Encima Roofdeck Restaurant

City Garden Hotel, 7870 Makati Ave. cor. Kalayaan Ave., Makati, Metro Manila

Encima Roofdeck Restaurant
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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Several holidays have passed us by, there's Christmas, New Year and even Chinese New Year. As the calendar turns to the month of February, we all know that we are in for yet another celebration - Valentine's Day. Though February 14th is never proclaimed as a holiday, this has never become a hindrance for couples to celebrate, much more for the gentlemen to come up with something special.

What's your idea of the perfect Valentine's date? A dinner date in your favorite restaurant? Perhaps a fine dining experience in a private dinner setting? What about a movie before the dinner? Or maybe drive somewhere farther, like Tagaytay? A concert dinner, perhaps? How about something really special like a candle-lit dinner at home, meals and preparations all done by you, if you have a lot of precious time of course.

Got the chance to preview what City Garden Hotel Makati has to offer through an invite from their ever generous F&B Manager. Went there with Reich T. and hubby on a Saturday after lunch to try their Valentine's Special Set Meal. For 650Php nett per pax, you'll get a 3 course meal where you'll be able to choose your main course. We were able to sample all 3 main course dishes.

Onto the food, Chef Mario Bassig himself prepared the dishes for us. We started off with the first course - Tropical Salad.

A mix of romaine and iceberg lettuce, this simple salad had some cubes of fresh ripe mangoes and pineapple chunks to live up to the tropical theme. Chef Mario also added some tomatoes, cucumber, shallots, cashew and walnuts plus spring onions. The dressing was simple - Pineapple Asian Dressing which had red wine vinegar, pineapple juice and olive oil. Overall, it was refreshing and simple.

For the main course, they came up with three options and we got to try all!

| Charbroiled Red Snapper Fillet in Pineapple Coriander Buerre Blanc with Spinach Risotto

Everyone loved this dish! It was perfect! The fish was cooked perfectly giving off a juicy meat that was almost melt-in-your-mouth tender. The Pineapple Coriander Buerre Blanc it was topped with gave it an interesting sweet, a little sour and buttery compliment with an added heat from the cayenne pepper.

The Spinach Risotto was love! The usual Arborio Rice was cooked in a thick and creamy sauce that had a good cheese and spinach portion. It wasn't too mushy and I just loved how the cheese and butter lingered in my mouth.

| Tournedos of Herbed and Cheese Stuffed Chicken

This is one signature dish of City Garden Chain of hotels, perfected by their head chef. Served with Ratatouille on the side and a bed of mashed potatoes with gravy, the chicken slices were tender! Stuffed with cheese and herbs, wrapped with bacon, it's like cordon blue but way better!

The mashed potato bed was one for the books though! It was so smooth and creamy, almost velvety in texture, and it was so delicious! Chef Mario revealed that he used milk and nutmeg to give it a delicious finish. He even elaborately explained the process of making it since we were so surprised that something so common can be so delicious! The Ratatouille on the side had too much tomato sauce for me but I loved the strong herb flavor that was coming from oregano.

| Grilled Beef Tenderloin in Orange Grape Brown Sauce served with Pumpkin Gnocci

You want a steak that's decent enough but is a definite bang for your buck? Get this dish! I was surprised that the portion was huge, the done-ness was on point and meat was tender. Great job here Chef Mario! The slab of meat was perfectly charred outside but it was oh so juicy and tender inside with a beautiful pinkish red hue. Each tasty bite had me wanting for more! Chef Mario explained that he marinated the beef with just three simple ingredients - garlic, pepper and olive oil.

The brown sauce that he used complimented the natural flavors of the beef. Made with marsala wine and some orange juice - it added a little sweetness and a subtle citrusy kick. I also loved that he topped the meat with cooked grapes that added a little more sweetness. The Pumpkin Gnocci came in as surprise favorite too! You would think that mashed potato is the best carb pair for your steak but these small bites worked well too! Roasted pumpkin that have been pureed, mixed with egg and flour, these were chewy and tasty!

| For dessert, we tried the Love Boat. So much history behind the name, from a movie to a cruise line, the dessert was made up of a moist chocolate cake frosted with a thick chocolate ganache, served with cream and some strawberry sauce as garnishing.
Honestly, there's no need for the cream because the chocolate cake was good in by itself plus it wasn't too sweet.

