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Enchanted Kingdom
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Joanne J.
5.0 Stars

Kids had so much fun. Twas a super magical experience for them.

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Foodcrawl P.
5.0 Stars

EK was launched in October of 1995. As a month-starter, here are 22 ways to experience the magic in Enchanted Kingdom:

1.It is the country’s premiere theme park. It houses attractions that caters to every generation. Bring the entire family.

2.EK is easily accesible by boarding Balibago-bound buses from Pasay or Cubao. A transit ride of Jac line or Jam costs P60 per head. There are vans available from Ayala station or Starmall in shaw. There are several commute options with the a common drop-off point: take a Tricycle from Waltermart Sta Rosa for P30.

3.Driving to Laguna is also a breeze. Take the route of Sta. Rosa Exit at SLEX. Toll fee is charged at P175 from Manila. There is a wide open parking for private vehicles.

4.This 24-hectare property is divided into different themed areas: Victoria Park, Midway Boardwalk, Jungle Outpost, Spaceport, Brooklyn Place, Portabello, and Boulderville. Rides will leave nothing but excitement.

5.The 4D theater Rialto never grows old. Even if you’ve seen the featured movie, the experience feels new.

6.Wheel of Fate gives a breathtaking view of south manila.

7. Conquer extreme fear of heights with the EKstreme Tower. Drop 120ft to the ground in fastest speed.

8.EK continues to expand with the addition of the Air Race.

9.Dance to the tune of the new ride, Disk-O-Magic.

10.Survive the thrill of Space Shuttle.

11.Splash in the rapids of Rio Grande.

12.Slide through the fun of the Jungle log Jam.

13.Dry quickly after the water rides and enjoy the swing of Flying Fiesta.

14.EK also introduced Agila, the first flying theater in the country. Unlimited rides with Agila is priced at P900 during weekend and P800 on weekdays.

15.Place your bet in countless carnival games with exciting prizes.

16.In Christmas of 2015, our office sponsored a celebratory theme park date with our families. EK is also a great venue for special occasions and events.

17.Beat the scorching heat of the sun with a bowl of Ice Monster.

18.Dairy Queen’s Blizzard is also a sweet treat.

19.There are different food kiosks inside the theme park. Ordered lunch at Amazon Grill. A plate of Salisbury Steak served with Mashed Potatoes is at P150.

20.Take vintage-inspired photos in the alleys of Soda Fountain. This is also a photogenic backdrop for stylized pictorials.

21.There is a fireworks display every weekend and every holiday break. The best view of the sky show is in front of the Space Shuttle.

22.Capture every moment. A visit to EK never fails to bring back the happiest childhood memories.

The magic continues. Happy 22nd birthday Enchanted Kingdom 10024

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Ygie Marielle M.
5.0 Stars

Enchanted Kingdom is a known theme park here in the Philippines for almost 22 years. They currently opened a new attraction last January 2017 which is Agila Ride.

According to Enchanted Kingdom, AGILA the EKsperience is the first and only flying theater in the Philippines! It is an exhilarating multi-sensory adventure that takes park entertainment to incredible heights.

Rates are as follows: — read each description carefully

Weekday Rates w/ Agila Single Ride Package:

• (Adult) 800php – Unlimited use of all park’s rides & Agila Single Ride
• (Child) 500php – Unlimited use of all park’s rides depending on height restrictions & Agila Single Ride

Weekend Rates w/ Agila Single Ride Package:
• (Adult) 900php – Unlimited use of all park’s rides & Agila Single Ride
• (Child) 600php – Unlimited use of all park’s rides depending on height restrictions & Agila Single Ride

Weekday Rates of Park Ticket (valid til Sept. 30, 2017 only according to their website):
• (Adult) 600php – Unlimited use of all park’s rides only
• (Child) 300php – Unlimited use of all park’s rides depending on height restrictions

Weekend Rates of Park Ticket (valid til Sept. 30, 2017 only according to their website):
• (Adult) 700php – Unlimited use of all park’s rides only
• (Child) 375php – Unlimited use of all park’s rides depending on height restrictions

Agila Ticket Only:
• (Adult) 500php
• (Child) 350php

*P.S: Child Rates are for 3ft-4ft only; Children below 3ft are free of charge.

