Rancho 1, 36 Lilac St. cor. hacienda Heights, Lilac, Marikina, Metro Manila

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Steffhanie S.
3.0 Stars

It was a few weeks back when my cousins and I decided to check out Empire Fashion Cafe at Lilac Street in Marikina. It was a night of checking out good deals in clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and we all know that we deserved a heavy meal after, even if it's already midnight time.

As I was craving for some Takoyaki Balls from Octoboy, we decided to go there and right beside the small Octoboy stall was the Ersao branch. These two establishments are actually sister companies so there was no problem when we ordered from Octoboy and decide to stay at the air conditioned area of Ersao.

Ersao is a Taiwanese restaurant that offers a variety of dishes from ride meals, salads, dumplings, noodles, desserts and milked teas and fruit shakes so given their really wide menu with a lot of choices, I am certain you'll order a lot just because the price is also cheap and affordable.

We ordered their Radish Cake (in the photo), Gyoza (in the photo), Spicy Chicken and Pork Chao Fan and it was already filling once you look at it.

I have been a fan of Radish Cake since I tasted the one in Hainanese Delights. For 80php, this was really sulit and pasok sa bulsa given the serving size. The cake wasn't too crispy and crunchy from the outside but the filling was really soft and tasty. I didn't like the sweet sauce that much though.

Never ever have I been a fan of Gyoza in my life. Ersao's Gyoza was a bit weird given that it has some corn and spring onions inside. I didn't like it well because the pork or whatever filling there was tasted uncooked and the sauce didn't make it any better.

The Pork Chao Fan was so huge! The serving was really good for sharing, like it can be enjoyed by almost four people. The rice was overwhelming and in fairness, it matched the huge serving of the pork there was in it.

The Spicy Chicken Rice Meal was the order of my cousin and it was good too. The chicken was crispy and really crunchy. It's best to dip it in the spicy sauce to give it that kick that it has.

You may opt to not order drinks as they have a water station on the side. Aside from that, they have loads of condiments that you can choose from so no need to worry on how you'll satisfy your tastebuds.

Ersao Taiwanese Noodles is a simple and straightforward restaurant that offers a variety of Asian items that you could choose from. Given its casual and welcoming vibes, Ersao Taiwanese Noodles is a simple stop for you and your friends and families. Don't forget to experience and taste the heavenly takoyakis at Octoboy just rigt beside it.

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Francois D.
4.0 Stars

Chicken Steak Rice (PHP 130) - bland cooking yet ample serving;

Avocado Shake (PHP 85) - twas just okay.

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Jim B.
4.0 Stars

Have eaten here many times. My wife and I really enjoy their noodles. My kids always order their rice topping combo.

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Kram O.
5.0 Stars

Very affordable Menu.

I love the Beef Genji Noodles. Very flavorful noodles and super tender slices of beef. Definitely a must try.
Also the spicy squid was really good. It reminded the same spicy squid in frio mixx.
I love all the food we ordered. Solid

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Renz Charlie A.
5.0 Stars

Tried there spicy shrimp, spicy pork, spricy chicken, dumplings and Milk Tea. Good and bery tasty food for the price. Definitely suitable for students because its very affordable. 128077128515127843127857127844

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Jacque B.
4.0 Stars

This is our second time to visit this branch and this time I tried their avocado shake topped with vanilla ice cream for P115 large size and I liked it!

The branch is small but I find it cute, green color relaxes my eyes and the bulletin board with colored paper notes catches my attention.

Good place to hang out.

Since it's almost 10pm when we arrived, they are all busy cleaning inside the counter area. But when our drinks were served, the manager went to the dining area and started talking to us, sharing her knowledge about the Lilac St.; how the street was developed into Food Strip, what food establishments opened first (who test the water), best food in each establishment and where to go if you have limited budget.

She has a good judgement, I know because most of her favorites were mine too!

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Jacque B.
4.0 Stars

When I arrived home, son wants some wintermelon tea and the nearest teashop to our place is Ersao along Lilac St. Marikina.

I didn't like it, I can't taste the tea, however son loves it. Place is so cute with small sets of tables and chairs, so comfortable!
Thee are many items in the menu board, I really wanna try but it's 10:00pm, diet 128561.
My sister May Ann B told me to try the avocado shake/float. Yes I am, next visit.

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