicken wings - I find the lemon taste too strong, they should can balance the taste and add more spices (P285)

•Margherita and Feta Pizza - This is just the normal taste of pizza. I didnt appreciate much bec im having a hard time chewing bec of my braces but it's good too. It'll also be better to eat while it's hot. (P450)

•Baked Ziti - I also love this bec of its mozarella cheese plus ground beef, even when it's cold, it still tastes good! (P270)

•Paella Valenciana - 128557128557128557 To die for! Well everyone's favorite haha! Bias! Mainly bec it's very flavorful even just the rice alone, and when you add up the sea food, it's even better! (P655)

•Paella Negra- It was just ok, but the rice was a bit hard and lacks squid flavor. (P670)

•Glazed Baby Back ribs - This is also good!! The ribs were soft and perfectly blended with the bbq sauce (P290)

•Crispy Pork Knuckles - I didnt appreciate much bec Im having a hard time to chew, again. But I think it was just ok. (P570)

They also have All Day Unlimited Promo:
•Sunday and Monday - All unlimited Wine-Beer-Whiskey

•Thurs and Friday- Unli Wine
✔️Italy - P490
✔️Chile - P550
✔️California - P590

•Wed and Sat: Unli Beer
✔️Local: SMB (Pale and Light) P499
✔️imported: Stella Artois P699

•Thurs - Unli whisky
✔️whyte and Mckay - P499
✔️Johnie Walker Black Label - P799

Overall: I love the food, the concept, it's like a one-stop-whatever-you-crave-for resto bar! I like it because it's not the typical wine bar where they only serve limited food choices. I also like the interior, the choice of music and they have good customer service as well.

I would like to share the bloopers we had! Julie and I went to the restroom. We loved the mirrors and all. But we were looking for the sink and we cant really find it inside the restroom, we were complaining how come they didnt have it when it's very essential. We saw a faucet, the one for cleaning the mops and rags! We washed our hands there, sobrang wa-poise! Hahahhaa! Then when we went out still complaining, and suddenly..... the sinks finally showed up! There are 4 and again, In front of the mirror. Hahahhaa! Sobrang epic fail! Nakakahiya!! We didnt even notice when we entered the CR! 128514 We were about to complain to the management pa! LOL 🤣

Again, thank you Roegan T for the invite! It was nice meeting Julie L Isha S Jorwin Y! 128522 And i missed you guys EJ B Jayson J Russel F Kristin A 128536

Til next time foodies! 128513

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

I love how |ooloo takes me out of my comfort zone - in some instances, literally! A Rendezvoos invite from Pea was enough for me to trek from my comfort zone in BGC to Mandaluyong to experience En Tirage and their cuisine.

A few last-minute emails at work had me coming in just as dishes were being served. But since a lot of people have already taken their fill of pics, a few clicks and I got to finally fill my tummy with sustenance while lively chatter from fellow |oolooers filled my ears.

The resto is in Mandala Park, surrounded by a few other bars. The place is quite secluded and a bit more chill than the other nightspots - great ambiance for a group looking to hear each other talk 128556 Their philosophy behind the dishes, which were developed by Chef Rei, is that these should go nicely with wine. We got to see for ourselves what that meant, as we sampled the feast before us with a glass of red 127863

127844 Grilled Gambas in Chili Garlic Sauce - a few of us, me included, picked this as our top dish! The shrimp was cooked just right, and the sauce with hints of tomato was a nice departure from the usual oily base.

127829 Margherita and Feta Pizza - for those who aren't sold on the simplicity of a good Magherita, maybe this one is worth a try? Feta and pesto added to the mix makes it a bit more interesting. The crust isn't something to write home about, but overall a solid dish.

128020 Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings - personally I felt the lemony taste was too distinct, but pairing this with a couple of beers could do the trick. The wings are perfectly crispy.

127837 Baked Ziti - another solid dish, with the right amount of cheese to balance the tomato base.

127830 Grilled Baby Back Ribs - the meat is quite tender, and with just the right sweetness. Try to eat this while still hot, I got to mine when it has cooled and it still tasted good.