Of course I won’t be just talking about rates! If you haven’t been to EK for the past 5 years? Lol. Be informed that they have new rides such as the Disk-O-Magic and the Magic Airrace! You must try both rides cause at first you seem to back out when you’re in queue but when you get to ride it, it is super fun!! Rialto used to be a 3D ride, now it’s 4D! — EK really gives us unforgettable moments to cherish.

And also, if you are gonna have your lunch/dinner inside the theme park I recommend you to try out the Shawarma Rice of Shawarma Shack located at the Jungle Outpost 128521 Missing the shawarma rice lately cause it’s really delicious!! 128523 Hoping this post helps you! #loolooDroneGiveaway

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Mama Elaine 60th Enchanting Birthday last September 3 (Sunday) at our favorite theme park, Enchanted Kingdom.

Everyday Everyday Everyday the Magic is Here.Everyday we celebrate the magic we feel. Everywhere you see the smiles of fantasy reel at Enchanted Kingdom.

Last April my family and I were all excited to go to Enchanted Kingdom as requested by the kids. I cant count anymore how many times I’ve been here. From my high school days with my bestie to the moment that my husband and I were still bf/gf, my daughter son educational fieldtrip and now that they were teens. We keep on coming back at Enchanted Kingdom as it brings back the childhood memories in each and every one of us. Too bad it was reserved to a Call Center company outing so that means the park is not open to public and instead of going back to Manila, we decided to go to Tagaytay. Because of that incident, my family didn’t stop of convincing me to go back again. So since mom is having her 60th bday, I thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate her birthday there so that mom would not the only one to enjoy but especially the kids. Same time I am dying to try Enchanted Kingdom newest attraction, the Agila.
Just to give you an overview about Enchanted Kingdom, it has already providing magical experiences since 1995.

Enchanted Kingdom opened to the public on October 19, 1995. It was and still is the first and only world-class theme park in the Philippines. The theme park boasts of rides and attractions unique to the country and in size and magnitude. These rides and attractions are located within seven meticulously theme zones interspersed with food and merchandise outlets and kiosks as well as various game stands that add to the “enchanting experience”, away from the day-to-day realities of life.
Enchanted Kingdom is also a choice venue for (1) personal milestones, such as birthdays, weddings, and debuts; (2) corporate events, namely, conferences, company anniversaries, awarding ceremonies, product launches, and EK Magicalympics team building; and (3) school events, such as commencement exercises, Junior-Senior prom, and sports events.
Enchanted Kingdom can cater to in-park group reservationsfrom 10,000 to 25,000 guests in various themed environments in the Park’s seven zones or in its enchanting events venues: Eldar’s Tent (600-seater), Boardwalk Party Place (300-seater), and Enchanting Events Place (2,000-seater).
Enchanted Kingdom boasts of “themed entertainment” in each zone. It also has a variety of musical shows throughout the season using in-house and TV network partner talents. Entertainment and special events are usually held at any of the aforementioned venues.
Currently, Enchanted Kingdom is exploring ways to expand into other ventures like Edutainment. Through the spirit of participation in education-related undertakings, the theme park can greatly help in the future of the country’s educational backbone.

Now let me go to everyone major concern when going to a theme park, that’s of course the SAFETY.
The utmost safety of the guests is a responsibility that their company takes seriously; hence, safety is one of their core values that govern our behavior and actions.

Before going to Enchanted Kingdom, I strongly advise to check once in a while their Park schedule. You may refer to their website: www.EnchantedKingdom­.com or you may also check their Facebook page. **Park Schedule subject to change depending on government’s declaration of holiday *2017 and 2018 schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

Then one thing to keep in mind also is we should be aware with the Park Rules.

YOUR SAFETY IS THEIR HIGHEST PRIORITY: Please observe all safety precautions and supervise your children at all times. While on attractions, keep your hands, arms, legs and feet inside the ride vehicle at all times. Enchanted Kingdom adheres to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F770) Standard Practice for Operation Procedure of Amusement Rides and Devices.

Management reserves the right to refuse admission, or to require a person already admitted to leave the Park, without refund or compensation, for failure to comply with any of the Park rules, for unsafe, illegal or offensive behavior, persons under the influence of alcohol & other intoxicated substance to ensure safety, security or order, or if we consider that the circumstances so require.

