Apo View Hotel, 150 Legazpi St., Davao City, Davao del Sur

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Sheng D.
4.0 Stars

My first stop was the omelet station. The man behind the bowls of chopped ingredients was very pleasant. I asked for an omelet with white onion, mushroom and cheese. The salt level was just right. Yum!

I then proceeded to attack the french bread. I was clearly having a difficult time slicing the bread, and a server was kind enough to volunteer to do the slicing for me. There were three choices of what appeared to be cheese spreads. I just wish they put labels for each.

There was a salad bowl with a pretty decent selection. I wanted to try the arroz caldo but I opted to stuff myself with bread instead.

The hot meals were all warm. (Plus points!) There were beef tapa, corned beef, breaded seafood, pork and chicken adobo, tomato parmesan, potato something, scrambled eggs. The corned beef was juicy and the beef tapa was tender. The seafood was just that...seafood.

At the end of the buffet table were french toast and pancakes.

The breakfast buffet easily met my expectations and readily pleased my tummy. I will definitely go have breakfast here again! :)

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Cess Q.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Jeff V.
4.0 Stars

One of the reasons why I enjoy staying at Apo View Hotel here in Davao is because of Entree. We arrived from the airport just in time for the lunch buffet. I started with mid-summer & sweet potato salad and some maki and sashimi on the side. For the main course I tried their "greaseless chicken" and put some ketchup to it and also their Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Bacons- and yes all with steamed rice of course. Looks sinful but what the heck... Time to raise the cheat day flag. Ended my meal with my own sweet tooth mixture of halo-halo- choosing only banana, leche flan, ube & gello in the mix... It almost became a perfect meal until I ate some piña and suha which were not really that good. The Piña was too sour while the Suha was too bland- very unbecoming considering we are in Davao. But all in all the food was great. Also worth noting, their service was excellent.. The waiters were proactive and accommodating :) One should check in at Apo View if only for Entree ;)

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Kristella D.
4.0 Stars

It was the eve of my brother's birthday, and we all asked him where he wanted to eat. And he just shrugged. (What a helpful answer! 128527) But that only meant that he was leaving the decision to us.

My dad, on the other hand, did not even have any second thoughts about where to have dinner. He immediately said, "Sa Entrée." Since he had a loyalty card, we could avail of discounts there.

So Entrée it was.

Even though there were a lot of people at the resto, we were seated right away. We already have a "usual" spot at the restaurant, and the chef there is quite familiar with my dad already. 128540

The buffet's offerings that night were mostly greens and other vegetables. Healthy living! 128513 There were also the usual sushi, seafood, pork, and beef dishes.

• Steamed broccoli
The flowers were young, so the texture was tender-crisp. 128522

• Chicken with sautéed vegetables
A lean yet flavorful chicken with monggo sprouts, button mushrooms, broccoli, bell peppers, onions, garlic, and herbs, all gloriously cooked in olive oil and butter. 128524

My brother requested the chef to cook a cheesy Pasta Alfredo. As the chef was cooking it, we could all smell the aroma of herbs. And when we all had a bite, we all liked it! 128077 The fettuccine was al dente, and the sauce was creamy and cheesy without being too overpowering, and the ham gave it that liiiittle smoky flavor and bite. And the herbs (basil, oregano, thyme) added that spark to the taste. 128076

My dad, on the other hand, had the chef cook his forever-order: gambas! Juicy shrimps in a slightly spicy tomato sauce, with just a teeny tiny hint of calamansi. Delish! 128523

For dessert:

• Melon sago
Reminded me of my childhood! Though I still love mango over melon, the milk, the melon, and the sago created a harmony in my mouth! 9786

• Strawberry cheesecake
Ho-hum. They used gelatin in it! 128530

• Chocolate....uhm....cake? 128541 (Forgot the name)
Tasted like crinkles! It wasn't entirely bad though. The cake was kind of moist, and the icing was whipped cream drizzled with chocolate.

We also had mango ice cream, which was on the house. (You can request for it when you dine here.)