128055 Crispy Pork Knuckles - not my favorite dish, it could use a little more flavor (presentation was good though). The meat was a bit tough. Hopefully they improve with the meat sourcing or the prep to come up with a more tender meat even when cooled.

128025 Paella Negra - the dish wasn't striking, hopefully they put in a more distinctive element like more flavor in the rice. Personally it could do with more creaminess.

🥘 Paella Valenciana - I feel that Paella Valenciana is something a resto shouldn't get wrong, otherwise they have no business serving it. While En Tirage's version isn't the highest of highs, they injected the right amount of flavor in the rice to make it a reliable menu option. The number of lemon slices on the pan is a bit distracting though, I would set some of these aside and let the edible toppings shine through.

I've mentioned the word "solid" a few times and overall this is how I felt their food is. Maybe I won't come here all the way from Makati just to have their gambas, but if I'm in the area I know there's a great drinking place around that serves good food that will satisfy. The best would be to take advantage of their unlimited drinks, available daily! See my last pic for the details.

Thank you Angelo, Karla and Rei for hosting us, and to the crew for the great service!

Thanks to Peanut D and Roegan T for the invite (kelan na yung pa-buffet, Roegan? 128514)

Shoutout to these awesome |ooloo peeps: Jayson J Russel F EJ B Sandy P Julie L Isha S Jorwin Y When's our next drinking sesh?

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

So happy I got invited to another looloo rendezvoos! This time, it's at En Tirage (pronounced en ti-haj) in Mandaluyong! The name pertains to the first step in the wine bottling process.

Place is tucked away among a bunch of other resto-bars. It isn't that big, but the inside looks nice with concrete and wood dominating the interiors. 128526

We were introduced to three of the owners who were all very warm and friendly and told us that they set the place up because they had a love for drinking and good company and wanted their own spot that reflected that.

On to the food! We had...

127844 Spicy Grilled Gambas - one of my fave dishes! Shrimp grillness was on point! 128076 And the tangy sauce was good!

127830 Glazed Baby Back Ribs - Meat was fairly tender and I enjoyed the hints of sweetness in the sauce.

🥘 Paella Valenciana - another favorite. Rice was flavorful!

127837 Baked Ziti - a cheesy, savory pasta dish. A good choice if you don't know what to get haha.

127819 Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings - I thought the citrusy flavor was too sharp and kind of overpowered the whole dish. I tried super hard to stop my "mukhasim" from showing hahaha. 128514

127829 Margherita and Feta pizza - I liked it but seemed pretty average to me taste-wise.

🥘 Paella Negra - squid ink rice was kind of lacking in flavor, but I think with all the elements combined (especially the generous seafood and pork toppings), it's a good one! 128077

127830 Crispy Pata - quite dry and tough. 128533

We were also all served a round of red wine and yaaaas! 127863

They have unli alcohol promos every single day! Best days would have to be Sunday and Monday when they offer unli wine, beer and whiskey! Get on it, people!

Overall, had some misses with the food but the place is worth a visit for the ones that are good and of course, the unli alcohol and good ambience. Just bring yo chikos and chikas!

Thanks for the invite Peanut D and Roegan T! Had fun with you guys Julie L, Sandy P, EJ B, Jayson J, Russel F, Kristin A and Jorwin Y! 128588

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4.0 Stars

I was invited for another Looloo Rendezvoos last Tuesday night. This time around was in Mandaluyong City.

En Tirage (EN-TI-HAJ) is a Tapas/ Wine Bar which offer Italian & Spanish cuisines and some famous known Pinoy dishes. Aside from wines, they also served beers, whisky, rum, etc.

We were greeted by the owners and staff when we entered the premises. The place is not that big. They can accommodate at least 30 pax inside, but outside set up was spacious. It's a typical bar which uses warm lights for more intimate feel. I also like the plain gray wall with some statements and wall art designs around En Tirage.

We've tried some of their bestsellers and amazing dishes while having a good conversation with the owners and fellow Loolooers.