They are not responsible and do not assume any liability for any damage to or loss of the property or belongings of any Guest, whether such damage or loss is caused by our negligence or otherwise.
RIDES RESTRICTIONS: Some of the rides may be restricted by height or physical limitations established by ride manufacturers for your safety. Please check signs posted at the ride entrances for guidance.
CLOSURE OF RIDES: As the need arises, signs are posted at the Main Park Entrance to announce rides temporarily closed due to inclement weather and/or regular maintenance.

They may from time to time, without prior notice and without refund or compensation, change the operating hours of the Park or attractions, close the Park or any part of it temporarily, restrict the number of persons having access to the Park, and/or suspend or cancel any attraction or entertainment program, due to capacity, inclement weather or special events, to ensure safety, security or order, or if we consider that the circumstances so require.

INJURY LOSS OR DAMAGE: The owners and operators of the Park shall not be responsible for any personal injury or loss or damaged to guest’s property occurring within its premises. Enchanted Kingdom has instituted measures to ensure the safety and security of the Park and its guests. The guest shall likewise be expected to do their share in ensuring their personal safety and security as well as that of their belongings.

LINE JUMPING: Line jumping is strictly prohibited. Please maintain your place in the queue at all times.

PROPER ATTIRE: The Park reserves the right to refuse admission to persons who are not properly attired. Loose accessories are not encouraged while on board the rides.
TIPS: Park employees or cast members are not allowed to accept gratuities.

1.Alcoholic beverages
2.Drugs and deadly weapons
3.Food & beverages
4.Pets (except seeing eye dogs)
5.Wheeled items (bikes, trolley, skateboards, shoes with rollers, 3-Wheeled strollers)
6.Sports balls
7.Permanent markers and felt tip pens and playing cards
8.Cremated remains (e.g. urn, vases, boxes)
9.Sharp and pointed objects
12.Musical instruments (e.g. Flute, drumstick, drums)
14.Pepper spray
17.Other electronic gadgets (e.g. hair curlers and hair iron).

Enchanted Kingdom reserves the right to employ the use of metal detectors and inspect all bags, packages, and the like as necessary. Please be mindful of your belongings.
EXPECTANT MOTHERS: Expectant mothers are allowed to ride the Grand Carousel and Boulderville Express only. SMOKING: Pursuant to Section 5 RA 9211 and the Department of Health, smoking is allowed in designated areas only.
HEALTH IS WEALTH: Many rides at EK are dynamic and thrilling. You should be of proper size and in good health to ride safely. If you suspect your health could be at risk for any reason, or you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind. DO NOT RIDE.
TICKET VALIDITY: Ticket is valid only on date indicated.
For your protection, please ensure that you purchase your tickets at the Park or from accredited ticket agents or sellers only. They reserve the right to dishonor or invalidate tickets purchased from unauthorized persons.

So what’s in store for you with their Rides and Attractions? From kids, to teens, family, extreme thrill, water, and gated attractions they have it.
What I loved about Enchanted Kingdom is that they have different packages or promos that fits your needs. Like in our case, we avail the Birthday blow out promo. Mom just show her birth certificate along with valid ID and viola , she can enter the park for free. Not only that… her companion are entitled for a 10 percent discount each to a maximum of 10 persons only. That’s a huge discount right!

For the ticket rate, we avail the Park and Agila single ride package for 900 pesos and glad we had 10 percent discount but I still pay 500 for Mom Agila single ride ticket but not bad right?

Before anything else, we tried first their newest attraction. The Agila Experience. AGILA the EKsperience is the first and only flying theater in the Philippines! It is an exhilarating multi-sensory adventure that takes park entertainment to incredible heights. Discover the power of nature’s elements in the magically-themed, massively iconic structure that houses the soaring theater. Meet EK’s wise wizard ELDAR and take off with AGILA to virtually experience the archipelago’s most beautiful sights and sounds. AGILA is a truly a whole new way to discover and EKsplore the very best of the Philippines, It was totally cool experience. Just to remind that picture taking inside are not allowed but don’t worry you can have your Agila official souvenir photo for 350 pesos each. After a few minutes rides we went to the exit that will bring you to the souvenir shop. Hubby surprised me with a big Eldar stuff toy as his souvenir gift to me although I already have on in the past but this one is the biggest and he got it only for around 1k, good deal right?

