One Archers Place, Taft Ave. cor. Castro St., Taft, Manila, Metro Manila

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Christelle J.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Suzette C.
1.0 Stars

Technically, i did not order food from them, i mean, i ordered but no food came!

To start off this story, i would like to point out that I called the wrong branch, I'm located near the Dona Hemady, QC branch but accidentally called the Taft branch. Wait! I'm not stupid, don't judge me yet:(

(JUST LOOK AT HOW CONFUSING THE FLYER IS. I was the one who scratched off that wrong number. The one stamped in super small letters and not in the center is the hemady branch. The biggest telephone number written is the taft branch. Let's be honest, It's not idiot proof. Hope they fix this confusing flyer.)

So I called the taft branch right? I was talking to this lady named Reinalyn and we we're discussing my orders and then she got my name and told me "ahh, same lang po sa last time nyo na address" and since this is my second time ordering Eraso, i said yes, thinking they recorded the address and my name before. So yeah, when i got off the phone, thinking everything's okay already. 40minutes has passed and no orders yet so I called the wrong branch again (thinking it was the right branch) and followed up my order. This Reinalyn girl now tells me that her branch cannot deliver because they are the Archers branch and not anywhere near QC. Okay, I get that part, wrong store, but I told her na "how come you did not call me to tell me that I called the wrong branch, I waited 40minutes and now you tell me no food is coming?" Then she told me that she texted me daw, and i told her that I did not receive any text message. Is that okay for them to assume that I received the message? What if I did not follow up my order, then i would have waited for nothing talaga? Text is not efficient. It's always CALL CALL CALL. Then she started arguing with me saying that she thought I was the person who called 5min ago daw (from the archers building) and i told her di siya pwdeng nagaassume, she always have to confirm.

I guess the best solution is she could forward me to the branch near me but no, she did not stop arguing with me that the food is cooked and pick up ko nalang daw, WHAT. Why do you think i called in for delivery. I'm sick, i need food, that's why i called for delivery para di na ako lumabas and now you tell me pick up ko nalang kasi luto na. WTF.

I don't want to continue the story anymore. The rest is just more shouting on the phone while she shouted at me too. Yes, she shouted at me. I asked to talk to their manager and guess what, SHE IS THE MANAGER. The End. HAAHHAHA.

Btw since i wanted ersao, i called their dona hemady. Buti nalang they agreed to send the orders in 20min. Thank you Ersao dona hemady. :)

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Jen L.
4.0 Stars

Those who studied in Cultural, Chiang Kai, Uno, and St. Stephen High School, malamang nakatambay ka na sa Mayhaligue Ersao kahit once 128536

Yes, this is part of my high school and college memories :) Don't get me wrong, they do serve yummy food 128522

Before my class today, i came here to have a regular size of kenji noodle and 5pcs steamed kuchay dumpling ;) If u are a noodle/ramen addict, u might not think their noodle is good :) Well, i agree bcoz I know all of their food were packed and will be heat if customers order :)

I appreciate that with the price, they give enough noodle, veggie and kenji :) for dumpling... Just so so... They have the best milk tea and chicken, come and try them by yourselves then :)

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Ayen P.
5.0 Stars

I thought Ersao was just new in the Milk Tea industry but a friend told me that Ersao was the one who pioneered milk teas here in Phil. Is that true?? 128563128561

If it's true then, THANK YOU, ERSAOOOO!1285839996

I still can remember the time that we dont have any hangout place aside from Starbucks. Haha

Moving on.. I ordered this Spicy Chicken with rice 128165128165128165. This is one of their best sellers. It was only Php85 so why not try it?! It was spicy but just right. I love the crunchiness and the flavor. Ive never tried something like this one. And the crispy leaves was actually edible for me that time. I usually dont eat those. I just leave it on my plate but not this time.

The leaves just melt in your mouth when you chew it and disappears! I dont know if it was just my imagination hahaha but it was really good 128077

Try their wintermelon milktea, too! 128523

I dont mind ordering it again 128513128541

Place was nice, clean and not crowded.

Did I mention that they have free wifi? Hahaha
So, that's automatic 5 stars! 127775127775127775127775127775

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Abi J.
4.0 Stars

Dinner at Ersao, I was kinda sick so I opted for dimsum and noodles this time. They were ok. :)

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Abi J.
4.0 Stars

Love their spicy squid! I added a lot of curry powder for the squid and basil on my rice! Lol Yes, I'm weird. :)

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