🥘Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings for Php285.00 (fried chicken wings coated with lemon pepper powder) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The fried chicken wings itself really taste good, even without any sauce... masarap!"

🥘Grilled Gambas in Chili Garlic Sauce for Php385.00 (grilled zesty shrimps mixed in chili garlic sauce) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"WINNER! This dish is a must try in Em Tirage. My favorite among the dishes we had. Flavorful and addictive."

🥘Baked Ziti for Php270.00 (baked ziti with cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese and ground beef) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The pasta was al dente. And it was baked good. Aroma pa lang, nakakagutom na."

🥘Margherita and Feta Pizza for Php450.00 (tomato based pizza topped feta cheese, mozzarella and basil) - 110881108811088️ 3/5
"It's a big serving. Sulit naman yung Php450.00. But it would be better if the dough would be thin-crust"

🥘Paella Valenciana for Php655.00 (short grain rice flavored with saffron seafood stock and tomato based sauce, sauteed with chicken and garnish with local seafoods) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"The paella was so rich. Ang daming sahog! I can taste the tomato based flavored rice"

🥘Paella Negra for Php670.00 (short grain rice flavored with squid ink and meat broth, topped with pork and seafoods) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"This is the least favorite from other reviewers but I like it. Maybe I did the right way of eating the Paella Negra. I mixed the pork and seafoods with the black rice and squeezed some lemon on it. Masarap!"

🥘Glazed Baby Back Ribs for Php290.00 (grilled baby back ribs glazed with barbecue sauce) - 110881108811088️ 3/5
"It's a normal baby back ribs but it taste good. Kulang lang siguro sa pagka-tender yung meat."

🥘Crispy Pork Knuckles for Php570.00 (crispy fried pork knuckles served i. Mixed soy dip) - 110881108811088️ 3/5
"En Tirage's version of Crispy Pata. I like the mixture of soy dip with the crispy pata. Maybe it would be better if malutong yung balat".

We were served a glass of wine while having a dinner. We were accommodated and assisted by their attentive staff too.

By the way, they also served All Day Breakfast and Unlimited Wine, Beer and Whisky.

Thank you Peanut D and Roegan T for the invitation.

Thank you En Tirage for having us.

Nice meeting you guys! Jayson J, Sandy P, Jorwin Y, Kristin A, Russel F, Julie L, Isha S.

The event was paid and sponsored by En Tirage.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Happy to got another Looloo Rendezvooz invite. Thank you Looloo Ohana and En Tirage (En-Ti-haj).

We met 3 out of 5 owners of the restaurant most of especially the mastermind Chef Rei whose the inspiration for the Spanish-Italian-Filipino dishes.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings (Php285) it’s packed with flavors. The tangy taste was overpowering for me though.

10084️ Grilled Gambas in Garlic Pepper Sauce (Php385) A must try! Shrimp was cooked to perfection plus the sauce was just heaven.

10084️ Paella Valenciana (Php655) Another must try in my book. The rice itself was delicious and couldn’t help get another serving.

Paella Negra (Php670) The rice was under cooked and it lacked flavor on it’s own unless you pair it with one of the seafood or meat ingredients.

Margherita and Feta Pizza (Php450) I kinda liked it. Great with wine.

10084️ Glazed Baby Back Ribs (Php290) I want my baby back, baby back. Meat was tender with sweet and savory taste.

Crispy Pork Knuckles (Php570) it was a bit difficult to chew. I had to dip it in vinegar to soak it, hoping it will soften the meat. No. It doesn’t work that way.

10084️ Baked Ziti (Php270) I could honestly finish this by myself. It was cheesy and somewhat meaty too.

If you have difficulties which dish works well with alcohol don’t fret they got you covered on their menu. There are icons on the menu to show you pairs well with the food.