Then after that my family and I hurriedly went inside the park. It was a perfect weather, not to hot and not raining that day so we really enjoyed and most of all its not crowded that day even if it’s a long weekend holiday. My hubby and kids survived the Space Shuttle 3x and got their official photos afterwards. Then second stop was at Rialto. We watched Ice Age. No time for nuts, Its just a 4D theatre compared to Agila but I still loved Rialto, its not freaking me out and it was fun and relaxed. We got of course souvenir photo for 350 pesos, you can choose from formal shot to wacky shot. Then hubby and kids ride the Ekstreme. Good news, the last time we went here they have 100 pesos charge but now its for free already. Then we tried Anchors away, fying fiesta, grand carousel at night. It’s really beautiful at night because it was full of lights.

Take note of another new attraction in EK, who you gonna call? the Ghostbusters. You’ll just have to pay 100 pesos each.

We did not only enjoy the rides but also the food. Finally tried the eldar milkshake, it’s a magical drink. You should try it. In case you’ll be hungry you can dine at Amazon grill or you may choose any kiosk at the food court near the Space Shuttle. They have Pizza Hut, Dimsum and Dumplings, DQ, Karate kid and a lot more. Price is around 150-200 per head. Hubby and the kids enjoyed the skill games too and my son was lucky to bring home a stuff toy.

Park opens from 11am and close at 8pm on regular season and 12 midnight on Christmas season

Overall experience is Magical, mom had an amazing 60th bday at EK. The Magic lives on….

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Archieval M.
4.0 Stars

The Magic lives on...

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Aileen L.
4.0 Stars

Last March 2 my son had their Educational Field Trip at Lucky Me Noodles at Santa Rosa Laguna then followed by Enchanted Kingdom. Lucky that I was able to join for free, the incentive of being a class parent representative of their class. Class parent representative obligation is to help also the teachers to look after the boys.

We finished early at the Lucky Me noodle factory so we arrive me early at EK, our bus stopped and the boys had early lunch then we still wait for One Hour for the park to open.

30'mins before the park open my son batch mates fall in line in the park already but it rain then EK has not been so considerate that the boys will get wet and might sick even if our school personnel tried talking to their guards and they are so strict that we will follow the opening time even if we get wet.

So the moment we enter the park we all ran on the waiting sheds and put our things and valuables at the locker , there was around 50 pesos fee I think.

I was able to enjoy whisk inside the park, I was able to ride on the Rio Grande with my fellow CPR's and some of my son classmate, the line was long but worth the wait, then the carousel and swing, then I won't go home without souvenir of course.

Bitin as we left around 5 pm coz it's Friday and we don't want to stuck in traffic . Everyday Everyday the Magic is Here9786

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Rosey D.
4.0 Stars

It's been a while since we visited this place. Although it was a rainy afternoon, we can't stop our excitement for what EK magic has to offer.

First ride was the flying fiesta where I felt a bit dizzy. Since it was raining, have to wait for couple of hours as some if the rides were close due to safety reasons. Tried the EKstreme twice haha! Yeh, so proud of myself for being brave! 128170128516 We also rode in space shuttle as well and the last one where we got soaked was the rio grande.

Still fun to have this rides every now and then where magic never ends! 128522

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Aileen L.
3.0 Stars

Everyday everyday everyday the magic is here, everyday we celebrate we celebrate the magic we feel, everywhere you see the smiles of fantasy reel at Enchanted Kingdom!127881

My son had their field trip last Friday, lucky that I was a Class Parent Representative so I was able to join them and for free! First itinerary was at Lucky Me noodle factory then at Enchanted Kingdom. We got there before 11am and the theme park opens at 12noon so we stayed on the bus for an hour and had their lunch there.

30 minutes before 12 noon we go down the bus and each section had their class picture taking at EK Entrance then fall in line at the entrance gate. It was supposed to be an exclusive tour and we were surprised may kasabay kami and still open to public pa. 15 minutes before time it started to rain and our school head tried to talk to the guards of theme park baka pwede na pumasok coz the students might get sick because of the rain,sinagad taka yung exact 12 noon! So disappointed about this .

Exact 12 noon we enter the park. Kanya kanya na. My first stop is at the locker to put my bags there. 75 pesos is their charge fee. Then I get some EK map so I know where to go. It's my 6th times here already .

