Eskimo Bob

4/F Atrium, SM Megamall, EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Eskimo Bob
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Most Recent Reviews

AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

One of the best stops for quality combination of ice creams and fruits. They also pride themselves of healthier options though their rice meal. You can upgrade it to Spanish or mountain rice.

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Diane S.
1.0 Stars

1st and last review for this place 128545

we've been eating here since ever, what i love about this place is that it's simple, not jam-packed and their tacos (best tacos in town IMO) too bad their crew changed for the worst.

Arrived at this place super hungry because lovey and i had been walking around mega looking for a place to eat since there is a long line of waiting customers outside tong yang (nagpaikot ikot pa kami dito lang din pala malapit sa tongyang ang bagsak namen128547)
ordered tacos and sisig first, and kept my menu for scanning.
then after a few minutes we ordered their baked penne and their female server confirmed "po? Baked penne" then she nodded and took the menu away.
Tacos came, the sisig came, and the iced tea came (nahuli pa ung drink tsk)
I already finished my tacos but the pasta is nowhere to be found.128547
Then it came after 2mins but wait..... It was served to another table. I was like 128552128551
We followed up the order lovey told them "miss yung baked penne? Nauna pa samin ung kabilang table e kakadating lang nila" in a calm way.
then this is how they talked about it:
female server: may penne ba sa table 6? Fnfollow up e.
Male server: wala, wala naman nakapunch e.
*female server 2 the one who took our additional order came in without saying a thing.*
They kept on arguing..
Manager: *in a loud voice* wala namang order dito e! Alangan naman iserve naten sakanila un, e nauna umorder un!"
female server 2: wala naman kasing order e

I kept my cool, and waited for their apology man lang sana but none, they didn't even come to our table to say something or to ask if we'll push through with the order or anything, they just kept looking at us and then hid at their kitchen area.
i thought maybe they're making the order already, but lovey is almost finish wala pa din 128544
My eyes started rolling and got really annoyed because the server who took our additional order acts as if she's innocent 128545
I asked for the bill and that's when they asked me "ma'am itutuloy pa ba ung baked penne?"
i was so pissed off, the fact that i'm really hungry, their attitude to us and their service made me snap and coldly told her "nagbill out na diba?"
The worst part is after they gave our change they sarcastically thanked us on our way out 128544
What a service 128545
A simple sorry sana will do but no, hay nako 128545

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Bea G.
5.0 Stars

It's my third time to dine here but it'd be the first time that I'll be having a review about this comfort food place. I first tried their nachos (heavenly) and parfaits. Don't remember what I had the second time :) ...So, we were looking for a place to wait before the movie starts and I dragged my friends here, we were supposed to have parfaits and banana split but we only had 40 minutes left so we ended up with this Strawberry Float with real strawberry bits. It's so yummy and it's actually large for its price! So worth it! It's sweetness is just right and it doesn't taste water-y even after we had taken it out. Definitely frequenting this place. 10084

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Rose C.
3.0 Stars

Mt. Everest!
This is our ultimate dessert!
Honestly, not much of a special taste on it.
Sooo i found it plain..
Ice cream with fresh banana topped with whipped cream then chocolate syrup...

Well, Just enough for its price.

Oh! Good food presentation! 128077128077128077
Nice ambiance.
Generous serving!

Try their other food offers! They do serve great tasting ones!
For a favorite? Its their chicken cordon bleu!

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Elaine V.
5.0 Stars

They hadn't changed even for a bit. It's still my favorite Cordon Bleu and Mango Iced tea!

We also tried Shrimp Gambas for a change and we loved it! The shrimp was fresh and the sauce has a hint of a little spiciness. It comes with a lot of garlic and mushroom. You can also choose two side dishes! 128077128077128077

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Kim C.
5.0 Stars

12807710084128522 favorite! cordon bleu.

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Tricia L.
4.0 Stars

Aside from their mouth-watering desserts, their version of SISIG is a must-try. It may seem ordinary but the taste is very satisfying. :)

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Rina Joy J.
3.0 Stars

I am sorry. The actual best thing on the menu was devoured so fast i forgot to take a picture. Their classic banana split. The whip cream tastes like it is their own concoction, coz it's extremely creamy less air. Extra taste!

Other than that I ordered tacos and the buffalo wings. There wasn't any bite of spiciness in buffalo wings. They always forget the cayenne. It was so sweet. bleh. The tacos nothing out of the ordinary. Although I was looking for more ingredients other than the shredded cabbage, cheese, ground pork, and tiny bits of tomato. For 250+ of two pieces of tacos, I feel ripped off. 128542

The robot's just a background. 128518 We came from Toycon hehe.

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Wena G.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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