For those who enjoy unlimited drinks, they offer unlimited wine, beer and whiskey:
Sunday & Monday - All unlimited wine-beer-whiskey
Tuesday & Friday - unlimited wine (Italy (Php490), Chile (Php550) and California (Php590))
Wednesday & Saturday - unlimited beer (Local (Php499) and Imported (Php699))
Thursday - unlimited whiskey (Whyte and Mckay (Php499) and JW Black (Php799))

I had some difficulties finding this restaurant and Angelo (one of the owners) said they adding one sometime this year.

Thank you Peanut D and Roegan T for having me. 128519 It was nice meeting you guys: Jayson J, Sandy P and Jorwin Y. Great seeing you guys again: EJ B, Isha S, Kristin A and Russel F. 128518

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

It's another drink up rendezvoos thanks to looloo and en tirage [en-ti-haj] for the drink and eat night.

128204128525 Lemon pepper chicken wings @285PhP
6 pcs wings. I love the sharp taste of lemon and pepper! This one is good to go with beers!

128204 Paella Valenciana @655PhP
I have tasted better ones, but this one is better than the paella negra. The valenciana got moist rice. Oh, kudos to the group cause they manage to make their own paella from scratch

128204 paella negra @670PhP
It was a little dry for me and i have already tasted better squid ink. It still is rico rico for me. Clearly it needs improvement, but it's not the worst paella. This is better than tittos.

128204128525 baked ziti @270PhP
Yeah! Loved how aldente the penne pasta was. It's a little tangy, cheesy, oily at tye base and sweet. Hehe. But i love the combination.

128204 crispy pork knuckles @570PhP
Needs r and d! A lot of reviewers did not like this. Me also.

128204margherita and feta pizza @450PhP
Homemade dough 12 inches diameter. I love the right cheesiness. Bagay na bagay for pulutan

128204128525grilled gambas in garlic pepper sauce @385PhP
Bravo. One really good pulutan and savory dish. If you avail unli drink, go get this as well

I think en tirage does not do best in food, but they're okay. The main thing hrre is that they have UNLI stuff all week long! Here's the sched:

Unlimited wine, beer and whisky

Tuesday and Friday
Unlimited wine
Chilean- 490PhP
Italian- 550PhP
California - 590PhP

Wednesday and Saturday
Unlimited beer
Local -499PhP
Imported -699PhP

Unlimited whisky
Whyte and mckay- 499PhP
Johnny walker black label- 799PhP

Oh yeah, go here if you like to have a quieter drinking place, go here.

It's an overall 3.5 stars.
Shoutout to Roegan T for making this event possible too
Hey to Julie L and Jorwin Y new faces unlocked!!
LTNS to Russel F and Isha S i had fun!!
Sandy P Kristin A EJ B here's my reco. Lol

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Gene Karla R.
5.0 Stars

We had a tough time finding this resto. It was tucked in between 2 other restobars. However the place exudes good vibes and a warm atmosphere. I ordered truffle mushroom pasta and I was surprised by the quantity of the serving. My husband ordered baby back ribs and it was soft and falls off the bone meaning it was cooked just right. Next time we will try their unlimited wine with friends

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Jhiehan L.
5.0 Stars

Although service could still be improved, food is good. Family absolutely loved Buffalo wings, Paella and Steak. :) Staff are courteous and polite. Chillax ambiance.

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Joebel S.
1.0 Stars

Waiting time for food was.more than 30mins. We didn't even order their paella (which takes 45mins, says the menu, just imagine the actual time). Taste = bland, nothing out of the ordinary. Had Gallo Moscato, that was good.
Baked scallops = Just go to Kuya J's if you're craving for this.
All day Bacon Breakfast = CDO bacon? It wasn't even crunchy. You could make better bacon at home. It had a side of cabbage, which was cut miserably.
Buffalo Chicken Wings = It was more of barbecue chicken wings, I had to ask if the blue cheese was mayonnaise or actual blue cheese.
Nachos = nah.. not worth ordering
We ordered calamari (yes, we did, the server actual repeated our order), No calamari came to the table.
I hope this place does improve, from the serving time to the food, even their order taking skills. Right now, I think this place is just good for drinks, that's it.

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