Went to Rialto with my Co-CPR's and watched RIo, movie was so cool , it's a 4D experience , then had lunch at Amazon Grill, then after an hour we had a splash ride at the Rio Grande Rapids and got our photo souvenir there , that's 250 pesos then ride the grand carousel, ang saya parang bata kami and my last ride is the flying fiesta, nahilo ko sa swing nato.

It's a quick stay at EK, stayed from 12noon and we left by 4:30 pm. There were new attraction like the Zombie 7D experience but you need to pay 100 pesos, also the Disc O Magic but it's raining so I wasn't able to try it.

Bought my souvenir magnet also here. I'll never get tired going back ayusin lang yung system nila

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

So, two months after the |ooloo rendezvoos (#doubleOforbranding) at EK in October, I went back with my family and family friends. We were a party of 8 but my sister got some free tickets. I realized, EK's management must be really generous. Twice last year I, got in for free. Well, the second visit was almost free. Thanks, EK! 128536

This time, we went early so we were able to try more rides. Rialto was closed during the rendezvoos but it was already open when we went in December. We really had so much fun. 128522

In photo is the ride called Disc-o-Magic. A ride I will never dare to try. It's like Anchors Away but it rotates. Yikes! 128534

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Yla Gracelle Benze C.
3.0 Stars

Although people celebrating the holidays add to the influx of Enchanted Kingdom goers, it still is very overrated.

We paid 600 pesos only to enjoy 4 rides. Waited most of the time and couldnt decide which ride to line up on because of the heavy traffic of people.

Their foodcourt also cannot accommodate the people wanting to eat lunch. You have to wait at least 30 minutes by eyeing one table, and you know it sucks for those who are eating on the table but you have no choice.

I recommend you visit EK during weekdays on their off season months.

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Jindra D.
5.0 Stars

Back in EK after so many years and I must say that a lot have changed. Really! A lot of new rides and attractions such as EKstreme - where you'll be lifted really high (Yep, the view is amazing) the suddenly be dropped at around 80kph!!!! Thanks to that feature of snapchat wherein you could know your speed 128077🏼128123, Disk-O-Magic - a lot of spinning and rocking, and my new favorite, Air Race - it's like riding on a plane which turns 360° 🛩, how cool is that??!!!! Of course I still enjoyed the classic rides such as Anchors Away, Space Shuttle, Jungle Log Jam, Rio Grande followed by Flying Fiesta (which serves as instant dryer after gettingwet from Rio Grande although I already saw machines which are actually dryers and could accommodate, I think, 6-8 persons. 128514 Not to mention that they have discout for students on weekdays (i.e. From PhP 500 to PhP 480 128513) starting November 25, 2015-January 3, 2016. And oh, each pass have a free 6 oz. EK pop blizzard. What a treat! 127846 Truly, the magic lives forever!!!!!! Every visit is definitely worth it! 10024128156 #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

Happiest place in Laguna!!! 128514128514128514

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Ang-ang P.
5.0 Stars

My second time in Enchanted Kingdom and surprisingly I love it more than my first visit. They have new rides, The EKstreme Tower ( I wasn't able to try tho, super long queue), Air Race which is cray cray, I did try the 180 degree, Disco Magic is cool too. Of course did the usual, Anchors Away, Rio Grande, Flying Fiesta, Carousel hahaha

There are lots of food choices in EK, there's Pizza Hut, DQ and so much more. I did go to the Museum and they said that they will have an EK University and Water attraction by 2020.

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Lea A.
4.0 Stars

Part 2 of the |ooloorendezvoos. Magrereklamo ako, ang boring shet! Chos! Obvious naman abot batok ang ngiti ko 128518 Oo enjoy parin kahit na may BV na ate. Paki-basa na lang review nila Cai D & others, I think they mentioned it there.

We arrived here kinda late so there's no way we'll be able to experience all the attractions. I chose to ride flying fiesta & anchor's away which are two of my favorite rides here. I wished to join the others for more rides but I was just too tired & sleepy coming straight from work with no sleep. Oks lang, sulit pa rin!

I actually wasn't expecting too much from EK. Thought the place would be dilapidated & gross by now. Hehehehe, ang sama ko! More than 5 years na ata yung last punta ko dun. It was a pleasant surprise to see that it's even better than the last time I remember it. The entire place is clean and even the toilets are well kept. Good job! At pinaka-importante maayos ang pagkain! Mas ok pa nga dito compared sa ibang bansa. Well, ako lang naman yun.