For drinks, not included in any of the packages, I tried the Watermelon Slushie and hubby got the Cucumber Melon Slushie. Both were refreshing!

I can guarantee that each dish exceeded our expectations. You see, 650Php for a 3 Course Meal in a hotel is pretty cheap and we were blown away by the serving size and the overall taste. Not only that, the view from Encima, their roofdeck restaurant, was breath-taking! Imagine having dinner while enjoying the panoramic view of the Makati skyline and some cool breeze for that totally relaxing and romantic dinner date!

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

This is my second time at City Garden Hotel.   I was memorable enough that their Food and Beverage Manager asked if i can swing by with my homie Clarissa P. I guess she remembered me while i was standing atop a chair while taking photos.  Har-Har. 

As per my previous review,  City Garden is an anomaly (in a good way).   It doesnt look as grand as its neighbors but once you step inside,  you will be surprised with the lovely interiors.  Quiet Elegance,  that's what they have.  Nothing too lavish and not too simple either.

Encima Roof Deck Restaurant is 10 times prettier when the sun is still up.  The cool breeze is very relaxing.  We got lucky as Mother Nature didnt throw a fit,  overcast and breezy is perfect for a lavish meal.  Why are are we here???  Well,  we will sample their Valentines Day Menu.

| Tropical Salad.  Mixed greens and Fruits with Pineapple  Asian Dressing.

This colorful bowl of mixed greens and fruits reminds me of summer.  It is light and refreshing.  A perfect starter.   The romaine and ice berg lettuce is crisp and fresh.  The addition of tropical fruits adds a wonderful flavor contrast with the dressing.  Adds a lil bit of the sweet element.  And oh,  did i mention that there are walnuts and cashews mixed in there too?

We got the chance to have a tete-a-tete with Chef Mario.  He briefly explained how the salad is born.  He wanted to use ingredients that can be easily found locally.  The vinaigrette is made with pineapple juice,  red wine vinegar,  olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper.  Sounds simple,  yeah?  But albeit its simplicity,  it is packed with flavor,  the sweetness from the pineapple juice tones down the strong flavor of the vinegar.  The result is a semi-sweet x refreshing vinaigrette.


| Charboiled Red Snapper in Pineapple Corriander Buerre Blanc with Spinach Risotto.   This is wow on ever bite.  This dish is executed with expertise and restraint.  Why expertise?   Well...risotto is hard to pull off.   I saw a couple of aspiring Chefs crumble when faced with a risotto challenge.  The rice is cooked well and seasoned to perfection.  The creamy texture and the subtle flavor of the spinach goes well with the wonderful slab of fillet.   Why restraint?   Well,  the red snapper is cooked in the simplest way making the natural flavor of the fish standout.  If this was cooked differently,  it will never work with the risotto as the flavors will get lost in translation.

| Grilled Beef Tenderloin in Orange Grape Brown Sauce served with Pumpkin Gnocci.  Look at that beautiful slab of meat?  Isn't she lovely...

This is another winning dish.  I can give you myriad reasons.  First,  the meat is cooked and seasoned perfectly.  Next,  the other elements of the dish made the meat stand out.  I initially thought that the translucent thing sitting atop ze meat are caramelized onions,  when Chef explained the dish,  i was surprised that he used grapes.  I was a lil skeptical at first but the first bite happened.  Whoa!  The semi-sweet grapes works well with the meat,  it creates a balance of flavors.  And those orange cubes are made of pumpkin and is equally delicious.

| Tornados of Herbed and Cheese Stuffed Chicken.   This a good option for those who dont eat red meat.  The chicken is awesome as expected.  I mean,  come on...the deluge of praises i dished for the beef and the risotto is enough to prove that Chef Mario is a wizard in the kitchen.  I want to use the remaining adjectives in my arsenal to describe the the best mashed potato I had that afternoon.  Yes,  i am referring to the semi yellow thingy in that is beneath the chicken.  I know that everyone can make mash but lemme tell you that this one blew me away because of the texture and the flavor.  Calling is creamy is sacrilege.  The texture is so smooth it glides like liquid velvet in my mouth.  The flavor is a wonderful mixture of creamy potato goodness.


| Love Boat.  Well,  this decadent dessert is quite famous.  This is a mainstay in the Princess Cruise line.  Basically,  it comprises of a heart-shaped chocolate cake,  strawberry gel and white chocolate cream.  The cake sans the other components is awesome because of its texture and flavor.  Yes,  it is moist and not overly sweet!  This is best eaten with the white chocolate cream and the strawberry gel.


| The aforementioned set  is only available on the Day of Hearts.
| Php 650 nett.  Salad,  Main and Dessert

Everything they served is delicious (especially the Risotto).  They passed with flying colors in the taste department and....drumroll please....they nailed the price and serving size category.  That is a triple threat in my book.