As for the service, it was good. The waiters were friendly. Our glasses were constantly refilled and empty plates were immediately taken away. But it took a while for our bill to be prepared. 128549

Because of the Frequent Diner Card, one person's meal was on the house! Yay! 128516 That saved my dad about PHP790.

Even though there were some areas that needed improvement, I'm still giving them 4 stars because I enjoyed our dining experience. Eating really is more enjoyable when you're with good company! 128522

Happy birthday Kuya! 127873

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Pam L.
3.0 Stars

We ate here for the looloo eatup down south! 128522

I particularly enjoyed the appetizers, specifically the cheeses! Really, really good!

Other than than, I found the mains and the desserts just okay.

But the company was awesome though, 5 stars if I could rate it! 128513

Apo View Hotel, where Entrée is in, looks nice and well-maintained. It is the oldest hotel in Davao City.

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Kristella D.
4.0 Stars

Little looloo rendezvoos in Davao! Say whuut? 128561

When Pam L emailed me saying that the support crew would be visiting Davao to improve their database, the thought of an eatup instantly entered my head. Haha! What else is on the agenda of looloo users when they come together? 128516127860

So Pam asked me on where to have dinner. I told her either Yellow Fin Grill & Seafood Restaurant, or Entrée. We decided on the latter because it was just practically a stone throw away from where they were staying, and I'd recommend it to anyone who's in Davao because they have great eats at a reasonable price for a hotel buffet. 128076

We first agreed to meet up on May 29 at 6PM, but I texted Pam if it would be ok if we moved it at 6:30PM. That was because there was a little mishap on my way there, and I was even a bit late. Urgh. Nahiya naman ako. 128531 Anyway, I just put it aside and looked forward to the night. 128522

I thoroughly enjoyed their company more than the food! Haha. I got a little bit of all dishes at the buffet, but I could not even remember how some of the food tasted because we were all busy chatting about anything and everything! Hahaha. 128516

But I do remember:
- That the tuna sashimi was tops. Fresh and of high quality as always. 128077
- The fish lasagna with cheese. I went to cheese heaven! 128562
- The cream dory with spring vegetables really complemented each other: the dory was tender and the veg brought out its flavor even more. 128522
- There was even oatmeal with cream of mushroom soup. And.. it tasted like oatmeal with cream of mushroom. Haha. It was just ok.
- There was also beef glazed with something (forgot what it was) and it was really tender.
- The fish tempura was salty! Tsk. Just like the last time I ate here. 128557
- The steamed potato balls were a delight! Smooth and buttery potatoes, oh yeah! 128538
- The brazo de mercedes. Just had the right amount of sweetness I was looking for. 9786
- The rhum balls were moist and chocolately that they kind of stuck to the roof of my mouth for a while. Yikes. Haha. 128513

But one thing's for sure, we all remember that durian brûlée! Jacy, Roegan, and I thought it was good. I'm quite picky when it comes to durian products because some tend to be too artificial. But the brûlée wasn't! It was real durian goodness. But Pam wasn't a big fan of durian! Tsk. You're missing out on a great fruit Pam!

Thank you Pam L Jacy L Roegan T for your company! It was great to finally meet you! 'Til you're in Davao again! 128515

PS. I uploaded our group photo on Instagram and tagged the looloo account there! 128513

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Kristella D.
4.0 Stars

Buffet that's definitely worth your money. There's a salad bar, cold cuts, all kinds of bread, cheese, sushi, sashimi, meat, fish, vegetables, and pastries of all sorts. Their main course dishes are really good, but I'm not usually fond of their desserts and pastries because they're a bit too sweet. You can also ask the chef to cook up some pasta or a dish that's not on the menu - they'd be glad to cook for you.

Patrons may avail of the Frequent Diner Card to avail of discounts. The menu changes everyday, and the buffet is a bit pricier during weekends. Nevertheless, it's always worth coming back to.

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Andrew D.
4.0 Stars

Best buffet in Davao City. Love their pasta bar, salad bar and steamed shrimps.

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