Less 1 127775 kasi hindi gumagana lahat ng electric fan sa queue/waiting area. Di ko alam kung nagtitipid or sira. Imagine waiting in line with sweaty grade schoolers for at least 45 mins! Ang sarap di ba!? Buti na lang may pamaypay ako 128513

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Carol Ann B.
4.0 Stars

Adrenaline rush near manila. The place is so hot though even there are covered areas. Hope they will add more new attractions too.

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Archieval M.
5.0 Stars

Favorite Amusement Park. Hope they keep adding new attractions though.

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Cheska G.
4.0 Stars

Had some free EK passes given by our company.

Being a girl from the south, we often visit this place with my family/relatives especially during the BER months. But I still get a bit excited everytime we come here.

Some of my personal favorites - flying fiesta, rialto, rio grande, space shuttle and anchor's away. You also should'nt miss their fireworks display every 8pm (weekends).

Among those, I enjoyed the anchor's away and rio grande rapids the most . Make sure to bring an extra set of clothes (not just t-shirt) when you want to enjoy the rio grande. Because you will really get wet. Anyway, my brother, who is the more adventurous one, tried their latest rides. Forgot the name though.. But it's like having a free fall. Haha!

We also visited this place when I was still pregnant haha! Of course, no rides for me that time but hubby and I enjoyed playing those addicting perya-like games. Haha! I was eye-ing for the big unicorn stuff toy as a prize. We won on a game but we only got the crab stuff toy. Haha! Bit we really wnjoyed playing all those games- from basketball, ring toss and even fishing 128513 It was fun!

Food and drinks are not allowed inside the park but they have several food options when you get hungry. We tried the DQ and they have a special ice cream in the shape if Edlar. At first, I though it looks weird because I didn't notice that its in a hat shape. Lol.

Just a tip - it is best to go there around 4 pm onwards because I tell you, it's reaaaally hot in this area. Or you can just bring with you an umbrella or hat 128077🏼 I also hope they have cleaner toilets. It can get very smelly and the floors can be very dirty especially when there are a lot of guests.

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Kate R.
4.0 Stars

Last October 10, looloo crew and some of the lucky picked looloo reviewers had a rendezvoos down south! It started with a sumptuous sponsored lunch at Mama Lou's and then to a Magical Place called Enchanted Kingdom.

The tickets to this magical place were sponsored by EK's Wizards' council lead by Eldar the Wizard, 127878arranged by Roegan T

The moment we've arrived, we were greeted by smiling faces of Eldar's followers. We were given our park bands and then off we go in to the magical land. 128582🏼 Before we start riding, we, of course did our groupie haha, then picked our ride!

|The Flying Fiesta - our first ride, its like a giant swing that goes around! haha we waited in line for almost 40 minutes not knowing that it's just a minute ride. Crazy! 128540

And then we hopped to our next ride, supposedly Rialto - closed! then Space Shuttle but it was closed too til 7:30pm because of the fireworks display. So we went to cool down in Ice Monster instead haha then transferred to Bandstand Foodcourt to munch something and chat.

I was convinced to give EK a 3 stars because of long lines, closed famous rides, and the humid weather plus poor internet signal. 128553128555 But I changed my mind afterwards!

We tried more rides and the magic started to kick in!
While waiting for the space shuttle, we rode the
|Roller Skater - the mini coaster for kiddos, teens and young at hearts haha then we tried

|EKstreme Tower, yeah I braved it out, with Jairus d Cai D and Roegan T, I left my heart 10084️ up there with my roaring scream that surrounded the theme park (haha okay im exagerrating!) But this is a fun ride, gives you chills and thrills! 128077🏼128522128517

Lastly, |Space Shuttle, after the EKStreme Tower, I felt that I CAN do anything, so my will is firm that I want to ride this 128077🏼. The line is long but its moving in an acceptable pace, as I step forward, something pulls me back haha. Then I saw a little boy in front, that gave me a boost, "Kung kaya nya, dapat kaya ko din, push!". And then our turn came, yikes! Roegan T rode beside me (sabi ko shux, nakakahiya pag nagbeast mode ako sa ride na to.128514) Then it started, while slowly pulled up, I was screaming and screaming! until we reached the top and got released! I hugged the over-the-shoulder-harness that protected me and entrusted my life on it! 127906 I've hysterically shouted my lungs out, like theres no tomorrow, I dont know if I hold-on or squeezed Roegan T while on the ride (so sorry if i did, it happened too fast!) and then the forward blast ended, Roegan said "it wasnt that bad, right?", I couldnt agree, but hey I know I had fun! haha I surpassed this ride, Im the queen of the world! haha 128077🏼128522128516128513

Ohh, I really had fun with Enchanted Kingdom, and because of my new friends, it was a lot more nicer! I felt the magic as the magic continues to live on at the Enchanted Kingdom! 128522

Thank you for the wonderful experience!