A lavish meal with a magnificent view for only Php 650 nett/per head.  I mean,  what more can you ask for????

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Going to hotels for grub is not my thing.  For some reason,  i associate the adjective expensive in the equation and i think Hotels are for relaxing not for eating.  I know,  it's weird.  Anyway,  i was lucky enough to be Clarissa P 's plus one when she visited Roof Deck Restaurant. 

Roof Deck as the name connotes is located at the rooftop of one of the prettiest hotels in Makati Avenue.  Would you believe me if i tell you that City Garden is more than a decade old?  Man,  it's like a Twilight Zone episode when you step inside.  Think modern meets zen.  The lobby has excellent lighting with high ceilings and modern furniture. 

The restaurant is intimate.  This is one of those places where one can hang and run away from hustle and bustle of Makati.  We were greeted by warm smiles from the staff.  Their F&B manager, Rinna is equally friendly and happily answered all our questions.  They recently launched their Pinoy Octoberfest Menu.  Yes,  you heard that right... Pinoy.  I love the fact that they made it Homegrown.  (the visit was last month and yes,  this is one of my backlogs... Better late than never)


| Lumpiang Sisig with Picco de Gallo Sauce (Php 310).   They made the quintessential bar chow 10x interesting by wrapping them with lumpia wrapper and frying them to perfection.  The crunch and the richness of the sisig goes well together.  If you want an explosion of gastronomic proportions,  dip em in the picco de gallo sauce.  This is deconstruction at its finest.

| Harumaki.  Banana wrapped in bacon (Php 250).  Hmmm...bacon with banana...wait...what? Did you say banana? 

This is one of those unexpected pairings that surprised me (in a good way).  The natural sweetness of saba works well with the smoky bacon and brings an interesting flavor contrast. 

| Kinilaw na Isda in Pinakurat Vinegar (Php 375).  This our version of ceviche.  This is one of those dishes that requires a PhD.  It sounds simple but selecting the right elements will make or break the dish.   One has to pick the right fish and ensure that the vinegar has the right amount of acidity.  Pick the wrong fish and you're doomed.  Use the wrong vinegar and the dish goes Kaput! 

I am glad to report that the Kinilaw passed with flying colors.  The vinegar has the right level of acidity and it highlights the fish.  And yes,  the dreaded "malansa"  flavor is non-existent in this dish.

| Crispy Crablets with Chili Soy Vinegar (Php 275).  The baby crabs didnt die for nothing...it is super crispy and it is seasoned well. 

| Beer Coated Chicken Popcorn (Php 350).  Another revelation.  I know what you're thinking,  what is so special with Chicken Popcorn... Well,  this is not the kind that you can get anywhere.  They use chicken breast fillets instead of ground chicken.  Trust me,  you would taste the difference after the first bite.  The fillet is moist and flavorful.  The coating they used is also infused with chicken flavor hence no past-like taste.  I like the fact that they a made a common dish special by tweaking some of the elements and making it stand out.

Octoberfest will not be complete without drinks!

| Pinacolada
| Margarita

Both are priced at Php 99

Shooters (Php 50 each)

| Nutty Irish Man.  Coffee Liquer with Hazelnut Syrup.  This tastes like spiked coffee.  Caffeine lovers would have a field day with ze Irish Man.

| Melon Ball.   Vodka with some Melon Liquer and Pineapple Juice.  Anything with vodka is fine by me.  Vodka and i go way back.

After munching on the delicious grub,  I had an epiphany... I realised that getting grub at hotels ain't that bad.  City Garden proved that they can offer a relaxation and excellent food at a very affordable price.

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

October signals the start of the world's largest beer festival originating from Germany. The concept has been adapted by a lot of countries including our own. As soon as the first of October hits, food and beverage businesses such as restaurants, bars and clubs go all out with their Oktoberfest menu! A month long celebration, Oktoberfest promises the best deals when it comes to beer, cocktails and even bar chows!

In celebration of Oktoberfest, City Garden Hotel Makati prepared deals that you can't resist for the whole month of October! Through their late night Roof Deck Bar that has an awesome view of the Makati Skyline, they'll be launching their "FILIPINO OKTOBERFEST - PULUTAN EDITION!" Beer, gin, rhum, tequila - name it, they have it! Enjoy their very affordable pricing for these alcoholic beverages including cocktails and shooters when you avail any of the dishes in their Filipino Oktoberfest Menu!

Cocktails for 99Php? Shooters for 50Php? Bucket of 6 Beer Bottles for 450Php? What about fresh fruit juice/slush for a refreshing break for 50Php? Awesome deals!

We got the chance to try the following ---

> Cocktails: House Margarita for 99Php
& Pinacolada for 99Php

> Shooters:

- Nutty Irishman (shooter) for 50Php: Coffee Liqueur + Hazelnut, loved the coffee flavor + the sweetness from the hazelnut

- Melon Ball (shooter) for 50Php: Melon Liqueur x Pineapple Juice x Vodka

> Watermelon Slush for 50Php: you can also opt for a plain juice with ice

Onto the "Pulutan" or Bar Chows, we tried the following ---

> Beer Coated Chicken Popcorn for 350Php

A shy away from the usual Chicken Popcorn that uses ground chicken meat, I loved each bite of these little balls! Using chicken breast fillet, the chicken meat was tender and flavorful. The coating was sweet but also had some sour notes. Perfect beer match indeed!

> Lumpiang Sisig with Pico de Gallo Sauce for 310Php

A genius twist to a Classic "Pulutan" favorite of Filipinos, they wrapped their tasty and meaty Sisig into Lumpia wrappers! Each bite will give you a nice crunch from the wrapper and an explosion of goodness from the generous heaping of Sisig!

Served with an equally good Pico de Gallo Sauce, dip each roll into this for an added flavor. But trust me, the Sisig rolls are good even without the sauce!

> Banana Wrapped in Bacon "Harumaki" for 250Php

Honestly, who would have thought that banana and bacon would go so well together? Their corporate Chef, Dennis Peralta is such a genius! Imagine, sweet and soft Saging na Saba wrapped in salty and crispy bacon - it worked and it's delicious! Served with Yakitori Sauce, dip in to get that Japanese flare.

> Kilawing Isda in Pinakurat Vinegar for 375Php

Ceviche is not an easy dish to prepare. Some sort of expertise is needed, I believe, to ensure that the dish is nothing sort of "fishy" in smell and taste. City Garden Hotel Makati did an awesome job with this one. Cubes of fresh Tanigue that has been marinated with Pinakurat Vinegar with onions, fresh chili and ginger - the fish was "cooked" well with no slimy texture at all.

> Crispy Crablets with Chili Soy Vinegar for 275Php

Baby crabs that have been marinated in lemon, salt and pepper, coated with flour and then deep fried - I loved the crunch from each piece! You'll get hooked with this bar chow and wouldn't notice that you've actually had a lot!

Other than these dishes that we've tried, they also have Classic Crispy Pata in their menu. According to Rinna, their F&B Manager, each order is about 1.2kgs in weight! For 925Php, that's a relatively cheap compared to other restaurants! Another item in their Filipino Oktoberfest menu that got me was the Salted Egg Yolk Calamares. We weren't able to try this but I'm excited to go back for this!

Overall, we loved the dishes and the drinks that we've tried. Their price points are relatively cheap and won't get you intimidated. They also have LIVE ACOUSTIC BAND performance every Friday. Plus, their view of the Makati Skyline is just awesome! Great place to chill and unwind after a long day at work or probably a great place to celebrate the end of a work week!

Go on and visit the Roof Deck Bar of City Garden Hotel Makati and enjoy their Filipino Oktoberfest Menu!

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Beating Friday traffic with a great view and cold bottle in hand! 128525 What better way to chill than sitting inside a cold car in traffic. 128513

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Gerard N.
5.0 Stars

If you just want to chill around makati, this is one of the best place to do it.

You have a view of the whole skyline of the city(makati) while you chill with your girl sipping your martini after a long week at work.

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