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Cai D.
4.0 Stars

I can't remember the last time I went here or should I say, I don't want to remember the last time I went here. *Insert bitterness hahahaha! Kidding! 128518

EK is the best example of consistency. Its like, wow! I've been here 3 years ago and everything looks the same. Added with I believe 2 additional rides. Lahat na naka moved on ang EK consistent padin! Bongga! 128079🏻

I'm not a fan of rides that goes round and around. Ayoko ng pinapaikot ikot ako! Hahahaa! Nakakaloka yun! So flying fiesta gave me a little dizziness. Flying fiesta palang yun huh! good thing nag seselfie Si Lea Aat tinatapos agad ung ride Hahahaha! 128516

Space shuttle was BORING! Hahahaha ang KJ ko, I didn't feel any pressure riding this. Its like okay! Mag sisigaw sigaw kayo dyan! Hahahaha! Pero seriously it was nice! Minsan kailangan maalog alog din ung utak natin para gumana! Hahaha 128517

Extreme tower is my favorite ride! I admit that may kaba talaga ko dito! Without this ride I will give EK 3 stars. You should try this out! You haven't been to Ek without trying this. lol may ganung statement. 128516 Pagkatapos kang itaas ng pagkataas taas, bigla ka nalang nyang ibabagsak. Parang love yan. Pagkatapos ng lahat, ibabagsak kading pababa. #Ihugotmopa 128512 hahaahha

Plus point for being clean and organized. Regardless kung madaming tao. Still, Ek maintained the cleanliness of the area! 128077🏻 good job!

The best thing about this EK trip was, whenever There are chances that I'm going to remember my last trip here. I'll be happy coz I spent it with awesome people. Thank you guys! Thank you Peanut D for inviting me here!

I hope you guys visit and experience our very own theme park. Medyo mahal pumunta sa happiest place on earth! While EK is just an hour or 2 away from Manila. Spend it with best people and indeed it could be more happier!

Thanks looloo! 1008410084

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Jacqui T.
3.0 Stars

Another Looloo sponsored event courtesy of Roegan T.’s hard work. Naks! Thanks again Sir. A group of looloo’ers went here after our sumptuous lunch in Mama Lou’s last Oct 10. It was one hot afternoon [past 4PM] and the place was packed. Spell L-A-G-K-I-T.

Enchanted Kingdom celebrated their 20 years of giving pleasure and excitement to everyone. Happy Anniversary EK!!! Looking at the place outside, it is still the same EK that I have visited 4 years ago. No major changes or upgrade done for the past 4 years.

We started the tour by exploring their Flying Fiesta. It was a 60-second ride that gave me a mini heart attack. We all enjoyed the ride except Peanut D. Haha! This is the only ride that I truly enjoy ever since aside from the Wheel of Fate since I have a problem with intense G-forces and that really sucks! I envy others who can actually take the quick fall without getting the panic attack.

Next was the EK Roller Skater ride. I joined Jairus d, Kate R, Cai D, Roegan T and Odell R. We rode this mini space shuttle for kids while they were waiting for the Space Shuttle to be opened after the fireworks display. This ride is for the kids, yet I was still afraid of it. My hands were sweating and I was thinking if I can survive this one, but yes, I survived this kiddie ride. LOL!

We wanted to see Rialto, but it was closed for maintenance. Still have the spirit to try this one after so long, but the fate didn’t seem to cooperate with me. Others went to try Space Shuttle, Anchor’s Away and Extreme Tower. They were like kids and I enjoyed watching them.

You can still feel the magic in here. I liked the place, but I am hoping they can do some improvement and maintain the place especially their food court and restroom areas.

Thank you, everyone for a fun filled day! Till next time. 128522

Cc: Reich T Ruth D Lea A

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